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VIEWS: 128 PAGES: 16

									             The Blind Bowler
Official Publication of the American Blind Bowling
                  January, 2010

              Nancy Giddings, Editor
               18014 Iodine St NW
               Ramsey, MN 55303
                American Blind Bowling Association, Inc.
                   2009-2010 Officers & Assistants
Keith Edgerton
3319 W. Parkridge Drive
Peoria, IL 61604-2011
(919) 621-1707

First Vice President
Art Tyson
520 West Franklin St. apt. 1104
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 643-3027

Second Vice President
Fred Nickl
111 South Dwyer
 Arlington Heights, IL 60656

 Tournament Director
Judy Mandelkow
P.O. Box 25499
Chicago, IL 60625
 (773) 588-3294

Rozella Campbell
2826 Tall Oaks Ct. apt. 15
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
(248) 853-0209

Happy New Year and welcome to the first issue of The Blind Bowler in the new
decade! I hope that 2010 will be a wonderful year filled with lots of great

Before we can say good bye to the old year however, I need to make some
acknowledgements. First of all, many thanks to Doug Weidenhaft and Dream
Scene Studios for his work in the tape and cd versions of The Blind Bowler for
October and the use of his studio for taping. Thanks also to Elaine Vining for
her work in reading The Blind Bowler. Once again, Horizons for the Blind, out
of Chicago did the Braille version of the Blind Bowler. They also did the large
print version and the mailing of those versions also. Thanks for the great job
that they did.

I apologize for those leagues who did not receive the Blind Bowler in a timely
fashion. We made some changes in how the newsletter is mailed out, and
unfortunately there were a few kinks. Hopefully we have ironed out all of
those kinks and should not have the same problem with future issues. As
always, the timeliest way to receive The Blind Bowler is by e-mail, so if you are
not receiving The Blind Bowler by e-mail and wish to receive it that way, please
contact me by e-mail at

In December, we were saddened by the passing of former ABBA president
James Benton’s mother. She was a big supporter of blind bowling, and a
tribute to her appears in the news letter. Remember, if you have news and
articles that you wish to share with ABBA members, please send your articles
to me either by e-mail or the U.S. post office. My home address appears on the
first page of this newsletter.

I know that many times where a tournament is located matters as much as
how you bowl. Our family has built many vacations around tournament
locations. In this issue we’ve got information on the tourist attractions in the
Greensboro area. I’m sure that after you’ve read this article, you’ll be as
excited about going to Greensboro as I am.

Happy New Year to all! Again, I would like to thank all those who have worked
so hard to make ABBA run as smoothly as it has been. The ABBA membership
should be pleased with the way the organization is operating. Please
remember that if anyone has any questions regarding the status or operation
of ABBA, please do not hesitate to contact one of the officers so that we may
be able to answer your questions. It takes every member to make ABBA the
successful organization it has become and your input is definitely welcome.
Hope everyone has a great year of bowling and I’m looking forward to seeing
you on the lanes for great competition!
--submitted by Keith Edgerton, ABBA President

Hopefully all of you are having a great time renewing old friendships and
staying out of the gutters. I take this opportunity to say, “Thanks” once again
to all the wonderful Secretaries who sent their Sanction forms to the right
person with the correct amount of money. To those who forgot the increase
from $10 to $15, you are forgiven, we all make mistakes.

Since the Mid Year meeting, Capital Area Rail Blazers, Springfield, VA, and
Onslow Bears, Jacksonville, NC have become sanctioned. We are happy to have
them back with us.

Please remember:
    Nominations for the “Abe Cohen Award” & “Secretary of the Year” must
      be received by March 1, 2010.
    All acknowledgements for donations will be mailed in time for tax
    All bowlers expecting to bowl in the national Tournament must be
      sanctioned by January 15th.

