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					                                        Market Penetration Data

                                                FY 2001          FY 2002           FY 2003             FY 2004
               Southeastern                       12.4%            14.7%            18.1%               18.6%
               Sandburg                           7.7%             7.6%              8.8%                8.5%
               Shawnee                            8.4%             8.6%             10.6%               10.8%
Served         Spoon River                        8.7%             8.8%              8.6%                8.4%
(per 1,000).   John Wood                          8.5%             8.3%              7.9%                7.8%
               Southeastern Illinois College has been a leader in the state relative to its ability to serve its
(% of total    residents and has consistently out performed its cohort group in terms of market penetration.
population)    This is evidenced by the fact that almost 19 out of every 100 persons in the district are served
               directly by the college, which is double that of Southeastern’s cohort average. In FY 2004,
               Southeastern Illinois College had the second highest market penetration of all community
               colleges in the State of Illinois. Though this is certainly good performance, it does make
               further improvement and enrollment increases very challenging.

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