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Every journey begins with a single step… Simply a must for every

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Every journey begins with a single step… Simply a must for every Powered By Docstoc
					                   Every journey begins with a single step…



                                                 Simply a must for every
                                                   accountant who wants
                                                    something to change.
    UK‐BCB0901_V3All Right Reserved 2009 Principa Pty Ltd 
    It’s one small step from where
    you are…                                                      *     “Thank 
                                                                        goodness I 
                                                                        went to Boot 
                                                                        Camp because 
                                                                        it took my life 
              Frustrated by having to work more hours than ever        in another 
                 before.                                                direction … it 
              Tired of seeing your partnership profits eroded.
                                                                        made me feel 
                                                                        good about the 
              Unhappy with the profitability of your practice and      work I do … I 
                 your clients’ profits.                                 work with 
              Disappointed with the performance of your own team.
                                                                        people both in 
                                                                        my team and in 
              … to where you want to be.                                my client base 
                                                                        and it gave me 
                                                                        a new life.  
              Having a sustainable competitive advantage that will
                 enable you to differentiate your firm in the eyes of    [My only] 
                 your existing and prospective clients.                 regret is that I 
                                                                        didn’t do it 
              Expanding and enhancing the range of services you’re     quicker … if 
                 offering your clients.                                 there is a 
              Attracting and retaining the type of people you need
                                                                        lesson I can 
                 to build your practice.                                share, it is seize 
                                                                        the day, do it 
              Working less hours and making more money.                now!  
              Enjoying your day-to-day business and the clients you     I believe you’ll 
                 work with.                                             be better for 
                                                                        doing so.” 

                                                                          Paul O’Byrne, 
        Even in the current climate!                                         O’Byrne & 
                                                                          Goffs Oak, UK


A Letter from the founder of the
Accountants’ Boot Camp: Ric Payne.

Hello,                                                In a note to us he said …

I’m often asked the question what does Principa           “There is nothing more gratifying
do?                                                        than seeing your plans and
                                                           aspirations come to life. Perhaps
                                                           more to the point, there is nothing
Put simply, we help accountants’ around the
                                                           more professionally gratifying
world build and run better practices. To put               than to have your clients tell you
that another way, we help accountants build a              how much they appreciate the
firm that is more productive, more fun, more               work you do for them AND being so
                                                           willing to strongly refer you to
profitable and more valuable.
                                                           their friends and associates.”
It has always amazed me how wide the gulf is          Michael’s words capture the essence of what we
between the best performing firms (measured in        are all about. We want to help you realize your
terms of profit per owner) and the rest.              full potential as a professional accountant. We
Typically the “best” are achieving twice what the     want to help you create a firm that your clients
“rest” are.                                           truly value, one that they are willing to refer to
                                                      their friends and associates.
This is despite the fact that they’re all servicing
essentially the same type of clients, using the       We want to help you get your “zest” back for
same technology and the same skill sets from
                                                      what you do. That will mean a bigger bottom
more or less the same type of employees. The
best performers are not always the biggest            line for you but we also know that at the end of
firms, in fact there is very little evidence of       the day, your reputation is the ultimate measure
economies of scale in the accounting services         of professionalism so our focus is on helping you
                                                      build a big future and an even bigger reputation
My team at Principa and I have created a suite of     as a business advisor.
tools and resources that will help you take your
                                                      In these rapidly changing times, opportunities
firm from good to great. You’ll benefit from the
                                                      abound – no matter what the state of the
work we’ve done with literally thousands of
                                                      economy. In a struggling economy you have the
accountants’ around the world (first with my
                                                      opportunity to help your clients survive and in a
former company Results Accountants’ Systems
                                                      strengthening economy you can help them grow
and now with Principa).
                                                      and prosper.
You’ll also benefit from our understanding of
                                                      I’m certain there are good times ahead for this
what works and what doesn’t. That translates to
                                                      profession. Just how good will depend entirely
your learning curve being much less steep when
                                                      on how aggressively you seize the moment.
you work with us.
                                                      With that in mind, I invite you to be a part of the
Everything I have learned from the many, many
                                                      next Accountants’ Boot Camp and reap the
talented people I’ve had the pleasure and honor
                                                      personal and professional rewards for many years
of working with is encapsulated in the
                                                      to come. I very much look forward to working
Accountants’ Boot CampTM and Principa’s suite of
                                                      with you.
tools and resources.

Our goal is, quite simply, to help you create a

practice that will enable you to repeat the words     President & CEO, Principa
of one of our clients, Michael O’Kelley.

