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									      Newsletter from the Moravian Archives, Bethlehem PA

Voices from the Vault
                                                         Issue 8      July 2008

Archives Receives 1576 Hymnal                                                                          Special points
                                                                                                       of interest:
On June 13th the Moravian        1984) was a Presbyterian min-      Fratrum, the 1576 hymn book
Archives received a very im-     ister and church historian who     “is considered one of the most     •   In Memoriam: Albert
portant addition to its book     came to the USA from his           beautiful examples of Czech            Frank
collection: a Czech hymnal       native Czechoslovakia in 1947.     books from the 16th cen-
printed in 1576. This is now     Strupl had close ties with the     tury” (Faith, Love, Hope. A        •   Volunteering Opportuni-
the oldest hymnal of the Uni-    Moravian Archives; he made         History of the Unitas Fratrum,
tas Fratrum in the Bethlehem     many translations from the         Winston-Salem, 2008, 273).         •   “Moravian Vine” avail-
Archives.                        Czech language for the Ar-            The copy of the 1576 hymn           able as poster
                                 chives and left a large part of    book that the Archives re-
                                 his research material to the       ceived is in fair to good condi-   •   Journal of Moravian
                                                                                                           History issue 4 available
                                 Archives.                          tion. Over the years some
                                    The first hymn book of the      repairs have been done to          •   Exhibit on early Moravian
                                 Unitas Fratrum was published       individual pages and the bind-         bookprinting at the Ar-
                                 in 1505. The 1576 hymnal is a      ing seems to have been re-             chives
                                 new edition of the 1561 hymn       placed in the early 19th cen-
                                 book, but it stands out be-
                                 cause of its fine print work.
                                 The tunes are printed with the
                                 text; there are beautiful en-
                                 gravings on the title page and
                                 at the start of each chapter.
                                 The beginning capitals of a        tury. In order to preserve this
   The book was donated to       hymn (called initials) some-       magnificent sample of the          Inside this
the Archives by Rev. John        times contain images as well,      hymnody of the Unity the
Livingston from Greenwood,       and all the text is surrounded     hymnal needs to be restored.
SC. Rev. Livingston had re-      by elaborately decorated bor-      Please help us to make this        Volunteer                 2
ceived the book as a present     ders. According to Daniel          possible by sending us a dona-
from his colleague and friend,   Crews in his recent book on        tion (see p. 4).
                                                                                                       Profile: the
Milos Strupl. Strupl (1924-      the history of the early Unitas                                       Squairs
                                                                                                       Moravian Vine             2

Successful 2007 Friends’ Campaign                                                                      Albert Frank              2
Last year’s annual campaign      sults in the implementation of     the computer system. The           (1944-2008)
among the Friends of the Ar-     the core mission of the Ar-        Moravian Archives is on a tight
chives was very successful; a    chives: organizing and pre-        budget, and recent economic        New Exhibit on            3
total of over $40,000 in gifts   serving the collections, assist-   developments are a cause for
was received. These funds are    ing researchers, education and     concern. We trust that even
extremely helpful in support-    outreach, exhibitions and          under the current circum-          Summer intern: 4
ing the work of the Archives.    publications. Another large        stances we can rely on the
                                                                                                       Chris Voron
Almost 20% of our annual         item in the budget is the up-      support of our Friends. Please
budget comes from the annual     keep of our facility: building     continue your support, so that
Friends’ campaign. The largest   operating costs, utilities         we can continue to preserve        Moravian Paper            5
portion from the Archives’       (including the two large cli-      our history for the future!
budget is for staff, which re-   mate-controlled vaults), and
Issue 8                                                                                                        Page 2

