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                                                          ELEMENT ONE: ETHOS & CULTURE

ACTIONS                                             RESPONSIBILITIES   TIMELINE          USEFUL RESOURCES

o   Don’t assume all students are straight          Who                When              Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights
o   Don’t assume the parents and friends of all                                          Commission
    students are straight                                                      
o   Create an inclusive and welcoming
    environment for everyone                                                             Same–Sex Attracted Friendly Environments (SSAFE) in
o   Ensure that the orientation and induction                                            Schools: Family Planning Victoria
    programs for students and staff make it clear
    from day one that harassment and abuse of                                            Not So Straight- An Australian study examining how
    any type won’t be tolerated                                                          catholic schools can best respond to the needs of same
o   Create safe spaces                                                                   sex attracted students:
o   Make your school a “Sexism, Racism and                                     
    Homophobia-free Zone”
o   Make the school’s commitment visible using                                           National Safe Schools Framework and audit tools
    posters, fliers etc                                                        
o   Involve the whole school community in your
    strategy                                                                             Safety in Our Schools- Strategies for responding to
o   Ensure everyone recognises that it is their                                          homophobia:
    responsibility to challenge homophobia
o   Challenge, as a school, all homophobic                                               Sexual Diversity School Audit tool
    putdowns and name calling                                                  
o   Display positive leadership from the top
o   Develop guidelines and obtain agreement                                              OutSmarting Homophobia:
    about how homophobia should be                                             
    challenged in the classroom and other school
    settings                                                                             Dealing with Homophobia- a useful Australian video for
o   Keep the risk of homophobia and the needs                                            teachers and school leaders
    of GLBTI students on the agenda – at staff                                 
    meetings, assemblies, parent meetings
o   Engage school council with the issues                                                Safe Space Kit available from the Gay, Lesbian and
o   Involve parents and student leaders                                                  Straight Education Network:
o   Audit attitudes and behaviours in your school                              
o   Integrate equity, diversity and challenging
    homophobia into your school’s Charter,                                               Not Round Here
    strategic plan and annual report                                           
o   Monitor what is happening                                                            index.html
                                                     ELEMENT TWO: POLICIES & PROCEDURES

ACTIONS                                            RESPONSIBILITIES   TIMELINE        USEFUL RESOURCES

o   Develop a set of relevant school policies re                                      Sample policies and procedures for schools:
    bullying, harassment, equal opportunity etc                             >Safe
o   Review all policies to ensure they are                                            schools>School leaders>EO and anti-harassment
    relevant and up-to-date                                                           compliance
o   Review policies to ensure they acknowledge
    sexuality and gender identity                                                     Department of Education & Early Childhood
o   Develop implementation strategies to                                              Development’s diversity and equity strategy, policies
    support relevant polices                                                          and support materials:
o   Support policies with Codes of Conduct for                              
    staff and students
o   Ensure everyone understands their rights                                          Association of Independent Schools Victoria’s
    and responsibilities at school                                                    compliance materials:
o   Ensure those involved in complaint                                      
    resolution are appropriately trained
                                                    ELEMENT THREE: TEACHING AND LEARNING

ACTIONS                                             RESPONSIBILITIES   TIMELINE      USEFUL RESOURCES

o   Ensure that the lives and experiences of                                         Celebrating Diversity in Schools. A comprehensive
    GLBTI students are reflected across all                                          collection of resources on a CD-Rom
    curriculum areas
o   Develop comprehensive health and sexuality                                       Shout - Information, lesson plans and resources written
    programs that acknowledge and provide                                            by a Victorian teacher:
    information about same sex attraction                                  
o   Include sexuality and homophobia explicitly
    within the curriculum                                                            Talking Sexual Health:
o   Invite members of the GLBTI community into                             
    the classroom to tell their stories
o   Provide access to relevant professional                                          Pride and Prejudice Training Package
    development on sexuality and homophobia                                          Email:
    issues for all staff – including non-teaching
    and support staff                                                                Guidelines for including same-sex attraction and sexual
o   Collect relevant curriculum and training                                         diversity within the Victorian Essential Learning
    materials                                                                        Standards:
o   Access and use brochures and materials                                 
    from relevant GLBTI community
    organisations                                                                    Affirming Diversity: An educational resource on gay,
o   Audit the school’s library and resource                                          lesbian and bisexual orientations
    collection to ensure diversity
                                                                                     Catching On: Teaching and learning activities on sex,
                                                                                     sexuality, gender power and safe sex
                                                                                     Victorian Department of Education & Early Childhood

