; Drive Against Cancer
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Drive Against Cancer


Drive Against Cancer

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									                        The Cancer Council South Australia
                  Drive Against Cancer
                            Where we drive your donations

  $5 can enable us to       $10 can contribute         $20 can help us          $50 can help fund          $100 can go towards
      provide a newly            to running The            train a Cancer        clinical trials, which       the cost of funding
     diagnosed cancer           Cancer Council          Connect volunteer.       test new and better           ground-breaking
 patient with important             Helpline, a       These volunteers are         ways to prevent,            research into the
support and information            confidential       cancer survivors who        diagnose and treat         causes of cancer and
 resources to help them             telephone           provide one-to-one       cancer. Clinical trials   into new and improved
   through their cancer        information and          support for people     ensure cancer patients      treatments. Significant
journey. Our support and    referral service. Calls       diagnosed with         have access to new          advances have been
   information services        are answered by         cancer. Many cancer     treatments and receive          achieved through
    ensure that cancer           trained health       patients feel that the         the best care.          research; the cancer
     patients are fully      professionals, who             support and                                         mortality rate in
  informed about their      provide information       encouragement they                                    Australia has decrease
   disease, understand           on cancer and         receive through this                                 by 17% over 10 years,
 their treatment options      cancer treatment,            service are an                                     and is at its lowest
   and are aware of the      and will put callers        important part of                                  level since the 1970’s.
 local services available         in touch with           overall care and
          to them.           support services in              recovery.
                                their local area.

 For more information visit www.cancersa.org.au or phone 1300 65 65 85

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