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                               BAPTIST CHURCH

Address                58-62 Kay Street, Traralgon

Ownership              Traralgon Baptist Church

Zoning                 Residential 1 Zone – Planning Permit
                       and possible rezoning required

Purchase Value         To be determined

Availability           To be determined

Traralgon Early Learning Centre Redevelopment Project – Baptist Church Site 

         Assessment against Criteria – BAPTIST CHURCH
             Criteria                   Assessment                            Rationale / Comments
                                    Criteria    Score
Accessibility                                                  Located on major transport route within walking distance
                                                      8        from CBD. Good site access.

Proximity to transport and                                     Less than 500m from CBD.
commercial areas                                     10        Public transport access very good.

Sufficient size and dimensions                                 Land available – 0.346ha with possible access to an
to ensure regulations and                                      additional 0.1ha for car parking. Meets requirements but
design requirements can be                            8        dimensions of site awkward to implement best practice
met                                                            design.
Public visibility                                              Highly visible site from Kay Street.

Visual and noise impacts and                                   Very close to private residential areas.
surrounding land use                                  9

Capacity to connect with other                                 Close proximity to Maternal & Child Health Centre, Kay
children and family services                                   Street Preschool, Service Centre and Library but not able
either through co-location or a
                                                      7        to operate as co-located facility or precinct.
precinct arrangement
Meets minimum size                                             Total area 0.346ha with possible additional area as
requirements (0.4 to 0.75 ha)                                  potential for car parking space. Meets minimum size
                                                      7        requirements with possible capacity to expand but site
                                                               dimensions may be awkward for design.
Relatively flat land                                           Fall approx than 3:100. Suitable.

Suitable soil (to meet DHS                                     No Soil analysis undertaken. Unknown at this stage.
requirements for hazardous                            0
chemicals assessment and to
facilitate sound construction)
Financial Cost to Council                                      Purchase of land from Traralgon Baptist Church required.
                                                               Cost and duration of purchase process unknown at this
                                                               stage. Rezoning and planning permit required.
                                                  Score: -2
                                                               Sale of existing site to offset cost.
Total Assessment Score                               64

         Traralgon Early Learning Centre Redevelopment Project – Baptist Church Site 

         Strategic Site Analysis - BAPTIST CHURCH
             Positives / Opportunities / Benefits
                  •   High profile, easily accessible location
                  •   Meets all regulatory requirements
                  •   Excellent capacity for drop-off
                  •   Topography are all suitable
                  •   Close proximity to CBD and other Council facilities (eg MCH, preschool,
                      service centre/library)

             Negatives / Constraints / Deficits
                  •   Requirement to purchase private property to be viable
                  •   Potential for significant purchase, legal, rezoning and design costs
                  •   Possible delay in gaining access even if purchase possible
                  •   Community response uncertain
                  •   Site dimensions awkward for best practice design
                  •   Need to demolish 2 or 3 substantial buildings

         Cost Implications
       Cost Components                 Estimated Range                                  Issues
Site evaluation and soil testing                     $30,000   Not undertaken at this stage.
Possible land / property purchase     $600,000 to $1,000,000   Price unknown but reference to other properties would
                                                               suggest a significant cost. Possible protracted purchase
Purchase / Transfer of land – legal               $30,000 to   Depends on process and community reaction.
and other charges                                   $90,000
Demolition if required                             $100,000    Two or three buildings to be demolished depending on
                                                               amount of land purchased.
Rezoning and planning permits                      $7,500 to   Rezoning and planning permit required. Cost depends on
                                                    $60,000    community response / applications to VCAT.
Development of concept,                            $195,000    Design work already undertaken for Hubert Osborne Park
development and detailed design                                can be transferred but would require significant
work                                                           modification.
Construction Price                             $2.1m approx    Economy of scale less due to no existing facility to be
Escalation of building costs                   5% to 9% pa     Current building inflation has been at upper end of this
                                            $120,000 approx    scale.
Site specific costs                              $125,000 to   Additional car-parking, additional landscaping, traffic
                                                   $150,000    management and access.
TOTAL COST                                     $3,315,000 to   Final price depends on price of land acquisition.

         Traralgon Early Learning Centre Redevelopment Project – Baptist Church Site 

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