     The Accountants’ Boot Camp
                                                           What it is. And what it is not.
    The Accountants' Boot Camp is very different from any other training programme you are likely to have
    experienced. It is an intensive 3-day residential course designed to change your behaviours and create
    an environment where change will be welcomed.
    It is NOT a motivational seminar or an ordinary CPD program. But you will be motivated and you will
    earn CPD credits. We provide support and encouragement before the live-in programme takes place
    and continue our support beyond the conclusion of the course.
    In a nutshell:
          The Accountants' Boot Camp will have a dramatic impact on you because our total focus is on
           making certain you get real and lasting results by implementing a proven change management
           programme in your practice.
          It is relevant and useful for people who are happy offering traditional compliance services but
           who want to do so more effectively and more profitably than ever before.
          It is also useful for those practices which would like to extend the products and services they
           offer and those which would be happy to embrace the new marketing and sales strategies made
           possible by the latest online technologies.

     What you can expect:
     Past experience tells us that typically, those who attend                        Educate their clients and show them the
     Accountants' Boot Camps can expect to become the best                               relevance of their financial statements in
     performers in their sector. Post-Boot Camp characteristics are:                     running a more profitable business. This
                                                                                         gives them a greater appreciation of the
           Net profit per partner is typically in excess of £200,000
                                                                                         value of their accountant's work
           Consistently achieve double digit revenue growth
                                                                                      Understand how to deliver non-compliance
           Net profit margins in excess of 40%                                          services to clients and the critical role
                                                                                         that compliance services play in their
           Adopt a structure along corporate lines in which                             business model
              ownership, leadership and management are clearly
              separated                                                               Are genuinely passionate about their
                                                                                         work, their firm, their team and their
           Willingness to invest in building a strong future for the                    clients
                                                                                 The Accountants’ Boot Camp is designed to get you
           Charge higher than average fees for the services they focused on key issues WITHIN your practice. Issues
              offer and creatively bundle services in a way that enables         like: how to win quality clients; how to defend
              them to effectively differentiate their services in a              your client from aggressive competitors both within
              crowded market                                                     and outside the profession; how to create systems
           Carefully select their clients and purge their portfolio of          for your practice to leverage your time; and how to
              low value clients and replace them with high value                 offer value-added services as part of your
              clients who are strong cheerleaders for the practice               compliance service.

           Working less hours and making more money                             And the big one…

           Have low employee turnover & have a higher employee to How to find and keep really good people; how to
              owner ratio - typically 9:1                                        energise and empower them while you decrease
                                                                                 the number of hours you work per week AND
           Are keen users of leading edge technology                            increase your profits!
           Use proven systems to drive high levels of quality referrals from 
              their clients 

Interested, but not yet convinced?

  You've probably attended programs in the past where you are exposed to great
  ideas, but when it comes to implementing them in your practice, you aren't given
  the “how-tos" or any form of implementation support.
  That's where the Accountants' Boot Camp is different. It offers a step-by-step
  system including software, video and audio training resources to help you identify
  and maximize the hidden growth potential in your practice.
  You will be staggered by the revolutionary strategies we'll reveal. And you'll be
  equally impressed by the depth of the systems you take away with you. This
  sample agenda for the 3-day programme will give you some idea of the topics
  covered by our experienced tutors:
   1.   The Delta4 process for building your practice
   2.   The practice equation— what it means and why it is pivotal to your
   3.   What the firm of the future will look like
   4.   How to make a good firm great
   5.   Your mindset, mission, vision and values
   6.   Starting with the end in mind: creating a vision that defines your
        operational initiatives
   7.   The 6 drivers of practice profitability: from the numbers to the numbers
   8.   Leading the modern firm: roles and responsibilities of leaders and
   9.   Firm culture and its impact on bottom line performance
   10. Building a high performance team -- pride as the primary motivator
   11. Implementing and managing change
   12. Understanding business strategy for a professional service firm
   13. How to differentiate your firm in a crowded market
   14. The 4 ways to grow your business
   15. Developing firm performance standards
   16. Systemizing your practice and designing service bundles
   17. Client selection criteria: analyzing your client base and prospects in new
   18. How to build a loyal client base that systematically advocates your practice
   19. Developing and using a Client Needs Analysis system
   20. Implementing a value pricing system
   21. How to sell professional services
   22. The 8 steps to transforming your practice.

