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					      Yale Secondary School

School Plan for Student Success

1. Mission Statement:
We work together developing responsible citizens, dedicated to lifelong learning.

2. School Context:
(see School Data Summary [MOE] attached)
Yale Secondary School, situated in Abbotsford, B.C is a semestered school serving about
1200 students. Recent surveys identify Yale as the top academic public high school in the
district and one of the best in the province. In most years, Yale students are awarded
significantly more scholarships than any other school in Abbotsford. We offer several
Advanced Placement courses and support them with Honours courses throughout the
grade levels. There are programs for all students including gifted, special needs, career-
oriented, post-secondary bound, arts, athletics.

Yale also offers a wide-ranging and intensive program in visual art, theatre and music,
which presents students with many opportunities to show their talents. Our Musical
Theatre class plays to sold-out houses year after year. This year, our students performed
“The Sound of Music” to our community and we have just acquired the production rights
for “Cats.”

Yale’s Student Government class - a program with depth and traditions - co-hosted the
national Canadian Student Leadership Conference (CSLC). Members of our student
leadership crew are always working to improve the school with a variety of service
projects, in addition to dances, weekly student activities, and student appreciation days.
The Leadership Program has facilitated Lion Pride - the culture and belief in student
ownership of their school.

Yale students enjoy many extra-curricular options – especially in sports. Our athletic
program is enjoying terrific success with teams ranked provincially in volleyball,
swimming, rugby, soccer, wrestling and basketball. In addition, newer sports at Yale
include Ultimate, Cheer and Waterpolo. Other extra-curricular offerings include garage
bands, Chess Club, Amime Club, Photography Club and a number of plays and musical
events. Yale’s Senior Boys Basketball team won the British Collumbia AAA boys
championships in 2008, our Senior Boys Volleyball teams placed 5th at provincials, we
had two wrestlers, Serena Kind, and Jesse Jackle earn their way to Wrestling Nationals in
Prince Edwards Island, and our Junior Boys Rugby team are set to take the Fraser Valleys.

Yale Secondary school operates two sport academies: Hockey and Baseball/Softball
which allows students who are passionate about their sport to focus on skill development
while in school. Participants of these programs have gone on to great success in Junior
Hockey and, we anticipate, college baseball/softball.

The school supports learning at all levels by the use of “vertical teaming,” a system in
which learning outcomes are linked from grade to grade. Teachers see parents as partners
in learning and many teachers have adopted on-line posting of marks so parents have
immediate access to information on their children’s progress. Yale Secondary offers
programs of studies to meet the needs of all students.
3. Leadership/Teamwork:
The school provides opportunities for administrators, teachers, students’ and parents to
demonstrate leadership in support of improving student learning in the following ways:

  • Provide professional development opportunities for staff. The 2009-10 focus
      is/was “Students on the Fringe” and embracing their challenges at the classroom
      level. In addition, admin have provide time to departments to work on department
      goals like common assessment, writing workshops etc.
  • Allocate budget to support professional development and resource acquisition for
      Students on the Fringe.
  • Extract summative assessment results at each reporting period and distribute to
      staff to encourage professional dialogue within departments around assessment of
      student learning.
  • Monthly staff meetings are organized to facilitate staff input and direction.
  • Meet with the PAC and SPC to provide funds and input for additional support of
      athletics, learning assistance computers, extracurricular clubs, field trips, library
      AR books, and one-on-one counselor.
  • We are beginning the process of implementing PLC’s at Yale by seeking the buy-
      in department by department.

   • The Professional Development Team, managed by our School Improvement Team
      which consists of 8 teachers, is responsible for staff development. They have
      planned our retreat and all professional development days around our theme of
      embracing “Students on the Fringe”
   • Department Coordinators meet monthly to facilitate school needs, professional
      development, and goal creation, direction, and obtainment.
   • Each department has created one goal around “Students on the Fringe” and will be
      implementing in their classroom in 2009/10.
   • Math department are implementing the optional NEW Math 9 IRP’s in a
      collaborative model.
   • English department has implement the PawPrint (student newspaper) with three
      edition teams which write on a quarterly system plus they have developed and
      implements both the Writing Anthology (celebration of student writing) and Jr.
      and Sr. Writing Contest.

