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									Business Excellence Report

    Table of Contents
          2 Overview

          3 Introduction: Business Giving

          4 Business Volunteer Programs

             Overview of Sonoma County Non-pro t Organizations

          10 Overview of Sonoma County Service Clubs

          13 Overview of Sonoma County Trade Organizations

         15 Methodology and Acknowledgements
   Business Philanthropy Report Overview

February 2010

It is an accepted, but little-publicized fact that a strong business sector plays an essential role in support-

based organizations of all kinds are dependent upon the generosity of local businesses to support every­
thing from youth athletics to senior housing; cultural programs in schools to food for the hungry; and a
multitude of other services that are essential in our communities.

A sense of responsibility to extend the quality of life is a motivating factor for most businesses, and as this

support of community services has been underscored by the recent recession, which has impacted
non-profit social service programs, just as it has businesses.

Accordingly, the Sonoma County Economic Development Board (EDB) is pleased to present its first Business
Philanthropy Report, which helps quantify business contributions to the community. The EDB believes
that by acknowledging and highlighting the positive continuing participation of business, this informa­
tion will foster further community partnerships and philanthropic programs.

        The 19 local service clubs that participated in this survey donated more than $500,000 and more

    	   58% of Sonoma County businesses participating in the survey encourage employees to
        participate in company-sponsored volunteer programs

Opportunities for future business philanthropy reports include:

    	   Surveying county chambers of commerce and other trade groups
    	   Increasing the participation rate of Sonoma County’s service clubs
    	   Highlighting Sonoma County’s business philanthropy at key county-wide events.
    	   Developing new methods to access and quantify local business philanthropy information

comprehensive or complete summary of business philanthropy endeavors in Sonoma County. The
EDB is currently pursuing opportunities to improve the next Business Philanthropy Report, and as
always, any questions, additions, or suggestions for improvement are welcome.


Ben Stone,

Executive Director
                                          Introduction: Business Giving

Over the past several years, Sonoma County businesses have played a crucial role in the philanthropic infra­
structure of our community. Although employers and employees have been facing harsh economic conditions,
they have still found the time, energy and money to support and contribute to non-profits and community-based

Business philanthropy benefits the community, the employees, and the company. Workplace philanthropy has
become more strategic as companies realize the significant impact that giving can have on their competitive
positions in the marketplace. The portfolio of business giving, in addition to cash and in kind donations, now
includes cause-related marketing, community partnerships, workplace campaigns, employee volunteer pro-
grams, and fundraising.

Incentives for business organizations to participate in charitable giving have emerged from both the supply and
demand side. According to the 2007 Cone Cause Evolution Survey, a national probability sample in which
researchers surveyed more than 1,000 adult employees and consumers:

       92% of Americans have a more positive image of a company that supports a cause they care about.

       93% say it is important for their companies to provide them with opportunites to become involved in
       social issues.

       72% want employers to do more to support a cause or social issue.

       87% of consumers are likely to switch from one product to another (price and quality being equal) if the
       other product is associated with a good cause.

                                                                                  Sonoma County: 

                                                                                Motivations for Giving

          Why do Businesses Give?

     Sonoma County businesses report that they give to
     the community for numerous reasons. Of the

     respondents, 78% reported that the sense of repon­                                   64%
     sibility motivated their company to give, 64%

     reported that they are motivated through public

     relations, 45% through morale building and 24% for                 40

     recruitment of employees.                                                                       45%

     Business contributions are often good for the
     organization, their employees, and their communi­                  20
     ties. Local businesses have found many simple
     ways to give that have helped shape the people                     10

     and the environment of our community.
                                                                           Sense of      Public     Morale Recruitment
                                                                         Responsibility Relations   Building of Employees

                                                                                             www.sonoma       3
       Business: Company volunteer Programs

         Percentage of Respondents
         that Hold Formal Company-
                                                                        Businesses encourage employees to participate in
            Sponsored Programs                                          company-sponsored programs in a variety of
                                                                        ways; 59% of the respondents publicize their
                                                                        efforts, 53% recognize their employees for their
                                                                        services, and 50% advertise opportunities to
                                                                        employees. Businesses also reported informing
                                                                        managers of the benefits of employee volunteer-
                                                No                      ism (43%) and incorporating community service
                            42%                                         in their mission statement (38%). Some businesses
      58%                                       Yes                     have reported giving paid days off for their
                                                                        employees to volunteer.