                    ...and much, much more
        T   UK‐BCB0901_V3 
    Do you qualify?
    At Principa, we want you to succeed.
    From the Boot Camp process you'll have the mindset, the systems, the strategies and
    the support you need to do that.
    In fact, many firms report they recovered their investment within 90 days of Boot
    Having said that, the Accountants' Boot Camp isn't for everyone.
    It does involve a significant investment of your time but it is an investment that will
    repay you many times over for years to come.
    We don't make these claims lightly. It wouldn't make sense for us to do so. Everything
    about the Accountants' Boot Camp process is designed to ensure that our clients

                    100% Money-back Guarantee
    It’s important for you to know that Principa has guaranteed everything it does since its
    inception. That’s because we should. Frankly, we believe it’s the only way to do
    That's why we back up your investment with a I00% money back guarantee. It is also
    why we only accept a limited number of firms to each Boot Camp. This ensures that
    we can provide each firm with the level of support it needs.
    To be accepted into the Accountants' Boot Camp, there are a few important selection
    criteria you and your firm will need to meet.
    You must:
            Have an open mind. Some of the philosophies you'll be exposed to will be
              dramatically different to those you may be used to.
            Be prepared to enter into a mutually respectful and demanding partnership with
              us. We'll push you, stretch you, cajole you and demand the very best from you.
              We expect you to do the same.
            Agree to invest at least four hours per week of your time exclusively on
              Principa-related activities in your firm in the four weeks following the Boot
            Involve at least 50% of your partners in the program over time. You will need
              the freedom, support and commitment to implement the processes and
            Have the willingness and courage to change the way you have been doing

                                                            Are you ready?


Here's what you need to do next:
Review the qualification criteria on the previous page. 
If you qualify then … 
     1. Complete the registration form at the back of this brochure and fax it back to secure your place.   
     2. Alternatively, log onto and click on the Accountants’ Boot Camp link to 
        register online.   
     3. Or call Peak Business Performance (01592 651 636 ) or Principa Ltd (08008 456 815) to register by 
        phone today.    
Once we receive your registration, we’ll contact you to confirm your place and help you book 
accommodation.   We recommend you stay at the hotel venue of the Boot Camp as valuable Networking 
opportunities will be available once the day has finished.   
You’ll have the opportunity to join the Principa Alliance which will include all of the tools and resources to 
achieve exactly what you want from your Practice.    
The Boot Camp process is tried and tested and not only helps you quantify your practice goals, but map out 
a plan to achieve those goals post‐Boot Camp.   Most importantly, that means your firm will get the best 
support possible and therefore the greatest value from your Boot Camp. 

What your colleagues say about
“GamePlan is loved by customers”
“Our work with clients always starts by using Principa's "GamePlan" toolkit. GamePlan is loved by customers and 
bankers alike…. we are able to offer a really rounded service that actually delivers fabulous results for our customers.  
So much so that we now need to offer significant tax planning strategies to enable our customers to keep more of the 
enhanced profits that they are making.”  Peter Cox, United Kingdom 

“My client said “JOIN!”
“Before I joined the Principa Alliance I entered a client’s data into the GamePlan software and sent him the 
Management Reports to get his thoughts.   He called me the very next day and said just one word … “JOIN!”                     
Cliff Jenner, United Kingdom  

“Vision, insight and enthusiasm!”
“Thank you so much for your vision, insights and enthusiasm. And thanks, also, to your wonderful team. I admire your 
tenacity and determination to constantly lift the bar to be at world’s best.  This was an outstanding conference, I 
would say the best I have attended... and I’ve been to a few!    

Thanks once again for being a beacon of light for those of us groping about in the dark! You inspire us, educate us, 
challenge us and lead us.” Brian Middleton, Western Australia 