Volunteer Profile: the Squairs
Our second “Volunteer Profile”      keep everything for the sale          work on HBP’s catalog of trades
highlights the work of Donald       running smoothly.                     and crafts.
and Virginia Squair and the all-       Both Don and Virginia have            Don first became acquainted
important work of our annual        strong interests in Bethlehem         with the Archives after spending
yard sale, which has netted         history, being residents of West      many hours researching the
more than $18,000 for the Ar-       Bethlehem since 1963 when Don         Moravian Waterworks in our
chives over the past four years.    joined the young computer divi-       reading room on behalf of HBP
The Archives uses this money to     sion of Bethlehem Steel. Both         in the 1980s. Although not Mora-
update our computer system,         have served on the board of           vians, the Squairs recognize the
purchase office furniture and       Historic Bethlehem Partnership:       Archives as an “amazing re-
glass cases, install energy-        Don as past president and Vir-        source” for Bethlehem history,
efficient lighting - all the        ginia as secretary. Don currently     as well as art, music and geneal-
“extras” that make a huge dif-      serves on HBP’s Restoration and       ogy. Don and Virginia volunteer
ference in our daily operations,    Property committee. With his          in order to support the preserva-
but not necessarily covered in      engineering background, Don           tion of the historic fabric of
our budget. A large portion of      has developed a particular inter-     Bethlehem and to promote our
the proceeds went into the          est in the physical restoration of    history. They are impressed with
building renovation fund.           Bethlehem’s historic buildings,       the Archives’ exhibits, outreach
  Don, an Archives’ board mem-      and has been involved in the          programs, lectures, and presen-
ber, and Virginia have been         restoration of Burnside Planta-       tations. The Archives is im-
involved in the yard sale since     tion, the J. S. Goundie House         pressed with the Squairs’ dedi-
the very beginning, helping on a    and the Colonial Industrial Quar-     cation and willingness to help in
daily basis to sort and price       ter. Virginia worked on the first     any situation, and especially
items in addition to working the    archaeological dig of the Indus-      their true appreciation of the
days of the sale and post-sale      trial Quarter in 1966, and also       Archives’ relevance to local
clean-up. They are the experi-      helped to set up exhibits and         history. To us, that is priceless.
enced “rocks” we depend on to

Moravian Vine: Order Your Copy Now
The Moravian Archives updated       Vine is based on the original        applicable.
the 1784 “Moravian Vine” to         template and depicts more than        The Vine poster (24" x 36") is a
reflect church growth in North      320 congregations in all four        beautiful decoration for your
America from 1735 to the pre-       North American provinces             home or church building.
sent. It depicts Moravian congre-   (Northern, Southern, Alaskan and
gations in America as leaves on a   Labrador). The date of organiza-     The Moravian Vine can be ordered
grapevine, stemming from Christ     tion is listed with each church,     from the Archives for $10.00 +
on the cross. The new Moravian      along with a closure date, where     shipping.

In Memoriam: Albert Frank (1944-2008)
With great sadness we learned       Board from 1991-1996, and he          logical Seminary and was presi-
that Rev. Dr. Albert Frank          was assistant archivist from          dent of the Moravian Historical
passed away in Niesky, Ger-         1996-2001. In 1999 he spent           Society from 1998 until 2004.
many, on February 4, 2008.          three months among the staff of       After his retirement the Franks
Brother Frank served the Mora-      the Unity Archives in Herrnhut,       moved to Niesky, Germany,
vian Church as minister in the      Germany, where he met his             where Erdmute now serves as
Eastern West Indies, in Pennsyl-    second wife, Erdmute Enkel-           student minister. Albert had
vania, and Ohio. Br. Frank al-      mann. Until his retirement in         three sons and two daughters.
ways had great interest in Mora-    2007 Br. Frank was assistant          His funeral took place in
vian history. He was involved in    director of the Moravian Music        Herrnhut on March 14. In addi-
the transfer of records from the    Foundation, working from an           tion two memorial services were
Moravian Church in the Eastern      office in the Bethlehem Ar-           held in the U.S.: one in Dover,
West Indies to Bethlehem in         chives. Br. Frank taught Mora-        Ohio and one at Central Mora-
1968, he served on the Archives’    vian history at Moravian Theo-        vian Church in Bethlehem.
Issue 8                                                                                                        Page 3