Lastly, only one correction was brought to my attention: Page 4 of the average
book, not listed for Wilmington Blind Bowlers, (only listing 1st initial, last name
and average)
N. Alston PF – 44        A. Bender SF – 105              J. Bender SM – 157
D. Bond SF– 99           A. Borreggine TM – 103          K. Bottner TF – 45
B. Brumbaugh SM –121 D. Brumbaugh SF -108                A. Callahan TM -58
M. Cavaliaro PM – 106 A. Cohen TM – 53                   A. Conway PM -123
M. Coursey PF – 82       D. Craig SF – 102               M. Craig SM – 148
B. Driver TM -118        M. Guzman PF – 89               L. Harris SM – 159
K. Mazzio SF – 139       Kim Mazzio SF – 112             D. McDonald PM – 117
H. Robinson SF – 103     V. Ross PM – 114
--Submitted by, Rozella Campbell, ABBA Secretary Treasurer

To all American Blind Bowlers. Hope you had an enjoyable holiday season and
are ready to get the second half of bowling on the way.

 On January 25th, the International Hall of Fame will officially be opened in
Arlington Texas and the American Blind Bowling Association will continue to be
recognized as one of America's opportunities for participation by blind and
visually impaired persons internationally.

We are still selling the stimulus raffle tickets. To date we have sold 114 tickets.
We must sell 150 tickets to cover our promised prizes. I am sure that it goes
without saying; our goal is to sell all 300 so that we can help sustain the
financial status of our organization. If you have not purchased your ticket, it is
waiting for you. Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation in
making this a success.
--submitted by Wilbert Turner, Public Relations Chair

The ABBA Rules Interpretation and Enforcement Committee (RIEC) met in
Greensboro, NC on November 21, 2009. All committee members were present.
Because of a problem with a league last season that did not pay prize money at
the end of the season, the committee recommends that all leagues approve a
prize list no later than the fifth week of bowling. Policy state L-3 requires that
prizes must be distributed within 21 days after the conclusion of the bowling
season, or later if the prizes are to be awarded at a banquet. The committee
has the authority to request a financial report from any league to check if the
league is meeting it’s obligation for paying prizes. The ABBA at any time may
ask a league to provide a copy of its by-laws and rules.

The Committee Chairman received an inquiry if award applications should be
sent to the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer or to their assistant. This decision may
be made by the Secretary –Treasurer. However, final league average reports
and gold medal forms must be sent directly to the Secretary-Treasurer.

Because of a problem this season when two bowlers claimed they earned gold
medals after the winners were listed in the average book, the committee has
ruled that gold medal winners will be recognized only by the gold medal
applications which must be submitted no later than June 15.

Article VII, Section 6 of the by-laws now includes incorrect dates. The section
must be changed to read “for budgetary purposed, the financial report shall
begin on August 1st and end July 31st of the following year.

The article regarding a USABA tournament published in the October, 2009
Blind Bowler was in error. The tournament was not organized by the United
States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) and was not certified by either
ABBA or USBC. If this tournament is to be certified in the future, a managing
committee of at least three persons must provide proper forms for
certification, mailed at least 30 days prior to the opening of the tournament.

The committee chairman will prepare an amendment to Article VI of the by-
laws regarding delegates. We authorized the Secretary-Treasurer to continue
with her own policy in determining who shall be recognized at the annual
convention. The ABBA secretary-treasurer, at least thirty days prior to the
annual convention must send to member leagues a credentials form. The
league secretary must list on the form the name of the league representatives
and the person designated as delegates who will attend the convention. This
credentials form must be presented at the time of registration in order to
receive the proper badges. Only the delegates properly registered will be
allowed to vote at the annual convention. Life and associate members may
register as individuals or through their respective leagues.
--submitted by Walter C. Burmeister, RIEC Chairman

The “Abe Cohen” award was created in 1974, which was a year after Mr. Cohen
passed away. It honors Abe Cohen, who was ABBA’s Tournament Statistician
and a member of the Board of Directors from 1951 to 1972. He served without
compensation providing service to ABBA. In 1975 the first recipient of the Abe
Cohen Award was Leroy Price, who was the first Secretary-Treasurer of ABBA.
The award was established by the Past Presidents’ Committee and is given in
recognition of outstanding leadership and service to ABBA. It may be
presented at the annual May convention, but it is not awarded every year.

