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					Alan Goldstone, Council President, and Genia Janover, College Principal,
welcome you to the official opening of the

Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre
by The Hon Peter Costello MP Federal Treasurer,

in the presence of His Excellency, Mr Naftali Tamir, Ambassador of the State of Israel

Sunday 25 February 2007
Pre-entertainment with Amazon Rhythms                                  Guests are invited to morning tea in the Early Learning
                                                                       Centre and to view the Bialik College Gringlas Sports
National Anthems                                                       Centre at work from 11am to 1pm.
Primary vocal ensemble, Oseh Shalom & Shehechianu
Welcome by Genia Janover, Principal                                    Activities will be held in the Helena Szental Memorial
Greetings from the State of Israel, His Excellency, Mr Naftali Tamir   Swimming Pool, in the Jack and Robert Smorgon
Message from Alan Goldstone, President                                 Gymnasium, on the Kausman Mann Championship
Adam Frauman, Year 10 clarinetist, Medley of Jazz Favourites           Court, on the Parents’ Association Court, in the Berger
Official opening by the Hon Peter Costello MP Federal Treasurer        Family Multi-Purpose Room, in the Daryl Cohen Weights
Response on behalf of the benefactors, Jack Gringlas                   Centre, on the mod-grass courts and on the tennis courts.
Rita Satchakova, Year 12 soloist, Simply the Best

                                                                       Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre
   Bialik College’s recent buildings, and the innovative teaching and           An advanced dehumidification system
learning that takes place within them – the Early Learning Centre and        ensures a pleasant pool atmosphere by
the Besen Family Art & Technology Centre – provide inspiration to            reducing condensation and recycling the
educators worldwide.                                                         heat to warm the pool, providing a significant
   The Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre, also designed by Ron           savings in energy bills to the school in just three
Unger Architects, presents a dramatic, modern face of wavy glass to          years.
Tooronga Road. The design and landscaping tie the Centre to many                The Gringlas Sports Centre also includes
of the elements of the Bialik College campus.                                a multi-purpose games arena featuring the
   The facility includes the Helena Szental Memorial Swimming Pool           Kausman Mann Championship Court and
- a competition-standard, 25 metre, eight lane pool - fully tiled and        the Parents’ Association Court. Meeting VBA
built to tolerances of 2mm or less. A state-of the-art filtration system     competition standards, the flooring comprises
produces water that sparkles with clarity but reduces eye iritability. The   competition standard sprung wood with two
changing rooms have been designed to be divided into two, allowing           layers of diagonally placed sheets of plywood
for not only male and female facilities but also for both home and           under the hardwood surface, as well as small
away teams.                                                                  rubber ‘shock absorbers’ placed every 30 cm
under the two layers.                                    The trampoline is built into a pit with a suspended safety harness for
  Tiered seating on the Kausman Mann                 practice. The extended pit is filled with foam blocks to allow for safe indoor
Championship Court seats approximately 150           vaulting and high bar work. The sprung wooden floor will cater for every
spectators, while a bench running the length of      gymnastic routine required to championship level.
the court services the Parents’ Association Court.       The Gringlas Sports Centre also incorporates the Daryl Cohen Weights Centre
Motorised backboards, electronic scoring (with       and the Berger Family Multi-Purpose Room. The Daryl Cohen Weights Centre is
a central referee’s desk) and, of course,            fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment and is already a popular venue for our
multi-purpose markings for netball, volleyball       staff and students during class time and also out-of-school hours when they are
and badminton are included.                          welcome to join the EFM fitness club as can families, friends and local residents
  Bialik College is delighted that the Maccabi       and workers. The Berger Family Multi-Purpose Room is large enough to house
Basketball Clubs have selected the Gringlas          nine table tennis tables.
Sports Centre as their premier training venue.           The Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre offers facilities and friendship to
  The Jack and Robert Smorgon Families’              local and Jewish community organisations. Most importantly, this magnificent
Gymnasium is a competition standard                  facility enables Bialik College to offer a truly rounded education to its students
gymnastics training facility.                        – one that encompasses not just the mental, emotional and spiritual spheres,
                                                     but the physical too.