                                                                             Strategies to Encourage

                                                                              Employee Participation

    While 20% of responding businesses indicated
    that they have a formal volunteer program, 58%
    of responding CEOs encourage their employees                        60
    to participate in company-sponsored volunteer
    programs. 63% of responding CEOs encourage
    employees to participate in informal volunteer                      50

    Percentage of Respondents
     that Encourage Informal
      Volunteer Participation


                          63%                                            0
                          37%                        Yes
                                                                              Publicize efforts to community
                                                                              Recognize employees for service
                                                                              Advertise opportunities to employees
                                                                              Inform managers of the benefits of employee
                                                                              Incorporate service in mission statement
4     www.sonoma
   Business: Participation in Community-Wide Events

 Key Events                                                       Business Participation in 

                                                                    Community Events

 Aside from implementing and encouraging volun­
 teer programs, businesses also help non-profits                                                   Food or
 and community-wide events or programs.                                                            Clothing Drives

                                                                                           Blood Drives
 67% of responding businesses report involvement
 in food or clothing drives and 55% of businesses
 take part in blood drives. Businesses also partici­                          Volunteer Center's
 pate and volunteer for other numerous events and                             Human Race
 programs including: the Volunteer Center’s annual
 Human Race (33%), mentoring and tutoring (27%),             63.3%
 United Way Workplace (19%) and United Way Day
 of Caring (18%).                                                    United Way

 Businesses also reported many other involve­
                                                                    United Way Day of Caring
 ments. Some included: Relay for Life, Toys-for-Tots,
 Rebuilding Together, Tomorrow’s Leaders Today,
                                                        0    10    20    30    40    50     60     70     80

 Chops Teen Center, and Schools Plus.

The 19th Annual United Way Day                          The Volunteer Center’s Human
of Caring was held on September 9,                      Race has been the largest collaborative fund-
2009. Last year, more than 1,000 volunteers pro­        raising event in Sonoma County and the largest
vided more than 6,500 hours of labor. Volunteers        Human Race in the nation for 19 years. In 1981, the
worked on 85 projects for more than 50 local agen­      first Human Race raised $1,800. In 2009, more than
cies in Sonoma and Mendocino counties. Those            10,000 runners and walkers raised over $930,000 to
who volunteered helped in many areas from               support 300 non-profits and our community. The
planting trees and flowers to painting murals.          next Human Race is scheduled for May 8, 2010.

   For more information on this event, go to:
               For more information and instructions
                            to register for the Human Race, go to:

                                                                               www.sonoma           5
      Business: Contributions to Non-Profits

Contributions                                           How Businesses Distribute Their Giving
Sonoma County businesses focus their contribu­
tions and volunteer involvement in many areas.                     70
The sectors receiving the highest concentration of
business-giving were education, youth services,                    60
and health and social services. Many companies

also give to programs that gear toward commu­                      50
nity involvements with the senior citizenry, the                   40
arts, the environment, science/ technology, com­
munity safety and crime and alcohol abuse                          30
prevention and control.
Businesses use different means of communication                    10
to support non-profits: 64% of companies respond
to phone calls or mail from organizations; 53% of                  0

                                                                                 l S ces

companies use employee recommendations.

                                                                     h & uth tion

                                                                               iro rts

                                                                                ch nt



                                                                            /Te me

Some companies even include community service

                                                                         So Serv





in their mission statements. Other


                                                                   Sc Env
companies reported using personal contacts to


communicate with non-profits or actually being

contacted by non-profits themselves.

