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Liberty University - PDF by fjhuangjun

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									     rt ysit y
Libev er
U ni
                                                                                    Office of the Chancellor

       Dear Student,

       Welcome to Liberty University! You are embarking on an exciting new time in your life, and I
       am honored you have selected LU for your higher education. God has blessed Liberty since
       its humble beginnings in 1971, and today the university has more than 11,500 residential
       students and 37,000 online students.

       Your next few years will be full of academic and spiritual growth. I pray you will get to know
       Liberty’s excellent faculty members and consider their academic and career guidance. Our
       staff and faculty are dedicated to helping you respond to God’s calling for your life. As a unique
       individual, it will be exciting to see how you will impact Liberty and the community.

       Fall Orientation will be the beginning of your life at Liberty, so please take a moment to look
       over this booklet and see what registration steps you will need to complete once you arrive on
       campus. Orientation is a great time to meet other new students and to become familiar with
       our campus and its many recently completed facilities. Classes begin on Monday, Aug. 24, and
       we are looking forward to having you on campus. I know that through your years here, you will
       truly become a Champion for Christ.


       Jerry L. Falwell, Jr.
       Chancellor and President
       Liberty University

address 1971 University Boulevard
             University Boulevard                 phone (434) 582-2000
                                                        434-582-2651                    email
        Campus North 1605
        Lynchburg, VA 24502-2269                  fax   434-522-0445                    web
        Lynchburg, VA 24502-2269
table of Contents
What you need to know before you arrive:
4 // Complete Finanical Check-In & Pre-Arrival Checklist
6 // Computer Assessment

residence Hall Policies:
8 // What you Need to Pack
9 // University Supplied Items
9 // Items not Permitted in Residence Halls
9 // Campus East and Quad Living

What you need to know when you arrive:
10 // Moving into your Residence Hall
10 // Attending Freshman Seminar [FRSM 101]
10 // Meal Schedule
12-17 // Schedule of Required and Optional Events

Services lU Offers You:
18 // Enrollment Assistance, Student Housing Office and Integrated Learning
     Resource Center
19 // Resident Student Advocate Office, Light Medical and Career Center
20 // Liberty University Bookstore and Center for Academic Support and
     Advising Services
21 // Information Services HelpDesk, Liberty OneCard and International
     Student Center
22-23 // Student Conduct, Office of Spiritual Programs and other programs
24-25 // Dining Services
27 // Flames Club and Football Schedule
28-29 // Contact Sheets (Academic, Administrative, Clubs, and Ministries)

30-31 // liberty Fact Sheet + lynchburg Facts

Where you need to go:
32-36 // Maps of Liberty University

    Before You arrive
    Complete your Free application for Federal Student aid (FaFSa). If you have not
    already completed the FAFSA, submit it online at (Liberty University’s
    school code is 010392.) Until you complete your FAFSA, you will not be awarded
    Financial Aid, and you cannot select your housing or assignment.

    Complete Financial Check-in. Visit and click Financial Check-In. For
    an online instruction tutorial, visit and click Financial
    Check-In Tutorial.

    Complete Class registration. Visit and click LU Login. Log in with your
    username and password. Click Student and Financial Aid, then Registration. For an
    online instruction tutorial, visit Don’t forget to print your class
    schedule and bring it with you!

    Complete Housing application. The Housing Application can be completed while you
    are completing Financial Check-In. For various residence hall options, visit

    request your liberty OneCard. Visit, click on the Order Your
    Liberty OneCard link for instructions. All cards ordered after July 26 through ASIST will be
    mailed to your local Lynchburg, Virginia, address.

    Complete your FerPa form. Liberty University is committed to protecting your privacy.
    The FERPA form will grant parents certain rights with respect to their children’s education
    records. For more information, visit

    Choose Meal Plan through your aSiSt account. Go to and click LU
    Log in. Log in with your username and password. Click Student and Financial Aid, then
    Housing and Dining, then Meal Plan.

    Complete light Medical Form. Each student must complete a health form, which can be
    found online at, (click forms & applications).

    Please be aware of the following while completing the form:
        • Fill out the form completely with student’s information, paying close attention to ALL
          dates required (attachment of a shot record copy is acceptable.) The student must
          sign the document once complete.
        • As a reminder, Light Medical works just like a regular doctors office (visits are filed
          with patient’s health insurance). Office visits, therefore, will be billed at a regular rate
          and are not covered within the price of Liberty University’s tuition.

Steps to Complete
Financial Check-In • Fall 2009
New students are required to create their Liberty username and password by going to Liberty’s homepage:

Click on the link, “Create Your account/Forgotten Password.”
Continue through the screens, supplying the answers to the screens to create your Liberty User Account and Password.
This step also creates your ASIST account and Liberty Email account.
If you do not have your Student ID#, call (800) 543-5317 for an Admissions Counselor to assist you with this information.
For further Logon assistance, contact the Liberty University Information Technology HelpDesk: (434) 592-7800.

 TO COMPLETE                       1.    Sign on to liberty’s homepage,
                                   2.    Find and click Student login located on the top menu bar
       FINANCIAL                   3.    Log in with username and password in the LU Login box, then click Go.
                                   4.    (If you do not have a Liberty account, please click Create Account and follow the instructions.)
         CHECk-IN                  5.    Find and click aSiSt.
                                   6.    Find and click Log into the new aSiSt.
            ONLINE:                7.    Find and click Student and Financial aid.
                                   8.    Find and click Financial Check-in.
                                   9.    The Financial Check-in Welcome page will let you know that you need to proceed through all
                                         the pages until you reach the page that states - “Thank you for completion of Financial
                                         Check-In.” Click “Get Started.”
                                   10.   Select the term you are completing Financial Check-In for (Fall 2009) and click Continue.
                                   11.   Review Policies and Procedures.
                                   12.   On the Address Verification page find and click View address to update your information, once
                                         this information is verified and/or updated click Continue.
                                   13.   The Credit Balance Options page is where the student indicates their refund option if
                                         a credit is generated.
                                   14.   On the Vehicle registration page, select whether you will have a vehicle on campus and
                                         then click Continue.
                                   15.   On the Housing page complete On Campus application and proceed through Housing selection
                                         pages (contact (434) 592-4139 for all Housing questions).
                                   16.   On the Book Voucher page enter dollar amount minus any Book Dollars for which you may have
                                   17.   Confirm your book voucher dollar amount if applicable on the Book Voucher Confirmation
                                         page, and click on Continue.
                                   18.   The Financial aid acknowledgement page informs you of important information related to
                                         receiving Financial Aid, then click on Continue.
                                   19.   The Financial aid Summary page shows elements and awards you may receive, review and
                                         click on Continue.
                                   20.   The Summary of account page shows the previous balance, tuition, fees, housing fee,
                                         financial aid elements and balance. Click on Continue to view payment options.
                                   21.   Select a payment option on the Payment Plan Selection page.
                                   22.   Enter your payment method, either credit card or checking account to be drafted, read and
                                         agree to be contacted for payment option selected on the Check-in Contract page.
                                   23.   Print the Check-in Confirmation page for your records – the confirmation page includes the
                                         Summary of Account, payment option selected, personal account information, and contract.
                                         it is very important that this page is printed for your records.

S T E P S T O C O N F I R M A D J U S T E D I N S TA L L M E N T S :
If you have chosen an installment plan that will show adjustments later due to Financial Aid, housing or Other changes, you
will need to confirm those new amounts 5 days prior to the drafting of the next scheduled payment. Please log onto ASIST,
click on Financial Check-In and follow the steps to confirm the new amounts. If the new amounts are not confirmed 5 days
prior to the next draft date the last confirmed amount will be processed. Please contact Student Accounts at (434) 592-5100,
select option 3, then 1, or toll-free (888) 632-5551.

