Barnes and Noble Fundraiser Day

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					Barnes and Noble Fundraiser                                      Nov 2009 Issue 4
Day                                                     Nov. PSO Meeting Notes
Dec 5th All Day                                         It was quick.

Please come by, have fun, do some Holiday               We had no funding requests, so we got to
shopping and help the school all in one                 spend all of our time planning. We are looking
                                                        forward to the Barnes and Noble fundraiser
This is one of the best family fun filled fundraising   day and are happy to see April’s Auction taking
events we have. You can do some shopping, listen        shape.
to some stories, play some chess (1pm to 3pm),
view some of our young artists’ best work and           The giving tree is back and needs help! With a
visit with neighbors and other CFT parents.             loss of supporters, this charity is now looking
                                                        to us for more help. Please stop by and make a
What is the big deal? You bring this flier or           difference is someone’s life, this season.
mention you’re with CFT and CFT gets 15% of
sales.                                                  Thank you to all those who put in time to set
                                                        up and run the book fair!
Why buy books?:
Holiday gifts                                           We can still use help with the auction, so
Expand your libraries                                   please call Amy McCoy if interested at (503)
Expand you child’s minds                                430-8110.
Expand your teachers libraries
Plan for those ‘I’m bored’ moments over winter          Next PSO Meeting: Dec 1st, 6:30 in the Library
break                                                   Babysitting, translating and goodies provided

(And here is another hint – Buy Barnes and Noble
scrip this week and use it on Dec 5th. That way         Scrip Contest
the school gets 8% from scrip and then 15% from         November 23rd thru December 11th
Barnes and Noble. Extra money, why not?!)
                                                        What a great way to treat your student and
See you there!                                          their classmates to a treat in December. For the
Next PSO Meetings                                       class that brings in the most scrip orders (one a
Dec 1st – 6:30 Library                                  week only, per child) their class will earn a
Jan 5th – 6:30 Library                                  special treat.
Feb 2nd - 6:30 Library
                                                        This is a great way to shop this holiday, get
                                                        some gift cards for your own use and help
Dates to Remember                                       support CFT in the meantime.

Dec 5th – Barnes and Noble Day                          So try it out and help your student’s class leap
April – CFT Auction                                     ahead.