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STACA October 05 News


									                        Seattle-Tacoma Air Cargo Association

P.O. Box 69377
Seattle, WA 98168                                                                   

Volume 7, Issue 2                                                                                             October 2005
     Board Of Directors
          President               Message from the                             October 20th—STACA Meet-
         Regina Keller                                                         ing—Raddisson Hotel
    U-Freight America, Inc.       president
       (206) 242-4755                                                          11:30am—Tom Foley       By Regina Keller
                                                 Happy Halloween!!!!
     1st Vice President                                                        By Paula Collins
       Vacant seat                                 We kicked off the STACA
                                                                               Coming to a STACA meeting near you…..
                                                   2005-2006 year with Ok-
     2nd Vice President                                                        The incredible, the legendary—Inspector
          Tom Green                                toberfest on September
                                                                               Foley!!! Veteran of U.S. Customs and
        Port of Seattle                            15th. It was a blast for
                                                                               protector of our borders. That’s right,
       (206) 988-5543                              those who attended.                                                    Inspector Foley will be our guest speaker
                                  Beer, bratwurst, sauerkraut and Happy
                                                                               for the October 20th luncheon meeting.
                                  Hans. Let’s just say that they should
     3rd Vice President                                                        For those who might not know, Inspector
          Paula Collins           stick to the freight biz and stay out of
                                                                               “Jim” Foley has 32 years with U.S. Cus-
         Schenker, Inc.           show biz!! But hey, at least they took a
                                                                               toms, right here in Seattle. He has
        (206) 870-7110            shot at being a star. And gave everyone                                                  worked import, export, air and ocean. He
                                  a good gut laugh.
                                                                               tells me he has a special place in his heart
    Secretary/Treasurer                                                        for Export Enforcement and can be seen
        Jessica Johnson           Thanks to everyone who made the eve-
                                                                               daily keeping the “bad guys” at bay at the
          Hecny USA               ning fun. There were lots of goodies
                                                                               Traniplex. Come hear his take on current
        (425) 656-0431            raffled off. We had hats, model air-
                                                                               issues in international trade. He will be          planes, portable DVD player, chocolate,
                                                                               speaking particularly about wood packag-
                                  cash, and much more. Also, several
     Executive Director                                                        ing issues and their effect on all of us.
         Denise Barrett
                                  beer mug center pieces, made by Kim at
      (888) 770-9269 Fax          A.C.T., found new homes. Thanks to
                                  Thor at C.S.I., for letting us use his
                                  warehouse!! It was perfect. We also
                                                                              STACA—On the Web
                                  had our first 50/50 raffle of the year. A
                                  total of $175.00 was raised. Half was       Remember that we are
  Inside this issue:
                                  raffled off, won by Richard Douglas of      no longer snail mailing or
                                  Bulldog, and the other half will be set
                                  aside for the scholarship fund.             emailing the newsletter.
2005-2006 STACA Events        2                                               Please check our website
Committee Help Needed         2   Our next event is the October lunch
More Chances to Win           2   meeting on the 20th—keep reading the        at You
STACA Job Bank
Oktoberfest 2005
                                  newsletter for details!! As always, we
                                  look forward to seeing you there. Send
                                                                              can also print the news-
Feature: Ask the Board
                                  in your RSVP right away. Thanks for         letter directly from the
                                  your support and input. Please keep it
Business Card Drawing         3
                                                                              website. Don’t forget to
E-Certs                       4
Woes Continue at Vancouver    4                                               check it regularly for cur-
Of Course I Know How to Get   4   Have a wonderful October and a happy
STACA Scholarship             4   Halloween!!!
                                                                              rent information. Add it
Air Trend Remain Positive
Thanks FMC
                                  Trick……..or treat??                         to your favorites!!!
Boeing Smiles                 5
Container Shipping Industry   5
 V OLUME 7 , I SSUE 2                                                                                                PAGE 2