    Computer assessment
    After completing Financial Check-In, all incoming students, both freshmen and transfer, are required
    to take an online computer assessment. Freshmen are required to take (not pass) the computer
    assessment in order to pass Freshman Seminar. Transfer students who have transferred in a computer
    course as “INFT 110” are exempt from the assessment.

    All students should take the computer assessment online the summer prior to entering Liberty.
    Directions for taking the assessment can be found at Students
    who are not able to take the assessment online at home during the summer may take it on Saturday,
    Aug. 22. Appointments will be made during Orientation. it iS HiGHlY reCOMMenDeD tHat
    StUDentS taKe tHe COMPUter aSSeSSMent DUrinG tHe SUMMer.

    Pre-test, training, Post-test
    Students must complete Financial Check-In before taking the computer assessment. The computer
    assessment consists of a Pre-test, Training, and a Post-test. Students who pass the Pre-test (75%) are not
    required to take the Post-test. Students may take the Post-test after the required Training is completed.

    inFt 110
    If a student does not pass the computer assessment the first semester of his/her program, then the
    student will be required to take INFT 110, Computer Concepts and Applications. This class must be
    done during his/her first 45 credit hours at Liberty, or the first year if a transfer student.

Mak e sure you
have regis tere d
for clas ses
and finan ciall y
chec ked- in befo re
you arriv e!

    What to Pack...
    things you SHOUlD (and SHOUlDn’t) bring with you to liberty
    To assist you in your preparation for college, information has been provided below regarding what is supplied
    and what is allowed in our residence halls. Please be aware that university furniture may not be removed from
    the room. Please plan accordingly with your roommate(s) to avoid duplication of items. Students should only use
    push pins or tacks to attach posters, pictures, etc. to dry wall, not cinder blocks. Any use of tape or adhesive
    putty is at your own risk. Students are held responsible if wall damage or discoloration occurs. Remember, all
    beds are sized regular twin.

           things to Bring
           • Bible
           • Pillow, sheets, blankets, mattress pad
           • Storage Crates - load them to travel, and then stack them for storage
           • Flashlight and batteries
           • Laundry basket, drying rack, ironing board, iron
           • Laundry supplies - detergent and fabric softener
              (we have a service available that provides you
              with laundry cards)
           • Small sewing kit (and safety pins)
           • Rain jacket and umbrella
           • Backpack
           • Desk supplies - pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, ruler, calculator,
              stapler, tape and dispenser, paper, envelopes, scissors
           • Dictionary, thesaurus
           • Cleaning supplies - window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, broom
           • Alarm clock
           • Desk lamp
           • Note cards, stamps, roll of quarters
           • Contact lens supplies and glasses
           • First aid kit - make your own and stock it with the following: bandages
              (variety of sizes), peroxide, antiseptic cream, digital thermometer,
              headache medicine, cough drops, cold medicine
           • Emergency medical information (when you check in with your
              Resident Assistant (RA), you will need to supply insurance information,
              family doctor information, medical conditions/prescriptions used and
              emergency contact information)
           • Trash can and trash bags
           • Power strips with circuit breakers
           • Shower shoes

                                                                                      Don’t forget
                                                                                      to bring a
                                                                                      toothbrush &

University Supplied items in residence Halls
Traditional (3 Person Room)                        A single loft kit will be supplied for one bed
• 3 desks, 3 dressers                              Campus East & Quad-Living (2 Person Room)
• 3 desk chairs                                    • 2 desks
• 2 closets                                        • 2 dressers
• 3 beds (one lofted bed, one bunked bed)          • 2 desk chairs
• A sink and a mirror                              • 1 closet
• A window blind                                   • 2 beds (outside lofts are not permitted)
                                                   • A window blind

   What is nOt Permitted in Main Campus residence Halls
   • Pets (except fish)
   • Nails and tape that damage walls
   • Water bed
   • Multiple-plug outlets (except surge protectors)
   • Hot plates / hot pots
   • Sandwich makers
   • Toasters / toaster ovens / George Foreman Grill
   • Candles
   • Space heaters
   • Air conditioners
   • Tubular halogen light bulbs
   • Torchiere-style halogen lamps
   • Extension cords
                                      Campus east essentials
                                      • Toilet paper, plunger, bathroom cleaning supplies, toilet shelf
                                      • Trash cans and trash bags
                                      • Plates, silverware, cups, pots and pans
                                      • Bathmat
                                      • Entry floor mat/rug
                                      • Toasters and George Foreman grills are allowed
                                      • Mop, bucket, broom, vacuum cleaner

      What is nOt Permitted in Campus east residence Halls
      • Pets (except fish)
      •Nails and tape that damage walls
      • Water bed
      • Multiple-plug outlets (except surge protectors)
                                                                                   Call your
      • Extension Cords                                                           roommates
      • Torchiere-style halogen lamps                                          to see what they
      • Tubular halogen light bulbs
      • Candles                                                                  are bringing
      • Space heaters
      • Air conditioners

 institutional liability
 the University will not be responsible for damage to or loss of personal belongings which are
 a result of wind, water, insects, rodents, vandalism, or theft. However, when damage or loss is
 reported, the University will take reasonable steps to attempt to resolve the problem. Students
 are encouraged to make sure personal belongings are covered by a renter’s insurance policy or
 parent’s home owner’s insurance policy [see On-Campus housing agreement].

     Upon arrival
     If you have not completed the following, please visit the DeMoss Hall Grand Lobby and ILRC
     (both located on the 2nd floor of DeMoss Hall) on Wednesday, Aug. 19, between the hours of
     8 a.m. - 5 p.m. For students arriving Thursday, Aug. 20 and Friday, Aug. 21 please visit the
     offices locations listed below.

         • Financial Check-In                                   • Health Form
         • Class Registration                                   • Liberty OneCard
         • Housing Application and Assignment                   • Vehicle Registration
         • Meal Plan Option Selection

     If you have completed the steps listed above then please go directly to your assigned
     residence hall. You will be able to complete check-in with your RA and receive your room key
     all day on Wednesday, Aug. 19.

     Freshman Seminar (FrSM 101)
     Freshman Seminar will begin on Thursday, Aug. 20. This orientation
     course is required for all first-time college freshmen and transfers who
     have 12 or fewer credits. For more info go to

     transfer Orientation
     All Transfers should plan to attend a Transfer Orientation at 9 a.m. on
     Friday, Aug, 21. Location: Campus North 1500

     residence Hall information:
     New and Transfer students who have completed Financial Check-In and
     have received a housing assignment may check in to their residence hall
     during the following times:

     Tuesday, Aug. 18 after 6 p.m.
     Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 8 a.m.
     (Residence Hall Check-in)

     Students who know their room assignment may go directly to their
     assigned residence hall and receive their key from the Resident Assistant
     (RA) during Check-In times. On Wednesday, Housing personnel will be
     available in the DeMoss Hall ILRC to assist students who do not have a
     housing assignment or are unsure of their assignment.

     No early arrivals are allowed except for specific groups that have been
     pre-approved by the Office of Student Housing. If you have questions
     regarding your assignment, the Office of Student Housing can be
     contacted at or (434) 592-4139.

     Meal Schedule
     The first meal served at the Reber-Thomas Dining Hall for new and
     transfer students will be lunch on Wednesday, Aug. 19. All additional
     dining options on campus will be open beginning Monday, Aug. 24.
     Your Liberty OneCard (student ID) is required for admission into the
     Reber-Thomas Dining Hall beginning Monday, Aug. 24.