                                                                         Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre
   Comprising 1296 handmade terracotta tiles, the Peace Path linking Bialik’s Gringlas Sports
Centre and Early Learning Centre, is the culmination of a two and a half year project involving
children from our 4 Year Old Kindergartens and Primary School.
   Peace, a key theme at Bialik College, was the focus for these young children from 2004 until
2006. Having discussed and researched peace, each child engraved their understanding of
peace - their thoughts, hopes and conclusions - onto a clay tile.
   While these tiles are certainly attractive, their decorative function was secondary to the
principal educational objective of enabling the children to make their thinking ‘visible’.
   As you walk along the Peace Path, you are encouraged to inspect these beautiful tiles. May
they inspire us all to work for peace and harmony in our families, in our school, in our community
and in the world.
Bialik College gratefully thanks the following donors who contributed to the Gringlas Sports Centre capital campaign:
David & Aneeta Abzatz              David & Amanda Briskin       Michael & Michelle Cymbalist        Gerard & Fay Fitt
Alan & Isa Adams                   Barry & Emily Brott          Vivienne Dacey                      Basil & Jennifer Fletcher
Shaun & Vicki Aisen                Boris & Suzanne Burd         Les & Monica Davidovits             Victor Fonda AO
Frank & Michelle Ajzensztat        Adam & Linda Burstin         Richard & Danielle Davies             & Sarah Fonda
Shawn Anderson & Maxine Haeata     Bernard & Helen Carp         Rodney & Barbara Davis              Paul & Debra Foulkes
Shirley de Winter                  Brandon & Nicky Carp         Stephen & Sandra Davis              The Fried & Fraid Families
  & the late Rene Beaconsfield     Leon & Marlen Carp           Antony de Jong & Belinda Plotkin    Peter & Anita Frayman
Tony & Kate Beaconsfield           Michael & Emma Carp          Ron & Judy Dodge                    The Leo & Mina Fink Fund
Boaz & Miri Ben Yami               Adam & Illana Cashmore       Abe & Vera Dorevitch                Zac & Rebecca Fried
Ian & Sabbie Berger                George & Freda Castan        David & Anne Dunbar                 Jeff & Naomi Friedmann
Peter & Tracy Berkowitz            Cavin & Lucy Chait           Fred Ellinghaus & Sylvia Solinski   Harry & Erica Frydenberg
Oscar & Vonnie Berman              Brian & Annette Chaitman     Mitchell & Caitlin Faiman           Mark & Barbara Frydenberg
Zeev & Rachel Bogaty               The Class of 2006            Ken & Lisa Fehily                   Gaddie Metz Kahn
Lori Braun                         Antony & Helen Cohen         Fran Feldman                        Samuel & Robyn Gamsu
Andrew & Lisa Breckler             Daryl & Hannah Cohen         Issy & Judith Feldman               Joshua Gans
Peter & Liza Breckler              Erez & Jane Cohen            Saba Feniger                          & Natalie Lippey
Fay Breitbardt                     Eyal & Leora Cohen           Alex & Isabel Fibishenko            Michael & Laura Gelb
Jonathan & Jo-Anne Brick           David & Pixie Cohen          Michael & Emily Field               Jono & Kelly Gelfand

