Concord Hospital Project SEARCH Open House by Gerstenberger


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									            Concord Hospital’s Project SEARCH is a school-to-work program that provides
    employment and education opportunities to individuals with cognitive and physical
    disabilities. Concord Hospital focuses on providing opportunities for individuals with
                     disabilities to gain marketable and transferable skills.

            Why Project SEARCH?                                                                          Why Concord Hospital
                                                                                                           Project SEARCH?
               Project SEARCH is a school-to-work
program that provides training and education
that may lead to employment for individuals                                                                 Three to four internship
with disabilities.                                                                   rotations with a focus on transferable skills (data
                                                                                     entry, computer applications, customer service,
Project SEARCH serves as an alternative for                                          phone skills, mail sorting, money handling skills, co-
students in their last year high school eligibility.                                 worker support, etc.)

The cornerstone of Project SEARCH is total                                           An environment that embraces diversity and
immersion in a large business. Students report to                                    demonstrates a strong commitment to the
the host business five days a week, where they                                       program, and to employment and growth
learn employability skills in the classroom and                                      opportunities.
job skills while participating in a variety of
internships/experiences.                                                             A dedicated classroom space with on-site
Certified special education teachers and job
coaches work with both the students and the                                          A dedicated Concord Hospital Project SEARCH
business staff.                                                                      Program Liaison who helps to facilitate
                                                                                     communications between program staff and
Students end their day by reflection, problem                                        students and hospital managers and departments.
solving, planning, and journaling their key
experiences.                                                                         “Lunch and Learn” sessions offered to all
                                                                                     employees and focus on Project SEARCH, the
The goal upon program completion and                                                 mission of the program, and how to communicate
graduation is to utilize their internship skills for                                 with people who have disabilities.
gainful employment.
                                                                                     Networking opportunities for students, their
                                                                                     managers, and co-workers.

         Concord Hospital’s Project Search is a community effort and involves the following organizations: Concord Hospital, Community Bridges,
                                 Concord School District, NH Vocational Rehabilitation, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic.

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