                Do n’ t fo rg et to sa y
                go od by e to Fa M ilY an d
                Fr ie nD S ...
                Ge t oi l ch an ge d be fo re
                dr ivi ng to ly nc hb ur g,
                Vi rg in ia.

important Websites
Financial Check-in –
(click Financial Check-in tutorial)

Class registration –

Housing Options –

Meal Plan Options –

liberty OneCard –

Freshman Seminar –

information technology Customer Support –

               tuesday, aug.18                                  Optional event   required event   Campus recreation

                       note: early check-in is only available for international students and
                       those students who have completed Financial Check-in and have
                       already received their room assignment.
                       note: the reber-thomas Dining Hall will not open until lunch on Wednesday, aug. 19.









                6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
                residence Hall Check-in for
     7:00pm     those arriving early

                Location: Go directly to your
     8:00pm     CONFIRMED Residence Hall
                and pick up your key from the
                Resident Assistants (RAs).



                                                               12 a.m.
     1:00am                                                   CUrFeW

          Wednesday, aug. 19                                    Optional event    required event          Campus recreation

7:00am                                                                                                       6 a.m. -
           note: the reber-thomas Dining Hall will open for lunch at 11:30 a.m.
                                                                                                             9:30 p.m.
                                                                                                             laHaye Student
8:00am                                                                                                       Union Open
          8 a.m. -          8 a.m. -             8 a.m. -            8 a.m. - 9 p.m.
          10 p.m.           5 p.m.               5 p.m.              HelpDesk Blitz
9:00am    Check-in          Check-ln             Class               tolsma indoor track
          for students      for students         registration        The HelpDesk Blitz is a service
10:00am   with Housing      who have not         for those           to help new students who have
          assignments       completed            without             problems getting connected to
                            Financial            schedules           Liberty’s network
          location:         Check-in
          Pick up your      or selected          Location:      11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.        11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
12:00pm   key from the      Housing              (ILRC)         lunch                         Karaoke
                                                                Reber-Thomas Dining Hall      Reber-Thomas Dining Hall
1:00pm    assistant’s       Location:
          (ra) room         (ILRC                                     1 p.m. -                Prizes available
          on your           Computer lab                              5 p.m.
2:00pm                                                                Community
          residence         located on the
          Hall.             2nd floor of                              Welcome Fair
3:00pm                      DeMoss Hall)                              Location: Vines         3 p.m. - 4 p.m.
                                                                      Center Concourse
                                                                                              Session for Parents
                                                                                              DeMoss 1114
                                                                                              This session will help you
5:00pm                                                                                        transition with having a student
                            5 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.                                                away at college
                            Dinner & Karaoke
                            reber-thomas Dining Hall

                         7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
                         “an evening of Jazz”
                                                                                                Community Welcome Fair
                                                                                                1-5 p.m.                           Door Prizes - Giveaways
9:00pm                   DeMoss Courtyard                                                       Vines Center                       Networking Connections

                         Outdoor jazz concert with coffee and desserts
                                                                                               Featuring local businesses, on-campus o ces and
10:00pm                                                                                        organizations, banks, cell phone companies, restaurants and more …
                                                                                               ready to welcome you to campus and the Lynchburg community.

                                                       11 p.m.
                                         CUrFeW/Hall MeetinG & PraYer GrOUPS


                   thursday, aug. 20                                  Optional event    required event       Campus recreation

         7:00am                                                                                               6 a.m. -
                                           7 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.                                                 9:30 p.m.
                                           Breakfast                                                          laHaye Student
                                                                                                              Union Open
                     8 a.m. - 5 p.m.       Reber-Thomas Dining Hall      8 a.m. - 9 p.m.
                     Check-in for                                        HelpDesk Blitz
     9:00am                                                              tolsma indoor track
                     students who have     9 a.m. - 10 a.m.
                     not completed         new Student Convocation
     10:00am         Financial Check-in    Location: Vines Center
                     or selected housing
         11:00am                           10:20 a.m. -
                     location:             12:50 p.m.                 11 a.m. -            11 a.m. -
                     DeMoss Hall           FrSM Group 1               12 p.m.              12 p.m.
         12:00pm     Computer lab                                     Or                   Or                 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
                     (ilrC)                Location: see class        1:30 p.m. -          1:30 p.m. -        lunch Break
                                           schedule                   2:30 p.m.            2:30 p.m.          entertainment- games,
                                                                      Keeping it Safe      Keeping it Safe    karaoke, prizes
                                                                      for Women            for Men
                                           1 p.m. -                                                           Reber-Thomas Dining
                     Class registration    3:30 p.m.                  Location: Towns      Location:          Hall
     2:00pm          for those without     FrSM Group 2               Auditorium           DeMoss
                     schedules                                                             1113/1114
                                           Location: see class
     3:00pm                                schedule
                     Location: CASAS                                                                3 p.m. - 4 p.m.
                     (DH 2016)                                                                      Session for Parents
         4:00pm                            3:45 p.m. -
                                           6:15 p.m.                                                DeMoss 1114
                                           FrSM Group 3                                             This session will help you
     5:00pm                                                                                         transition with having a student
                                           Location: see class                                      away at college
         6:00pm                                                         5:15 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
                                                                        Chancellor’s Cookout

                                               11:30 a.m. -             Williams Stadium
                                               1:30 p.m.                                      7 p.m.
                                               lunch                                          Music Placement exam
                                                                                              PA 101
                                               Reber-Thomas Dining                            *Attention Music Majors
     9:00pm                                    Hall

                                                               10 p.m.
         11:00pm                                 CUrFeW/Hall MeetinG & PraYer GrOUPS



          Friday, aug. 21                                          Optional event      required event       Campus recreation

                                                           Note: Transfer and Returning                               6 a.m. -
          7 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.
                                                           students will begin to arrive today                        12 a.m.
          Breakfast                                                                                                   laHaye
                                                                                                                      Student Union
          Reber-Thomas Dining Hall                               8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
                                                                 Check-in                                             Open
9:00am    HelpDesk Blitz                                         for students
          All day - Tolsma Indoor Track
                                          times:                 who have not
                                          9 a.m. – 10 a.m.;      completed
10:00am                                   11 a.m. – 12 p.m.;     Financial
          10 a.m. -                       2 p.m. – 3 p.m. ;      Check-in
          12:30 p.m.                      4 p.m. – 5 p.m.        or selected
11:00am   FrSM Group 1                    Choose an              housing
                                          elective for FrSM
          Location: see class             101 requirements       Location:                11:30 a.m. -          11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
12:00pm   schedule                                               Student Service          1:30 p.m.             lunch Break
                                          *Electives will be     Center, Campus           lunch                 entertainment- games,
                                          provided by FRSM       North                                          karaoke, prizes
1:00pm                                    101 Instructor                                  Reber-Thomas
          1 p.m. -                                                                        Dining Hall           Reber-Thomas Dining
          3:30 p.m.                                              Class                                          Hall
2:00pm    FrSM Group 2                                           registration for
                                                                 those without
          Location: see class                                    schedules
3:00pm    schedule
                                                                 CaSaS (DH
4:00pm    3:45 p.m. -                                            2016)
          6:15 p.m.
          FrSM Group 3
          Location: see class                                                                   5 p.m.- 7:15 p.m.
          schedule                                                                              Dinner
6:00pm                                         6:30 p.m.
                                               registration                                     reber-thomas Dining Hall
                                7 p.m. - 10 p.m.       7 p.m. -
                                Basketball             10 p.m.                     9 a.m. -
8:00pm                          tournament             Beach Volleyball            12:30 p.m.
                                                       tournament                  transfer Student
                                Location: LaHaye                                   Orientation
9:00pm                                                 Location:
                                Student Union          David’s Place               Location: CN 1500
10:00pm                                                                            *Required for all transfer
                                                                                   students only

                10 p.m.
                Free Concert (musical talent tBa)
                Tilley Student Center
1:00am                                                          12:30 a.m.              12:30 a.m. - 2:30 a.m.
                                                                CUrFeW                  late Skate

                                                                                        laHaye ice Center
                                                                                        (approved late night activity)