“Principa is producing the Holy Grail!”
“Principa continues to provide tools and resources that can easily be utilized by busy professionals. Tools that                  
enable them to REALLY do Business Development work.  For those of us in the profession that really want to                    
make a difference to our clients business and their life, Principa is producing the Holy Grail.”                                                 
B dS       ll A t li
                                                                                     "I've known Ric 
                                                                                     Payne now for 
   The Principa Story
                                                                                     over a decade, 
                                                                                     and I consider him 
       Principa was created solely to turn the challenges facing the accounting and  one of the 
       business advisory profession into opportunities for forward thinking firms.   towering 
                                                                                     intellectuals in the 
       Turn back the clocks to 1992 and you would see an Australian company about accounting 
       to embark on a worldwide mission to change the accounting profession for the
       better. That company was Results Accountants’ Systems and it was co-
       founded by Ric Payne, CEO and Chairman of Principa. The program that           I've seen his ideas 
       revolutionized the accounting profession around the world was the             transform the 
       Accountants’ Boot CampTM.                                                     practices of 
                                                                                     thousands of firms 
       For more than a decade, the Accountants' Boot Camp™ has been instrumental
       in helping Accountants all around the world build a more profitable practice, around the world, 
       enjoy higher levels of professional satisfaction and deliver more valuable    not to mention 
       services to their small and mid-sized business clients.                       improve the 
                                                                                     quality of life for 
       Since the first ever Boot Camp program in 1992, more than 7,600 people        the practitioners 
       around the world have learned how to build a better practice through the      themselves.  
       Accountants' Boot Camp™ and are using the Boot Camp™ tools and resources
       in their firm and with their small and mid-sized business clients.            What I've always 
                                                                                     admired about Ric 
       Ric Payne is a veteran of more than 81 Boot Camps™ and                        is that his content 
       has trained more than 8,120 accountants around the
                                                                                     is empirically 
       world how to run a better practice.
                                                                                     based on firms 
       He has been recognised as one of the "Top 100 Most                            getting results, 
       Influential People in the Accounting Profession" by US                        not the usual 
       based magazine, Accounting Today. He is a CPA, MBA                            management fad 
       and was a Partner of a successful accounting firm in                          of the month one 
       Northern New South Wales, where he helped quadruple the firm’s revenues       sees from many 
       by using the same business building techniques and practice profit strategies consultants to the 
       you’ll learn at the Boot Camp.                                                profession. 

                        Principa co-founder Kerry Payne, has been helping re-       I highly 
                        engineer the accounting profession for the past 10 years and
                        has worked with accounting firms worldwide in the          Principa's 
                        development, delivery, implementation and support of value-programs to any 
                        added services and practice systems.
                                                                                   professional who 
                                                                                   wishes to thrive in 
                     Prior to that, Kerry worked with the Australian government as
                                                                                   the future while 
   an advisor to small-and medium-sized businesses where she gained invaluable
                                                                                   bettering the 
   insights into the challenges facing business owners and their advisors as they
                                                                                   profession for 
   work together to improve their organization and grow their bottom line.

                                                                                           Ronald J. Baker, 

                                                                                         VeraSage Institute

Contact Principa

2nd Floor, The Portergate
Ecclesall Road,
Yorkshire, S11 8NX

T: 08008 456 815

F: 08452 802 622



Level 10, 269 Wickham Street,
Fortitude Valley, Queensland

T: 07 3257 7900

F: 07 3257 7955



6490 S.McCarran Blvd, Suite #42
Reno, Nevada, USA, 89509

T: 775 826 7771

F: 1866 201 0048





 It's tough out there. Really tough, isn't it?

 Right now, with banks under immense pressure, stock markets
 crumbling and property prices continuing to free-fall, it's not
 surprising that many accountants are doing a lot of soul searching.

 But how can you help your clients more? At a time when they need as
 much help as you can give them, how can you find the time – or the
 energy – to be more proactive?

 You can't work harder... You're already working far more hours than
 is good for you (just ask your family – when was the last time you had
 a proper holiday?!)

 Perhaps you think you can’t increase fees... Even though your
 margins are being eroded, clients' loyalty is paper-thin and you can't
 risk losing any more.

 You can't trim your head-count just yet... you need all hands on
 deck to get through your current backlog of work.

 So, is there a solution?

 My answer is 'YES!' and I'd like to take a minute of your rime to alert
 you to something which I am convinced will help you and your
 practice surge out of the current swirling economic gloom.

 At Peak Performance, we are passionate about helping clients
 achieve better results and live better lives. Yet for many
 accountants, these are worrying times. Clients are under the severest
 pressure and keeping their heads above water has to be a priority
 now. Yet I look at the current economic problems with a certain
 amount of excitement too. If that sounds insensitive, it isn't meant to
 be. I'm excited because I know that in the middle of any difficulty lies

 opportunity; the chance to lift our game and attack the market with


  a range of proactive strategies that will have new clients begging us
  to help them!

  How about you? Are you pro-active, like us? Or are you preparing to
  ride out the storm?

  If you are actively searching for a better way forward for your
  practice, please come and join us for The Accountants' Boot Camp.
  I’m looking for accountants who share my passion for achieving better
  results, living better lives and helping clients improve theirs. I'll be
  frank. It's more than a passion – far more! It's a crusade!