The Gift that Keeps Giving                                                  How Local Businesses Get 

                                                                          in Contact with Non-profits

Sonoma County businesses focus their giving in a               80
variety of fields and programs that support differ­            70
ent groups of people within our community.
Understanding the ways in which companies                      60
contact the non-profits to which they contribute
helps inform community organizations of the                    50
most effective means of soliciting company
philanthropy. Raising awareness as to the value of             40
networks between non-profits and local busi­
nesses is useful for both parties. Many community
organizations rely heavily upon businesses for                 20
philanthropic contributions of both money and
time. The businesses surveyed responded that                   10
they, too, benefit from these relationships
because volunteering boosts employee morale                        0
and creates positive work environments.                                   Phone call or mailing from organization
                                                                          Recommendation from an employee
                                                                          Organization's purpose is in alignment
                                                                          with company mission
6   www.sonoma
                                        Business: Summary and Analysis

 Percentage of Companies that
   Donate to Non-profits or                            The Importance of Sonoma
  Community Organizations                              County Businesses

                                                       The significant impact of business philanthropy is
                                                       often overlooked. Overall, 86% of responding Sonoma
                                                       County businesses donate to non-profits and
                                                       community-based organizations. Of those companies
         86%                           No              that donate to these, 76% contribute funds directly
               86%                                     and 58% make in-kind donations. Some businesses
                                                       also host charity events (32%) and match employee
                                                       financial contributions (30%).

      How Companies Donate                             According to survey results, many businesses that
        to Non-profits                                 contribute philanthropically believe they have higher
                                                       employee morale and therefore, a more positive
80                 Contribute funds directly           workplace. Companies that give to the community are
70                     Make in-kind donations          also giving to their employees.
                         Host charity events
60                                                     Limitations
                            Match employee financial
50                          contributions
                                                       Although many Sonoma County businesses gener­
40                                                     ously donate philanthropically, numerous factors exist
                                                       that can restrain companies from donating and invest­
                                                       ing more in community service. 85% of respondents
20                                                     report that their contributions are limited due to
                                                       financial constraints. Other substantial factors of
10                                                     limitation include the lack of resources to manage
                                                       programs (25%) and lack of information on support
                                                       programs (12%). Some companies report that their
      Restrictions on Business                         companies have time constraints, while others noted
          Contributions                                that they cannot donate because state funding
                                                       prevents them from doing so.
               Financial constraints
                                                       The efforts, donations, and time that Sonoma County
               Lack of resources to man­
80             age programs
                                                       businesses contribute allow non-profits to have
                                                       greater impacts on our community and more effective
               Other                                   outreach programs to those in need.
60             Lack of information on
               Community investment is
               not a core company goal


  0                                                                            www.sonoma        7
         Overview of Sonoma County Non-Profits

    Non-pro t organizations play a central role in developing and de ning the social and community infrastructures
    of Sonoma County. These non-pro ts help make Sonoma County a great place to live and work. In this report,
    we have listed the contributions of only a few non-pro ts to illustrate the range of activities.

Volunteer Center of Sonoma County                               The United Way
For 37 years, the Volunteer Center has provided opportu-        The United Way is a national network of more than
nities to those who wish to share their time and energy         1,300 locally governed organizations that work to
with others. Today, those opportunities include service in      create lasting positive changes in communities and
a wide array of non-pro t organizations.                        people’s lives.

The Volunteer Center’s direct service programs include          The local chapter, the United Way of the Wine Coun-
everything from mentoring the youth in English and              try, received $4.3 million in donations from local
math, to driving homebound seniors to necessary                 businesses in fiscal year 2007-2008, as well as 13,000
appointments.                                                   hours of community service from local employees.
                                                                The following are ways that businesses can help the
Each year, the Volunteer Center hosts several                   United Way:
community-wide events that are strongly supported by
Sonoma County businesses. Examples include:                             Encourage employees to volunteer
                                                                        Display important community information
       The 2008 Human Race-- more than 8,000 walkers                    Provide sponsorship for key community
       and runners raised over $1 million for 400 non-                  initiatives or events
       pro ts.                                                          Run a workplace campaign
                                                                        Give a corporate gift
       Hearts & Hands of the Holidays gift program--                    Co-market products or events with United
       15,000 gifts from clients were collected for 130                 Way
       social service agencies.                                         Make community commitment an organiza-
                                                                        tion priority
Last year:                                                     Last year:

 318,000 hours were donated by more than 10,875                 $4.3 million were donated by local companies
 volunteers.                                                    to the United Way of Sonoma- Mendocino-Lake for
                                                                a variety of non-profits.
 4,356 volunteers were referred by the Volunteer Center
 to organizations needing help.                                 13,000 volunteer hours contributed by local
                                                                 businesses to United Way projects in 2007-2008.
 8,626 people and their families got the referrals they
 needed to obtain shelter, food, medical care and other         1,200 volunteers for United Way Day of Caring in
 essential services through the Volunteer Center’s               2008. Employees from more than 30 local busi-
 Human Services Information and Referral program.                nesses and organizations helped with over 80

   For more information about the Volunteer Center’s              For more information about the United Way or
       programs and ways to get involved, go to:                       how your business can help, go to:

   8     www.sonoma
                           Overview of Sonoma County Non-profits

 Social Advocates for Youth                             Blood Bank of the Redwoods
                                                        Blood Bank of the Redwoods (BBR) is a full-service

  Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) is an organization   blood center whose mission is to provide quality

  aimed at providing important services to at-risk      blood products and services to the community in

  youth, children, and families in Sonoma County.       a safe, economical, and expedient manner.

  SAY received $31,000 from businesses in 2008.
                                                        More than 250 companies hold blood drives in
  These donations helped SAY provide:                   Sonoma, Lake, and Mendocino counties. Of the
                                                        45,000 pints of blood BBR collects annually, 75% is
        Counseling, shelter, and prevention services    derived from off-site blood drives organized by local
        to at-risk children and families                companies. There are more than 800 BBR-sponsored
        Children, youth, and families with free         blood drives each year in Sonoma County.
        counseling sessions
        Drug screening to 120 young people as           The Blood Bank of the Redwoods also performs
        deterrent against drug use                      430,000 blood tests annually and serves as a
                                                        reference lab of Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. The
  Donations also helped:                                BBR works to help ensure that the Sonoma County
                                                        community is well stocked with much-needed
        277 young people conduct job searches           blood, plasma, and platelets.
        through its Youth Employment Center
        55 families resolve issues through a nation­        For more information about BBR programs and
        ally acclaimed program, Functional Family               ways to get involved or donate, go to:
        Therapy Runaway; and homeless youth         
        through providing safety and shelter at the
        Coffee House Teen Shelter

Last year:                                              Redwood Empire Food Bank
                                                        The Redwood Empire Food Bank acquires and
  7,891 individuals received counseling, shelter,       distributes food through a network of 125 charitable
  and prevention services.                              organizations and through 10 of its own food
                                                        assistance programs. As Sonoma County’s largest
  11,260 counseling sessions provided to children,      hunger relief organization, the Redwood Empire
  youth, and families.                                  Food Bank focuses on people who are most
                                                        vulnerable to the effects of hunger. The Redwood
  586 nights of safety and shelter provided for         Empire Food Bank feeds 60,000 people in Sonoma
  runaway and homeless youth by the Coffee              County every month. Since its founding in 1987, this
  House.                                                food bank has been helping Sonoma County citizens
                                                        live healthier and more productive lives by distribut­
                                                        ing tens of millions of meals.

      For more information about SAY programs and             For more information about the Redwood
          ways to get involved or donate, go to:             Empire Food Bank and ways your business                  can help, go to:

                                                                                  www.sonoma          9
         Overview of Sonoma County Service Clubs

                                                                         Companies that Encourage
  Service clubs are voluntary organizations comprised                     Employees to Participate
  primarily of local business people who perform charitable                  in Service Clubs
  works by donating time, money, and other resources to
  philanthropic organizations. Service clubs provide
  members with the opportunity to work with others to                                    46%           54%
  complete projects and raise money for the Sonoma                               Yes
  County community. These types of organizations foster

  the community.
                                                                   Companies that pay for Regular 

  Of the responding businesses, 54% encourage their                  Service Club Dues, Fees, and 

  employees to participate in service clubs. Of those busi­              Meals at Meeting

  nesses who said they do encourage their employees to
  participate in service clubs, 58% pay for dues, fees, and
  meals at those meetings.
  There are many service organizations in Sonoma County.                                       58%              Yes
  We have highlighted only a few of them:

                             Sonoma County Rotary Clubs

                                                              On an international level, there are over 33,000 Rotary
                     Where Rotary Clubs
                      Clubs in more than 200 countries. Sonoma County has
                     Focus Their Giving
                      18 Rotary Clubs. Nine of the local clubs participated in
                                                              Economic Development Board’s Service Organization
    Education                                                 Survey. Combined, the 9 respondents contribute over
                                                              $421,000 and14,500 hours to the Sonoma County
Youth Services                                                Community each year. There are a total of 766 mem­
                                                              bers in the 9 responding Rotary Clubs.

Health/Social                                                 The Sonoma County Rotary Clubs also sponsor Interact
     Services                                                 and Rotartact Clubs which allow students and young
                                                              adults to become more involved in their community.
  Enviroment                                                  The local Rotary clubs also provide dictionaries for 3rd
                                                              graders, tutoring and mentoring to the youth, scholar­
          Arts                                                ships and grants for college-bound students, and many
                                                              other community support programs.

                 0    20     40       60       80      100

                                                                        go to,
  10    www.sonoma
                     Overview of Sonoma County Service Clubs

                                 Sonoma County Lions Clubs

Sonoma County has 12 local Lions Clubs. Of those
local clubs, 4 participated in our survey. These four    Where the Lions Clubs Focus Their Giving
clubs, with a total of 179 members, have contrib­
                                                               Education                             100%
uted more than $83,000 and 7,750 hours to our
community in the first half of 2009.
                                                            Youth Service                      75%
Some of the local Lions Clubs’ contributions include
donating many hours to Boys & Girls Clubs and               Health/Social                     75%
scouting, serving hot turkey dinners on Christmas
and Thanksgiving, and donating to scholarship
                                                                 Seniors              50%
programs at the Santa Rosa Junior College and local
high schools.
                                                                     Arts       25%
The clubs also give money to local high schools for
                                                                            0    20     40      60    80    100
Project Graduations and local sports programs.

                                 For more information and to find a local Lions Club,
                                        go to:

                             Sonoma County Kiwanis Clubs
      Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers who are dedicated to changing the world one child and one
      community at a time. There are 13 local Kiwanis Clubs in Sonoma County; 2 local clubs participated in our
      survey. Combined, these two clubs have contributed more than $33,000 and 4,300 hours to our commu­
      nity. The Kiwanis Clubs’ focuses include: youth and senior services, education, and health and social
      services in the first half of 2009.

      The Kiwanis Clubs sponsor kids clubs at local elementary schools and school foundations. They also donate
      time and money to Boys & Girls Clubs.

      The Kiwanis Clubs also contribute to the Valley of the Moon Childrens Home, Children’s Village, Salvation
      Army, Teen Court, and Back to School programs.

                                For more information and to find a local Kiwanis Club,
                                       go to:

                                                                                             www.sonoma   11
       Overview of Sonoma County Service Clubs

                             Exchange Club of Santa Rosa
     The Exchange Club of Santa Rosa donates between $5,000 and 10,000 each year to the Sonoma County
     community. The club has a total of 18 members who donate 2,160 hours each year to support programs
     involved with youth services, education, child abuse, and crime and alcohol prevention.

     The Exchange Club is a national organization with 25,000 members, and they are currently trying to increase
     their youth membership participation.

     The Exchange Club of Santa Rosa has hosted the annual Police Officer of the Year Banquet for 66 years. They
     hold the Free Easter Egg Hunt at Doyle Park and donate to multiple scholarships. The club hosts a Christmas
     gift-giving party for under privileged children, educational parenting programs, and food collections for the
     Redwood Empire Food Bank.
                                   For more information about the Exchange Club,
                                          go to:

                                        Active 20-30 Club
     The Sonoma County Active 20-30 Clubs provide young adults with an opportunity for personal growth,
     friendship, and leadership development while improving the quality of life for the special needs of children
     in their communities.

     Together, the Redwood Empire, Santa Rosa, and Petaluma Active 20-30 Clubs have a total of more than100
     members, and donate more than $100,000 to our community each year.

     The clubs host numerous fund-raising events each year, including the Redwood chapter’s annual crab feed,
     the Santa Rosa chapter’s Battle of the Brews, and the Petaluma chapter’s Children’s Cancer Community
     event. In July of 2010, the Santa Rosa chapter will be hosting the annual National and International Active
     20/30 convention.

                                     20-30, go to:

                 Soroptimist International of Santa Rosa
 Soroptimist International of Santa Rosa has been serving the needs of local and global communities since
 May 1945. Local club projects include:

           Soroptimist Transition House: Funded the establishment of a house for homeless women to receive
           counseling and vocational skills
           Youth Scholarships: Awards to high school seniors
           Masters Degree Scholarships: Annual grants for women pursuing specialized degrees
           Womens Opportunity Award: Helps women who are the primary wage earners for their families to begin or
           complete their education or training

12     www.sonoma              Club, go to:
    Overview of Sonoma County Trade Organizations

 Sonoma County has more than 60 trade organizations that serve a variety of industries ranging from grape growers
 to construction to professional services. These organizations work to create a positive impact on the community on
 behalf of their members and their industry. Trade organizations offer many services to the community, including
 general member education; scholarships for students interested in their trade; support for other community events,
 programs, and organizations; and publicity for their members. This report lists the contributions of only a few trade
 organizations in order to illustrate the breadth of their community engagement .

Sonoma County Winegrape                                      North Coast Builders Exchange
Commission                                                   The North Coast Builders Exchange (NCBE) is a trade
The Sonoma County Winegrape Commission                       association with nearly 1,800 members in Sonoma,
(SCWC) works to increase the value of Sonoma                 Lake, and Mendocino counties. 85% of their mem­
County grapes and to nuture and protect the                  bers are located in Sonoma County. NCBE represents
agricultural resource for future generations.                contractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, and
                                                             numerous other kinds of businesspeople who have a
The Sonoma County Winegrape Commission has                   connection to the construction industry. NCBE
many programs that donate back to the local                  provides its members with Worker’s Comp and
community:                                                   medical insurance, safety training, access to plans of
                                                             jobs out-to-bid, and workforce development
                                                             programs to add new employees to the industry.
$10,000 is invested into SCWC’s Employee                     NCBE, as an organization, donated approximately
Development Program for vineyard employees.                  $120,000 in 2008 to various non-profit and school
The Commission sponsors over 12 Spanish classes              groups.
per year for vineyard employees.

1,800 vineyard owners and many of the Commis­
sion Board are involved in local community activi­            In the first half of 2009...
ties, serving on non-profit boards and foundations
 throughout the county.
                                                               $35,000 in cash donations given to nearly 40
                                                               local non-profit organizations.
$750,000 spent each year on significant market­
ing programs to promote Sonoma County and its
grapes.                                                        $40,000 provided to middle and high school
                                                               construction classes to help them buy equipment
                                                               and supplies.
In addition, Commission staff also speak to non­
profit groups and Santa Rosa Junior College
students to share information on grape growing                 $50,000 in scholarships granted to local high
and its importance to local agriculture and our                school and college students.
community. Educational programs are offered to
growers on integrated pest management, organic
production, and business issues important to
grape growers.                                                  For more information about the North Coast
                                                                        Builders Exchange, go to:
  For more information about the Sonoma                     
   County Winegrape Commission, go to:                                                    www.sonoma        13
    Overview of Sonoma County Trade Organizations

North Bay Association of Realtors                           Sonoma County Alliance

The North Bay Association of REALTORS® (NorBAR) is          With 370 businesses and individual members represent­
a 2,900-member, 4-county trade organization repre­          ing 40,000 employees, the Sonoma County Alliance
senting real estate professionals in Sonoma, Lake,          meets monthly to educate local business leaders on the
Mendocino and Napa counties. The organization               issues facing Sonoma County. Volunteering thousands
provides products and services to the real estate           of hours each year, Alliance members work to improve
community including a real estate store, member             the community by working with and serving on various
education, a consumer ombudsmen and compliant               committees, non-profit and business boards, schools
process, and advocacy on issues of importance to the        and other community organizations.
real estate community and property owners.
                                                            In 2009, the Alliance created partnership coalitions
In the first half of 2009, NorBAR provided over $75,000     with organizations such as the Sonoma County Office
in direct financial support to over 60 community orga­      of Education, Sonoma County Innovation Action Coun­
nizations and 14 scholarship recipients across the          cil, North Bay Leadership Council, local chambers of
four-county area. In addition to direct financial contri­   commerce, and others. In addition, the Alliance has
butions, members also contributed additional finan­         formed the Take Back Our Community non-profit,
cial resources and countless volunteer hours to such        which provides reward funds for local law enforcement.
worthy activities as: Annual Winter Coat Drives and
School Supplies Drive for Teachers, providing dinner
to over one-hundred needy individuals monthly,
participation in Rebuilding Together at multiple house
                                                              For more information about the Sonoma County
sites throughout Sonoma and Napa counties, and
                                                                            Alliance, please go to:
blood drives.
     For more information about the North Bay
           Association of Realtors, go to:

