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					                                                                       TOYO GREENLAND CO., LTD.

If the Soil Factor                                   components.
Mix used in                                           Hard Component :                Soft Component :

Toyo-Mulching®                                        permanent high                  unique Soil Factor Mix

System is                                             strength PVC coated

                                                      galvanized iron mesh
                                                                                      consisting fertilizer,

                                                                                      soil bonding agent,
poisonous?                                                                            water retaining agent
By Hinson Lau                                                                         & vegetation
Toyo-Mulching System (TMS)               is being
                                                                  Toyo-Mulching System
regarded as a magical breakthrough in the
landscaping       industry    as    it     makes
vegetation growing healthily on the concrete
slope surfaces.     It not only stabilizes slope                             OUTPUT
of whatever natures but also create a
                                                          Growth of self-substained & healthy vegetation
naturally green living environment. The Soil
                                                             safe and environmental harmony living
Factor Mix being adopted in TMS is the core
soft component that contributes to the
success of TMS.        However, what are the
ingredients of the Mix and does it contain           TMS is a mature                       Types of TMS:
any harmful materials?                               technology which                      -   General TMS
                                                     can be customized                     -   Strip TMS
WHAT IS TOYO-MULCHING SYSTEM?                        to fit different landscape            -   Creat TMS
Being   the     most    advanced     vegetation      environments and
technology in Japan, Toyo-Mulching System            vegetation requirements.
(TMS) was introduced into Hong Kong in               The Soil Factor Mix is the soul of the new
1998. Because of its ease to use feature and         vegetation. So, what does it consist?                     Is
reliable output quality, this method is widely       there any material that is harmful to the
adopted in Japan and Taiwan for more than            plants or even human beings?
20 years.                                            WHAT’S THE INGREDIENTS OF THE SOIL
The principle of TMS is to establish a               FACTOR MIX?
self-sustained vegetation ecology, which will        Soil Factor Mix is the main planting media of
continuously provide necessary nutrient and          TMS.     It is a proprietary product supplied by
water to the vegetation itself. This method          Nisshoku Corporation in Japan. This mixture
can be applied on any non-soil surface such          not only provides nutrient but also moisture
as   bedrock,     sprayed    concrete,     mortar,   necessary         for     the    establishment            of
no-fine concrete or chunam.                          vegetation.       This Soft Factor Mix has high
The TMS includes permanent hard and soft             gas permeability, water-retaining capacity

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                                                                     TOYO GREENLAND CO., LTD.

and can retain the fertilizer for a long period      does it release hazardous fume when it
of time.       Basically, the Soil Factor Mix        catches fire.    In TMS, the term aldehyde
consists of 2 main categories of materials:          resin is just being deployed as an adjective
effective bonding agents and long lasting            to   describe    the   chemical   process     in
fertilizers.   Its detail ingredients as follows:-   manufacturing the long lasting fertilizer. The
    long lasting aldelyde process resin form        term Aldehyde is a class of organic
     fertilizer                                      compounds that are commonly used in
    water soluble fertilizer                        manufacture plastic and dyes. Resin is the
    water retaining polymer                         organic substance from plants. As described
    organic moisture retaining agent                in the Encyclopedia dictionary, it is a solid or
    composed organic fertilizer                     semisolid    natural    organic    substances
    resin form bonding agent                        secreted in the sap of some plants and trees
    germination stimulator                          that has a transparent or translucent quality
Bonding agent - Basesoiler is the main               and a yellow or brown color.      Anyhow, the
bonding agent in the Soil Factor Mix.                Soil Factor Mix does not include any harmful
According to the Nissshoku’s laboratory              materials.
evaluation, it is proved to be an effective
material that can minimize the washout as
well as control surface erosion. Thus, the
Soil Factor Mix can stick onto rock mass or
other non-soil slope surface firmly and
prevent the mixture from eroding and being
broken by rain or any other natural factors.
Long lasting fertilizer - With the long lasting
aldelyde process resin form fertilizer, the               Figure.1 Spraying of Soil Factor Mix
Toyo-Mulching System can establish a
self-equilibrium vegetation ecology that will
continuously provide the necessary nutrient
and moisture for the vegetation.
Currently, there is a public query that if
TMS is really contributive in building a “safe”
slope? If the Soil Factor Mix contains
aldehyde resin? To ease the public concern,
it has been verified by the supplier Nisshoku
Corporation in Japan that the Soil Factor Mix
does not contain any aldehyde resin nor

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