                                                              Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre
Anthony & Larissa Golderg    Michael Hayman & Hedy Warren   Ashley Kausman & Lisa Mann      The Estate of the late
Josef & Judi Goldberg        Barry & Frances Helfenbaum     Steven & Karen Kaye              Blanca Smatana
Mark Goldberg                Josh & Ada Henzel              Victor & Marion Kiven           Wayne & Irene Lemish
Eli & Kerry Goldfinger       Steven & Miriam Hoffman        Boris & Janna Kogan             Russell & Roslyn Levy
Edith Goldin                 David & Leonie Huppert         Alan Kogosowski                 Boris & Helen Liberman
Graham & Deborah Goldsmith   Michael & Marcia Hurvitz       Braham & Debra Korman           Josh & Karen Liberman
Alan & Pam Goldstone         Gary & Deborah Hyams           Margit Korn                     Harold & Sybella Lifson
Colin & Debbie Golvan        Greg & Joanne Hyde             Andrew & Michelle Kornberg      Mark & Danielle Lissek
Alexander & Elena Gorbonos   Mark & Yona Igel               Larry & Sophie Kornhauser       Gennady & Yelena Magit
Larry & Anita Gordon         Antony & Gaby Jacobson         Paul & Tamara Krakauer          Leon & Leah Mann
Jacob & Karen Grimm          Pierre & Sue Jaquinot          Mark & Ilana Krasny             Bernard & Wendy Marin
The Gringlas Family          Peter Joss                     Iossif Krys & Galina Choulman   Peter Marks
Marat & Anna Grosman         Jonathan & Anna Kalman         Mark & Sharon Kuperholz         Richard & Richelle Marks
Garry & Julie Grossbard      Alan & Susan Kalus             Irving & Mary Laffner           Morris Mellinger
Esther Guest                 Nathan & Jan Kamien            Barry & Barbara Landau          Fred Mendelsohn
Samuel & Sharene Hambur      Benjamin & Sandra Kaminsky     Rita Lapidus                    Norman & Isabel Metz
Arthur & Helen Hamersfeld    Kathy Kaplan                   Ron & Sharon Lazarovits         Maxwell & Beverley Michael
Alan & Heidi Hayden          Les & Leah Kausman             Peter Lefkovic                  Alan & Andrea Miller
Joshua & Jacalyn Milner       Joseph & Annette Richter        Jeremy & Marika Shapiro               Eytan & Linda Uliel
Adam & Robyn Moroney          Morris & Orleigh Ritz           Stephen & Alana Sharp                 Ron & Susan Unger
Kevin & Deanne Nestadt        Lyn & Irvin Rockman             Alan & Phillippa Sheppet              Gavin & Shana Upiter
Niv & Ronit Novak             Susie Rockman                   Maurice & Judith Silman               The Warson & Kalus Families
David & Myriam Ochert         Marcus & Yolande Rose           Eric & Annie Silver                   The Weeden
The Parents’ Association      Phillip & Susan Rosenwax        Steven & Lousje Skala                   & Goldstone Families
Alexander & Svetlana Paykin   Hank & Judy Rothfield           Alex Slade                            Bradley & Tamar Wein
Stephen & Nicolette Pianko    Alan & Lilliane Rotman          Mark & Amanda Slade                   David & Angela Williams
Gregory & Lisa Pinkus         David & Pauline Rubinstein      The Jack & Robert Smorgon Families    David & Robyn Winograd
Kevin & Evelyn Pose           Steven & Raye Sacks             Victor Smorgon AO & Loti Smorgon AO   David & Kate Worth
Dov & Rosie Potaznik          Yoav & Nicole Schwalb           Val Suss                              Morry & Jillian Wroby
John Price & Catherine Lowy   Andrew & Bettina Schwartz       Mark & Lisa Sweet                     Phillippe & Marilyn Zimet
Shaun & Mandy Rabie           Steven & Katrin Serebnitski     Peter Szental & Lorraine Elsass
Philip & Nicole Rabinov       Nathan & Tanya Serry            Robert & Felicia Szwarcberg           This campaign also had many
Paul & Caron Raiter           Gregory Shalit & Miriam Faine   Saul & Roni Tager                     donors who have asked to
                                                              Stewart & Debbie Taylor               remain anonymous.
Robert & Debbie Rechtman      John & Monica Shalit
Michael & Amanda Reich        Bella Shannon                   Barry & Amanda Teperman               Every effort has been made to ensure
                                                              David & Deborah Tofler                the accuracy of this donor list,. Please advise
John & Helen Reisner            & the late George Shannon                                           the Development Manager if there is an error.

                                                                   Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre
Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre

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