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									     Law School Admissions Calculator - There is a 95%
               Chance This Will Be Accurate

The use of a law school admissions calculator is not totally fool proof. No scientific
mathematical equation can take into account the human factor of an administrator, but
these calculators have proven to be right 95% of the time.

The calculation only takes into account your LSAT score and your GPA. No other factors can
be or will be figured in. When these two numbers are entered, a list of schools that are
approved by the American Bar Association will appear.

There are different calculators available on the web with different ways of representing there
results. Most will show you where you stand against those already enrolled at any particular
school. They can be illustrated by charts or in numerical form. If you do not like the results
of one, then try another one.

Tests have been conducted with the numbers that were imputed and for some reason each
sites results varied slightly. With the figures 170 for the LSAT and the GPA at 3.75, you
could be for sure accepted according to one calculator while others show just a good chance.

For this reason, do not get discouraged if the calculator does not give you the result you
wish for. Try more than one and average all the results. Most of all, remember this is only
95% accurate. If you are close to being on the bubble, your personal statement along with
your letters of recommendation could still help you get accepted.

The law school admissions calculator is only a guess, but a good guesstimate if you will be
accepted to the law school of your choice.

Understanding various law school requirements can make the difference between getting
into the law school of your dreams and sitting on the sidelines. For more information about
how you can make it into law school, visit today.

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