   • Promote and support Student Leadership program which embracing various
       student elements throughout the school in a celebration model.
   • Both the Interact and Key Club continue to support “Fringe” students in the school
       and community with blankets for Cyrus Centre and Rice Raiser plus many more
   • The SPC meets regularly to discuss progress towards our goals.
   • The PAC meets regularly to support the school through funding of extracurricular.
   • Parents volunteer in the library and we are very proud of our Moms’ who have
       embraced the Cafeteria and are producing quality inexpensive lunches for our
   • We continue to implement the Parent Partners program with parents volunteering
       in various aspects of the school including musical theatre, grad, library, cafeteria,
       and more.

4. Communication:
     Yale Secondary will communicate and make public our improvement goals and
     progress made through the following strategies:

   1. The SPC meets monthly throughout the school year to facilitate dialogue about the
      school plan.
   2. A position of special responsibility, Community Relations, has been created to
      ensure that student achievement is communicated to the local newspapers.
   3. The School Plan is posted on our server where it can be accessed by all staff.
   4. Our web presence is continually updated.
   5. Monthly PAC meetings provide parents with important information with regard to
      our school goals.
   6. The School Improvement Team (SIT) meets regularly to plan professional
      development that addresses our school improvement goals.
   7. Transition rates for students are communicated to all departments at the end of
      each term.
   8. Monthly e-newsletters provide information to parents via email.

5. Goal(s) and Objective(s):

5.1 Goal: Students at Yale Secondary School will successfully complete all of their
    assigned courses and will transition to the next grade level.

5.2 Rationale for the Goal: Our data indicates that most students achieve well in
    assigned classes. However, we have begun to target those individuals who do NOT
    transition to the next course/grade level and who may even leave school. Although the
    Ministry data is inaccurate and incomplete, we lose several students each year over
    whom we have some (may be limited) influence.

5.3 Objectives:
Objective 1: Decrease “opting-out” behaviours of Grade 9 students, especially those
that result in suspension.

We are aware that “at-risk” behavour is best minimized with early intervention. We are
also aware that many students experience risk factors during their transition from the
elementary/middle environment to the potential anonymity of the high school
environment. Our Activities related to this objective are designed to set an early “hook”
to keep students engaged in healthy school activities.

Performance Indicators and Targets Related to Objective 1
Evidence                Results Results Results Results         Results   Results Target
                        03/04   04/05    05/06     06/07        07/08     08/09   2010/11
Grade 9                 8.08    7.28     10.38     9.78         5.58              4
suspensions (%)
Grade 9 Write                                                                       75
                                52.03    45.80     42.06        60.50*
English failure rate 11.11      13.31    11.51     14.54        4.9                 3
Socials failure rate    7.46    12.42    10.38     15.56        3.05                3
Math failure rate       11.33   19.04    18.58     23.40        4.63                3
Science failure rate 10.58      7.35     6.54      10.41        4.14                3
Physical Education 5.96         6.54     7.99      9.73         1.08                0
failure rate
>10 days absent (%) 27          18       19        10           20                  10
*4 to 6 point scale in 07/08

Note: 06/07 was the first year that we transitioned students directly from our feeder
middle school.

Yale staff members will:
Action 1: Establish Link Crew connections with all incoming Grade 9 students.
Students are less likely to disengage if they have a significant adult or senior student in
their lives. The Link Leader program is designed to provide a “familiar friendly face” for
students new to our school and give them a resource and role model to help with

Action 2: Capture “At-Risk” students coming out of grade 8 with deficiencies in
Literacy and Numeracy into low enrolling classes designed to scaffold deficiencies.
We are aware that many students come to us “not yet meeting” expectations and that this
deficit may result in failure in the grade 9 year. This program provides scaffolding in an
adapted environment to ensure that these students are successful. We try to assign an
experienced, skilled teacher to the group to maximize the chances of success.

Action 3: Continue “Bad Stuff” unit in Science 9 to focus on drug awareness.
Students perception of use is much higher than actual use of drugs and alcohol. If we can
teach students about the negative impact of drugs and alcohol and further, teach them that
actual use is fairly limited, we are likely to see a decrease in abuse.
Action 4: Encourage all teachers of Grade 9 students to implement “Check My
Mark” to increase parent communication. Parents, students and teachers are more
likely to solve problems with early intervention. We anticipate that parents will become
involved in problem solving earlier with good communication.