               Saturday, aug. 22                                   Optional event   required event     Campus recreation

               7 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.
               Reber-Thomas Dining Hall                                      8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
                                                                             Computer assessment
                                                                             testing                            9 a.m. -
                                                                                                                12 a.m.
     10:00am                                                                 Location: ILRC                     laHaye
                                          Times:                             *Required if not completed
                                          10 a.m. - 11 a.m.;                                                    Student Union
     11:00am                                                                 online                             Open
                                          2 p.m. - 3 p.m.
                                          introduction to research
               11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.     ilrC                               Freshman and Transfers
     12:00pm   lunch
                                          Location: Vines Center
               Reber-Thomas Dining
     1:00pm    Hall                       each new student is
                                          required to attend this
     2:00pm    1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.      workshop at one of the
               Canadian and late-         two offered times.
               arriving international
     3:00pm    Student Orientation

               Campus North 1875

                                                     5 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.
               6:05 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
               Baseball at City Stadium              reber-thomas Dining Hall
               *Semi-Pro Baseball,        7 p.m. - 9 p.m.                                7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
               $2 admission               Beach Volleyball tournament Championships      Basketball tournament Championships
     8:00pm    & Free fireworks
               Lynchburg City Stadium     Location:                                      Location:
                                          David’s Place                                  LaHaye Student Union
               9 p.m.
               “Carless Drive-in“
               Double feature
               movie outside on
     11:00pm   a giant screen.

     12:00am   Residence Hall 28

     1:00am                                                    12:30 a.m.           12:30 a.m. - 2:30 a.m.
                                                               CUrFeW               late Skate

                                                                                    LaHaye Ice Center
                                                                                    (Approved late night activity)

          Sunday, aug. 23                                           Optional event   required event   Campus recreation

          7 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.
          Reber-Thomas Dining Hall



                                          10:30 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
11:00am                                   Campus Church

          11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.          Vines Center

1:00pm    reber-thomas Dining Hall
                                                                                         1 p.m. - 12 a.m.
                                                                                         laHaye Student Union Open
                                                             Cla ss es Be gin
3:00pm                                                       to mo rro w!


          5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
          reber-thomas Dining Hall

                                                                    7:15 p.m.
8:00pm                                                              Freshmen Church Service




                                                               12 a.m.
1:00am                                                        CUrFeW
                                     *Classes start tomorrow. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep.

     Services For You
     enrOllMent aSSiStanCe
     Still working through the enrollment process?

     Be sure to take advantage of our special enrollment assistance on Wednesday, Aug. 19 in the ILRC Computer Lab (DeMoss Hall 2nd
     Floor) from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (closed for lunch)

     You will be able to receive assistance with all of the following:

               • Verifying Your Financial Aid Package and Scholarships
               • Completing Financial Check-In
               • Completing Class Registration
               • Be Photographed for your Liberty OneCard (Student ID)
                 If not completed online prior to arrival (Valid Photo I.D. required)
               • Reserving Textbooks for Your Fall Classes
               • Completing Math/English Assessments (if not completed online prior to arrival)
               • Completing Computer Competency Assessment (if Financial Check-In is complete)
               • Applying for Housing (if Financial Check-In is complete)
               • Registering Your Vehicle with LUPD (Valid license and registration required)
               • Answering transfer student related questions (if applicable)

     StUDent HOUSinG OFFiCe
     Student Housing coordinates the details related to Liberty University’s 186 Residence Hall floors.

     For additional information: Betty Saunders, Director
     • Residence Hall 17 •
     • (434) 592-4139 •

     ilrC (Integrated Learning Resource Center)
     Liberty offers a state-of-the-art computer technology center which, in conjunction with the library, is known as the
     Integrated Learning Resource Center (ILRC). The library, which houses almost two hundred thousand volumes,
     services students in all areas of research and project planning. The computer lab houses computers loaded with
     Microsoft Office 2007, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visual Studio, QuarkXpress, Mathematica, and SPSS. Specialty
     labs include MIDI, Language and Macintosh. In addition, student residences are equipped with filtered high-speed
     Internet. The library also has a wide variety of online resources, including over 60,000 online full-text journals; 72,000
     e-books; and 250 research databases.

     For additional information: Dr. David Barnett, Dean
     DeMoss Hall Learning Center •
     • (434) 592-3751 •

StUDent aDVOCate OFFiCe (SAO)
We’Ve GOt YOUr BaCK!

The Student Advocate Office has been established to help students who have already gone through all the customary
operating procedures but have not been able to resolve their particular challenges; even after they have exhausted all
other options.

Upon arriving on campus this fall, the responsibility to oversee your success will
transition from Admissions to a variety of offices, including the Student Advocate Office.
A Student Advocate will assist you through the process of completing your degree.

For additional information:
Michael Shenkle, Director
Campus North 2668 • • (434) 582-7200
• • Mon. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

liGHt MeDiCal
• When filling out the health form, students need to make sure that the form is filled out COMPLETELY, front and back.
  (Please make sure that the information given is the student’s information.)
• It is extremely important that the STUDENT signs the form when completed, not the parent.
• On section three, pertaining to immunizations, students need to fill in ALL dates required OR attach a copy of their shot record
  from their primary care physician, health department or hospital.
• As a reminder, Light Medical works just like a regular doctor’s office (we file visits to the patient’s health insurance).

Office visits, therefore, will be billed a regular rate and are not covered within the price of Liberty University’s tuition fees.

For additional information:
Health Services Building • • (434) 582-2514
• • Mon. - Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Career Center
Our mission is to eqUiP Liberty students and alumni by providing educational and career development opportunities in
collaboration with university and community partners.

       • Experiential Education - Internship, Job shadowing and alumni mentoring to develop skills and hands-on experience
       • Washington Semester - Experience the nations capital while living, studying and interning in Washington, D.C.
       • Professional Development - Resume & cover letter writing and critique, mock interviews, networking and job search skills
       • Other Services - Graduate school preparation, Career fairs & workshops
       • LUnetWORK- Online job list for LU students and alumni

For additional information:
Carrie Barnhouse, Director
DeMoss Hall 1007 • • (434) 592-4109 •

     Parent anD FaMilY COnneCtiOnS

     Parent and Family Connections provides programs uniquely designed for parents and serves as a liaison between the
     parents and the university student support services. This office provides many resources to assist parents while their
     students attend Liberty.

     MARK YOUR CALENDAR - plan to join us for Fall Family Weekend, Oct. 30 - Nov. 1. Online registration will begin in
     September. For more information about our office and Family Weekend details, visit: Be sure to
     make your hotel reservations early!

     For additional information: Theresa Dunbar, Director
     Residence Hall 17 •
     • (434) 582-2339 •

     liBertY UniVerSitY BOOKStOre
     If you are receiving a book voucher please make sure to also include a major credit card as back up. If we are not able
     to process the voucher at the time of the transaction it will default to the credit card, without a backup credit card the
     order will have to be cancelled. We will gladly refund your credit card and charge your voucher as soon as the voucher
     comes available. Please make sure to keep your receipts for any returns or exchanges.

     For additional information: • (434) 582-2316
     Please visit our new 20,000 square foot location while on campus today.