  You will find more details of our crusade – and how you can join us –
  in this brochure.

  If you are as excited by the concept of growing your business and
  helping your clients reach new levels of performance and
  achievement as we are, then register for the next Boot Camp.

  All you need to do is call 08008 456 815 now or visit to register your interest or complete the Boot
  Camp Registration Form which you'll find enclosed.

  I urge you to attend – and take your practice to new heights.

  David Gill
  PS. There's absolutely no risk. If for any reason you decide that the
  Boot Camp concept is not for you and your practice at any time up to
  the end of the Boot Camp itself (yes, even when you've heard all the
  material!) you can claim a full refund. No questions asked.

At the Peak Performance Network all of the directors who
 are or have been in Practice have been through the Boot
Camp process and are very successful Accountants in their
          own rights. Learn more over page…..



       – WHO ARE WE?
 At the Peak Performance Network all of the directors who are or have
 been in practice have been through the Boot Camp process and are
 very successful Accountants in their own right.

 In addition, your Boot Camp mentors will include:

                  David Gill qualified as a CA in 1984. He is a well
                  known figure in the profession, specialising in
                  business development and tax. As a partner in Scott
                  Oswald Chartered Accountants, the largest
                  independent firm in Scotland, he successfully
 introduced and applied business development principles and products
 - subsequently recognised when the firm won the prestigious
 (inaugural) Accountants’ Boot Camp firm of the year in 2000. In
 September 2004 he set up David Gill & Co to service his high net
 worth clients, and at the same time established PROBIZ Scotland
 (now Peak Performance Tax Ltd) to provide professional tax support
 services to accountants.

                  Mark Sullivan qualified as a chartered accountant
                  with Grant Thornton in 1984. He started his own
                  practice in South Wales in March 1987 and attended
                  the RAS Boot Camp in November 1995, learning how
                  to grow both clients and the practice while making
                  himself redundant from it. In 2005 he won Tax Firm
 of the Year and subsequently sold the practice. In 2006, he started
 PROBIZ Contracts with David Gill, because they are kindred spirits in
 their outlook towards accountancy and service standards.

                   Roy Lyness is a sole practitioner Certified
                   Accountant who started his business in 1993 and has
                   won many awards including Ran One Sole Practitioner
                   of the year and AVN Firm of the Year two years
                   running. His practice became the first Accountancy
                   Practice in the country to be granted Investors in
 People Champions - one of only 30 Businesses nationwide to achieve
 this. Roy's passion is helping small businesses maximise their earning
 potential and achieve their dreams whilst ensuring they have the
 time to enjoy the fruits of their labour.


                   James Norman qualified in 1996 and was offered his
                   first partnership in 1998. James is also a "graduate"
                   of the Accountants’ Boot Camp, which was the
                   catalyst in the rapid development that his practice
                   took. In 2004 the practice merged with a tax
                   consultancy and grew to 10 partners largely through
  acquisition and also the clients' appetite for tax planning. In 2006
  James set up his own practice working with a select client base
  offering accountancy and value added services, and built on providing
  exceptional client service.

                     Douglas Aitken is a career Banker and recently
                     joined David Gill from RBS where he had been the
                     top Business Development Manager in Scotland for
                     three years running.

                   Douglas is passionate about delivering fantastic
  customer service, and has found a like-minded colleague in David

        “Boot Camp changed
            my life forever”

Contact Peak Performance Network:
Elizabeth House, 1c Barclay Court, Carberry Road, Kirkaldy, KY1 3WE

T: 01592 651 636

F: 01592 656 120



Boot Camp Registration Form
Your investment in the Boot Camp is backed by our guarantee.

Date: June 23-26, 2009

Venue: The Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Bath Road Heathrow.

Your investment***

1st person £1,650 + VAT

2nd person £825 + VAT

3rd & subsequent £675 + VAT

*** Special member pricing applies to members of Principa and the Peak
Performance Network. Call 08008 456 815 for details.

To reserve your place at Boot Camp please complete the form below

Name: ______________________________________________________

Name of 2nd person         (if applicable)   __________________________________

Name of 3rd person        (if applicable)    __________________________________

Position: ____________________________________________________

Company: ___________________________________________________

Employees: _____________________ Turnover: £__________________

Address: _____________________________________________________



Tel (Direct line): ______________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________

            Please fax back now on 08452 802 622


      UK‐BCB0901_V3 All right reserved 2009 Principa Pty Ltd

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