Please include a description of the person’s work and volunteer activities.
These nominations should be sent to me at: 2735 South 61 St. Milwaukee WI
53219-4422, 414-545-4052. E-mail:

A committee of five previous past presidents was appointed to review any
applications; all are prior recipients of the award. Committee members are:
Kathy Brockman – chair, Jim Fleming, Walter Burmeister, Ruth Christmas and
George Coorey. Nominations must be submitted by March 1 to be considered.
Honoring deserving individuals is one way to promote ABBA. Have a happy,
healthy 2010!
--submitted by Kathy Brockman, Past ABBA President

The Minnesota Vikings have given the Minneapolis Blind Bowlers an official NFL
picture of Adrian Peterson #28, our pro bowl running back, with Brett Favre #4,
our new quarterback, in the background. We are having a raffle for this framed
picture for all of you football fans. It would also make a great gift for someone
you know. The money raised will go towards the 2011 ABBA national
tournament in Minneapolis. The tickets are $5.00 each and the drawing will be
held Saturday February 6th, 2010; the day before the Super Bowl. To enter,
send your name, phone number, and $5.00, check or money order, to Janice
Erkilla, 5253 42nd Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55417. If you have any
questions call Janice at 612-722-3041
--submitted by Janice Erkilla

Greensboro is a growing and vibrant small city with nearly a quarter million
inhabitants. It was settled in 1749 and was called the "Gate City" because of its
historic railroads and retains the name because many major highways cross
here. It is located between the mountains of North Carolina and the Atlantic
Coast. It is also exactly half way between Washington D.C., to the north and
Atlanta, Georgia to the south, on the eastern seaboard. Greensboro boasts the
gently rolling hills of the Piedmont Triad area as well as a mild climate and a
"village within a city" atmosphere.

Visitors can enjoy area world-class golf, a revitalized turn-of-the-century
commercial and industrial district, boutique and antique shops, and a wealth of
restaurants. From Revolutionary War sites to antebellum plantations and
Underground Railroad depots, this city is steeped in history, offering guests a
chance to learn about the past. Step back in time and spend a few hours at the
Heritage Center, which chronicles the birthplace of Civil Rights sit-ins, or enjoy
a lazy day touring an area plantation such as the Mendenhall Plantation. The

nearby site of the Revolutionary War battle of Guilford Courthouse is a national
military park that you can’t miss. Not to mention that Greensboro is also known
for its writers and was home to the famous American writer O. Henry. Today,
science fiction superstar Orson Scott Card makes his home here as well as
numerous other local writers. Whatever your choice: shopping, theater or
history you're sure to find something in this growing North Carolina city.

 Greensboro is also a symbol of resistance to oppression and a bastion of
African-American culture. Quaker settlers in Greensboro established the
Underground Railroad in the 1830s which led thousands to freedom. In 1960,
four students from NC A&T University in Greensboro staged the first sit-in of
the civil rights movement at Woolworth's downtown. Charlotte Hawkins
Brown founded a school for African Americans in 1902 that eventually saw
more than 1,000 graduates and is now a state historic site and museum. Today,
Greensboro is home to the Greensboro Cultural Center, which contains a
gallery dedicated to emerging and modern African-American art.

 The Barn-Dinner Theatre, reputed to be America's oldest dinner theatre, draws
guests to enjoy theater in the round while feasting on an exceptional meal.
Other historical places in the area include the Old Mill of Guilford, a fully
operational mill founded in 1767 that continues to make (and sell) all-natural,
stone ground foods. The Carolina Model Railroaders, with its display of
miniature trains navigating detailed scenery, will be of interest to kids of all

 Greensboro is famous for its natural beauty. Greensboro has many beautiful
parks and areas for outdoor recreation. One particular park is Center City Park
which is in the heart of downtown Greensboro, featuring a half-acre of lawns
surrounding a spectacular fountain, a pavilion for intimate gatherings and
performances, a Great Lawn for larger events and there are garden niches in
which to get away from it all. The Bog Garden harnesses the natural beauty of a
swampy area of Greensboro. It has been developed into a striking exhibit
featuring a half-mile, elevated wooden walkway that provides easy access
through the garden. Visitors can see more than 8,000 trees, shrubs, ferns,
bamboo and wildflowers, and the newest addition, “Joe Christian’s Serenity
Falls”. Winters in Greensboro are mild and the trees change to brilliant colors

during the fall. In the spring and summer, Greensboro earns its reputation as a
"city of flowers".