     CaSaS (Center for Academic Support and Advising Services)
     Support for today. Success for life.

     academic advising                                              Freshman Seminar (FrSM)
     • Check out for important         • Interactive course with other first-time students
       tips & suggestions.                                          • Introduction to LU policies and procedures
     • All new students must meet with their Professional           • Sarah Boettger, Coordinator
       Advisors prior to class registration for Spring Semester.      (434) 592-4110 •
     • Dr. Brian Yates, Executive Director
       (434) 592-4110 •                           Office of Disability Academic Support (ODAS)
                                                                    • Assistance with scheduling of classes
     Bruckner learning Center (BlC)                                 • Coordination of reasonable accommodations
     • College Study Strategy classes                               • Learning Assistive Computer Lab
     • Tutoring software                                            • Hands of Liberty Deaf Department
     • Dr. Heather Schoffstall, Director                            • Denny McHaney, Director
       (434) 582-2226 •                      (434) 582-2159 •

     Career Center                                                  Standardized testing
     • Career and Academic Support Services                         • Jim Wagner, Director
     • Carrie Barnhouse, Director                                     (434) 592-4110 •
       (434) 592-4109 •
                                                                    tutoring/testing Center (t/tC)
     Developmental Mathematics                                      • Free peer-tutoring in variety of subjects
     • Foundational Math classes                                    • Computerized CLEP testing
     • Supervised math lab                                          • Make-up test site
     • Assistance with test anxiety                                 • Janie Harrison, Supervisor
     • Kathy Spradlin, Coordinator                                    (434) 582-2130 •
       (434) 592-3388 •

inFOrMatiOn SerViCeS HelPDeSK

Computer Support
Liberty University has a world-class, high-speed network designed to meet the expectations of this mobile
generation. The network includes high-speed wired connections in the Residence Halls and campus-wide
connectivity through our wireless network. Behind the scenes, our Network Operations Center staff works 24 hours
a day to provide the best network and application service possible.

Liberty University also offers superior customer support through the IT HelpDesk. The HelpDesk is available for
phone and walk-in support and has certified technicians who can repair hardware and software problems on
Lenovo, Dell and Apple computers that are under warranty at no charge. For more information about the HelpDesk
and the services offered visit,

it Marketplace
The IT Marketplace provides students with the ability to purchase computers, software, and much more at
discounted educational prices. Some of the major brands are: Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Lenovo and Sony. The IT
Marketplace also offers recommended systems that will assist you in maximizing the technology on campus
throughout your career at Liberty. These systems will not only fit the specifications for your area of concentration,
but also come with a four year warranty so there will be no need to worry if something needs repair.

For more information about the IT Marketplace and the recommended systems visit,

liBertY OneCarD

The Liberty OneCard is your Student ID. It also has the potential to be the DEBIT card for the OneAccount offered
by Higher One.

To ensure delivery of your Liberty OneCard prior to leaving home and to avoid standing in line, upload your photo
through ASIST prior to July 26. If a photo is submitted after July 26 the Liberty OneCard will be mailed to your lo-
cal Lynchburg, Virginia, address. Visit, click on the Order Your Liberty OneCard link for
instructions. If you are unable to order your card in advance stop by to have your photo taken. Be sure to bring your
government issued photo ID (drivers license/permit, state ID, passport or military ID) to verify your identity. If you
do not have a government issued photo ID you must present an original birth certificate, social security card and a
statement/bill mailed to your legal home permanent address to verify your identity. You will be provided a temporary
ID to use around campus until your Liberty OneCard arrives.

To take advantage of the optional FDIC insured OneAccount your Liberty OneCard must be ordered prior to making
a deposit. You can make online deposits to the OneAccount 24 hours a day. Visit the Higher One website www., click on the Family and Friends tab to begin the process. Please note: Higher One does not ac-
cept cash deposits using the overnight deposit delivery service offered on campus. Only checks and money orders
made out to the student can be sent via overnight delivery. The OneAccount deposit drop box is located outside the
Student Service Center in Campus North.

For additional information: • • (434) 582-7771 • Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. • Campus North

     OFFiCe OF SPiritUal PrOGraMS

     Weekly Campus Church and Convocation services connect students with their Creator through passionate worship
     and powerful messages firmly rooted in Biblical truth.

              Contact Information for Spiritual Life:
              Pastor Johnnie Moore, Vice President of Executive Projects and Campus Pastor
                Phone: (434) 592-3274

     OFFiCe OF StUDent leaDerSHiP (OSL)

     The Office of Student Leadership wants to see that EVERY student is ministered to by another student. We have four
     objectives when it comes to ministering to students:

     Every student is loved
     Every student is prayed for daily by name
     Every student is prayed with weekly
     Every student is given the chance to be personally discipled

             Contact Information for the Office of Student Leadership:
             Pastor Dwayne Carson, Vice President for Spiritual Development, Director of OSL
               Phone: (434) 592-4138

     StUDent Care

     Student Care offers complimentary counseling and mentorship while also providing first response ministry to students
     experiencing personal or family crises.

              Contact Information the Office of Student Care:
                 Hope Mink
                 Senior Care Director of Programming
                 Phone: (434) 582-2651

                 keith Anderson, Director
                 Phone: (434) 582-2320

     Center4Me (Center for Multicultural enrichment)
     The Center for Multicultural Enrichment provides information and advocacy for students from various ethnic
     backgrounds through programs and services that promote unity and celebrate cultural diversity at Liberty University
     and in Central Virginia.

             • Campus and Community Relations                       •   EQUALITY Factor Movement
             • Black Student Initiative                             •   ASSIST Program
             • Special Projects                                     •   Connections Weekly
             • Cultural Awareness                                   •   Urban Affairs

     For additional information: Melany A. Pearl, Director
     Residence Hall 20 • • (434) 592-4020 •

CaMPUS reCreatiOn

Student activities, intramural Sports, laHaye Student Union, laHaye ice Center,
Club Sports and Snowflex
Connects you to all Liberty University has to offer beyond the classroom.

       Contact Information for Campus Recreation:
         Phone: (434) 592-3148


liberty University HOnOr Code
Student Conduct supervises the Student Court and Office of Student Conduct which are
responsible for implementing “The Liberty Way.” One of the most important aspects of
maintaining an encouraging Christian environment at Liberty University is our Honor Code,
which states:

“We, the students, faculty, and staff of Liberty University, have a responsibility to uphold the
moral and ethical standards of this institution and personally confront those who do not.”

Every student attending Liberty University must agree to abide by the Honor Code;
therefore, it is important that students review The Liberty Way (student handbook), which
can be found at

The Division of Student Affairs maintains the policies within the student handbook, but it
is each person’s responsibility to uphold these standards. If you have questions or need
assistance at any time, please contact any of the Student Affairs Offices listed below:

       Contact Information for the Office of Student Conduct:
          Keith Anderson, Chief Conduct Officer
          Phone: (434) 582-2687

            Phone: (434) 582-2320

internatiOnal StUDent Center
The C. Daniel kim International Student Center opened its doors in spring 2004 to meet the needs of the growing body
of international students at Liberty University. The ISC sponsors events throughout the year to celebrate international
students and their cultures as well as provide field trips and other opportunities for international students to experience
all that Liberty and the Commonwealth of Virginia have to offer.

The International Student Center is a primary location for information and activities for current international
students. Foreign Student Advisors, the International Student Advocate, the International Student Program Coordinator
and international student health insurance office are all housed in the International Student Center.
Come visit us and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea anytime!

