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					                                        SUPERINTENDENT'S LETTER
                                              August 7, 2007

Among the actions taken by the Board at its meeting last evening were the following:
-- Ratified/approved the following:
         Seventeen (17) instructional assistants to participate in the Paraprofessional Certification Program through the
         Berks County Intermediate Unit, during the 2007-08 school year beginning on 8/21/07.
         Child Care Field Trips (all expenses paid by Child Care and Parents)
         West Wyomissing and Whitfield Centers to Body Zone, Wyomissing (PA), 8/8/07.
         West Wyomissing and Whitfield Centers to Lincoln Park Pool, West Lawn (PA), 8/10/07.
-- Approved the Superintendent’s Report as follows:
         Doris Miller, Food Service Worker, West Wyomissing, 29 years with the Wilson School District, eff. 8/16/07.
         Erin Cescon, First Grade Teaching Assistant, Green Valley, eff. 7/2/07.
         Tricia Wertz, Learning Support, High School, eff. 7/24/07.
         Linda Curran, Math Resource teacher, Whitfield, eff. 7/26/07.
         Ted Magala, Mathmatics, High School, eff. 7/27/07.
         Julie Hoyer, First Grade Teaching Assistant, Green Valley, eff. 7/31/07.
         Lori McGovern, Special Education Instructional Assistant, Cornwall Terrace, eff. 7/31/07.
         Brehan Heebner, Math Resource teacher, Green Valley, eff. 8/1/07.
         Steve McKinley, Secondary Gifted Coordinator, .6 position, District-wide, eff. 8/3/07.
         Ramon Cotto, Custodian (2nd shift), Cornwall Terrace, eff. 8/10/07.
         Jacqueline (Woodward) Kast, SOAR to Success teacher, Spring Ridge, eff. 8/6/07.
         Kelly Anderson, Monitorial Aide, Green Valley, eff. 8/2/07.
         Amanda McCann, Math Resource and MAX teacher, Green Valley, eff. 8/4/07.
         Unpaid Leave
         Todd Gensemer, Phys. Ed., Whitfield, 1/25/08 (1 working day).
         Change in Status
         Joan Hoffman, Food Service Worker, High School, to Food Service Worker, no change in hours or
                   rate, Green Valley, eff. 8/7/07.
         George Fiore, Assistant Principal, High School, to Principal, Southern Jr. H.S., eff. 8/13/07
                  (replacing Luke Hadfield who resigned, effective 8/14/07).
         Steve Schrader, Long-Term Substitute to half-time (TPE) contracted Phys. Ed. teacher, High School, eff. 8/21/07.
         Corinne Lord, full-day Kindergarten, Green Valley, B to B+24, eff. 8/21/07.
         Kara Hopkins, Grade 3, Spring Ridge, B to B+12, eff. 8/21/07.
         Stephanie Johnson, half-time Mathematics, to full-time Mathematics, Southern Jr. H.S., eff. 8/21/07.
         Stephanie Snavely, Grade 3 to Grade 5, Spring Ridge, eff. 8/21/07.
         Kate Van Velsor Fanning, Classroom Tutor, West Wyomissing, 16 hrs./wk. to 17/hrs./wk.,eff. 8/27/07.
         Wayne Foley, High School Principal, M+24 to M+30, eff. 9/1/07.
         Kate Hannahoe, Grade 2 to Grade 5, Whitfield, eff. 8/21/07.
         Annisa Southwick, TBD to Grade 2, Whitfield, eff. 8/21/07.
         Support Staff
         Joan Reedy, Substitute Food Service Worker, eff. 8/7/07.
         Karen Rowe, Secretarial Aide, Southern Jr. H.S., 22.5 hrs./wk., effective upon submission of
                  all clearances (replacing Debra DeArment who resigned on 4/18/07).
         Michelle Hughes, Monitorial Aide, Spring Ridge, 7.5 hrs./wk., effective upon submission of
                  FBI Clearance.
         Sally Youngcourt, Monitorial Aide, 7.5 hrs./wk., Spring Ridge, effective upon submission of
                  FBI Clearance.