Meetings For the STACA Year 2005-2006
                                                                       MORE CHANCES
It’s time to mark your calendar so you don’t miss out!!!
Your STACA Board of Directors is working hard to bring
you interesting speakers and fun events. These dates
                                                                                  TO WIN
are set and we will keep you posted on who will be         Another fun tradition returns!! Anyone remember the
speaking on which dates.                                   good ‘ole days when you put your business card in a
                                                           drawing for a door prize? I sure do!! Starting at the
October 20th—U.S. Customs & Border Protec-                 next lunch meeting on October 20th, we will resume this
tion’s Inspector James Foley—Raddisson Hotel,              fun. Bring your business card, or do what I used to
SeaTac 11:30am                                             do...cross out the name off a co-worker’s business card,
                                                           replace it with your name, and enter for a chance to win
November 17th—Details TBA                                  one of many fabulous door prizes. There will be at least
December 15th—Christmas Party—Raddisson Hotel              two winners each meeting. And, depending on what we
January 19th—Details TBA                                   get in the way of donations, we may even have more
February 16th—Tom Crabtree, Boeing—Location TBA            than that. You do not want to miss a single meeting or
March 16th—St. Patty’s Party—CSI Transportation Kent,      you could miss out on a great pocket protector. No
WA                                                         really, our prizes are much better than that!!! Join us
April 20th—Tom Green, Port of Seattle—Location TBA         and see for yourself. Order extra business cards or grab
May 18th—Details TBA                                       a handful from the desk next to you. We’ll see you
June 15th—Spring Cruise—Dock in DesMoines at the           there!

With all of out upcoming events this year, and our de-
                                                           Participating in job bank
sire to provide our members with the best possible
speaking engagements and social events, the STACA               This is a confidential and free service for members.
Board is looking for volunteers to assist with the plan-   Posting a Job Opening—members only
ning details of the following functions:                   1.    Job openings must be submitted on the Job Opening
                                                                 Form. (request form from
STACA Christmas Party—December 15th—Contact
                                                           2.    If you want a resume, you must have a job opening
STACA Board Member Tom Green at                                  posted. The resume will be emailed or faxed to you; it’s                                        your responsibility to make contact.
STACA St. Patty’s Day Party—March 16th—Contact             3.    Please do not share the resume with others; destroy it if
                                                                 you will not be interviewing the person.
STACA Board Member Jessica Johnson at jjohn-                                          Posting a Resume—open to anyone
                                                           1.    Please submit your resume by email in a Word or other
STACA Spring Cruise—June 15th—Contact STACA
                                                                 text document or fax to (888) 770-9269.
Board Member Paula Collins at
                                                           2.    Resumes are listed anonymously. If you see a job opening
                                                                 you want more information about, contact us.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and remember it      3.    Resumes are posted for 2 to 3 months. You must check in
is never to early to volunteer!!!                                at least once a month or the resume will be removed.
                                                           Contacting the STACA Executive Director’s office
                                                           Request details of a job opening, submit a resume, ask a

                                                           Check our website periodically as jobs and re-
                                                           sumes are updated on the site:
 V OLUME 7 , I SSUE 2                                                                                               PAGE 3