For more information: • (434) 592-4118 • Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. • SLAB 126

     DininG at liBertY UniVerSitY

             reber-thomas Dining Hall
             LU’s primary all-you-can-eat dining hall offers a delicious dining experience with a wide variety of buffet
             stations including Grill, Pizza, Deli, Classics, Vegetarian, Salad, Pasta, Soup, Dessert, Asian and Mexican
             in a casual atmosphere.
                    Located between the Schilling Center and the Al Worthington Baseball Field

             Café a la Cart                                           Hill City Bistro and Crave Café
             The perfect stop-off in between classes, the             Our bistro and café offers a full buffet for breakfast,
             café offers Starbucks coffee, salads, and more!          lunch and dinner while offering hot grill items to order
                    Located in DeMoss Hall                            and espresso drinks of every kind. Proudly brewing
                                                                      Green Mountain Coffee.
                                                                              Located in the Lynchburg Inn
             Doc’s Diner
             Liberty’s first full-service restaurant! Doc’s
             serves breakfast all day and offers an extensive         Jazzman’s Café
             diner menu. Named in honor of the university’s           Signature coffee, smoothies and
             beloved founder, Doc’s celebrates the rich               bottles drinks, fresh gourmet pastries,
             history of Liberty University and Thomas Road            sandwiches and salads!
             Baptist Church! Open to the public, so come                     Located in 2nd Floor
             celebrate with us!                                                DeMoss Hall ILRC
                    Located on Campus East
                                                                      Keyhole Convenience
             Flames Zone & Corner Pocket                              A fast and easy way to get fed near home!
             Offering burgers, wings, fries, hot/cold subs,           Snacks, drink, sundries, sandwiches and salads.
             salads and convenience foods to go.                             Located in Residence Hall 14
                    Located in the Campus East Clubhouse

                                                                      Snowflex Café
             Founders Food Court                                      After you hit the slopes, relax in the lodge with a Starbucks
             Serving Chick-fil-A, Jazzman’s, Sub Connection,          beverage and gourmet sandwich or salad! This place is our
             Grill 155, Southern Tsunami Sushi. Our second            newest convenient grab-and-go outlet.
             largest location.                                               Located on Liberty Mountain
                     Located centrally in Campus North

                                                                      Sub Connection
             Hangar Food Court                                        Hot/Cold subs, drinks and more fresh daily!
             Centrally located, the Hangar provides a food                  Located in 1st floor DeMoss Hall, Back Hallway
             court atmosphere serving burgers, wings, wraps,
             smoothies, Starbucks Coffee, Pizza Hut and more!
                    Located in the Courtyard                          tilley Café
                                                                      A great place to relax, study, and dine. Proudly brewing
                                                                      Starbucks coffee, serving Chick-fil-A and Domino’s.
                                                                             Located in the Tilley Center on Campus North

Join the 2009 Student Flames Club!
the Student Flames Club (SFC) is a group of liberty Students who are passionate about Flames athletics,
and membership is only $25.

Our purpose is to provide members with an identity that connects them to the teams, helps to enhance the
gameday atmosphere, and is instrumental in spreading enthusiasm and support for our athletics program
throughout the entire student body.

Benefits include:
 • Your Authentic Nike SFC T-Shirt
 • Discounts at restaurants and vendors in the local area
 • SFC Window Decal
 • Priority on reserved premium tailgating spaces for all home football games
 • Priority on tickets and travel arrangements for away games
 • Invitation to the inflatable Liberty “Flames Fan Tent” at all away football games
 • Exclusive “Flames Insider” electronic newsletter with the latest news and results for all LU teams
 • Opportunity for your parents to join the Flames Club at a 25% discount
 • Membership credit for Flames Club Loyalty Points upon graduation

                    2009 liberty Football Schedule
                    Sept. 5     at West Virginia
                    Sept. 12    n.C. Central
                    Sept. 19    at Lafayette
                    Sept. 26    James Madison (Hall of Fame Weekend)
                    Oct. 3      West Virginia Wesleyan
                    Oct. 17     Coastal Carolina (Homecoming Weekend)*
                    Oct. 24     at Charleston Southern*
                    Oct. 31     Presbyterian (Family Weekend)*
                    nov. 7      VMi*
                    Nov. 14     at Gardner-Webb*
                    Nov. 21     at Stony Brook*

                    * - Denotes Big South Conference Game”

           SFC Membership application
           name:__________________ anticipated Graduation:________ Hometown:_______________________
           lU email:__________________________

           t-Shirt Size (circle one):
           Men’s: S M l Xl XXl XXXl
           Women’s: S M l Xl

           Membership Cost: $25

           Method of Payment (circle one): Cash Check Credit Card
           Card number:______________________________________
           exp. Date:_____________ Security Code:

           Make checks payable to “Flames Club”, and deliver to:
           Student Flames Club
           Hancock athletics Center
           1971 University Blvd.
           lynchburg, Va 24502

     SCHOOL/DEPARTMENT                                  DEAN/DEPARTMENT CHAIR/CONTACT             PHONE          OFFICE NUMBER
     Vice Chancellor                                    Dr. Ronald S. Godwin                      434-582-7600   CN-Executive Suites
     Provost/Vice Pres. For Academic Affairs            Dr. Boyd Rist                             434-592-3232   CN-1661
     Honors Program                                     Dr. Jim Nutter                            434-592-3304   DH-2196
     Dean of Graduate School                            Dr. Fred Milacci                          434-592-4043   CN-Executive Suites
     School of Aeronautics                              Brig. Gen. David Young, Dean USAF (ret)   434-592-3942   AS-102
     Aviation                                           Capt. Ernie Rogers USN (ret)              434-582-2183   AS-102
     College of Arts and Sciences                       Dr. Roger Schultz, Dean                   434-592-4031   CN 1884
     Biology/Chemistry                                  Dr. Paul Sattler                          434-582-2209   SH-111
     Health Sciences and kinesiology                    Dr. Ralph Linstra                         434-582-2330   G-121
     History                                            Dr. David Snead                           434-592-3113   CN-1532
     Family and Consumer Sciences                       Mary Simpson                              434-592-4647   AS-117
     Mathematics                                        Robert Young                              434-582-7480   AS-113
     Music and Humanities                               Dr. John Hugo                             434-582-2282   FA-102B
     Nursing                                            Dr. Dea Britt                             434-582-2521   DH-2103
     Psychology                                         Dr. Dennis Jennings                       434-592-3112   CN-1830
     Theater                                            Linda Nell Cooper                         434-582-2078   FA-128
     Worship and Music Studies                          Dr. Vernon Whaley                         434-592-3875   David’s Place
     School of Business                                 Dr. Bruce Bell, Dean                      434-592-3862   DH-1046
     Accounting                                         Dr. Gene Sullivan                         434-582-2913   DH-1022
     Business Management                                Dr. David Duby                            434-592-3718   DH-1066
     Finance and Economics                              Robert Mateer                             434-582-2013   DH-1058
     Marketing                                          Paul Young                                434-582-7744   DH-1060
     International Business                             Dr. Brian Satterlee                       434-582-2647   DH-1065
     Center for Academic Support & Advising Services    Dr. Brian Yates Exec. Director            434-592-4110   DH-2016
     Office of Disability Academic Support              Denny McHaney, Director                   434-582-2159   DH 2016
     Bruckner Learning Center                           Dr. Heather Schoffstall, Director         434-582-2226   TE-139
     Career Center                                      Carrie Barnhouse                          434-592-4109   DH-2016
     School of Engineering and Computational Sciences   Dr. Ron Sones, Dean                       434-592-7150   DH-3278
     Computer Science                                   Dr. John Vadnal                           434-592-4651   DH-3278
     Computer Assessment                                Ann Rowlette                              434-592-3375   DH-3278
     Management Information Systems                     Dr. John Vadnal                           434-592-4651   DH-3278
     Web Technology & Design                            Dr. John Vadnal                           434-592-4651   DH-3278
     School of Communications                           Dr. William Gribbin, Dean                 434-582-2777   DH-2157
     Communication Studies                              Dr. Cecil kramer                          434-582-2111   DH-2153
     English & Modern Language                          Dr. karen Prior                           434-582-2414   DH-2154
     Teaching English as a Second Language              Dr. Paul Müller                           434-582-2260   DH-2130
     School of Education                                Dr. karen Parker, Dean                    434-582-2195   TE-101A
     Sport Management                                   Dr. Vicky Martin                          434-592-3725   TE-124
     Teacher Education                                  Dr. Michelle Goodwin                      434-582-2265   TE-101A
     Helms School of Government                         Dr. George Buzzy, Dean                    434-592-3691   SLAB-136
     Criminal Justice                                   Paul Rickert                              434-592-3688   SLAB-141
     Government                                         Dr. Stephen Parke                         434-592-4578   SLAB-135
     School of Religion                                 Dr. Elmer Towns, Dean                     434-582-2169   RH-107A
     Biblical Studies                                   Dr. Wayne Brindle                         434-582-2446   RH-150
     Center for Missions and Global Ministries          Dr. Don Fanning                           434-592-4127   RH-120
     Christian Community Service                        Dr. Lew Weider                            434-582-2325   RH-101
     Center for Youth Ministries                        Dr. Steve Vandergriff                     434-582-2310   RH-127
     Inter-Cultural Studies                             Dr. Don Fanning                           434-592-4128   RH-120
     Philosophy/Theology                                Dr. Gary Habermas                         434-582-2577   RH-105
     Office of Student Housing                          Betty Saunders                            434-592-4139   Residence Hall 17-1
     Light Medical                                      Dr. R. Lane                               434-582-2514   CN Suite 1845
     Student Advocate Office                            Michael Shenkle                           434-582-7200   CN 2668
     International Student Center                       Dr. William Wegert, Dean                  434-592-4118   SLAB 126
     Human Resources                                    Jenny Tibbs                               434-592-7330

