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					Procedures for internal moderation and student review of
assessment (2009)

Claremont College has around 300 students studying one or more TQA level 3 courses. The
school has an internal moderation process that relates to all senior secondary courses. The aims
of our moderation process are to ensure fairness of students’ results (that is, students with the
same result in the same course should have shown the same standard of work) and comparability
between assessors.

Procedures for within-provider within-course comparability of internal
assessment awards for TQA courses that combine internal and external

     -    There is a Senior Assessment Team responsible for the quality of assessment processes
          and outcomes across the college. This team comprises the AP Curriculum, the five
          learning area Centreheads (ARTS, BCMS, Humanities, Technology and Outdoor Education)
          and the TQA co-ordinator.

     -    There is an internal moderator appointed for each course area.

     -    There are formal quarterly meetings for all teachers of TQA level 3 courses where college
          wide assessment practices are discussed.

     -     There are regular Centre meetings with a strong focus on assessment practices, including
          marking and verification of results. These meetings also provide mentoring for new

     -    Where there are multiple classes of a course, the teachers work together to
            o validate assessment instruments against course requirements
            o decide the conditions of assessment, particularly the amount of assistance to be
               provided for project/folio work and the methods of authenticating student work.
            o In 2009 there are 7 of these courses (Art Production, Computer Graphics and
               Design, English Communications, English Writing, Maths Applied, Media Production
               and Music).
            o The college encourages shared marking, collaborative marking and panel marking
               wherever possible

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     -    Where there is only one class/teacher for a particular course that person will contact a
          teacher from another provider to work together to check that assessment instruments
          meet the requirements of the course and to collaborate about their assessment practices

     -    For all subjects, internal moderation based on samples of student work will apply.

               o Teachers will decide what student evidence will be collected and how many samples
                 of work will be considered. For courses with external moderation this will include
                 work from the mid-year exam.
               o At a meeting in August, the samples of work will be distributed (either within the
                 school or across schools) and a preliminary marking done. At the end of this
                 meeting, each teacher provides a report of the moderation activities in relation to
                 their course. Teachers select and retain samples of student work at the various
                 award levels. There is a standard format for the report ( refer Appendix 1) which

                              What work was considered
                              The indicative grades/marks the teacher assigned
                              The discussion at the meeting
                              Any re-consideration undertaken by the teacher

Procedures for student requests for review of assessment decisions:

     -    At least two weeks before final assessment results are determined students are given a
          form which tells them of any outstanding assessment work they have yet to hand in and
          their preliminary awards. Students are required to sign the form and a copy is held by the
          teacher (Refer Appendix 2 for Sample sheet). A letter is sent home for all students preparing
          an external folio of work.

     -    Students have the right to ask for a review of their assessment results by filling in a simple
          form that they get from the front office. (Appendix 3 Sample attached)

     -    To allow time for the review to occur, a student should request the review at least one
          week before internal assessments are due to be lodged with the TQA. This may not be
          possible for subjects having an externally assessed folio due in the last week of term 3 (eg
          ART, Computer Graphics and Information Technology and Systems). In these cases, a
          student’s appeal may not be decided until after the internal assessments have been
          submitted to TQA. If a student’s appeal is upheld the Principal would advise the TQA of
          this decision and amended assessments would be reported.

How are students made aware of their right to seek a review?

     -    Students will be told of the processes by their pre-tertiary teacher during their pre-tertiary
     -    There will also be a link to this document on the College website.

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What is the process for a student to seek a review?

     -    Students fill in a form that they get from the front office
     -    This form goes to the Principal (or her delegate) who convenes an Assessment Review
          Panel within 2 working days
     -    The panel comprises:
              o the original assessor and
              o two other people from the following group: AP Curriculum, Centre Head of the
                  particular curriculum area and the TQA co-ordinator
     -    The panel will make the final decision about the student’s award and will notify the student
          in writing within one day of meeting.

How is an independent assessment made of the student’s work?

     -    The original assessor will provide the evidence for determining the student’s award
     -    Where possible samples of the student’s work will be examined

What records of the process are maintained and for how long?

     -    The records that will be maintained are:
             o Student requests for reviews
             o The minutes of the Assessment Review Panel
             o Any adjustment made to results


These procedures will be reviewed annually by the Principal, AP Curriculum and TQA Co-
ordinator. The effectiveness of the procedures will be monitored by reviewing the TQA feedback
on any systemic differences in the relationship of internal and external assessments.

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Appendix 1                                         Claremont College

                                              Internal Moderation Report

Subject Name:


Date and Place of Meeting:

          Teachers present:

          Details of Work considered:

          (Samples kept by teachers)

          Discussion Points:

          Any re-consideration by teachers:

          Any other business:

Please return to your Centrehead by the end of Term 2

G:\Marketing\Lou-anne\CCinternet_offlinec_march05\docs\Claremont College Procedures for internal moderation (2).doc
Appendix 2:
Accounting Preliminary Awards:

    1             2            3             4            5*             6*            7*            8*               9   10*

(*Also assessed in the external exam)

The final award will be determined by the Board using 15 ratings (10 from the
internal assessment and 5 from the external assessment). The minimum
requirements for an award in this syllabus are as follows:
Exceptional Achievement (EA)
13 ‘A’ ratings, 2 ‘B’ ratings (4 ‘A’ ratings, 1 ‘B’ rating from the exam)

High Achievement (HA)
6 ‘A’ ratings, 7 ‘B’ ratings, 2 ‘C’ ratings (2 ‘A’ ratings, 2 ‘B’ ratings and 1 ‘C’ rating from the exam)

Commendable Achievement (CA)
9 ‘B’ ratings, 5 ‘C’ ratings (2 ‘B’ ratings and 2 ‘C’ ratings from the exam)

Satisfactory Achievement (SA)
12 ‘C’ ratings (3‘C’ ratings from the exam)

Preliminary Achievement (PA)

7 ‘C’ ratings

Signed:               Teacher: ______________________                             Student:______________________


G:\Marketing\Lou-anne\CCinternet_offlinec_march05\docs\Claremont College Procedures for internal moderation (2).doc
                                         Appendix 3

                                                                                                               Claremont College

Student Request for Review of Assessment Decision


Student Name:



Details of assessment to be reviewed:

Please return this form to the front office who will forward it to the Principal.

G:\Marketing\Lou-anne\CCinternet_offlinec_march05\docs\Claremont College Procedures for internal moderation (2).doc
G:\Marketing\Lou-anne\CCinternet_offlinec_march05\docs\Claremont College Procedures for internal moderation (2).doc

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