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					                                           O P A L S
                                                                                  O ALS
                                                                   P R E H O S P I T A L            R E S E A R C H       G R O U P

                                                   ROC “TALK”
                                                                                         July, 2008

                                                                                PRIMED Time
      ROC PRIMED ROC’n in OPALS!                                                                    May iPod Winners for the ROC HSD
  To date, our three enrolling sites have enrolled 737                                                       Trauma Study
   patients. Way to go! Prescott-Russell, Niagara,
  Cambridge and Thunder Bay are all hoping to start
        enrollment in the next couple of weeks!

       ROC PRIMED Enrollment
225                                                                              189
150                                                                                                         Tammy Beaudoin, OPALS Ottawa; Tony Jaroszewicz,
                                                                                                              Windsor EMS and Jane Banek, OPALS Ottawa
  0                                                                                                                     Paramedics
                    London                      Ottawa                         Windsor                              London – Paul Keane
                                                                                                                    Niagara – Tim Stillson
                                                                                                                   Ottawa – Natalie Labelle
      Let’s Get It On!                                                                                             Sudbury – Bruce Welch
                                                                                                                Thunder Bay – Robert Plummer
In order for the ITD to be                                                                                       Windsor – Tony Jaroszewicz
effective, it needs to be
applied ASAP. Please ensure                                                                           Congratulations & thanks for your participation!
you attach it to the BVM, no
need to wait for an advanced                                                                        Another draw will take place in October for all paramed-
airway.                                                                                              ics who enroll a patient between June and September
                                                                                                              into the ROC HSD Trauma Study.

            Hypertonic Saline Enrollment
                                                                                                         Monthly $50 Gift Certificate
                                                                                                         ROC PRIMED Draw Winners
 50                                                       38                              41
 40                                                                                                     Congratulations to the following winners in
 30                               17          21
 20      6              4                                                        7
  0                                                                                                          March - Ryan Kreeft and Mark Ward






                                                                                                           April – Hannah Driedger and Rob Damm

                                                                                                              May - JP Bacon and Ryan LeMay
                                                                                                            June – Tom LeClair and Peter Gvoic
                                          “Hypertonic Hype”
                                                                     Paramedic Reminder
                                                       Please remember to document the vital signs that
                                                       qualify the patient for the study. We need the qualifying
                                                       GCS broken down into its components for the TBI cases.
                                                       The component scores are frequently forgotten on some of
                                                       the eACRs. All cases require a heart rate as well.

                                                                                 Mark Your Calendars!
                                                                       The OPALS Prehospital Research Group
                                                                       Annual Meeting will take place in Ottawa,
                                                                       at the Residence Inn by Marriott, on
                                                                       Thursday, November 20th & Friday,
                                                                       November 21st.
         Enrollment remains low especially for the                         Remember to save the dates!
         shock cohort, so please remember to
         THINK HS!

                                             OPALS on Tour…..
Each OPALS site is instrumental in the success of the various ROC trials and your participation is invaluable. It
can be tough to work through these studies when we are “geographically challenged” and unable to work more
closely with each study center. For this reason, the OPALS Coordinators are hitting the road to visit the various
sites that are participating in the ROC Hypertonic trial and the ROC PRIMED study.

Coordinators, Tammy Beaudoin and Jane Banek visited Windsor at the end of June to do a site visit with the
Windsor Base Hospital program and to discuss the importance of prehospital research with their paramedics.
The site visit was extremely valuable and helped to provide insight to everyone involved in the coordination of the

We appreciated the opportunity to demonstrate the importance of this research and
what happens after you have treated your patients. It is a pleasure working with all of

Site visits will resume in the fall. See you then!

                       Ottawa Fire Services and OPALS Join Forces
In May, Ottawa Fire Training Officer, Don Thompson joined forces with Tammy Beaudoin to update the Health Call
Report. Tammy and Don redesigned the form to reflect the changing needs of the fire service and the researchers
that rely on their information. As a result, a new improved HCR has been implemented that allows responders to
complete their forms online therefore increasing timeliness and accuracy.

Following this, Don invited Tammy to give a brief presentation to the new recruits to explain their role in prehospital
research as well as the importance of their participation. The session was well received and we hope to continue
building a relationship in the future with the services that support such important research.

     Tammy Beaudoin, Research Coordinator—Epistry/ROC PRIMED, 613-798-5555 ext. 12682 email:
             Jane Banek, Research Coordinator—HS Study, 613-798-5555 ext. 19882 email:
               Marc-Andre Da Ponti, Zoll Coordinator, 613-798-5555 ext. 17352 email:

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