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                                                                                            October 2007 Issue

      CONTENTS                    Town Hall News                              School Budget
                                                                              On August 28, the Gill-Montague
Town Hall News . . . . . 1
                                  Eight Weeks and Counting!                   Regional School Committee agreed
Gill Fire Dept . . . . . . . 2    At the time of this submission, I am        to accept the budget voted on by
Friends of Gill . . . . . . . 3   in the midst of my eighth week on           residents of both towns at the July 31
                                  the job as Administrative Assistant         meeting at Turners Falls High School.
Trash/Recycling . . . . . . 4                                                 The Selectboard is now considering
                                  to the Selectboard. It has been quite
Bulky Waste . . . . . . . . 5     an adventure getting up to speed on         how that vote will impact the town’s
                                  Gill’s issues, not the least of which has   fiscal 2008 budget. It will require an
Gill Mont Ed Fund . . . 5
                                  been the struggle to settle a school        override vote, but at this time, we are
Historical Comm . . . . 6                                                     not sure for how much.
                                  budget. I am enjoying my time here
Slate Library News . . . 6        and learning a tremendous amount;           Part of their consideration is how the
Hometown Students . 7             never a dull moment in Town Hall!           revaluation of properties currently
                                  I am very open to listening to residents    being conducted by Mayflower will
Gill Recreation . . . . . 10
                                  any time about anything. My office          change the assessment on residents’
Brick House . . . . . . . 10                                                  homes. Mayflower expects to be fin-
                                  hours are Monday 11:00 AM – 4:30
Carbon Monoxide . . 11            PM and Tuesday – Friday 9:30 AM             ished soon and then the Department
                                  – 4:30 PM. Call (863-9347), e-mail          of Revenue must certify the assess-
Disclaimer . . . . . . . . . 12
                                  (, write         ments as accurate. We expect this
Business Ads . . . . . . . 12     (325 Main Rd, Gill, MA 01354), or           certification to come through by mid-
News Deadline . . . . . 12        just stop in to share whatever’s on your    October.
                                  mind.                                       Once the assessments are certified,
    NEWSLETTER                    I must admit that I’ve grown accus-         the Board of Assessors will share
    COMMITTEE                     tomed to the online generation. I           the new values with the public. The
                                  intend to keep the town’s website           Selectboard is keenly aware that it
       Lynn Nichols
      Starstruck Design           ( up to date and
     Dorri Beaubien               keep expanding it to make it more
       Bev Demars                 useful to residents and visitors. Please
      Barbara Elliott             let me know if there’s something you
        Joe Elliott               don’t see that you’d like to.
      Peter Jenkins
                                  Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone at             Check in with the
       Don Krüger
                                  Town Hall and those on the boards                    Gill Website
    Ronnie LaChance
     Gloria Holmes
                                  and committees I have met for          
    Pam Shoemaker
                                  making my introduction to Gill a                 for up to date news,
                                  welcome one. People have been kind,              announcements and
    Dot Underwood
                                  understanding, and extremely helpful.            contact information!
     Barbara Watson
                                  Thank you!
                                                                                             The Gill Newsletter

would be of no use to hold over-     the Town Hall or downloaded           grant from the Massachusetts
ride votes if people don’t know      from www.massculturalcouncil.         Department of Fire Services will
what their newly assessed values     org.                                  fund this year’s activities for chil-
are. So, once people have had                                              dren, which include pamphlets
                                     Due to recollection of Real Estate    and other handouts, educational
a chance to see those values, a
                                     data, the Tax Collector anticipates   videos, “hands-on” training, and
special town meeting will be
                                     a delay in mailing out the 2008       S.A.F.E. T-shirts for participants.
scheduled to ratify the School
                                     Real Estate and Personal Property     Please take the time to read the
Committee’s vote and to discuss
                                     Tax Bills. The Town would             safety pamphlets with your chil-
the override. We anticipate the                                            dren. Most of this vital safety
                                     appreciate homeowners prepaying
meeting will be scheduled for late                                         information pertains to adults, too.
                                     their taxes based on 2007 figures.
October and an override vote will
                                     Any questions, please call the Tax    Annual Halloween Party
be scheduled for early November.
                                     Collector’s office at 863-2105 or     The Gill Firemen’s Association
Stay tuned!
                                     the Assessor’s office at 863-0138.    will hold its annual Halloween
Main Road Update                                                           Party on Sunday, October 28,
                                     Respectfully submitted,
F & J Construction is planning                                             from 1:00 PM until 2:30 PM, at
                                     Tracy Rogers
to begin paving Main Road on                                               the Gill Fire Station. School-age
                                     Administrative Assistant
Monday, September 17 between                                               children from Gill are invited to
Gill Center Road in Northfield       Gill Fire                             show their costumes and partici-
and Boyle Road in Gill. This is
one of the final pieces of work
                                     Department                            pate in games and fun activities
                                                                           hosted by the Town’s firefighters.
necessary on the road—there is       National Fire Prevention              Prizes and treats are available for
light at the end of the tunnel!      Week: October 7-13
                                                                           all participants.
It’s difficult to predict how long   Did you know that many families
the job will take them, given that   have fire escape plans, but most      Smoke and Carbon
weather is a consideration. So,      never practice them? Plan ahead,      Monoxide Detectors
                                     then practice. Where will you meet    According to a recent poll by the
until further notice, unless you
                                     if your family must evacuate your     National Fire Protection Agency,
are visiting a local business or
                                     home in case of fire? Do your         nearly all American homes (96%)
residence along that stretch of
                                     children know when and how to         have at least one smoke detector.
road, please avoid travel along      call for help? Do you know how
it as much as possible to ensure                                           Will your smoke detector work
                                     to operate a fire extinguisher?
the job is completed as quickly as                                         if you need it? Daylight Saving
                                     October 7-13 is National Fire
possible.                                                                  Time ends on Sunday, November
                                     Prevention Week. This is a great
                                     time to review your family’s plans    4. This is traditionally a good
The office of the Collector/                                               time to change the batteries in
                                     in case of fire or other emergen-
Treasurer will be closed from                                              your smoke and carbon monoxide
                                     cies. During this important week,
September 24th thru the 28th                                               alarms. Remember, early warn-
                                     students in the Gill Elementary
and will reopen on October 1st.                                            ing systems save lives, and they
                                     School and local preschools will
Gill Cultural Council applica-       participate in fire safety activi-    should work properly before the
tions are due by October 15th.       ties with members of the Gill Fire    heating season. Please call the fire
Applications can be picked up at     Department. A Student Awareness       station at 863-8955 if you have
                                     of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.)          questions about smoke alarms or

