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									                                                     Practice News – June/July 2007

Karuna-maya Medicine Tree has grown in the nearly 2 years we have been in our nice new
building and many of the people who come through our doors may see one or another of our
practitioners but not really understand what else we do here. So, we thought we would take this
opportunity to explain a couple of things.

First of all there are currently 9 health practitioners working from Karuna-maya Medicine Tree.
There are 3 general practitioners; Darren Fahroedin, Peter Ryder and Suzana Kareva-Lega and
we hope to increase this number in the not too distant future with Dr Frank Ryan set to join us
for the longterm later in the year.

We have 2 physiotherapists; Ross Piper and Sarah Kenagy; a naturopath, Traci Brown;
psychologist Belinda Gough; Shiatsu practitioner Kyla Vinton and healing touch practitioner
Louise Soltau. We also offer acupuncture, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique and
BodiHealth – electroregenesis treatment.

You may have seen our recent adverts in the Geelong Advertiser for the BodiHealth therapy so
maybe if we start there…

What is it?
BodiHealth technology is an electrostimulation technique which can have a remarkable
effect on wound and tissue healing, operating at a cellular level. (TGA listed)
Clinically proven to:
        Speed injury recovery time
        Repair wounds and bone fractures quicker
        Aid post operative recovery

How does it work?
BodiHealth technology uses ultra low electrical currents similar to those used by the body.
These act on cells helping restore their normal energy and function. The device creates a free
flow of electrons for the body/cells to utilise if needed. This is then taken up by the cells helping
restore their normal energy and function. The two key actions that are well understood are the
increased production of cellular energy (in the form of ATP) and its role as an anti-oxidant (to
stabilise free radicals that would otherwise damage cells in the body).

In other words, it enables the cells in the body to function optimally so the body can
then heal itself. It is most appealing because of this ability to facilitate the natural
healing response our bodies have. What has been demonstrated consistently is that
given the right circumstances, the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself.

This technology has been in Australia for over 3 years (an Australian invention) and Dr
Fahroedin has been following its progress over that time before purchasing the equipment to be
used here at our clinic. (We are the only medical clinic with this equipment in Victoria)
The technology has been shown in clinical studies to have the ability to stimulate regeneration
of tissues as well as reduce the chemicals that aid the aging process in the body. When tissue
regeneration occurs on the cellular level healing occurs in every aspect of the body.

By altering the frequency and current used the devices are individually programmed for the
individual’s condition.

What happens?
Water is utilised as a conductive medium in order to conduct the current through the body. This
is achieved by applying a moist conductive foam wrap to the parts of the body between which
the current is to be channeled. Most patients feel nothing, but sometimes a slight tingling
sensation may be experienced.

The devices are safe, easy to use and free of side effects. Treatment time and number of
sessions required can vary.

Acute sports injuries often only require a couple of one hour sessions. More chronic conditions
such as leg ulcers or chronic pain conditions may require 2.5 hour long treatments 3 times a
week over a much longer period as well as an initial health consultation and assessment.

Interesting, this could help but what do I do now?
Telephone Karuna-maya Medicine Tree on (03) 5261 4146 and have a chat with our support
staff or check out the www.bodihealth.com for more information.

By Louise Soltau – Healing Touch Practitioner

My room may be little but big things seem to happen in there. I am always humbled by the
stories people bring to a Healing Touch session :- maybe life feels stagnant, in a rut and you
want help moving forward; maybe a relationship has ended and you need help letting go;
maybe you have cancer and you want to do more to help your healing than only medical
treatment; maybe you have fears of dogs, heights, water and you don' want these fears
anymore; maybe you cannot sleep because your mind will never quieten; maybe you feel there
is more to life.....; maybe you constantly feel tired, drained of energy.......Ah, energy! That is
where the magic really all begins.

What I do is to work with my chosen tool of helping the body energy. We hold all our physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in our body energy. All our memories, our
experiences, our potential. All our answers are carried with us. Sometimes we just need help to
see those answers.

          So you come to see me - what next? Well, we chat. Sometimes a little, sometimes a
            lot. By sharing your story, I can focus on helping you find the next step. Then the
               magic begins! You rest on a couch while I tune into your body energy, only
                  seeing what you have given me permission to see. We chat further while my
                  hands are guided through your energy to where they are needed. Sometimes
                   images and words are presented for us to explore their meanings. Emotions
                   may come and go, memories may come and go - hopefully peace will come
            and stay. So the session ends with both of us gaining insight into the magic of our
human lives, and hopefully you leave feeling a little lighter and a little wiser.
                                          !                            "

Karuna-maya Medicine Tree Physiotherapy provides quality care for all types of physical
problems. The types of problems treated range from sporting injuries, post surgical issues,
posture related problems to just your everyday aching necks and backs. Ross and Sarah
provide hands on care on a one to one basis. They will thoroughly assess your problem and
then determine the most appropriate treatment for you. Treatment usually includes manual soft
tissue and/or joint mobilisations, advice for home/work/sport and home exercises specifically
designed for you and your problem.

Ross Piper has worked as a Physiotherapist in the Torquay and Jan Juc region since 1996. He
is well aware of the types of physical complaints frequently found in this community. The
diversity of his clinical experience, having practiced both here and overseas in rehabilitation and
private practice, has given him considerable skill in diagnosing and managing physical

               Ross especially enjoys treating children, sporting injuries and neck
                and lower back pain using a variety of hands-on techniques and
           exercise strategies. He is skilled in navigating the Workcover and
      Transport Accident Compensation (TAC) systems. Presently he is the
Senior Clinician at the Hydrotherapy facility at McKellar Centre in Geelong whilst
working part-time at the Karuna-maya Medicine Tree.

Ross considers himself a mediocre mountain bike rider, a worse surfer, a disastrous cook and a
happy father of two.

Sarah Kenagy is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, this means she has done Post Graduate
study to specialise in the treatment of joints, particularly the spine. This includes neck
and neck related headaches, the lumbar spine (or lower back) and pelvic region.
          Sarah especially enjoys working with the physical complaints relating to
         the pre and post natal period, which commonly involve pelvic

                Sarah has also done further study into the various types of exercise
                 appropriate for women as they progress through the different stages of
life. Significant changes to regular exercise should occur during the child bearing years and
then again approaching menopause to promote optimal bone density. Certain exercises are
recommended during these times while others should be moderated or avoided. For advice
and recommendations regarding exercise and provision of a personalised exercise programme
please make an appointment to see Sarah.

              For any of those new or nagging problems, like a sore shoulder, tight neck, achy
            back, dodgy hip or dickey knee please come and see Ross or Sarah. They will
         provide quality care to achieve the best results for you.

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