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									WiFi in Campervans
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                                           WiFi in Campervans is a very cool thing to have and these days
more and more people expect it! WiFi is a wireless system that allows computers with a WiFi adapter to
connect to a WiFi access point or router. Once the laptop is connected to the access point or router the
laptop can use the Internet. WiFi is available in more and more places and now, da da – WiFi in

More and more campsites are offering WiFi. There are many cafes and bars in urban areas that offer free
WiFi access to all customers. Many libraries offer free WiFi access also. There are several places where you
can pay for WiFi access.

There are an increasing number of locations offering free WiFi access. This makes carrying your own laptop
computer a good option. Some cafes, bars and fast food restaurants offer free WiFi access with a purchase.
Some campsites also offer free WiFi. An increasing number of libraries offer free access. It is possible to
find many unsecured WiFi signals in urban areas. Secured signals will not allow you to connect without the
appropriate key. However an unsecured one will generally allow anyone to connect. If you park in a town
centre or outside of an apartment block then you will normally be able to receive many different signals.
This is a common way for people to steal WiFi in campervans, yes it’s technically illegal, but the chances
of getting caught are very very small.

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