 Visitors will be pleased to discover that shopping in Greensboro can include
stops by national chains for basics, as well as independent shops and boutiques
for more unique purchases. Sometimes malls and shopping centers are the
most convenient options, but be sure to check out Greensboro’s downtown or
historic districts to find the most unusual gifts and trinkets, art, antiques, and
clothing. Greensboro boasts a fairly large indoor mall. The Four Seasons Town
Centre has the best in shopping, entertainment and dining! Visitors will find
Build-A-Bear Workshop, Belk, Hollister, J.C. Penney, Dillard’s and more. Dining
options include Ruby Tuesday, Bonefish Grill, Outback Steakhouse, Mr.
Dunderbak’s and The Pavilion Food Court. Greensboro also has a fairly large
outdoor mall. At Friendly Center visitors can enjoy the convenience, variety and
selection in a beautiful, outdoor shopping village featuring; Belk, Macy’s, Sears,
Old Navy, The Grande Cinemas, The Extra Ingredient, Harper’s Restaurant, The
Muse, Romano’s Macaroni Grill and more.

With the abundance of shopping, dining, historical places, natural sights and
sports teams to see you won't be bored between bowling! There are so many
other places we could have talked about and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
So come to Greensboro in May and see for yourself--submitted by A.J. Inglesby

TRANSPORTATION - This year we are fortunate to have a contract with Carolina
American Tours for the transportation to and from the bowling alley from the
hotel. We will make sure that at least one coach is wheelchair accessible so that
all bowlers and guests can get to and from the bowling alley with no problems.
For transportation around the city to visit the many attractions the Greensboro
Parks and Recreation Department has lent us a few vehicles to use and one is
wheelchair accessible. If you are arriving in Greensboro via the train or
greyhound bus we will have volunteers available to pick you up and take you to
the hotel at little or no cost to you. Please contact Michael Jackson via e-mail or phone at (336) 316-1200 to request a volunteer to
pick you up.

Starting January 2, 2010 all bowling centers will be non-smoking due to North
Carolina state law. If you want to smoke during the tournament you will have
to step just outside the bowling centers doors to do so. Please visit our website for updates and more information!

At the mid-year meeting, it was decided that we would publish a fourth issue of
The Blind Bowler. While it will be prepared and published by the editor, it will
be different from a regular issue of The Blind Bowler in a couple of different
ways. It will be sent out on July 15th and it will only contain results from the
past season’s ABBA sanctioned tournaments. Secondly, because of the cost
involved in other mediums, this issue will be available by e-mail only.

So, what does this mean to you? If you are currently receiving The Blind Bowler
by e-mail, you don’t need to do a thing. This issue will show up in your inbox on
July 15th. If you are not receiving the newsletter by e-mail and you if an e-mail
account, if you let me know, I will add your address to my data base and you
will be able to receive the special edition. If you are a tournament director,
please send all of you tournament results to me at as
soon as you get them. That way you don’t need to remember to send it, and I
can save the information on my computer for that edition. There will be
another reminder about this in the last newsletter of the season in April.

 It is with incredible sadness that I report to you that Ms. Mary Alice Benton
moved peacefully into the arms of the Lord on Sunday, December 20th at 6:53
p.m. As you all know, mom has been battling incurable, inoperable, and
extremely aggressive uterine cancer since February of this year. She fought
very hard and always felt that in the long run, she would be able to overcome
this foe. During her last 6 weeks, she made it clear to her medical team that she
did not want her children to know the true depth of her illness. She also made
it very clear that she wanted her son and four daughters to carry forward as a

family and a team and provide blanket support to her grandkids, great-
grandkids, family members and friends.

Understanding these tasks, we as a family came to grips with the inevitable
during the Thanksgiving holidays. Mom had a joyous Thanksgiving Day and was
able to participate in the celebration of my oldest sister Annette’s 50th
birthday. This is the way she liked it – family close at hand and everyone having
fun. Prior to her spiritual uplifting on Sunday, mom was surrounded with a
houseful of family and friends. Due to a significant storm which paralyzed the
Mid-Atlantic States, our family from Raleigh was delayed in leaving for
Cleveland. We were in Ripley, West Virginia when mom was summoned

Over the years Mamma B as she became known throughout the Outlaw
organization took many trips to Raleigh. She attended bowling tournaments,
special conferences, and always was on the scene when a large party was
being planned. Her last visit to Raleigh was in April of 2008 when she and my
entire family showed up totally by surprise to celebrate my 50th birthday.
Mamma B. was a strong Christian woman, an incredible mom, grandma and
great-grandma. She is survived by her son James; four daughters Annette,
Machelle, Faye and Jackie; 11 grandkids including James Jr. and Sharon Renee’;
and 7 great grandchildren including Knowledge, Azariah and Isaiah Dowd of
Raleigh. She was preceded in death by her husband, James Luther Benton in
April 1983; her mother Rethel Tatum Jones, April 1980; her sister Lois Jeter,
May 1994; and her father Clayton Tatum, December 1971.