Action 5: Teachers of Grade 9 students queried at midterm to capture “at-risk”
students and apply interventions. As above, early intervention will minimize the
opportunity for students to “fall through the cracks.”

Action 6: English 9 teachers will focus on writing and the Grade 9 Write. We have
noticed that our results have declined over the past few years. Possibly new teachers to
the department have not had the background to focus on the Grade 9 Write. We will
gather the teachers of English 9 to provide inservice to better prepare our students.

Action 6: Require all teachers of Grade 9 students to implement Saturday School
when assignments and homework is not complete. We know that students disengage
when they begin to feel that “catching up” is not possible. We want to develop an
environment where catch-up is prescribed, not invited.

Action 8: Create a daily attendance centre. We have recent data from the Institute of
Safe Schools which links truancy in lower grades to participation in drug and alcohol
abuse. We have used Saturday School as a deterrent, however we find that the deterrent is
less effective when it is prescribed after the fact. We assign 3 days of lunch hour
detentions immediately upon finding out that a student has been truant.
Objective 2: Increase success/pass rates in all subjects

Performance Indicators and Targets Related to Objective 2 (school/exam)
Evidence Results       Results    Results    Results     Results    Target         Target
           03/04       04/05      05/06      06/07       07/08      08/09          2010/11
English                95/92      91/95      95/94       93/92                     95/95
10 Exam
Socials                           96/97      98/97       99/98                     99/99
11 Exam
Principles             89/88      88/84      93/93       93/86                     95/90
of Math
Math 10                88/86      94/97      88/91       83/83                     85/85
Math 11    77.86       83.42      75.44      71.75       70.00                     73
Science                94/86      97/81      96/75       97/84                     97/90
10 Exam

Yale staff members will:
Action 1: Mathematics 9 Prep. We are aware that many students come to us “not yet
meeting” expectations and that this deficit may result in failure in the grade 9 year. This
program provides scaffolding in an adapted environment to ensure that these students are
successful. We try to assign an experienced, skilled teacher to the group to maximize the
chances of success.

Action 2: Social Studies “Thematic Response” initiative. Our Social Studies 11
teachers have noticed that the Thesis statement question on the final exam is done poorly.
We will focus on writing thesis statements in grade 9 and 10 so that students are better
prepared for the grade 11 provincal exam. Further, our Socials 9 PLC is reworking the
final exam to make sure it parallels the ILOs. See attached appendix.

Action 4: Science Focus on Graphs in Lab Reports and Common Assessments. The
Science Department is attempting to decrease failures and decrease the number of students
who are “just passing”. They are focusing on increasing student competencies reading,
interpreting and producing graphs – especially through the use of computer probe-ware.
See attached appendix.

Action 5: English - See Action 2 and Action 6 from Objective 1

Action 6: YSS Intersession Program. Students who have passed the Provincial exam
and failed the course will be invited to participate in this 32 hour intersession program.
Upon successful completion of this program, they will receive a 50% final mark for the

Action 7: Planning 10 upgrade opportunitiy. Students who have not sufficiently met
the Planning 10 outcomes in term 1 will be exposed to “essentials” outcomes in order to
provide a second change for success in term 2.

Action 8: Languages Vocabulary Strategies. The biggest challenge for language
students is acquiring and maintaining vocabulary. Yale Language teachers have developed
a series of lessons, common to all languages, that will assist students in this area.
Objective 3: Increase retention of opportunities for students not planning to attend
college or university.

Performance Indicators and Targets Related to Objective 1
Evidence    Results   Results   Results   Results    Results          Results    Target
            03/04     04/05     05/06     06/07      07/08            08/09      2010/11
% not post 50         51        53        50
Apprentice-                     2         2          18               20         50

Action 1: Continue Core Training Pod. Our school is organized around the belief that
most students will move on to some form of post secondary education. However, many
students have no interest in higher education and are looking forward to a transition into
the work force. We have developed the Industry Preparation Pod which will allow
students to work in a flexible environment through ITA Core competencies such as
Workplace Safety, WHIMS training, Industrial First Aid, Flag Training and others. These
students will also experience a 3 to 4 week placement on a job site. They will also take
one of their academic core subjects through Abbotsford Virtual School. In their first
semester, the students will receive credits for Core Training 11A, Core Training 11B,
Work Experience 12, Graduation Transitions 12 and another course required for
graduation. Following their first semester, the students will either return to the regular
classroom, enter a Secondary School Apprenticeship or move to another school to enter
another training program.

