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									College programmes & services

Co-curricula programmes                                 Education Support, Literacy and Numeracy
                                                                 AIM (Literacy and Numeracy) testing
Faith Development                                                International Literacy Day Activities
        Catholic Education week                                  Literacy and Numeracy Week Activities
        Chapel & lunchtime prayer sessions                       ‘My Dream Ambition’ Letter Writing
        Community service                                        Competition
        Consultation with Archbishop                             National Reading Day
        Homegroup Paraliturgies                                  SINE Numeracy programme
        International Women’s Day Speaker                        Social skills/self advocacy programmes
        Mass for the sick and anointing                          VCAL Drivers Education programme at VUT,
        Opening College Mass                                     Werribee
        Sacred Heart Day celebrations                            VCAL Literacy
        Seminar days                                             Weekly study sessions
        Social Justice club
                                                                 Year 7 – 12 ESL student support
        St. Patrick’s Day Mass
                                                                 Year 7 English Skills
        Year 11&12 retreat days
                                                                 Year 8 and 9 Exploring Language
        Year Level Paraliturgies
                                                                 Year 10 Foundation English
                                                                 Year 10 “Options" programme (Work
Pastoral Welfare                                                 Experience, TAFE and integrated units of
        Class Captains                                           study)
        House Captains
        Life Skills programme                           Sports
                                                                 Aerobics, swimming, self defence and CPR
        Peer Support programme
        Seasons for Growth programme
                                                                 Athletics Carnival
        Student Counselling
                                                                 Before school swimming coaching
        Student Representative Council
                                                                 C4 bicycle club
        Student Representative Council leadership
                                                                 College gymnasium including weight & aerobic
        Student Representative Council “Service”
                                                                 Cross Country Championship
                                                                 Golf Championship
                                                                 Homeroom and Inter-House lunchtime
Academic                                                         sporting competitions
        Accelerated Learning Programme                           House Colour System
        ASX Sharemarket game                                     Intra-school tennis competitions
        Australian Schools Competitions (Drama,                  Swimming Carnival
        English, Funk and Breakdance, Geography,                 Tennis Championship
        Mathematics, Public Speaking and Science)                Various interschool and SACCSS sporting
        Book club                                                competitions
        Carnevale Day                                            Year 7 – 10 “Premier League” interschool
        Children’s Day                                           competitions
        Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition
        Dorathea MacKellar Poetry Competition           Outdoor Education
        Learning Area "weeks" (Book/English, Dance,
                                                                 Down hill snow trip
        Health & Physical Education, Mathematics
                                                                 The Great Victorian Bike Ride
        and Science)
                                                                 VCE Art and Design camp
        Library Monitors
                                                                 VCE LOTE camp
        Clubs: Mathematics, Knitting, Chess, Book,
                                                                 Year 11 Queensland Tour
        Homework and Model aeroplane clubs
        Mock interviews
        Rio Tinto Australian Science Olympiads
                                                        The Arts/Special Events
                                                                 Annual College Performing Arts Production
        Science talent search
                                                                 Choral programme (voice and vocal tuition)
        Shakespeare Day
        Student Parliament                                       Community Art Linkage programmes
        Thant Trophy, United Nations Security Council            Extensive band and music ensemble
        Competition                                              programme
        VCAA Plain English Speaking Competition                  Instrumental music programme
        VCE Tutorials                                            Lunchtime concerts and performances
        Year 10 – 12 Australian National Chemistry               Mirrored Images Arts Exhibitions
        quiz                                                     Monash Drama Festival
        University of NSW Business Competition                   Sacred Heart Feast Day Talent Quest
        University of NSW Economics Competition                  Various Arts competitions
        “WORM”, “DOLPHIN”, "Reading Around",                     VCE and ensemble music concerts
        "Hang 10" reading programmes                             VCE Drama and Dance productions
        Year 8 Scholarships                                      VCE Folio preparation workshop
        Year 9 “Directions 9“ Alternative programme              VCE Graduates’ exhibition
        Young Achievement Australia programme                    VCE Life Drawing workshops
        Youth Challenge                                          Year 7 – 10 Music, Drama and Dance
                                                                 Year 10 – 12 Socials/Formals
                                                                 Year 12 Graduation ceremony
College programmes & services

        College Open Day
        Year 9 & 10 to Orientation and Transition
        Parent Information Nights
        Course advice days
        Work experience program via Industry & Enterprise
        (Yr 10)
        Vocational Education and Training (VET) work
        Pathways Centre
        VCE VCAL Transition programme
        Year 6 to 7 Orientation and Transition programme
        Year 7 & 8 Buddy programme

Exchange Programs
        International student exchange programmes (Japan)
        International cultural exchange programmes (Japan
        and China)

        Bouchard Information Services Centre (Library)
        C4 gym
        College camp site (Garema) near Meredith with
        extensive Outdoor Education apparatus and
        College Chapel
        College Uniform Shop
        Design and Technology centre incorporating
        Automotive, Electronics and Materials (wood, metal
        and textile) studies
        Drama rooms
        Ian Satur Science Centre
        Information Technology Laboratories
        Internet facilities
        MAC Media laboratories
        Madeleine Barat Performing Arts Centre
        McFarlane Multi-sports Centre
        School oval
        Stewart Shakedown Cafeteria incorporating a Food
        Technology centre
        Visual Arts Centre
        Volleyball, handball, basketball and tennis facilities

                                                                 Catholic College
                                                                 Christ the King
                                                                 65 Churchill Avenue
                                                                 Braybrook VIC 3019 Australia

                                                                 St. John’s & Sacred Heart
                                                                 204 Churchill Avenue
                                                                 Braybrook VIC 3019 Australia

                                                                 Phone        9296 5311
                                                                 Facsimile    9296 5381


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