By Gwen Salisbury
Our annual STACA Oktoberfest as in past years, came in
like a lamb and went out like a lion. This year’s board
put together an awesome celebration. First order of           Paula Collins- ASK THE BOARD
business is to introduce your 2005-2006 STACA Board of
                                                              We’ve added a new feature to the newsletter, starting
Directors. Let’s all give a special thanks to these brave
                                                              with this issue. “Ask the Board” We’ll be asking you
volunteers….The President is Regina Keller, U-Freight
                                                              to submit questions each month, things you’ve always
America; the First Vice-President’s position is vacant ( if
                                                              wondered about. Freight industry related please, the
you can lend your services, please feel free to contact
                                                              “meaning of life” is a bit out of my league. We’ll collect
any of the Board Members); Second Vice-President is
                                                              all the questions and select, one ( or two if they’re short)
Tom Green with the Port of Seattle’s Aviation Division;
                                                              to answer in the next newsletter. See your Board does
Third Vice-President is Paula Collins with Schenker USA;
                                                              work for you.     As an added incentive the winning sub-
and the Secretary-Treasurer is Jessica Johnson with
                                                              mission entitles its owner to a SPECIAL PRIZE to be
Hecny USA.
                                                              awarded at the next monthly meeting.
Free space was provided for this annual event by Thor
                                                              To kick off our new feature and in honor of Halloween
Edman of CSI Warehouse down in the Kent Valley—
                                                              coming up, we’re looking for:
                                                              1. What is the weirdest/ creepiest thing you’ve cleared
Another special thanks goes to EZXpeditors and LMI for
                                                              or moved for a customer? Examples could be “ I cleared
distributing our event flyers throughout the community!!!
                                                              a box of Transylvanian soil for Dracula, I shipped the
And, one of the largest thanks goes to Kim Nechanicky         Mummy to Istanbul etc, etc”. Real stories only please.
with Air Container Transport, who has become the
                                                              2. We need a question. What would you like the
“Official” STACA Event Decorator.
                                                              board to find out for you? Air Freight, Ocean Freight,
This year, we had a great crowd, food provided by the         Brokerage you ask, we’ll answer.
Alpine Deli in Fife and grilled by Bart Salisbury and John
                                                              The Details: send your questions and creepy stories to
Carty of Sound Brokerage International, and great give-
                                                     I’ll share them with my fel-
a-ways made this year another one for the history
                                                              low ghouls on the board and we’ll choose 1 from each
books. A huge “THANK YOU” goes out to all who gave a
                                                              category. The winners will be notified by e-mail and the
donation of time and gifts. We’d like to thank the fol-
                                                              spectacular prizes given out at the next monthly meet-
lowing: Richard with Bulldog Express, Glenn with SAS,
Rick with Quick Caller, Ryan with Farwest Freight, Thor

with CSI, Regina with ZU-Freight America, Kim with Air
Container Transport, and Kim with British Airways to
name a few. For those we forgot to mention, a huge
Thank You!!!!                                                 Beginning September 16, 2005 no solid wood packag-
                                                              ing material will be allowed into the U.S. unless it has
Now, you all know that what happens at STACA Okto-            been either heat treated or fumigated with methyl bro-
berfest—stays at STACA Oktoberfest, so there will be no       mide. The move, which also requires shipments to be
story telling, but just you who didn’t attend know that it    marked that they have been treated, was announced
was a great time. That being said, this is the end of this    by the Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service
article.                                                      (APHIS). A statement explained that “the rules and
                                                              any accompanying costs associated with the treatment
                                                              & marking of wood packaging materials is under the
                                                              responsibility of shippers and/or consignees.”
 This was last month’s:                                                    Business Card Drawing
 I was walking down Mulberry Lane,
                                                              Okay!!! The drawing is about to start. With the Octo-
 I met a man doing the same.
                                                              ber 20th meeting comes the return of a fun drawing for
 He tipped his hat and drew his cane,
 And in this rhyme, I said his name
                                                              all. Bring your business card, or write your name on a
                                                              co-worker’s card, and enter to win a great door prize.
 Answer: Andrew Who got it right???                           We will have at least 2 drawings per meeting. Don’t
                                                              miss the fun! You must be present to win. We will see
                                                              you there!!!
V OLUME 7 , I SSUE 2                                                                                            PAGE 4

E-CERTS                                                      OF COURSE I KNOW
                                                             HOW TO GET THERE!
U.S. Customs & Border Patrol is now accepting elec-
tronically submitted NAFTA Certificates of Origin. CBP       Electronic navigation, a staple of dashboard displays
issued a directive (3810-014A) that clarifies customs        more recently available for portable computers, is begin-
brokerage industry questions about the different meth-       ning to show up on cellphones embedded with GPS
ods for treating electronically generated Certificates of    chips. Indeed, a federal mandate requires all new cell-
Origin in different ports of entry. The new CBP directive    phones made for the U.S. market to have GPS capability
said that in order to use computer-generated Certifi-        as the mainstay for e911, the emerging, nationally coor-
cates of Origin, an importer must seek CBP headquar-         dinated emergency notification system for the cellular
ters approval in writing prior to using the certificates;    world (“e” is enhanced 9-1-1). So, wait a month before
and the computer-generated certificate must contain 10       your new purchase—then track your people—or your-
elements specified in the directive, which is available on   self!!
the CBP website
                                                               STACA SCHOLARSHIP!!!

