Lawsuit against Washington State by fjhuangjun


									                                                                                                October 28, 2009

Lawsuit against Washington State wraps up

As you may know, the Network for Excellence in            The lawyer representing Washington State,
Washington Schools (NEWS) filed a lawsuit against         Assistant Attorney General Bill Clark, closed his
the state for its failure to fulfill its constitutional   arguments by asking the judge to reject the
mandate to amply fund public schools. NEWS is a           remedies sought by NEWS so that HB 2261 could
coalition of more than 70 community organizations,        have a chance to work. HB 2261, you may recall,
school districts, and education associations              is the education reform bill passed by the legislature
representing thousands of voters, parents, and            last spring with no funding attached.
teachers and other school employees.
                                                          Tom Ahearne, the NEWS attorney, emphasized
The lawsuit finally went to trial in King County          that the state has made a lot of promises over the
Superior Court in late August, and wrapped up last        years and has not always followed through.
Wednesday after eight weeks of testimony. Judge
John Erlick has been hearing the case.                    During the trial, witnesses for the state testified that
                                                          more money doesn’t mean student learning will
Lead NEWS attorney Tom Ahearne, in closing                increase.
arguments, cited Article IX, Section 1 of the
Washington Constitution (“It is the paramount duty        Washington is 45th in the nation in per pupil
of the state to make ample provision for the              spending and 46th in class size. It would take
education of all children residing within its             hiring 12,546 more teachers just to bring us up to
borders…”) in asking for a four-part remedy:              the national average. State spending on K-12
                                                          education has dropped from 50.4% of the budget
•   Declare that three key words – "paramount,"
                                                          in 1981 to 40.5% of the budget in 2009.
    "ample" and "all" – mean precisely what they
    say, and not merely "important," "barely
                                                          “The time has come for this court to act,” Ahearne
    enough" and "most."
                                                          concluded. “We’re not talking about numbers.
•   Declare that basic education should be defined        We’re talking about real-world kids.”
    by three things: the State Supreme Court's
    1978 ruling when the Seattle School District          Judge Erlick has 90 days to make a decision.
    similarly sued the State; by the minimum
    knowledge and skills set forth in HB 1209; and
    by Washington's nine Essential Academic
    Learning Requirements.

•   Declare that the State is not currently complying
    with its constitutional mandate to amply provide
    for the education of all children.
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   LWEA Executive Committee                                    
      President - Kevin Teeley           Junior High Rep – Victoria McCarter                   LWEA Office
      LWEA / 425 822-3388                Kamiakin / 425 823-6750                         10604 NE 38th Pl, Suite 212                                                                        Kirkland, 98033
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Pool amounts set                                             Newspapers in Education
Each year upon the closure of the open enrollment            The Seattle Times offers the Newspapers in Education
period for health benefits, the Business Office calculates   (NIE) program for teachers, which provides for free
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their dependents. (The pool is not available to part-time

This year the amount available from the pool has
decreased - teachers will now be able to spend up to
$658 per month ($705 if you are on Willamette Dental
instead of WDS) for their medical insurance after all
their other benefits have been paid. Selection of            Did you know?
medical coverage in excess of this amount will result in
a deduction from the employee’s paycheck. These              The Technology Stipend and payment for technology
changes will be effective with the October payroll.          training are funded by the Levy. The stipend adds
                                                             $1,250 to the base salary and up to $462 each year for
                                                             technology training for those who choose to participate.

Read Across
America 2010                                                                    Calendar
Read Across America 2010 is scheduled for March 2,                   Oct. 31          Halloween – Boo!
and planning is already underway. You can get free
resource kits and calendars (while supplies last) to                 Nov. 1           Daylight Savings Ends
help with your school’s activities. Go to the Read
Across America page of the NEA website for a wide                    Nov. 3           Remember to Vote!
variety of ideas and resources.                                                       Executive Committee

                                                                     Nov. 10          Rep Assembly – RHS

                                                                     Nov. 11          Veteran’s Day – No School

Is it in the contract?
Intellectual Property Rights (Section 10.18):
Materials created by teachers on their own time and
equipment will be the property of the teacher. Any
materials created on district time and/or equipment will
be the property of the LWSD.
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