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									                 Creating opportunities for people with disabilities

                              Position Description
Position Title:              Direct Support Professionals

Service Area:                Clear Horizons

Classification:              QCSCA Award (equivalent level 3.1 – 3.4)

Direct Reporting to:         Manager and Assistant Manager

Liaising with:               Other Horizon Foundation Staff.

Primary Function:
To support and assist individual service users in their transition to adult life and within
the objectives of the Service, and the Service Standards of Disability Services


    1. Provide direct support to service users to assist them in developing and
       achieving their chosen goals and to make a successful transition into adult life.

    2. Assist with the design, implementation and monitoring of effective programs
       with a consistent service user focus.

    3. Assist service users with personal care needs, including assistance with
       eating, toilet and hygiene needs.

    4. Assist in the manual handling of service users, as instructed during Manual
       Handing training, and by relevant professionals where relevant (eg

    5. Administer medication according to the policies of the Service, and the WH&S
       Act (1995) and Codes of Practices.

    6. Perform other duties as directed by the Manager within the scope of the
       Queensland Community Services and Crisis Assistance (QCSCA) Award
       level 3.

    7. Actively participate in the development and review of Individual Program

Horizon Foundation Inc               Page 1 of 5                           HD1-R6-09-09   Initial _______
    8. Provide mentoring support to new employees as directed by the Assistant
       Managers, or Manager.

    9. Supervise volunteers “in the field”, as directed by the Assistant Managers, or
       Manager. Assistant Managers or Manager are responsible for overall
       supervision of volunteers.

    10. Implement established work practices, and provide feedback on these
        procedures where improvement is possible, or revision is needed.

    11. Actively participate in all Quality Assurance functions including continuous
        improvement activities, internal audits, policy development, and achievement
        of the organisation’s quality objectives as detailed in the Quality Statement.

    12. Exercise a duty of care to other employees, consumers, and members of the
        public by following all instructions in relation to Queensland Workplace Health
        & Safety ACT 1995 in Section 36: Obligations of workers and other persons at
        a workplace; to comply with the instructions given for workplace health and
        safety at the workplace by the employer; use personal protective equipment
        provided; not to willfully or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything
        provided for workplace health and safety at the workplace; not to willfully place
        at risk the workplace health and safety of any person at the workplace; not to
        willfully injure himself or herself. This includes informing all managers of
        changes to programs and any issues that may potentially impact on the safety
        of any individual(s) both within & externally to the service.

    13. Abide by the requirements of Horizon’s WH&S Management System, the
        Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Act (1995) and Regulation (2008),
        Codes of Practice and any amendments that may be legislated from time to

    14. Participate in compulsory in-service training and other training as determined
        consistent with the organisations’ Skills Training Development Policy.

    15. Provide written and oral reports as requested relevant to the position.

    16. Maintain level of competencies and key performance indicators as required for
        the position.

    17. Participate in performance appraisals as required.

    18. Operate within the organisation’s budget allocations, financial controls and
        other requirements as outlined in the staff handbook, Quality Procedures,
        organisational policies and the Authority/Reporting document relevant to the

    19. Deliver services that are in accord with the Principles and Objectives of the
        Queensland Disability Services Act 2006, the Disability Standards and Key
        Performances Indicators and any amendments to the Act that may occur from
        time to time.

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    20. Operate in alignment with the stated Values Commitment of the Horizon
        Foundation Inc.

           Possession of or the ability to acquire Certificate IV in Community Services
           Computer Skills – Word, Outlook, Internet
           Current QLD Drivers Licence
           Senior First Aid certificate
           DSQ Criminal History check

             Behaviour Management Skills



                  Demonstrates knowledge of Disability Service Standards, Disability
                   legislation, and Horizon Foundation Inc. Policies and Procedures, and
                   works effectively within them.

                  Demonstrates knowledge of relevant impairments and the implications
                   of this for effective service delivery.

                  Demonstrates knowledge of effective program implementation and

                  Job knowledge – demonstrate sound understanding of the technical
                   aspects of this position and exhibit the skills necessary to perform all
                   required tasks.

                  Disability Service Standards – Sound knowledge of the Disability
                   Service Standards (Queensland) and how they pertain to client focus as
                   well as a demonstrated ability to lead their implementation in day-to-day
                   service delivery.

                  Displays well developed communication skills with all people, including
                   service users, their families, the general public, other staff and
                   representatives from other agencies.

                  Self-management – Demonstrated ability to plan, prioritise and organise
                   your workload in a way that contributes to successful client outcomes.

Horizon Foundation Inc                  Page 3 of 5                          HD1-R6-09-09   Initial _______
                  Effectively assists in preparation of activities and programs, including
                   problem solving in partnership with other Support Workers, Assistant
                   Managers and Manager.

                  Demonstrates initiative and innovation through successfully
                   implementing programs with service users in age appropriate manner,
                   maintaining a service user focus at all times and respecting individual
                   service user preference wherever possible.

                  Demonstrates sound understanding of personal accountabilities at all
                   times – including WH&S accountabilities and Duty of Care

                  Implements the policies and procedures of Horizon Foundation Inc.,
                   including maintaining relevant Signed Agreements, and abiding by the
                   Code of Conduct.

                  Demonstrates total commitment to implementing the Consumer Policies
                   of the State Services of Horizon Foundation Inc.

                  The ability to carry out the duties outlined in Community Services
                   Worker Level 3 of the QCSCA Award and specialized functions of the
                   position of Assistant Manager.

    Makes ethical decisions that reflect the Values Statement of Horizon
      Foundation Inc.

        Always works to support the mission statement of Horizon Foundation Inc.,
         and the individual service area, and to “add value” to every interaction.

        Promotes the quality of Horizon Foundation Inc. at all times and communicates
         concerns or suggestions through the Continuous Improvement Process.

Key Performance Indicators:
    1. Meet – all organizational policies:
    2. To be able to read and complete on-line all organisational documents by any
        given deadline.
    3. You must abide by the entire conditions outlined in all organisational policies.
    4. Meet – all statutory regulations required by the Horizon Foundation Inc.
    5. Meet – all service level documentation and document deadline as required by
        Clear Horizons.
    6. Meet – clear understanding of the QLD Disability Services Standards.
    7. Meet – Flexibility to support varied clients:
    8. To be able to support all clients at Clear Horizons, including those with high
        personal care needs.
    9. Participate in all training to support all clients at Clear Horizons.
    10. Willingness to support all clients when asked. This may require a change in
        shifts or supporting other or additional clients.
    11. Meet – attendance and participation in all compulsory staff training.
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    12. Meet – to attend and participate in a minimum of 70% of staff meetings (the
        only exception to this is due to paid work commitments with either Clear
        Horizons, Clear Horizons Beyond Brokerage or outside organisations.
        Documented evidence will need to be supplied for outside positions)
    13. Meet – the requirements of resource management of all resources used for
        programs at Clear Horizons.

Physical Requirements of the position:
        Lifting up to 20kg
        Sitting in a car for long periods of time
        Manual handling of people
        Manual handling of wheelchairs


    I, _____________________________________ (print employees full name)
    understand the requirements of the position as outlined and agree to perform
    these duties to the standard required of the position as detailed. Additionally I
    agree to immediately inform the person I directly report to and the CEO should
    any of my essential qualifications (mandatory requirements) lapse, including, but
    not restricted to my current driver’s licence. I further agree to adhere to all
    company policies, including, but not restricted to current Vehicle Use Agreements.
    I understand that by not adhering to these requirements I could be terminated
    from my position.

Name: _______________________________                Signed: ___________________

Name of Witness: ______________________              Signed: ___________________

Date: ____________________

Position Description Authorised by:

Employer Name: _______________________               Signed: ___________________

Position: _____________________________               Date: ___________________

Distribution Instructions:
Original         to Employees Personnel File (held in Service Area)
Copy             to Employee
Copy             attached to Personal Information Form (sent to Administration)

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