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                          NCHRP Project 10-72
            Bridge Deck Design Criteria and Testing Procedures
The main objective of this survey is to broadly assess the current inventory, current design procedures,
and general performance factors considered in the selection of bridge decks. Please see the notes for
completing this survey on Page 2 prior to beginning.





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         Deck elements of highway bridges are important components for an efficient highway
system. Robust performance of these components over the long-term is critical for smooth daily
traffic operations as well as adequate bridge system performance during extreme events. Failure of
bridge deck systems results in direct economic costs associated with maintenance, repair, and
replacement, and may potentially threaten life safety. Further costs include traffic delays to the
motoring public, environmental impacts of energy consumption, and generation of construction and
demolition waste.
         Causes of deck system failures range from load induced fatigue due to primary stresses to
degradation of the deck materials or components in an unreasonably short service life. A key issue
associated with decks, in comparison to other superstructure components, is the direct application of
wheel loads to the elements, producing millions of strain cycles. Poorly designed and detailed deck
components can therefore accumulate damage very quickly. For this same reason, demands on the
deck can vary dramatically from site to site, depending upon the local traffic conditions.
         Presently, there are no recognized uniform national specifications for the design,
performance, or construction installation of deck systems. As has been previously demonstrated
with many other bridge components, in the absence of specifications, the lowbid process often
results in less durable products because manufacturers design, fabricate, and install components
to achieve the lowest initial cost. This can be especially true for proprietary systems for which
open source information is lacking and fair comparisons cannot be made with alternatives.
         The objectives of NCHRP Project 10-72 are to determine the critical performance factors
and design criteria that affect durability, strength, and design of deck systems. The results of an
analytical study will be coupled with experimental, full-scale testing to develop testing protocols,
and rational design criteria for various deck systems.

Notes for Completing this Questionnaire
        This survey should be completed by the individual within your Agency who is most
experienced in the design, maintenance, and inspection of bridge decks. If you do not feel that
you fit this description, please forward this questionnaire to the appropriate individual within
your Agency. Please note that our intent is to follow up with certain specific questions based on
your response to this survey.
        Please feel free to supplement with sketches, drawings, photographs, inspection reports,
or any other information that you feel will clarify your responses.

    Part 1 – General Deck Inventory
    The intent of this section is to gather general information on your Agency’s bridge deck inventory.
    However, even if your inventory does not include a particular deck type, please still complete columns
    2 and 5 in the table below to the best of your ability.

                               (1)                              (3)                 (4)               (5)
                           Estimated           (2)           Current           Does Your        Does or Would         (6)
                        Relative Percent   Anticipated        Design         Agency Require      ADTT Affect         Perf.
   Deck Material
                         of Total Deck     Design Life     Methodology/        Additional       Your Decision       Grade
                              Area           (years)       Specifications     Performance         to Use this       (A-F)4
                              (%)1                            Used2          Specifications?3    Deck Type?
 Cast-In-Place,                                                                Yes                 Yes
 (CIP) Concrete                                                                No                  No
 Fiber Reinforced
 Polymer (FRP)
  1. Slab on Steel
  Girders:                                                                     Yes                 Yes
  (Sandwich and                                                                No                  No
  2. Self Supporting:
                                                                               Yes                 Yes
   (Primary Load
                                                                               No                  No
  Carrying Member)
                                                                               Yes                 Yes
  3. Other:
                                                                               No                  No
 Fully Filled Grid                                                             Yes                 Yes
 Deck                                                                          No                  No
 Open Steel Grid                                                               Yes                 Yes
 Deck                                                                          No                  No
 Orthotropic Steel                                                             Yes                 Yes
 Plate                                                                         No                  No
 Partially Filled                                                              Yes                 Yes
 Grid Deck                                                                     No                  No
 Precast with                                                                  Yes                 Yes
 Concrete Overlay                                                              No                  No
                                                                               Yes                 Yes
                                                                               No                  No

 Total Square Feet of Bridge Deck in
 Your Inventory

  1. The intent of this question is to gain insight into the relative proportions of different deck types within a given
     Agency‟s inventory. It is recognized that this information may not be compiled or readily available. As a result,
     your best estimate based on your experience is requested. The summation of this column should equal 100
  2. The prescribed design specification followed during the design of the given deck type.
  3. The intent of this question is to determine if your Agency has developed or used any additional specifications
     (other than the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications) to try to enhance the performance of the particular
     deck type.
  4. The intent of this question is to gain insight into your Agency‟s general level of satisfaction with the performance
     of each deck type on a grading scale of A, B, C, D, and F, with „A‟ being “Excellent” and „F‟ being
     “Unacceptable”. If your inventory does not include a certain deck type, please leave this field blank.

Part 2 – General Bridge Deck Performance Factors

The intent of this section is to determine the performance factors that are most important to
your Agency when selecting a bridge deck type.

 Rate the importance of each factor considered        Importance Level
 during the design of a bridge deck by checking the   1   This Factor is Very Important
 appropriate box below. Additionally, if needed,      2   This Factor is Important
 there are three spaces provided for factors not      3   Sometimes this Factor is Important
                                                      4   This Factor is Rarely Considered Important
 represented in the list.
                                                      5   This Factor is Never Considered at All

Factor                                                                    Importance Level
Acoustic Transmission: (Tire / deck road noise)                       1    2    3   4    5
Appearance: (Overall aesthetics)                                      1    2    3   4    5
Availability of Material:                                             1    2    3   4    5
Compatibility of Wearing Surface: (Bond strength)                     1    2    3   4    5
Constructability:         (Ease of construction)                      1    2    3   4    5
Corrosion Resistance:                                                 1    2    3   4    5
Deflection:                                                           1    2    3   4    5
Durability:                                                           1    2    3   4    5
Ease of Fabrication:                                                  1    2    3   4    5
Ease of Demolition:                                                   1    2    3   4    5
Ease of Repair:                                                       1    2    3   4    5
Ease of Retrofit:                                                     1    2    3   4    5
Expansion of Roadway: (Ability to accommodate widening)               1    2    3   4    5
Expected Design Life:                                                 1    2    3   4    5
Fatigue Resistance:                                                   1    2    3   4    5
Fire Resistance:                                                      1    2    3   4    5
Future Maintenance Cost:                                              1    2    3   4    5
Impact Resistance:                                                    1    2    3   4    5
Initial Cost:                                                         1    2    3   4    5
Rideability:     (Resistance to grooving, etc.)                       1    2    3   4    5
Skid Resistance:                                                      1    2    3   4    5
Stiffness:                                                            1    2    3   4    5
Strength to Weight Ratio:                                             1    2    3   4    5
Vibration:                                                            1    2    3   4    5
Other Factors:
 1.                                                                   1     2    3    4     5

 2.                                                                   1     2    3    4     5

 3.                                                                   1     2    3    4     5

What factor is the most important in selection of a bridge deck? What factor is the least
important? Please explain.

Most Important Factor:

Least Important Factor:

Please provide any additional comments.

   Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to complete and return this survey.


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