                                                                                     Attend the Closets, Classrooms and Change workshop
                                                                                     at the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights
                                                          ELEMENT FOUR: STUDENT WELLBEING

ACTIONS                                               RESPONSIBILITIES   TIMELINE           USEFUL RESOURCES

o   Make it clear to every member of the school                                             The Victorian Department of Education and Early
    community that bullying and harassment of                                               Childhood Development’s Student Wellbeing Policy
    any type will not be tolerated                                                
o   Consult and engage with students on these
    issues                                                                                  Writing Themselves In Again: report on the sexuality,
o   Review the Student Wellbeing Strategy                                                   health and wellbeing of same-sex attracted young people
    within the school and the positive role of peer                                         in Australia
    support and mentoring programs, pastoral                                      
    care, transition programs etc
o   Make copies of Safe Schools are Effective                                               MindMatters
    Schools available to all staff                                                
o   Use the National Safe Schools Framework
    audit tools to audit and monitor what is                                                Bullying. No Way:
    happening in your school
o   Ensure all students know who they can talk                                              Kids Helpline:
    to for support, counselling and advice, eg
    students welfare coordinators, school nurse,                                            Safe Schools are Effective Schools:
o   Ensure staff have access to referral
    information and contact details for relevant                                            Gay Straight Alliance:
    community GLBTI organisations                                                 
o   Encourage student advocacy
o   Consider establishing a Gay-Straight Student                                            STEP Manual and video: an educational resource for
    Alliance                                                                                those working with Indigenous, refugee and same sex
o   Incorporate bullying intervention and                                                   attracted young people
    prevention strategies into teaching programs
    eg assertiveness training, restorative                                                  Over the Rainbow: a guide to the law for lesbians and
    practices and bystander training                                                        gay men in Victoria
o   Include bullying and homophobia on the                                        
    agenda at meetings of parents/families
o   Provide easy access to materials produced                                               My friend is Gay: a peer group support resource
    by local GLBTI social and support youth                                       
                                                                                            Alsorts: a sexuality awareness resource. Also contains
                                                                                            useful Victorian community contacts
                                                 ELEMENT FIVE: SCHOOL-COMMUNITY RELATIONS

ACTIONS                                              RESPONSIBILITIES   TIMELINE    USEFUL RESOURCES

o   Advertise local GLBTI social and support                                        The Rainbow Network Victoria: a network for workers
    youth groups and other relevant                                                 who facilitate groups, coordinate projects or work with
    organisations                                                                   GLBTIQ young people
o   Invite PFLAG to a parents’ meeting                                    
o   Ensure staff have access to referral
    information and contact details for relevant                                    WayOut: the rural Victorian youth and sexual diversity
    community GLBTI organisations                                                   project
o   Consult with GLBTI community members as                               
    your school develops its Challenging
    Homophobia strategy                                                             ALSO Directory: a comprehensive directory of Victorian
o   Invite community organisations and                                              businesses and community groups provising services for
    members to participate in relevant curriculum                                   the the GLBTI community
o   Invite members of the GLBTI community into
    the classroom to tell their stories                                             PFLAG:
o   Promote relevant community organisations
    and events in school newsletters, on bulletins                                  Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby:
    boards and at assemblies and meetings                                 
o   Look for opportunities to establish community
    partnerships                                                                    Victorian Police Gay & Lesbian Liaison Officers

                                                                                    Transgender Victoria

                                                                                    Rainbow Families Council of Victoria

                                                                                    Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria – a great clearinghouse
                                                                                    for resources:

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