                                                             By Regina Keller
                                                             We had our first 50/50 Raffle at Oktoberfest and it went
CANADA                                                       very well! We will continue to hold this “Scholarship”
After the 6-week strike ended August 4th, trucker are        Raffle at every monthly meeting. These special tickets
not taking advantage of extended operating hours at          will cost $5.00 each, cash only. At the end of each
various ports in the area which is holding up the clear-     meeting, we will draw one ticket. The person holding
ance of the backlog of containers. The Vancouver Port        the winning ticket will get half the raffle money col-
Authority (VPA) warned on August 11th, that not ad-          lected—on the spot!!!
dressing the problem in a timely way will result in con-
                                                             What happens to the rest of the money you ask?? The
tinued inability to accept Canadian export cargo, as well
                                                             other half of the money will go into a special account, a
as delays in delivering import cargo to customers. Ac-
                                                             “scholarship” account. High school seniors for the cur-
cording to the port’s container terminals more than
                                                             rent 2005-2006 school year, whose parent(s) work for a
1,000 reservations were recorded on August 7, and
                                                             current paid member company of STACA, are eligible.
even lower figured were recorded on the two successive
                                                             An essay, written by the student, regarding some aspect
days at the start of the week resulting in terminals dis-
                                                             of the transportation industry is the only requirement.
continuing with their extended hours of operation.
                                                             The mailing deadline for the essay to be sent is March
About 9,000 containers continue to be held at the lower
                                                             27, 2006. Mail to the STACA PO Box. Please be sure
mainlands container terminals, while an additional 2,000
                                                             your student writes “SCHOLARSHIP” on the lower left
containers are at the ports of Seattle & Tacoma, waiting
                                                             corner of the envelope. The STACA Scholarship Commit-
for the Vancouver backlog they are loaded aboard ships
                                                             tee will read all entries and pick a winner. The winning
destined for Vancouver. The port estimates that at the
                                                             student will be invited to the May 18th dinner meeting
current rate the backlog will take more than a month to
                                                             for a special presentation.
clear up, while successful extended hours initiatives
could have it removed in a fraction of that time.            Please feel free to contact any Board Member for details.
                                                             Thanks to everyone! Your support is greatly appreci-

                                                             AIR TREND REMAIN POSITIVE
                                                             Geneva-based Airports Council International has forecast
                                                             air freight tonnage will increase 5.4% annually over the
                                                             next 15 years, with the highest rates of growth in the
                                                             Asia/Pacific & Middle East regions. The worldwide for-
                                                             casts are based on data collected earlier this year from
                                                             273 ACI member airports.
V OLUME 7 , I SSUE 2                                                                                               PAGE 5

