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Call for unity in fight


Call for unity in fight

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									Call for unity in fight

Date : Thursday, November 17, 2005

Source : PNG Post-Courier (Papua New Guinea)

A GATHERING organised by the Soroptimist International of Lae has called for greater unity
among government and civil organisations in combating the rise of violence against women
and children and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

More than 30 people representing government institutions including police, Correctional
Institutional Service, justice with the church and community groups, non-government
organisations, schools, companies and concerned individuals gathered at the Forest Research
Institute last Friday to talk about how they could help each other.

Verity Smith-Loretz from Soroptimist International in Lae said the idea was to bring together
organisations in the province so that a network of people and community groups could work
together to help people with social problems. There are so many people doing wonderful
things for communities in this province but if we form a network or a coalition, then we can all
help each other and be one voice in addressing social problems.

A group called Carers of Morobe has been set up as a result.

A member, Naomi Wilkins, said children s rights were being violated as a result of polygamous

President of Soroptimist International of Lae, Shikha Raturi, said the organisation was for
women in management and professionals working through service projects to advance human
rights and the status of women.

She said members, spread among more than 3000 clubs in 126 countries and territories,
support local, national and international communities through projects and activities based on
Awareness, Advocacy and Action.

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