This program has been designed to meet the needs of students who would like to work
towards their graduation requirement in an area not focused on post secondary education.

Action 2: Continue Heavy Duty Equipment Operator SSA program. Yale
Secondary School houses the Heavy Equipment Operator ACE-IT program which will
allow students to learn core workplace competencies as well as Heavy Equipment
Operations training in conjuction with the Roadbuilders of BC. Students engage in 5
weeks of practical training and follow-up with a SSA experience provided by the

5.4 Results – Progress Towards Targets: Discuss progress in relation to the
    achievement of specific performance targets. Mention if your targets were met or not
    met. When targets are not met (or exceeded) provide an explanation and any actions
    to be taken to support improved success for each student.
                                    A Data Picture of Yale Secondary School
                                                        Student Achievement Results
Indicator                                          2003-2004           2004-2005        2005-2006       2006-2007          2007-2008
Grade 9 Write (% Fully Meeting/Exceeding)
*(Changed from 4 to 6 point scale in 07/08)
                                                                    52                46              42.2               60.5
English 10 - Provincial Exam (average mark)                         74.7              73.8            74.1               73
English 12 - Provincial Exam (average mark)      73.4               74                76.8            75                 74.9
Math 10 - Provincial Exam (average mark)                            70.7              68.3            70.7               70.9
Math 12 - Provincial Exam (average mark)         76.1               78.8              80.1            77.4               76.5
Socials 11 - Provincial Exam (average mark)                         74.3              73.9            74.3               76.6
Science 10 – Provincial Exam (average mark)                         66.76             64.02           61.97              75.09
Overall Pass Rate in English Courses Offered     95                 94                96              95                 94
Overall Pass Rate in Math Courses Offered        91                 84                88              88                 91
Overall Pass Rate in All Courses Offered         96                 95                95              96                 96
Other Academic Indicators:
Other Academic Indicators:
                                                         Student Engagement Data
Average Daily Attendance*                        90.42              93.18             92.98           93.36              92.43
% of Students in Extra-Curricular Activities*
(include athletics, arts, leadership, service)
Percentage of Students Using the School’s
Learning Center
Percent of Students who Successfully
Transition from Grade 11 to 12                   85                 88                89              91                 92
Percentage of Grade 12 students Graduating       91.41              96.65             97.05           91.51              98.30
When Eligible
Number of catchment students enrolled in                                              69
ACE                                                                                                   48                 63
Number of Student Withdrawals                    119                89                94              123                111
Number of SSA Students                           0                  0                 2               2                  18
Other Engagement Data:
                                                               Discipline Data
Number of Referrals*
Top Three Reasons for Suspensions                Drugs       48     Drugs        47   Drugs      46   Fighting      21   Defiance.… 28
                                                 Defiance    16     Fighting     14   Alcohol    14   Alcohol       20   Alcohol……21
                                                 Alcohol     13     Alcohol      12   Fighting    5   Defiance      14   Drugs…… 20
                                                 Fighting    10     Defiance     11   Theft       5   Drugs         14   Fighting…….9
Number of In-School Suspensions                  92                 113               80              75                 72
Number of Out-of-School Suspensions              107                93                78              84                 73
Other Discipline Data:
                                                                  Survey Data
Student Satisfaction Survey Item: #14* 10/12     75/73              73/79             64/74           71/73              68/70
Student Satisfaction Survey Item: #17* 10/12     46/53              50/53             40/61           45/50              55/42
Other Survey Items:
                                                            Demographic Data
Overall Enrolment                                1404               1380              1138            1086               1147
Percent Using the School Meals Program
Percent Transiency*                                                 10.42             11.99           15.78              16.13
Percent Special Education                        7.76               8.55              8               9.39               9.15
Percent ESL                                      1.85               1.67              1.49            0.74               1.22
Percent Aboriginal                               6.84               6.67              7.64            7.64               6.97
Other Demographic Data:
Other Demographic Data: