The Dime Story

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					                               The Dime Story
There's been many who have recently enquired about the history of my encounters with dimes, those shiny round pieces
of silver that have the 'Bluenose' inscribed on the back of them. It's been one I've been meaning to write down for some
time, so here goes.

We had John Paul Jackson as a guest speaker at a conference at the Silver Fox Yacht Club here in Summerside in the
summer of 2000. Our budget for that conference was approx. $14,000, and all of our revenue was from 'free will' offerings
as we had no registration fee. On the final night of the conference we were still $7,000 short of our projected budget.
Needless to say, for a young church that was operating on a shoe string budget I was starting to get a little nervous. I
asked the Lord for something inspiring to say, actually believing the lie that an inspiring offering thought might do the trick.
As I tend to do when I'm under stress, I went for a long walk. While going round and round the Silver Fox and praying and
interceding and screaming out to the heavens like the Israelites encircling Jericho, the Lord asked me to stop and be quiet
for a minute so he could speak to me. I found myself staring at the ground with my hands in my pockets and there
between my feet was a shiny dime, sails up, staring me in the face!
I picked up the dime, put it in my palm and asked the Lord what the significance of it was. He gently asked me, 'what does
this dime represent to you?' To which I responded, 'I know ten represents tithe', and the Lord said, 'yes, that's true. As
your people have been faithfully tithing, so too, will I make provision tonight.' Then the Lord asked me, 'how much are you
going to give tonight?' While I was fumbling for my answer and thinking about His question, my hand reached into my
other pocket where I found another dime and a penny. With that, I started to play with God a little bit, remembering a
poker term from the good old days, I said to God, 'I see your ten and I raise you one' and promptly placed the dime and
penny into the hand with the other dime. Then the Father said this to me, 'so how much are you going to give tonight?' I
looked to the heavens and said '21 cents?',... and the heavens were silent. Then I asked, '$21.00?', to which the Lord
responded, 'would that be sacrificial?' So then I asked '$210.00?' - to which the Lord responded 'would that be sacrificial?'
I knew that $210.00 would be a sacrifice, but that seemed to be the starting point of something that has become almost
hilarious for the past three years. Ever since that night dimes have been showing up just in the most unlikely places.
The Lord reminded me of the scripture that was the theme verse for the conference 2 Cor 3:17..."Now the Lord is the
Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom". The Lord began to speak to me about the significance of the
dime representing freedom in the sails and provision from Him from heaven to propel the sail-boat.
In simple terms, the dime is a simple token of God's blessing and provision on that particular moment.
Needless to say, the offering that night, was exactly $7,000.00 - right down to the last dime! The fact of the matter is we
were actually $400.00 short, but somebody came up to me after the conference and handed me his pay cheque of
$380.00 which he said the Lord asked him to give that night, and another person slipped a $20.00 into my hand saying
that they had withheld something the Lord had asked them to give. By the end of the night, all bills were paid and God
started a journey of growing faith that hasn't stopped. He laid down the final card.
Ever since then I've been finding dimes everywhere. They always represent freedom, provision and blessing. In fact
through the year 2000 until 2001 when we had a conference with Tony Morton, John Paul Jackson and Robin Mark, I
found 38 dimes. The Lord reminded me about the man in scripture who had a healing in his life when he was 38 years
old, similar to a healing in my life when I was 38 years old, and asked me to put all the dimes in the offering that night. Our
conference budget that year was just over $45,000.00., again all in faith, with no registration fee. My diapers were full on
the final night, but again God provided. All bills were paid including a tithe that we could give the church in Newfoundland
for a regional conference they hosted in 2002 of almost $5,000.00.
Last summer, Shirley and I and our family were invited to come to Newfoundland as the conference organizers wanted to
honor the gift that had come from Summerside. They had a conference with speakers, David Ravenhill and Don Williams,
and worship with Robin Mark, ...we had a lot of fun on the final night just before the offering was taken up. Through the
year 2001 - 2002, I'd found 88 dimes - 50 more than the previous year. The Lord reminded me that 50 symbolizes Jubilee,
and truly that night there was a Jubilee Spirit in the air. Just for fun, we placed the 88 dimes randomly under the 600 or so

chairs set up in the auditorium. When I told them the dime story, just before taking up the offering, I let them know that
there were 88 'lucky winners' with dimes under their chairs. It was so funny to watch grown adults, crawling on their hands
and knees, like Easter Sunday looking for chocolate eggs and screaming for joy when they found a dime - it was hilarious!
The whole room was filled with childlike wonder.
Since telling this story I've heard that God has been speaking the same way to many others in the Body of Christ. To be
honest with you, I was relieved as I was starting to think this whole thing really can sound kind of flaky, yet I'm amazed at
the mysterious ways God likes to speak to His children. So far this year, the number of dimes has been far fewer, in fact I
thought the game was over. I have discovered that when I look for them,... I don't find them. I'm reminded that it's an
adulterous heart that seeks after signs and wonders. But when I stop looking and continue to walk by faith, it's amazing
how I'll find a dime in the most unexpected place and at the most unexpected time that will speak to me of God's
provision, blessing and freedom.
I think the most unusual dime that I ever found was a number of months ago on a Sunday morning. During the Sunday
morning message I spoke about my Grandmother's gift of faith, that I believe brought me into the Kingdom of God. At the
end of that message, while I was cleaning up and getting ready to go home and piling my stuff into my briefcase, I noticed
a shiny object buried underneath some papers. When I looked at the date on that dime buried in the bottom of my
briefcase, I was astounded to discover its antiquity - 1902! There I was holding a dime that was 100 years old. Later that
afternoon I was speaking to my father who lives in Ottawa and I recounted to him how I had spoken affectionately about
his mother, my grandmother, in my morning message. My Dad paused for a moment and then said 'it's funny you should
mention her - I was just thinking about her the other day'. He said, 'do you realize, son, that if she were alive today - she'd
be 100?' He didn't know a thing about the dime I found that morning! So there I was, dumbfounded again, by God's
incredible timing, blessing and provision, holding a dime that was 100 years old and speaking about the woman of faith
whose prayers had brought me to faith, who would have been 100 years old that year.
Something that I've just discovered that I'd never noticed before, outside the Silver Fox Yacht Club where I discovered
that first dime three years ago, is a huge mural on the side of the wall of the building. It's directly adjacent to the Silver Fox
Yacht Club, which is right beside the Summerside Harbour, where all the pleasure boats and yachts find their port. The
mural is about 15 feet high and 30 feet wide with three sailing ships, and in the middle, the Bluenose - the fastest sailing
ship known in the world in its day. I've never seen that mural before and it was like God was keeping me from seeing it
until I needed it the most. This has been a season of extreme waiting. Not to mention that finances have been tight and
there's been lots of transition in the air. We've planted a new church and though it's been good, the past 18 monthes has
been very hard...a time of testing and shaking.
For those who hear this story and believe that something of God might just be on it,... they too start to find dimes. It's my
hope that your faith might be increased, and that God's hand of provision would be poured out on your life, on your family,
on your church, and on your country.
John 3:8 -- The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is
going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.

Brother Andrew