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Tender T09-94 Project Number LH1326, Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant Backup
Generator Project – Pre-Purchase of Generators and Electrical Switchgear
Closing Date: 12:00 noon, local time, THURSDAY, September 17th, 2009.

The Corporation of the City of London is acting in its’ capacity as the Administrating
Municipality on behalf of the Joint Board of Management for the Huron Primary Water
Supply System.

Tender T09-94, for the supply of generators and electrical switchgear equipment to be
provided under an equipment pre-purchase agreement, which is to form part of a later
construction and installation tender.

At this time the Corporation of the City of London is seeking proposals from equipment
manufacturers. The respective proposal is to be in accordance with the bid documents
and is for the supply of, but not limited to, the following equipment:

1.     Approximately 10MW of 5kV Diesel generators
2.     Mufflers and Silencer(s)
3.     Exhaust System(s)
4.     Fuel System(s)
5.     Controls, Synchronizing, and Paralleling gear
6.     Inter-face device(s) to SCADA system
7.     New medium voltage (5kV) substation and service entrance equipment
8.     Feeder Breakers, protective devices, controls, and ancillaries
9.     System(s) Start-up and Commissioning

Tender documents may be obtained after 1:00 pm, Friday September 4, 2009 from
MVA Engineering Group Ltd., 246 Waterloo St, London, Ontario, phone (519) 668-4698,
upon paying a $75,00 non-refundable Administrative Fee by cheque payable to the City
Treasurer, City of London.

Site visit scheduled for September 10th, 2009 at 10:30 am the Lake Huron Water
Treatment Plant in Grand Bend Ontario.

The City of London Fair Wage Policy is applicable to this project.

This tender is not available to be downloaded from the Internet at this time.

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