New Exhibit: Early Moravian Bookprinting
For our annual Friends’ Day           from the Archives’ vast library,     and the relationship of Mora-
event on March 31st the Ar-           the exhibit explains how a so-       vians with non-Moravian printers
chives opened a new exhibit in        phisticated communication net-       like Benjamin Franklin and
our gallery accompanied by a          work was essential to the            Christoph Saur is examined.
lecture and reception celebrat-       growth of the church in the 18th     Highlights of the exhibit include
ing the topic of Moravian print-      century.                             the earliest Moravian printing in
ing in America. Lanie Graf, as-         Complemented by interpretive       America: the Daily Texts from
sistant archivist, and Phil           panels designed by Heather           1767 printed in Friedenstal (near
Metzger, volunteer librarian,         Reinert, all aspects of this com-    Nazareth) by Johann Brand-
organized the exhibit, Early          munication network are exam-         müller, as well as Moravian texts
Moravian Printing in America:         ined: the art of printing and        printed by Franklin, Saur and
From Franklin to Senseman,            bookbinding, the use of copy-        Heinrich Müller of Philadelphia.
which explores the first one          ists, the sale of books, and the
hundred years of Moravian print-      evolution of Moravian printing       Visit our exhibit Monday through
ing in America, and places Mora-      through the mid-nineteenth           Friday, 8:00-4:30, or by special
vian printing in the wider con-       century. Moravian printers like      appointment for small groups.
text of the American printing         Heinrich Müller and Johann           The exhibit is free of charge and
tradition. Based on examples          Brandmüller are brought to life,     will run through October 31st.

Summer Intern: Chris Voron
This summer the Archives wel-         interested in the repair of 19th-    to researchers.
comes Chris Voron as our stu-         and 20th century clocks.              In addition, Chris helps at Ar-
dent intern. In the fall Chris will     At the Archives, Chris’ first      chives’ events and is cataloging
be a senior at Lycoming College       project involved organizing the      the records of the Moravian
in Williamsport, PA, where he         voluminous correspondence of         Preparatory School. In July Chris
majors in history. He wanted to       Paul de Schweinitz on behalf of      will help install the Archives’
work at the Archives to gain          the Society for Propagating the      exhibit on Moravian festive cul-
work experience and to explore        Gospel from 1898-1930. This          ture (see p. 4) at the Moravian
career options. Chris is an active    important series documents           Museum of Bethlehem, which
horologist, that is, a person         more than three decades of           opens on July 31st.
interested in the science and         work in various mission fields,
measurement of time. A mem-           including Alaska, Nicaragua, and      If you are interested in an in-
ber of the National Association       Surinam. Chris is sorting, cata-     ternship at the Archives, or if
of Watch and Clock Collectors         loging and rehousing the collec-     you wish to volunteer, please let
(NAWCC), Chris is particularly        tion so that it can be accessible    us know!

Spotlight: Moravian Paper
Recently, an interesting docu-        sources, according to Gisela         A sample of different styles of
ment was uncovered in the Ar-         Reschke from Hamburg, Ger-           Moravian paper can be found in
chives: instructions on how to        many, who is an expert on Mora-      the photo gallery section of our
make “colored paper.” Deco-           vian paste papers, and who has       website.
rated paste paper was a spe-          published several studies on this
cialty of Moravian women in the       subject. “This is truly a rarity,”
Single Sisters’ houses. Moravian      Ms. Reschke replied when we
sisters in different places around    notified her of our find; the 18th
the world made this Moravian          -century page contains hand-
paper in different colors and         written instructions for making
color combinations and sold it to     paste paper and is titled "Einig
local customers, such as book-        Anmerkungen über bundes
binders. So far, no description       Papier zu machen" (Some Notes
was known from Moravian               about Making Colored Paper).
                                                                                Upcoming Events at the Archives
Newsletter from the Moravian
  Archives, Bethlehem PA                                                  Early Moravian Printing in America: From Franklin to Senseman
                Moravian Archives                                              Exhibit at the Archives, March 30 - October 31, 2008
               41 W. Locust Street
            Bethlehem, PA 18018-2757
                                                                                          Moravians and the City of God
           Dr. Paul M. Peucker, archivist                                Lecture by Paul Peucker, July 15, 2008, 7:00 pm at the Archives
           Lanie Graf, assistant archivist
          Claire Klatchak, office manager
                                                                                               “Moravian Festkultur”
                                                                           exhibition at Moravian Museum, July 31— September 21, 2008
                Phone: 610-866-3255
                 Fax: 610-866-9210                                     "Tutt Talk" by Lanie Graf, Assistant Archivist, at the Luckenbach Mill,
      Email: info@moravianchurcharchives.org                                459 Old York Road, Bethlehem, September 16, 2008 at noon
                                                                    For more information, call Historic Bethlehem Partnership: 1-800-360-8687

