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20080514 Accomack Comp Plan COVER


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									Respecting the Past, Creating the Future:

   Accomack County
  Comprehensive Plan

        Adopted May 14, 2008
Accomack County Comprehensive Plan

            Board of Supervisors:
      The Honorable Ron S. Wolff, Chairman
    The Honorable Steve D. Mallette, Vice-Chair
        The Honorable Grayson C. Chesser
         The Honorable Laura Belle Gordy
           The Honorable John C. Gray
         The Honorable Donald L. Hart, Jr.
        The Honorable Sandra Hart Mears
         The Honorable E. Philip McCaleb
         The Honorable Wanda J. Thornton

            Recent County Supervisors:
              Mr. Gregory L. Duncan
              Ms. C. Reneta Major

           Planning Commission:
        Mr. E. Phillip Hickman, Chairman
          Ms. Stella Rohde, Vice-Chair
                Mr. James T. Frese
             Mr. C. Robert Hickman
                Ms. Tammy James
                Mr. Robert L. Nock
             Mr. Leander Roberts, Jr.
               Mr. Herbert A. Thom
               Mr. E. Bryan Turner

          Recent Planning Commissioner:
              Mr. William A. Sprague
Accomack County Comprehensive Plan

               Stakeholder Group:
               Mr. James N. Belote, III
                Mr. Joshua Bundick
                 Mr. Bill Chandler
                 Mr. Mark Glackin
                Mr. L. Bruce Holland
                Ms. Miriam E. Riggs
                Mr. David Sabatino
               Mr. Gene Wayne Taylor
               Mr. Thomas M. Wescott

                   Senior Staff:
        Steve B. Miner, County Administrator
          Mark B. Taylor, County Attorney

        Department of Planning Staff:
   James M. McGowan, AICP, Director of Planning
       Tom Brockenbrough, GIS Coordinator
 Norman Pitt, Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector
       Andrea Stone, Environmental Planner
      Tonya Taylor, Administrative Assistant
         Rob Testerman, Land Use Planner

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