Funeral services were held Saturday morning, December 26th at the Imani
Temple Baptist Church , 1855 Ansel Road , Cleveland OH 44106. She was
interred at Hillcrest Cemetery. Those wishing to do so may send donations in
care of Denise Benton, 6808 Forman St. , Cleveland OH 44015 .
Sharon B. and I would like to thank those persons who have come forward to
provide support to us as we began this trip with the inevitable note of finality
being obvious. Your support which was extremely gracious is richly

Those of you who met my mom and got to know her knew her to be genuine,
spiritual and full of life and fun. She was all about family, and that included the
extended family. Any friend who was connected to us was a part of the family.
She spoke often of all of the bowlers and others of the visually impaired
community across our state. She was very thankful and very proud of the way
we lived, the way we worked, the things we did to be inclusive and how we
fought to overcome blindness.

Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing, and thank you for your support.
--submitted by James Benton, Past ABBA President.

Silver Medals
Evell Jones       PM     300                    Chicago ALBA
Darnell Williams TM      183                    Chicago ALBA
Herbert Everett PM       265                    Raleigh Outlaws
Howard J Beares PM       232                    Baltimore Blind Bowlers
Chuck Graham      TM     181                    Carter Family Blind Bowlers
Rich Zwolinski    SM     278                    Chicago ALBA
Larry Wos         TM     225                    Chicago AA
Gary DeVol        SM     279                    Carter Family Blind Bowlers
Rita Szymanski PF        221                    Chicago Braille
Mike Jorgensen SM        268                    Chicago ALBA
Jimmy Clemons SM         276                    Chicago Tappers
Evell Jones       PM     258                    Chicago ALBA
Greg Gontaryk     TM     213                    DVBB
Clayton Bellinger PM     227                    Daytona Beach
Louis Thurston TM        181                    DC Coalition
Mary Meeks        PF     200                    Friday Morning Rollers
Stan Griffith     PM     247                    Harrisburg Capital
Roy Ramsey        PM     248                    Journey for the Blind
Dave Olsen        PM     280                    Journey for the Blind
Janice Erkilla    PF     209                    Minneapolis Blind Bowlers
Gar Giddings      TM     211                    Minneapolis Blind Bowlers
Jenny Kiokee      PF     195                    Milwaukee Beer Barrels
Charles Davis     TM     204                    Maryland Blind Bowlers
Jeff Spantikow   PM     245   Milwaukee Beer Barrels
Larry Smith      TM     176   Philadelphia Area
Mike Hawk        PM     233   Portland Blind Bowlers
Jack Lenk        TM     181   Pinsplitters of St Louis
Brent Micher     SM     266   Rock County Railers
Mike Gates       SM     266   Rock County Railers
Ken Yeager       SM     269   Allentown Blind Bowlers

Bronze Medals
Evell Jones       PM    223   Chicago ALBA
Rick J Jorgensen TM     167   Chicago ALBA
Paul Shaner       SM    256   Philadelphia Area
Ruby Barnett      PF    189   Lighthouse Industries
Barbara Yeager SF       226   Allentown Blind Bowlers
Greg Mulvaney PM        220   Carter Family
Kenneth Pleuss PM       220   Carter Family
Tom Jorgensen SM        256   Chicago ALBA
Bill Jorgensen    SM    258   Chicago ALBA
Gary DeVol        SM    257   Carter Family
Darnell Williams TM     166   Chicago ALBA
Rick Zwolinski    SM    253   Chicago ALBA
Rick Zwolinski    SM    258   Chicago ALBA
Mike Zwolinski SM       256   Chicago ALBA
Kenneth Pitts     SM    255   Chicago Tappers
Clayton Bellinger PM    222   Daytona Beach
Jamie Boldorff    SM    255   Erie Independent
Janice Erkilla    PF    192   Minneapolis Blind Bowlers
Virginia Leingang PF    190   Minneapolis Blind Bowlers
Doug Weidenhaft PM      224   Minneapolis Blind Bowlers
Sandy Tisdale     TF    145   Milwaukee Beer Barrels
Richard Johnson TM      167   Rock County
Maggie Fagliano PF      189   TopCat Blind Bowlers
Sheri Sensinger SF      224   Allentown Blind Bowlers