         Pat Heintzman, Food Service Lead Worker, West Wyomissing, 20 hrs./wk., eff. 8/20/07.
         Sherry Wayne, Food Service Worker, Southern Jr. H.S., 20 hrs./wk., eff. 8/20/07.
         Additional ITEP Instructor for 2007-2008
         Kathy Hagee, eff. 8/28/07.
         Temporary Professional Employees (Effective 8/21/07)
         Lisa Bednar, Mathematics, High School
         Sarah Diaz, Half-time English, High School
         Long-Term Substitute Teacher (Effective 8/21/07)
         Steve McDonald, French, High School (replacement for Jamie Piersol who is on sabbatical in 2007-08.
Day to Day Substitutes (Effective 8/27/07)
Betsy Althouse, Elementary                 Kelsey Kimmel, Elementary               Nancy Fisher, Secondary
Melissa Bieber, Elementary                 Angela Lavin, Elementary                Deborah Gerbino, Secondary
Cindy Bigg-Stoudt, Elementary              Pamela Lefkowith, Elementary            Barbara Heckman, Secondary
Charles Bingham, Elementary                Cynthia Marks, Elementary               Phyllis Kawood, Secondary
Jackie Binkley, Elementary                 Karen Matthew, Elementary               Kelly Knapper, Secondary
Kristin Ciemiewicz, Elementary             Catherine McAndrew, Secondary           Marlene Koehler, Secondary
Cynthia Cockrum, Elementary & Secondary David Mell, Elementary & Secondary         Grace Lee, Secondary
Robin Cruise, Elementary                   Ian Moore, Elementary                   Daniel Leininger, Secondary
E. Frances Dewan, Elementary               Barbara Myer, Elementary                Brenda Mack, Secondary
Laura Dise, Elementary                     Ann Marie Noecker, Elementary           David McGeorge, Secondary
Tammy Field, Elementary                    LouAnn Pisker, Elementary & Secondary Janet Mogel, Secondary
Margaret Fontana, Elementary               Nancy Poole, Elementary                 Jocelyn Moyer, Secondary
Brian Foreman, Elementary & Secondary Jane Pratt Corroon, Elementary & Secondary
Lisa Gallagher, Elementary                 Ann Prendergast, Elementary & Secondary David Piscitelli, Secondary
Gail Grill, Elementary & Secondary         James Reaser, Elementary & Secondary    Lucy Reifsnyder, Secondary
Beth Gross, Elementary & Secondary         Laura Schell, Elementary                Cary Shaner, Secondary
Sandra Guinther, Elementary                Jennifer Schlegel, Elementary           Belinda Davison, Elementary
Andrew Haas, Elementary                    Shelly Stump, Elementary & Secondary    Brittany Newmaster, Elementary
Karen Haines, Elementary                   Ellen Widener, Elementary               Krystin Brobst, Elementary
Rachel Hartman, Elementary                 Laura Youngcourt, Elementary            Molly Balthaser, Elementary
Richard Houser, Elementary                 Adrienne Zemanek, Elementary            Alice Strauss, Elementary
Katie Jones, Elementary                    Cathy Bachman, Secondary                Michele Simmons, Elementary
Kerry Keating, Elementary                  Christine Buck, Secondary               Caitlin Ketterer, Secondary
Bette Kertell, Elementary                  Elaine Daly, Secondary                  Laura Cugini, Elementary
Amanda Wiland, Elementary
Emergency Substitutes (Effective 8/27/07)
Victoria Achenbach                         Sherwood Goldstein                      Robert Robertson
Sarah Agnew                                Gregory Gorddard                        Kenda Seidel
Marshall Azrael                            Robert Haftel                           Valerie Selig
Douglas Babczak                            Melissa Heiser                          Glynnes Smith
Patricia Baker                             Dennis Heltibridle                      Robert Tranquillo
Jim Baker                                  Craig Hoffer                            Kathryn Trout
Amy Bartolone                              Castel Jean                             Marianne Tuner
Cathy Beaver                               Thomas Klein                            Patricia Walters
Janet Behrenshausen                        Lisa Leayman                            Jason Wenrich
Karen Bettleyon                            Nealie Leslie                           Mimi Wolfe