TEAM                                 CONTACT                          PHONE                     EMAIL
Baseball                             Coach Nick Schnabel              434-582-2103    
Basketball - Men’s                   Rebekah Ray                      434-582-2337    
Basketball - Women’s                 kristen Rife                     434-582-2907    
Cheerleading                         Coach Jennifer Sydnor            434-582-2100    
Football                             Coach Charlie Skalaski           434-582-2040    
Golf - Men’s                         Coach Jeff Thomas                434-582-2100    
Lacrosse - Women’s                   Coach Regan Denham               434-582-2100    
Soccer - Men’s                       Coach Jeff Alder                 434-582-2381    
Soccer - Women’s                     Coach Jess Celi                  434-582-2768    
Softball                             Coach Paul Wetmore               434-582-7255    
Tennis - Men’s & Women’s             Coach Chris Johnson              434-582-2409    
Track/Cross Country - Men’s          Coach Brant Tolsma               434-582-2135    
Track/Cross Country - Women’s        Coach Brant Tolsma               434-582-2135    
Volleyball                           Coach Jennifer Vaden             434-582-2614    
Wrestling                            Coach Jesse Castro               434-582-7463    

Paintball                            Coach Todd Hoglund               434-944-5231    
Archery                              Coach Jon Geukgeuzian            434-582-2350    
Women’s Hockey                       Coach Paul Bloomfield            434-386-7383    
Men’s Hockey                         Coach kirk Handy/Jeff Boettger   434-592-3952    
Taekwondo                            Coach Brian Fielding             434-592-3957    
Men’s Volleyball                     Coach Jonathan Willis            804-687-1816    
Synchronized Skating                 Coach Tatiana Gomez              434-592-3957    
Men’s & Women’s Crew                 Coach Mark Furler                717-578-4527    
Gymnastics                           Coach Lori Darter                434-942-0950    
Triathlon                            Coach Beth Frackleton            434-258-5028    
Freestyle Ski & Snowboard            Coach Eric Hegreness             440-488-0887    

Intramural Sports                    Ed Barnhouse                     434-592-3148    
Student Activities                   Chris Misiano                    434-592-3061    
LaHaye Student Union                 Front Desk                       434-592-3221    
LaHaye Ice Center                    Tatiana Gomez                    434-592-3953    
Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center     Brian Evans                      434-592-4739    

Director of Bands                    Dr. Stephen kerr                 434-582-2363    
Instrumental (non band)              Dr. Lynn Seipp                   434-582-2365    
Jazz Ensemble                        Dr. Stephen kerr                 434-582-2363    
Marching Band                        Dr. Stephen kerr                 434-582-2363    
Piano/keyboard                       David Ehrman                     434-582-2215    
Vocal                                Linda Granger                    434-582-2217    

Debate                               Michael Hall                     434-582-2088    
International Student Center         Front Desk                       434-592-4118    
ROTC                                 Marsha Martinez                  434-592-3828    
SGA                                  Student Government               434-582-2323    

Department of Ministry Teams         Hanna Bruce                      434-582-2002    
Office of Spiritual Programs         Pastor Johnnie Moore, V.P.       434-592-3274    
Student Care                         Pastor Dane Emerick              434-582-2651    
Office of Student Leadership         Pastor Dwayne Carson, V.P.       434-592-4138    
Center for Global Ministries         Dr. Don Fanning                  434-592-4127    

  AS - Applied Science Hall                                             RH - Elmer L. Towns Religion Hall
  DH - DeMoss Hall Learning Center                                      SH - Science Hall
  CN - Campus North                                                     SLAB - Spiritual Life & Academic Building
  FA - Fine Arts                                                        TE - Teacher Education Hall
                                        liberty University Fact Sheet
                                                               + lynchburg Facts

     ’09-’10 Tuition Cost

     ’09-’10 Room and Board
     Plus fees (Main Campus)

     Faculty with Doctoral, First
     Professional & Terminal Degree

     Student/Professor Ratio

     Projected Resident Undergraduate           lYnCHBUrG , VirGinia
     Enrollment for fall 2009

     On Campus Residence Hall
     Capacity for fall 2009

                                          50 States Represented + D.C.

                                                         81Countries Represented

                                                    ALL Undergraduate Students
                                                    Residing On Campus

                                                    NEW Undergraduate Students
                                                    Residing On Campus

                                                    Female/Male Ratio

                                                    Female Floors

                                                    Male Floors

             lynchburg Facts

125,000   City of Lynchburg Population    64,108

Alumni    Metropolitan Population                  281,421

          Median Household Income for Lynchburg (2 person family)           $32,239
          July Average Temperature                                  76 F
          January Average Temperature                    35 F

                                                                                                                                    Liberty University’s
                                                                                                                                         Da Campus Ma
                                                                                                                                                il   le
                                                                                             24                                                           Extended: Between 7 a.m. - 7:45 a.m.
     G                                                     PM18                                                                                           Mon. - Fri. only
                                                                                   PM16       29
                                                                                  Fla                                                                          e
                                                            PM17        31           me             PM15                                                           29
                                                                                        s                                                                                /W
                                                  67        32                                Wa                                                                           ar
                                                                                                y                  25                                                        ds
                                                                                                                          Cham                                                        Ro
                                                                                                                                        pion C                                           a
                                                                   D                              28                                           ircle                                           d




                                                                                                                                                          8                                                                        To

                                                                                                            14                      12                                                                                                   Ch
                      W                                                                                15
                                                                                                                                              13                                                                                           ar
                                                                                                                                                                          7                                                                       te
                                                                                                                          2              4                                                                                                           sv
     S                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ille
                                                                                                            1                                                 5
                                                  300-5                                                                              3
 C                        N                                                                                        Furna
                                                                                                                        ce Ct.
                                                                                                                                                                   PM13         Eagle
                              300-6                                 300-4                                                                       62                                                 PM12 39 41
           E                                                                                             nnel                                                                                          37
                                300-7                                        300-3                  n Tu
                                                    PE04                                                                                                                              36
                                      300-8                                           Pe                                                                                                                                                 PM19
                                                                                                                                                                                 35                   71                  PM11
                                                                             300-2                                                                                        34

                                        300-9                                                                                                                                                                        42

                                           300-10                             300-1                                                                                                                            43

                                                                                                            US                                                            45                            44

                                                300-11                                                                                               PM10C


                                                                                                                                                                   PM10B                          n

                                                                                                                                                                                               La                             21
                                                       300-13                                                                                                          PM10A
                                                                                     300-15                                                                                          e                     23
                                                          300-14                                                                                                                L ib                                               20
                                                                                                                                                                  46                                    22                           19
                                                            300-16                                                                                                                                             18
                                                                 300-17                                                                                                                                                                       49
         Blue Route                                                                                                                                                    PM04B
                                                                       300-18                                                                                                                                    PM06              47
          Red Route                                                                                                                                                                                                                        48
                                                                                            300-19                                                                                                       Cha p
     Express Route                                                                                                                                                                                                    el Dr                   53
                                                                         CAMPUS EAST                                                                                            PM04A                                              ive
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Stadium Rd.
                                                                                                                   61                                                         e
                                                                          200-21                                                                                      ity Driv
                                                                               200-22                       PE03                              Liberty                                                   PM02

                                                                                  200-23                                                                                                                                                  A
                                                                                                                   200-24                 PE01                                                                                                                     6


                                                                                                             212-26                             212-25                                                   ive

                                                                                                                                                                  L ib



                                                                                                                                                                                                                        B   lvd

                                                                                                                   212-28                                                                                                      .





