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Common Exotic Ornamental Species

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									Common Exotic Ornamental Species
Removal of these species will not require a permit or approval from council.
(NOTE: This list is not exhaustive and is intended as a guide only).

         apple tree                               Malus sylvestris

         avocado                                  Persea americana

         bird of paradise                         (see peacock flower)

         book leaf cypress                        Platanus orientalis

         Brazilian cherry                         Eugenia uniflora

         carob tree                               Ceratonia siliqua

         chinese elm                              Ulmus parvifolius

         coffee                                   Coffea arabica

         coral tree                               Erythrina crista-galli (thorny) or E. x sykseii
                                                  (usually – but be aware of E. vespertilio
                                                  batswing coral tree and possibly E. species
                                                  ‘Croftby’ –brush coral tree, which are native

         cordyline ‘palm’                         Check with Council – there are some native

         crepe myrtle                             Lagerstroemia indica

         fern tree                                (see Mexican fern tree)

         fiddle leaf fig                          Ficus lyrata

         fiddlewood                               Citharexylum spinosum

         fishtail palm                            (see ‘palm trees’)

         frangipani                               Plumeria rubra var acutifolia

         geisha girl                              Duranta sp

         golden cane palm                         Chrysalidocarpus lutescens

         golden shower                            (see ‘Indian laburnum’)

         Himalayan ash                            Fraxinus griffithi

Common Exotic Ornamental Species

      Indian laburnum              Senna fistula (formerly Cassia fistula)

      Indian siris                 Albizia lebbeck

      jacaranda                    Jacaranda mimosifolia

      Japanese maple               Acer palmatum

      lasiandra                    Tibouchina granulosa

      lemon tree                   Citrus X taitensis

      leopard tree                 Caesalpinia ferrea

      liquidamber                  Liquidamber styraciflua

      loquat                       Eriobotrya japonica

      lychee tree                  Litchi chinensis

      mango                        Mangifera indica

      Mexican fern tree            Schizolobium parahybum
                                   (aka gallinazo/quamwood/guapuruvu)

      mock orange                  Murraya paniculata

      oleander (white)             Nerium oleander

      oleander (yellow)            Thevetia peruviana

      orchid tree                  Bauhinia variegata (usually this one, there are
                                   native spp, but not in Maroochy)

      palm trees                   There are only three palms native to Maroochy
                                   Shire –cabbage tree, piccabeen (or bangalow)
                                   and walking stick. All others are not native.
                                   Check if any doubt.

      peach tree                   Prunus persica

      peacock flower               Caesalpinia pulcherrima or C. gilliesii

      pencil willow                Salix humboldtiana cv chilensis

Common Exotic Ornamental Species

      plum tree                    Prunus domestica

      poinciana                    Delonix regia

      poinsettia                   Euphorbia pulcherrima

      poplar                       Populus spp.

      pride of Barbados            (see peacock flower)

      rosewood                     Tipuana tipu but there are native ‘rosewoods’
                                   including Dysoxylum fraserianum which occur
                                   in Maroochy

      Sheena’s gold                Duranta sp

      siris tree                   see ‘Indian siris’

      tipuana                      Tipuana tipu

      weeping fig                  Ficus benjamina

      weeping willow               Salix babylonica

      western red cedar            Thuja plicata

      womans tongue                see ‘Indian siris’


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