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                           Minimum of 132 s.h. required for graduation (36 s.h. must be 300/400-level courses)
                                (Additional hours to total 132 s.h. -- includes second major, minor, and elective hours.)

Name________________________________________ I.D. #________________________ H.S. deficiencies: Math ____ Foreign Language ____

                 General Studies Requirements
               (General Studies must total at least 58 s.h.)                                             Major Requirements

FIRST-YEAR CORE:                                                                 A minimum of 46 s.h. in the following courses is required.

GST 110 - Global Experience                  (4 s.h.)_________________
                                                                                 _____DAN 223 (1) – Dance Ensemble (1st of 2 required semesters)
ENG 110 - College Writing               (4 s.h.)_________________
 (C- or better required for graduation)                                          _____DAN 223 (1) – Dance Ensemble (2nd of 2 required semesters)

MTH 112 or 121                               (4 s.h.)_________________           _____DAN 301 (4) – History of Dance

HED 111 - Contemp. Wellness Issues (2 s.h.)__________________                    _____DAN 330 (4) – Dance Improvisation

Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR): (One Unit)                              _____DAN 430 (4) – Dance Choreography
[May be met by any one of the following:
internship, practicum, co-op, study abroad, student teaching,                    _____DAN 495 (4) – Senior Seminar
or an approved field-based course. Also may be met by
service, leadership, or individualized learning experience.]
                                                                                 Students are required to complete at least the beginning level in 4
Foreign Language Requirement:                                                    different technique categories, the intermediate level in at least two
Students must meet one of the following: placing beyond FL 122 on the            separate categories and the advanced level in at least one area. If the
CAPE placement test, completing a 122-level language course, completing a
                                                                                 student is above the beginning level of technique at his/her entry into
semester or summer in a university approved program in a non-English
speaking country with language study at the 122-level or above, scoring 4 or 5
                                                                                 Elon, the beginning level requirement is waived by permission of
on an Advanced Placement language exam or similar exam.                          dance faculty and the student may begin his/her technique classes at
                                                                                 the intermediate level. Beginning, intermediate and advanced
STUDIES IN THE ARTS AND SCIENCES:                                                technique classes may be taken for repeat credit. Students require the
[Transfer students with at least 18 s.h. of transfer credit must complete 32     approval of the appropriate dance faculty before moving to the next
hours total in Studies in the Arts & Sciences, but may have as few as 7 hours    technical level.
in one or more of the four Studies in the Arts & Sciences areas.]
                                                                                 Select 8 s.h. from the following Technique Courses:
Expression_*_________ ________________(8 s.h.)________
[Eight hours chosen from at least two of the following:                                  DAN 104, 204, 304 – Modern – 1 s.h. each
literature (in English or foreign languages), philosophy, & fine arts                    DAN 105, 205, 305 – Tap – 1 s.h. each
(art, dance, fine arts, music, music theater, and theater arts).                         DAN 106, 206, 306 – Ballet – 1. s.h. each
 At least one course must be literature.]                                                DAN 107, 207, 307 – Jazz – 1 s.h. each
                                                                                 ________ __________      __________ __________
Civilization______________ _______________(8 s.h.)_______                        ________ __________      __________ __________
[Eight hours chosen from at least two of the following:
history, foreign languages, and religion. Students taking foreign                Select 8 s.h. from the following Dance electives:
language courses to meet Elon’s proficiency requirement may only
apply 4 s.h. of that coursework toward Civilization.]                                      DAN 310 (2-4) – Advanced Projects in Dance
                                                                                           DAN 320 (2-4) – Special topics in Dance
Society________________ _________________(8 s.h.)_______                                   DAN 420 (1) – Dance for Musical Stage
[Eight hours chosen from at least two of the following:                                           __________ __________
economics, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology.]                              __________ __________

Science__________(Lab:______) _____________(8 s.h.)_______                       Select 12 s.h. from the following General Arts electives:
[Eight hours chosen from one or more of the following:
 mathematics, science, and computer science (must have the CSC                             DAN 115 (1) – Folk, Square and Social Dance Pedagogy
department designation). At least one course must be a physical or                         DAN 341 (4) – Dance in Worship
biological laboratory science.]                                                            THE 125 (4) – Acting for Non-Majors
                                                                                           THE 210 (4) – Technical Production in Theatre
ADVANCED STUDIES (Must be outside major.)                                                  THE 222 (2) – Fundamentals of Make Up/Design
                                                                                           FNA 211 (4) – Introduction to Fine Arts
____________________ ___________________(8 s.h.)_______                                    Other arts-related courses may be selected with prior
[Eight hours of 300-400 level courses outside the major field chosen                       permission of the chair of Performing Arts.
from departments and areas listed under Studies in the Arts and
Sciences.]                                                                                 __________      __________       __________

GST Interdisciplinary Seminar ____________(4 s.h.)_________
[300-400 level GST course; requires junior/senior status.]                       _____Major Total (s.h.)

*Required in major; may count in General Studies.

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