                               Campus Map

32        1                            2                                              3                                                  4                                                              5
                                                                          RESIDENCE                        ATHLETIC FACILITIES                          Campus North

s                                                                 1-23    Residence Halls                  50.  Baseball Clubhouse D6                   1600.       Accounting-Budget F8
                                                                 25-33    Residence Halls                  64.  Football Operations Center F6           2668.       Admissions F8
                                                       300-1 to 300-19    Residence Halls                  53.  Hancock Athletics Center E5             1200.       Bookstore G7
                                                      200-20 to 200-24    Residence Halls                  F.   Intramural Fields-Main Campus B3        1500.       Business Office G8

ap                                                  (212)25-(212)30 37    Residence Halls                  G.   Intramural Fields-East Campus A1        1400.       Founder’s Food Court G8
                                                                                                           83.  LaHaye Ice Center G6                    1200.       Central Receiving G7
                                                                                                           C.   Matthes-Hopkins Track/Soccer Field E6   2200.       Chancellor’s Office G8
                                                                                                           D.   Softball Field B3                                           Field Operations Administration
                                                                                                           67.  Softball Office B2                      1500.       College of Arts & Sciences G8
                                                                                                           62.  Vines Center C4                         2700.       Liberty University Online F7
                                                                                                           A.   Williams Stadium F5                     1500.       Executive Suite G8
                                                                                                           B.   Worthington Field D6                                        Student Affairs Office
                                                                                                                                                                            University Scheduling
                                                                                                                                                                            Student Service Center
                                                                                                                                                        1200.       Facilities Access Control G7
                                                                                                                                                                            Tolsma Indoor Track & Conference Center
                                                                                                                                                        1500.       Financial Aid G8
                                                                                                                                                        700.        Human Resources F7
                                                                                                                                                        1500.       Information Services G8
                                                                                                                                                        1900.       LaHaye Student Union F7
                                                                                                                                                                            Tilley Student Center
                                                                                                                                                                            Student Activities Office
                                                                                                                                                                            Office of Campus Recreation
                                                                                                                                                        2500.       Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary F8
                                                                                                                                                        1400.       Liberty Home Bible Institute G8
                                                                                                                                                        1850.       Light Medical G7
                                                                                                                                                        2700.       Military Affairs F7
                                                                                                                                                        700.        Police Headquarters F7
                                                                                                                                                        1900.       Postal Services F7
                                                                                                                                                        1500.       Registrar G8
                                                                                                                                                        1900.       ROTC Office F7
                                                                                                                                                        1800.       School of Law F8

                                                                                                                                                        Main Campus
                                                                                                                                                        35.   Applied Science C5
                                                                                                                                                                    School of Aeronautics
                                                                                                                                                        46.   Elmer Towns Religion Hall D4
                                                                                                                                                                    Towns-Alumni Lecture Hall
                                                                                                                                                        49.   Carter Glass Mansion D6
                                                                                                                                                        58.   David’s Place E7
                                                                                                                                                                    Center For Worship
                                                                                                                                                        61.   Doc’s Diner E4
                                                                                                                                                        45.   DeMoss Learning Center D5
                                                                                                                                                                    Career Center
                                                                                                                                                                    Center For Academic Support & Advising Services
                                                                                                                                                                    Guillerman Library
                      PM07                                                                                                                                          Integrated Learning Resource Center (ILRC)
                                                                                                                                                                    School of Business
                                                                                                                                                                    School of Communication
                      B                                                                                                                                             School of Engineering & Computational Sciences
                                                                                                                                                                    Visitors Center
                                       59                                                                                                               59.   Earth Station D7
                                                                                                                                                        71.   Hangar C5
                                                                                                                                                        43.   Liberty Broadcast Network D5
                                                                                                                                                                    Liberty University Online Studios
                                                                                                                                                                    WTLU Liberty Channel
                                                                                                                                                                    WWMC Radio Station/ 90.9 Light
                                                                                                                                                        24.   Laundry A3
                                                                                                                                                        17.   Office of Student Housing D5
        Un                                                                                                                                              47.   Prayer Chapel E5
                Dri                                                                                                                                     44.   Performing Arts D5
                     ve                                                                                                                                 41.   Printing Services C5
                                                                         RegenttParkway                                                                 63.   Reber-Thomas Dining Hall D6
                                                                                       Way                                                              37.   Schilling Center C5
                              58                                                                                                                        39.   Schilling Annex C5
                                                                                                                                                                    Building Services
                                                                                                                                                                    Student Conduct office
64       PM01                                                                                                                                           34.   Science Hall C5
                                                                                                                                                        36.   Spiritual Life & Academic Building C5
                                               PN09                                                                                                                 Campus Pastors
                                                             700                                                                                                    Helms School of Government
      rive                                                      2700                             Research                                                           Office of Student Leadership
son D                                                                                             Lab Rd.                                               42.   Teachers Education D5
                                                                         1800           PN04
                                PN08                                                                                                                                Bruckner Learning Center
                                            CAMPUS NORTH                                                                                                            School of Education
A                                                          1850                                                                                         1100. Transportation Shop G7
                                                                                                                                                        48.   WRVL Radio Station E5
                             1900                                         2500 PN03
83                                                                   2200       1500
                                            PN06                                      2400   PN02
             La er

                                    1100                                                 1400
               Ha Ro

                                             PN05                                  PTR4
                   ye ad

                                                                                         THOMAS ROAD
                                                                           LIBERTY         CHURCH
                                                                         CHRISTIAN                                                       Way




                                                              dler                     PTR3
                                                                     s Mo

                                                                            unta                         PTR1

                                                                                  in R


    6                                         7                                              8                                  9                                                                                     33
                                                          1 ST FLOOR


                                                            Elevator        School of
                                                            Floors 1& 2     Business

     2ND FLOOR


                             2049 2046

                             2013    2009

                  Center For Academic
                  Support and Advising
                                                             Integrated           Elevator Floors
     Elevator      Services (CASAS)
                                       Visitors               Learning            1, 2 & 3
     Floors 1 & 2      DH 2016
                                       Center                 Resource
                                                            Center (ILRC)


       LU Career Center      Library
                                  Elevator Floors
                                  1, 2 & 3


                                                            INTEGRATED LEARNING
                                                              RESOURCE CENTER

            School of Engineering and               Elevator Floors
             Computational Sciences                 1, 2 & 3

                          School of Law

1st Floor
         Light Medical


            Post Office

                               LU TRANSIT
      LU TRANSIT                  STOP            Founder’s Food Court
                                                  Tilley Student Center

                                LaHaye Student Union

 2nd Floor

                           Student Advocate Office &      Seminary
                              Resident Enrollment
a   revolution in year-round skiing and snowboarding
                                       COMinG SOOn
                                        aUG. 29, 2009

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