                                                                                       www.sonoma        14
     Methodology and Acknowledgements

The Business Philanthropy Survey was mailed to 300 business executives in the months of June and July. Over 100 businesses
responded, for a response rate of about 33%.
The EDB makes no claim that the information presented in this report is an accurate re ection of the practices of every com-
pany in Sonoma County. In written surveys such as this one, the responding companies are often likely to be those businesses
that are already involved in the community. The EDB advises readers to consider this possibility when reading this report.

The 2009 Business Philanthropy Report chose to highlight the contributions of non-pro ts, in addition to businesses. We
worked with service groups, trade organizations, and non-pro ts to gather information on the services that they provide to
the community, as well as illustrate the events and programs they sponsor. Regrettably, we were able to contact only a small
selection of the organizations registered in Sonoma County.

Future Business Philanthropy Reports will likely be more comprehensive and will include a greater variety of information. If your
organization would like to be considered for inclusion in the 2010 Business Philanthropy Report, please contact the EDB.
We look forward to working with you to expand and improve this project.

Many people contributed their valuable time and ideas to this project.

Several EDB Board Members were instrumental in nding information about local service clubs. Additionally, Research
Coodinator Keith Butts and Summer intern Tara Scudero conducted the Business Philanthropy survey and wrote the
However, much recognition belongs to the companies that chose to participate in the Business Philanthropy Survey. Listed
below are the companies that authorized the EDB to publish their names as participants:

Adobe Associates Inc.                       Green Valley Consulting Engineers             Pisenti and Brinker LLP
Alvarado St. Bakery                         Healdsburg Unified School District            Power Industries/ Santa Rosa Auto Parts
American Solutions for Business             Hilton Sonoma Wine County                     Reach Air Medical Services, Mediplane
Becoming Independent                        Home Depot                                    Redwood Credit Union
Big John's Market                           Hotel Healdsburg                              Reliable Liquid Transport
Brooks Automation, Inc.                     Infineon Raceway                              Scott Laboratories, Inc.
Carlile Macy                                Interiors Incorporated                        Singler-Ernester, Inc.
Century 21 North Bay Alliance               ITT Corporation                               Small Precision Tools
City of Healdsburg                          Kaiser Permanente                             Sonoma County Indian Health Project
Clover Stornetta                            La Tortilla Factory                           Sonoma County Office of Education
Codding Enterprises                         Lampson Tractor                               Sonoma Technology, Inc.
Community Child Care Council                Lepe's Foods                                  Sonoma Valley Bank
Creekside Rehab & Behavioral Health         Lodge at Paulin Creek                         Sonoma Valley Fire & Rescue Authority
Dal Poggetto & Co LLP                       Marmot Mountain, LLC/Jarden Tech Apparel      Sonoma Valley Hospital
Discovery Office Systems                    Mary's Pizza Shack                            SWS Management (Smothers European)
Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians    McDevitt & McDevitt Construction              The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa
Exchange Bank                               Medtronic                                     The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance
First Community Bank                        MGM Brakes, a Division of Indian Head Ind.    TLCD Architecture
Fishman Supply Co.                          North Forest Products                         Town of Windsor
Flamingo Conference Resort and Spa          North Bay Construction                        Wells Fargo Center for the Arts
Food Maxx                                   North Coast Bank                              Winzler & Kelly Consulting Engineers
Ghilotti Construction Company               Office Depot                                  Xandex, Inc.

                                                                                                     15    www.sonoma

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