100 Pins Over Average
Fred Whitfield    TM    188   Big Apple Blind Bowlers
Greg Gontaryk     TM    244   DVBB
Dave Olsen        PM    280   Journey for the Blind
Al Travers        SM    244   Mile High Blind Bowlers
Brian Hallows     PM    206   St Louis Pin Splitters
Herbert Everett   PM    265   Raleigh Outlaws

75 Pins Over Average
Amber Craig       SF    214   Baltimore Blind Bowlers
Greg Mulvaney PM        279   Carter Family Blind Bowlers
Chuck Graham      TM    181   Carter Family Blind Bowlers
Gary DeVol        SM    279   Carter Family Blind Bowlers
Janice Schmidt SF       225   Carter Family Blind Bowlers
Mike Collins      PM    188   Carter Family Blind Bowlers
Dennis Jorgensen SM     247   Chicago ALBA
Gio Francese      PM    196   Chicago ALBA
Rich P Jorgensen SM     246   Chicago ALBA
Wendell Williamson PM   204   Durham Pin Devils
Trey Gregory      SM    211   Durham Pin Devils
Arnold Williams PM      194   DVBB
Jack Shappard     SM    234   DVBB
Vernell Butler    SF    198   D.C. Blind
Patrick Foley     PM    176   Daytona Beach
James Baxter      PM    197   Harrisburg Capital
Mike Branch       PM    166   Kalamazoo Blind Bowlers
Pat Bailey        TF    105   Kalamazoo Blind Bowlers
Tim Lockett       PM    205   Lake Erie Blind Bowlers
Joy Cooper        SF    163   Milwaukee Beer Barrels
Jackee Patrick    PF    190   Maryland Blind
Rick Ryan         TM    158   Mile High
Tony Lewis        TM    156   Mile High
George Lee        SM    242   Post 80
Rick Irving       SM    215   Post 80
Penny Gumaer      SF    163   Post 80
Jeff Gillett      SM    278   Portland Blind Bowlers
Herbert Everett PM      245   Raleigh Outlaws
George Morris     PM    213   St Louis Railrollers
Bob Nagy          PM    196   TopCat Blind Bowlers

PLUS 60 Pins
Debbie Green      TF          123             Baltimore Blind
Isabel Harther    PF          124             Big Apple Blind
Robert Weiss      SM          141             Carter Family
Maria Quintanilla PF          144             Carter Family
Stan Griffith     PM          222             Harrisburg Capital
Jack Feltenberger TM          131             Harrisburg Capital
James Bostic      TM          143             Harrisburg Capital
Sandy Tisdale     TF          101             Milwaukee Beer Barrels
Darrold Doelle    TM          127             Milwaukee Beer Barrels
Terri Scanlan     PF          170             Allentown Blind Bowlers

Frank Schuss      SM     converted 7-10       Buffalo Sightless
Chad Chaffer      SM     converted 7-10       Buffalo Sightless
Bill Corbett      PM     converted 4-6-7      Carter Family
Kenneth Pleuss PM        converted 4-6-7      Carter Family
Clayton Bellinger PM     converted 4-6        Daytona Beach
Chris Menges      SM     converted 4-6-7-10   Mile High Blind Bowlers
Kim Hergemueller PF      converted 4-6-10     St Louis Railrollers
Mike Provo        SM     converted 6-7-10     Mile High Blind Bowlers

Triplicate Scores
Tina Gillian        PF        3 x 97          Capital City
Clayton Bellinger   PM        3 x 165         Daytona Beach
Nelson Lewis        PM        3 x 79          Motor City
Douglas Cooper      TM        3 x 32          Motor City
Randy Rudy          PM        3 x 136         Philadelphia Area
Opal Ferris         TF        3 x 67          Roanoke Valley


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