THANKS FMC                                                     CONTAINER SHIPPING
                                                               INDUSTRY LOOKS UP
Seven prominent U.S. transportation associations & lo-
gistics service providers have filed joint comments with
                                                               The container shipping industry may experience a shorter
the Federal Maritime Commission approving the com-
                                                               & shallower downturn next year than many analysts ex-
mission’s proposed rule that would amend a prior FMC
                                                               pected at the start of this year, says a report. The report
rule authorizing NVOCCs to offer & enter into non-tariff-
                                                               by UBS said that demand in the box trade may grow 12-
based confidential ocean transportation agreements.
                                                               13% in 2005-06, well above estimates from the shipping
Signing the joint comments were the Agricultural Ocean
                                                               research houses Drewry & Clarksons, which forecast just
Transportation Coalition; BAX Global Inc.; FedEx Trade
                                                               7.7% % 10.1% growth respectively. The shipping con-
Networks Transport & Brokerage Inc.; the National In-
                                                               sultants’ estimates look too conservative when one con-
dustrial Transportation League; the North Atlantic Alli-
                                                               siders the outlook for container volume growth, particu-
ance Assn.; the Transportation Intermediaries Assn.; &
                                                               larly given the encouraging macro data being released,
UPS. The FMC’s amended rule would permit NVOs,
                                                               the research note said. It said the key risk to their view
when acting as shippers, to enter confidential ocean
                                                               is whether shipping companies intend to target market
transportation agreements with other NVOs acting as
                                                               share or to maximize profits. The competitive landscape
carriers. The amended rule would also permit shippers’
                                                               is heating up and how companies manage capacity
associations that includes NVOs as members to enter
                                                               growth will largely determine the level of freight rates
into such agreements with other NVOs acting as carri-
                                                               and how profitable 2006 would be for the industry. The
ers. “The joint commenters thank the FMC for its expe-
                                                               report said ship owner-operators are still positive about
ditious handling of this matter,” saying that, “it is widely
                                                               the outlook for container shipping due to resilient de-
recognized trades, but currently only vessel-operating
                                                               mand. To understand how positive or negative owners,
common carriers (VOCCs) may offer confidential con-
                                                               one should note how shipping companies are deploying
tract rates to all classes of shippers—including beneficial
                                                               cash and leveraging their balance sheets, the report said.
cargo owners, shippers’ associations and NVOs.” With-
                                                               The pace of new orders has begun to slow after surging
out the amended rule, “VOCCs will continue to enjoy a
                                                               in the last quarter of 2004 and first quarter of this year.
distinct commercial advantage in attracting the business
                                                               The report said the research house’s proprietary Con-
of shippers’ associations with NVO members & other
                                                               tainer Freight Rate Index, which indicates average rates,
NVO-shippers who prefer to tend cargo under confiden-
                                                               is up 4% year-to-date.
tial arrangement,” the commenters told the FMC.

Four Chinese airlines signed purchasing contracts for 42
Boeing 787 aircrafts on August 8, worthy US $5.04 Bn.
Says a Xinhua agency report. Air China & China Eastern         Deepsea was walking to her computer when she lost her
will buy 15 planes each while Shanghai Airlines will buy       marbles. They fell out of the bag and rolled under the
9 planes & Xinhua Airlines 3 aircraft. In the next few         couch.
years, China will introduce more aircraft said Li Jun, Vice
Minister of the General Administration of Civiil Aviation      Deepsea has 3 times as many green marbles as blue
of China. The price of each 787 will be between                marbles, and 5 more red marbles than green marbles.
US$125M to US$135M each.                                       The total number of marbles is the number of red mar-
                                                               bles plus 4 times the number of green marbles.

                                                               Deepsea reaches her hand under the couch. She pulls
                                                               something out. She knows it's a marble but doesn't know
                                                               what color. What is the probability of it being a blue mar-
Check out our website for
the latest updates for the October lunch-                      Email your answers to Prez Regina at
      eon meeting on October 20th.                   

                                                               First one with correct answer gets a goody prize!!!!
                        OCTOBER 2005
                        STACA MEETING
                       Seattle-Tacoma Air Car go Association

Coming to a STACA meeting near you……. The incredible, the legen-
dary—Inspector Foley!!! Veteran of U.S. Customs and protector of
our borders. That’s right, Inspector Foley will be our guest speaker
for our October luncheon meeting. For those who might not know,
Inspector “Jim” Foley has 32 years with U.S. Customs, right here in
Seattle. He has worked import, export, air, and ocean. He tells us he
has a special pace in his hear for Export Enforcement and can be
seen daily keeping the “bad guys” at bay at the Transiplex. Come
hear his take on current issues on international trade. He will be
speaking particularly about wood packaging issues and their effect on
all of us.
                            Registration Form—Fax to 1-888-770-9269
  Thursday, October 20, 2005—U.S. Customs & Border Protection Inspector James Foley
Name ____________________________________             Tel # ___________________________

Company _________________________________             Total $_____________ $30 Mbrs/$35 Non-Mbrs

Others attending ________________      ______________________      _________________________
___ Charge my credit card    ___ Check being mailed   ___ Bringing check/CC to meeting

Credit Card # (Visa/MC)_______________________________________ Expires: ____________________

Name on Credit Card: __________________________________(Please print)

Location: Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport 17001 International Blvd.
Date & Time: Thursday, October 20th at 11:30am
RSVP: Paula Collins at

STACA PO Box 69377 Seattle, WA 98168

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