The Canada Plan Service prepares detailed plans showing how to construct modern farm buildings,
                  livestock housing systems, storages and equipment for Canadian Agriculture.

                  This leaflet gives the details for a farm building component or piece of farmstead equipment. To obtain
                  another copy of this leaflet, contact your local provincial agricultural engineer or extension advisor.

                                                                      1   manure gutter, stalls level with litter alley
                                                                          (see manufacturer)
PLAN M-2821 REVISED 06:05
                                                                      2   manure gutter, stalls raised above litter
                                                                          alley (see manufacturer)
This is a tie stall which maybe either home-built, or purchased       3   1800 mm clear to wall, for face-out
                                                                          arrangement, or 2100 mm clear to opposite
from manufacturers of barn hardware. When the stall is
                                                                          stalls for face-in
properly sized for dairy cows, the single headrail allows them        4   1" min. galvanized pipe arch, set 200 mm
to move forward with heads down for feeding, but makes them               in concrete
stand back at other times; this keeps the stall cleaner with          5   1¼’’ galvanized pipe divider, reinforced at floor
minimum care.                                                             line with solid round bar insert, every other
                                                                          divider optional
                                                                      6   optional 125 mm wide concrete curb, approx.
Cows are tied by a leather neck strap with about 300 mm of                200 mm high from stall floor, 38 x 75 mm
chain attached. The chain is passed under the headrail and                chamfer at stall side
                                                                      7   galvanized water pipe, may be cast in curb, with
hooked over the chain hook. To release a row of cows, the                 tee and riser to each water bowl, capped pipe at
headrail is rotated and the chains drop off. If this quick-release        least 150 mm above bowl, controls water hammer
feature is not required, the headrail does not need to rotate.        8   2" min. pipe, rotating headrail
                                                                      9   bearing from 2½" pipe, grease fitting
                                                                     10   quick release control level (rotates head rail to
This plan shows a concrete curb about 200 mm above the stall              release cows)
floor at the front of the stall, with the feed alley about 50 mm     11   drill hole through 9 & 8, use pin to lock headrail in
above the stall floor. Or the feed alley may be the same level            position
as the stall floor, or have a sweep-in manger recessed. Some         12   chain hook bolted to headrail (secure chain
                                                                          to hook to retain one cow while others are
dairymen prefer no curb at all, but water spilled from the bowl           released)
can then drain back onto the stall.                                                  COW STALL DIMENSIONS
                                                                                             (with trainers)
                                                                          cow size kg                400 500 600          700
The manure gutter includes an optional steel grating which           13   stall width mm            1000 1150 1250 1400
keeps cows' tails out of the gutter and simplifies traffic. With     14   stall length* mm          1450 1550 1650 1800
the grating, the gutter should be at least 300 mm deep for                * if trainers not used, shorten stall by 100
efficient operation of the gutter cleaner. The stall platform is             mm
                                                                     15   1¼’’ pipe, 200 mm long
best at the same level as the litter alley floor; however, if a
                                                                     16   optional manure gutter grating, 19 mm smooth
raised stall platform is preferred, pockets to support the stall          round bars @ 60 mm oc, with tops flush with
edge of the grating must be formed in the concrete gutter wall.           floor, length of section at lest 3000 mm
To make the pockets, tack small rectangular blocks of blue           17    20M rebars 750 mm oc alternating with 18, weld
polystyrene to the concrete side of the gutter forms before               to underside of 16
                                                                     18    13 x 38 mm steel bar on edge 750 mm oc
placing concrete.                                                         alternating with 17, 6 mm fillet weld all around to
Grounding mats are strongly recommended under the stall and          19   55 x 55 x 6 mm clip angles 50 mm long, top
                                                                          corners rounded with grinder
manger areas. This is to eliminate possible 'tingle voltage'         20   grating bars equally spaced
problems. Galvanized wire mesh 51 x 51 mm should be                  21   form pockets in concrete gutter wall 100 x 75 x 50
bonded directly to front and rear of stall hardware and bedding           mm at 750 mm oc, for 19
retainers. Make bonding connections either by direct welding,        22   optional 1¼’’ gale. pipe bedding retainer, weld to
                                                                          lugs of gutter grate, omit retainer at cross-alleys
or by No. 4 solid copper wire and ground clamps. Further
                                                                          arid maternity stalls
details concerning materials and methods of installation can be      23   electric cow trainer adjustable vertically, locate
found in Leaflet Q-2503, Milking Parlor Grounding.                        450 mm behind stall front
                                                                     24    optional galvanized mesh grounding mat in floor
                                                                           (see Leaflet Q-2503, Milking Parlor Grounding for
                                                                           material & methods), bond to front and rear of
                                                                           stall hardware with clamps or tack weld;
                                                                           maximum 37 mm concrete cover
                                                                     25   stall and litter alley slope 1:30 to gutter
                                                                     26   max. recommended height of headrail above
                                                                          stall floor is 950 mm

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