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Church Profile History Our Church facilities nestled amongst the trees in one of the last remaining semirural pockets of Capalaba are located on the boundary of Jo


Church Profile

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									                                 Church Profile
Our Church facilities, nestled amongst the trees in one of the last remaining semirural pockets of
Capalaba are located on the boundary of Jones Road and Old Cleveland Road East, Birkdale.
Redlands Fellowship was formed in 1988, when the Capalaba Baptist Church and North Redlands
Fellowship combined. The church was re-named ‘Birkdale Baptist’ when our church building was
finished about 20 years ago. The heart of the formative members was to be an expression of the
voice of Jesus in the community, build each other up, and continue to outreach.

In 1990 we were able to purchase our current land and build the main auditorium. We opened this
facility with a congregation size of just under 100 people, completing most of the required work with
the aid of our tireless volunteers. In 2000 and 2001 our congregation reached approximately 400
people, generating the need to offer three services on a Sunday. Over the years since then,
attendance has fluctuated to a present level of around 300. In the past 20+ years, we have had
been blessed with a total of 3 different Senior Pastors, including two interim Pastors, and various
Pastoral Staff.

Our Location
Our Church facilities are located at the boundary of
Jones Road and Old Cleveland Road East, Capalaba.
This location has front exposure to Old Cleveland
Road East, and is 700 metres to the north east of the
Capalaba shopping and commercial precinct. The
main complex contains an auditorium with seating for
approximately 250 people (300 maximum), and an
administration section including 3 offices.

The church buildings are set on a land area of approximately 5 acres, with a large amount of off-
street parking. The main complex has been marginally expanded over the years, and adjacent
demountable facilities house Creche, Kids Zone and Meetings and Maintenance. We continue to
look for further opportunities to expand our facilities as the congregational needs and indeed the
needs of the wider community become apparent.
Our Congregation
The congregation presently consists of a diverse spiritual background of mainly Anglo-Saxon
Christians and attendees. During the late nineties, total attendance swelled to approximately 400
with three services on a Sunday. However, conversion rates remained low throughout the 90’s and
as the new millennia approached, the 11am service attendance waned and was eventually
abandoned. The 9:00am and 6:00pm services continue today.

The 9:00am service is oriented towards families, and is accompanied by a Kids Zone and a
Morning Shift children and teenager ministry. Approximately 230 people attend the 9:00am service,
historically exhibiting slow decline during the year to around 200 by November. The 6:00pm service
is known as “Boost” and exhibits signs of solid growth both spiritually and in worship and has
approximately 80+ attendees. It is youth and young adult oriented, and highly participatory.

As many congregations do, we experience some difficulty in raising up people to facilitate the many
leadership and support positions that exist. Many of the church family give generously of their time
in a wide range of ministry areas and contribute to many special events, but there is ever the need
to support those that serve diligently.

Ministries and Programs
The church has a wide ranging set of ministries and programs. At present there are over 20
ministry areas of varying size and function, with over 40 volunteers and a handful of paid staff
directly engaged in the leading of these ministries and programs. In 2008, our church participated in
the 40 Days of Community challenge by Saddleback Valley Community Church. Through this
campaign, our numerous small groups grew and many community orientated endeavors were
launched, some still being maintained currently.

Small Groups are the lifeblood of Birkdale Baptist Church. God has created us to be in intimate
relationships, first with Him, second with other people. We believe that Small Groups create the
environment in which these relationships can best develop in intimacy and honesty. The Small
Group Ministry exists to help people develop God-honouring friendships. Currently approximately
30 small groups operate, stretching across a range of ages, interests, needs and accessibility whilst
varying in frequency and purpose.

   • Current Expenditure Plan is approximately $ 7,800 per week
   • Current Giving averages about $ 7,500 per week
Further financial information can be forwarded upon request.

Birkdale has a current Pastor Structure of:

   •   Senior Pastor,
   •   Associate Pastor – Youth, Young Adults and Small Groups
   •   Associate Pastor – (Vacant)
   •   Pastoral Assistant – Care
   •   Pastoral Assistant – Worship and Women’s Ministries

There is part-time Administrator and Secretarial support.
Community Demographics and Needs
The community has a large “dormitory” population, commuting to Brisbane City for work. There are
“busyness” issues, youth issues, “singleness” needs and an increasing scope for community-based

Redlands City Council has begun a public consultation process, for a new Vision of the Redlands.
There are opportunities for Birkdale Baptist to proactively participate in this process.

National Church Life Survey (2006) data is available for more detailed demographics.

Vision for the Future
Our current Vision is:

        “To be a worshipping, loving and caring community of faith who bring the hope of Christ in
        the power of the Spirit to the needy, broken world around us”

The Board is currently reviewing Vision, and is determining Values. In addition, the Board envisions
that Birkdale Baptist will ultimately be a “Community”-style church, with over 800 people attending

This will involve transition from the current “Teams” structure. In a recent survey of the
congregation, and with small groups, the following desired outcomes for the next 5 years were

    •   People growing in their faith
    •   Authentic relationships
    •   More community outreach
    •   Larger numbers from conversions
    •   Mission minded
    •   4 pm service for families
    •   Young people mentored
    •   Spiritual gifts identified and being utilized
An Operational Manual is suspended until such time as a new constitution is draft. Currently this
manual is used as a guide to inform practices and processes of our church organization.

The following diagrams illustrate the model presented to the membership and approved in August
of 2008.

   1. That Birkdale Baptist Church adopts                Diagram of Trialled Leadership Structure
      the new leadership structure which
      has been trialled for the last six
      months.                                                              Members

           a. The structure collective
              consists of two bodies:-                                      Board

                    i. The Ministry Team
                   ii. The Board                                        Senior Pastor
           b. Functioning together as a
              leadership according to
              allocated roles and                                  Ministry Teams
                   i. As per board policy
                      (2008)                                          Ministries
                  ii. The Senior Pastor will
                      reside as an active member of both groups and acts as the conduit between
                      both groups.

   2. The members of Birkdale Baptist Church agree to continue to suspend the current
      constitution but direct the leadership of Birkdale Baptist Church to produce a new
      constitution to reflect the new structure.

Proposed Future Leadership Style

It is the intention of this proposed style to enable                Church Leadership
Board Members and Ministry Leaders, as servant
of the church, to undertake specific roles and
shared functions, working together to fulfil the tasks
to which the membership commits us, and
cooperatively resolving issues that arise as we                                         Ministry
enter into new territory.                                                                Team

The proposed style is envisaged to provide two
distinct advantages:

   1. A cohesion between Board & Ministry Team
         a. Defined roles with acknowledged shared responsibilities
         b. The Senior Pastor will reside as an active member of both groups.
   2. An empowered Ministry Team

As our Church grows, we wish to be ready and able to cater for Birkdale’s growing and diverse
needs. We believe this recommendation is the next logical step in
Church leadership for a church of our current size and beyond.
                              Birkdale Baptist Church Leadership Journey
                                         Perusing Servant Leadership (Philippians 2: 1-7)

                                (These diagrams show the transitions made in leadership structures.)

         Diaconate                             Church Council                    Board Structure       Future Leadership Style

           Deacon                                      Senior                        Members                   Leadership
Deacon               Deacon
           Senior                                                                  Senior Pastor
                                    Ministry                        Management
                                     Team                             Team
Deacon               Deacon   Pastoral     Ministry
                               Staff      Coordinators
                                                                                   Ministry Team

           Deacon                                                                    Ministries

           1991                                      2001                              2008                Beyond 2009

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