                                                                      Birthday Celebration Lovefeast for Christian Renatus, Count Zinzendorf
www.moravianchurcharchives.org                                    Reconstruction of an 18th-century birthday celebration for one of the Moravian
                                                                leaders, September 19, 2008, in the Saal of the Gemeinhaus (Church Street), to be
                                                                     held in conjunction with the exhibit on Moravian Festkultur (see below).
                                                                    For more information, call Historic Bethlehem Partnership: 1-800-360-8687
Support us by becoming a Friend
 of the Moravian Archives. Send                                                               October 9-12, 2008
                                                                         Conferences on Moravian history, music and culture (see below)
your check to the address above
  or make an online donation:                                                         German-English Advent Singstunde
  moravianchurcharchives.org/                                     December 2, 2008, 7:00 at the Old Chapel (on the campus of Central Moravian
          support.php.                                                          Church, Church and Main Streets in Bethlehem)

News and Announcements
Moravian Conferences                         history in finding a Moravian      Journal of Moravian History          at the Moravian Museum of
From October 9 - 12 several                  identity." Why is history so       The 4th issue of the Journal of      Bethlehem this summer. The
historical events will take place            important to Moravians? Which      Moravian History, published by       topic of the exhibit is the fes-
in Bethlehem and Nazareth: the               role does history play in the      the Archives and the Moravian        tive culture of the Moravians as
Bethlehem Conference on Mora-                self-image of the Moravian         Historical Society, is now avail-    expressed in 18th century birth-
vian Music, the Moses Lecture,               Church today? The lecture will     able! Visit our website for a list   day celebrations, the celebra-
the Conference on Moravian                   take place at 7:00 pm on Octo-     of contents. Subscribe now!          tion of harvest festival, and the
History and Culture, and the                 ber 9 at the Seminary. To regis-                                        tradition of creating a Christ-
annual meeting of the Moravian               ter visit: moraviansem             Church Registers                     mas Putz. Visit the exhibit at 66
Historical Society. The confer-              inary.edu/contEd                   In our previous newsletter we        W. Church St., Bethlehem, PA:
ence program will be finalized                                                  published a list of church regis-    July 31 - September 21, 2008.
at the beginning of August.                  High-quality Reproductions         ters in need of restoration. We
Please visit our website for                 In cooperation with the Bethle-    had a positive response: gener-      This Month in Moravian
more information and for regis-              hem Area Public Library the        ous people came forward and          History
tration possibilities.                       Moravian Archives is now offer-    another eight registers will be      Each month the Archives sends
                                             ing museum-quality reproduc-       restored! However, many more         out a one-page history update
Moses Lecture                                tions of images from the Ar-       church registers are in poor         via email, commemorating an
Moravian Theological Seminary                chives. Readily available are      condition. Visit our website for     event in Moravian his-
in Bethlehem has invited the                 the 1754 View of Bethlehem by      a list of the registers that still   tory.;Currently 730 people
archivist, Dr. Paul Peucker, to              Nicholas Garrison and the 1741     need restoration. Your help is       subscribe to this free service.
present this year’s Walter                   original deed for the purchase     needed!                              Sign up now for our monthly
Vivian Moses Lecture in Mora-                of the Bethlehem tract. For                                             history newsletter and other
vian Studies. His topic will be              more information visit:            Moravian Festkultur                  email announcements: click the
"Beyond Beeswax Candles and                  moravianchurcharchives.org/        Lanie Graf, assistant archivist,     links on moravianchurchar-
Lovefeast Buns: The role of                  posters.php                        is guest curator of an exhibition    chives.org/thismonth.php

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