Gisele Bialis                              Mary Levandowski                        Roger Wolfgang
Janelle Biffel                             Paula Levandowski                       Christine Worley
Beth Borell                                Joan Levering                           Erica Yanney
Matthew Carley                             Cynthia Mappin                          Judith Yeasted
Patricia Christopher                       Mary Ellen McIntyre                     Nicole DeFazio
Noreen Cosgrove                            Timothy Moll                            Leslie Gerhard
Joseph Danver                              Gerard Muller                           Lisa Taylor
Lisa Deck                                  Mary Ann Nicholas                       Peter Clark
Tara Ebling                                Freya Oostingh
Denise Elshahed                            Louise Ordemann
Donald Ermold                              Rupa Patel
Deborah Frank                              Lorraine Peacock
Janet Gallagher                            John Plummer
Barbara Geisler                            Angela Preniczky
Candace Geissler                           Robert Reardon
Mark Gillette                              Eleanor Reyner
Edythe Goldstein                           Sandra Roberts
Jane Palmese                               Robert Stock
Secretary Substitutes (Effective 8/27/07)
Rose Howard               Nancy Reichwein           Michele Musseman
Denise Tannler            Jodi Seifrit
Barbara Thren             RaeAnne Kline
Diane Volutza             Iris Lis

     Nurse Substitutes (Effective 8/27/07)
     Kendra Thatcher             Kathy Blume
     Karen Rahn                  Jean Smith
     Elizabeth Adams             Linda Laumeister
     Susan Hafer                 Alison Hertzog
     Extracurricular Programs/Staff
              Extended Season Pay
              Jim Gehman, Assistant Track and Field, 9 days.
              Melissa Heckman, Marching Band Color Guard Assistant,166 hrs.
              Joe Klemmer, Assistant Football Coach, Central Jr. H.S.
              Matt Shugars, Assistant Football Coach, Central Jr. H.S.
              Matt Votodian, Assistant Football Coach, Central Jr. H.S.
              Brandon Naples, Volunteer Assistant Football Coach, High School
     Child Care Programs/Staff
              Christin Walter, Assistant Supervisor, Shiloh Hills Center, 6 hrs./wk., eff. 7/30/07.
--   Granted permission to continue the Alternative Education Program for secondary students during the
     2007-2008 school year in conjunction with the Governor Mifflin School District.
--   Authorized for the Superintendent to make employment commitments to qualified
     professional applicants for the purpose of filling vacancies that occur after the August 6, 2007,
     Board meeting with action to be ratified by the Board of Education at the next official meeting.
--   Approved the District Assessment Program for 2007-2008.
--   Authorized to create and advertise a junior high faculty manager position at the Southern Junior
     High School for the 2007-08 school year.
--   Granted permission to create a Rotary Interact Club with the West Reading-Wyomissing Rotary at
     the high school and to advertise for a club advisor beginning with the start of the 2007-08 school year.
--   Approved the collection agreement with Berks County Earned Income Tax Bureau for the collection of
     the District’s EMS tax for Wyomissing Borough, Spring Township and Lower Heidelberg effective
--   Approved the changed orders to the contract for the Whitfield Elementary School as follows:
              ● 04-09 – Frey Lutz Corporation, deduct ($6,872.00)
              ● 04-10 – Frey Lutz Corporation, deduct ($856.00)
              ● 04-11 – Frey Lutz Corporation, deduct ($1,259.20)
--   Approved to have Franklin Flooring furnish and install carpet for two (2) Kindergarten rooms and
     two (2) Learning Circles at the Cornwall Terrace Elementary Schools, not to exceed a cost of $13,273.80.
--   Dr. Rudy Ruth presented the Wilson School District Strategic Plan which was followed by Board approval.
--   Granted permission to advertise for a full-time, long-term substitute position of Dean of Students at the
     high school to replace George Fiore for the 2007-08 school year.