October 2007 Edition

carbon monoxide detectors. See
the flyer on page 11 for more on        FRIENDS OF GILL
the dangers of carbon monoxide.
                                        The 15th Annual Gill Arts and Crafts Festival will be held
Seasonal Chimney
                                        at the Old Riverside School on Route 2 on Saturday and Sunday,
                                        October 13-14. Visitors will be amazed by the variety of fine crafts by
Keep your house safe this winter
while you keep warm. Most chim-         regional artists, technical demonstrations, music entertainment, food con-
ney fires result from a build-up of     cessions, and hands-on activities for children. Browse through hundreds
creosote, an extremely flammable        of hand-crafted gifts and specialty items, including fine and folk art, pottery,
tar-like substance. All wood-burn-      quilts, wood and metal work, fiber art, photography, fused glass, and fleece
ing chimneys collect creosote,          wear. Join featured artisans in the demonstration tent for weaving, drop
which is caused by the incomplete       spinning, carding, rug hooking, and other fiber arts. Explore the produce
combustion of wood in the stove         wagons that reflect Gill’s rich agricultural history with local produce,
or fireplace. Other causes of chim-     apple cider, maple syrup, honey, jellies and jams, apple pies, and dried floral
ney fires include faulty installation   arrangements. Gather under the music tent for sounds of Celtic songs
and poor maintenance. Chimneys          and folk music. Make your own beeswax candles, print your own greet-
need frequent inspection. Call a        ing cards, or even make your own knitting needles. The Arts and Crafts
certified chimney sweep to check        Festival is a weekend of fun for the entire family!
for obstructions (like bird nests
or leaves), crumbling mortar,
damaged flashing, broken tiles or
                                        Saturday 11:00 - 1:00         George McLaughlin,Violinist
liner, cracks or holes, or corrosion
in metal chimneys. The chimney                    1:00 – 3:00         Corner Boys, Celtic music
sweep will advise you how to make       Sunday 11:00 – 2:00           Jeff Martell, Guitarist
your chimney safe. Call the Gill                  2:00 – 3:00         Steve and Joyanna Dean, Trumpeters
Fire Department at 863-8955 if
you would like more information         ANTIQUES APPRAISALS
about chimney fires.                    Sunday 12:30 – 2:30 $5.00 first item, $2.00 per item after, limit: 3 items
Kitchen Fire Safety
Kitchens are the leading area of        WORKSHOPS
origin for home structure fires         Sunday 11:00 – 12:00          Drop spindle spinning
(38%) and civilian home fire inju-              2:00 – 3:00           Drop spindle spinning
ries (35%). Always give cooking
your full attention; never leave        DRAWINGS
the kitchen when cooking on the         Sunday              3:00      Drawing of Gill Scholarship Raffle
stove. Keep the stovetop neat and       Sunday              3:30      Drawing of Brick House Silent Auction
clean. Establish a “kid-free zone”
for safety around the stove. Have       We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the following contributors to the
a fire extinguisher available and       Friends of Gill and to the Gill Arts and Crafts Festival: A-1 Enterprises, Country
know how to fight grease, oven,         Oil, Foster’s Super Market, In Stitches, Jan’s Package Store, Kuzmeskus, Northfield
and microwave fires. Source:            Mountain, Oak Ridge Golf Course, Renaissance Builders, Verona Press and
Home Structure Fires report by
                                        Wagon Wheel.
the NFPA, February 2007.

                                           The Gill Newsletter

    Trash and Recycling Collection
    Trash and recycling must be placed curbside by 7 AM.
    Duseau Trucking picks up both trash and recycling
    on Friday mornings. If bad weather is an issue, post-
    ponement or delays will be broadcast on radio stations
    WHAI and WHMP, or on Channel 22 and Channel
    40 television stations and on their website at www.
    Please be sure to place a trash sticker on every bag.
    Make sure it is a Gill trash sticker--not a Montague
    sticker. And please place the sticker on the bag--not on
    the barrel.
    Trash stickers are available 24/7 at the Gill Mobil
    Station and Monday – Friday 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM at
    the Town Hall.
    If there is a problem with your rubbish or recycling
    pickup, please call Duseau directly at (413) 773-5712
    as soon as possible. If you do not get satisfaction or
    feel further discussion is warranted, please call the
    Selectboard office at 863-9347 and we’ll be glad to
    Gill residents may also use the Greenfield transfer sta-
    tion for a $5 per day user fee. This is a flat rate for
    multiple trips in one day. There is also a per item
    charge for some items. For more information, go to and look for the infor-
    mation on Trash and Recycling, or call the office and
    we’ll send you the information.
    HOLIDAY PICKUP ~ During the following Holiday
    weeks, BOTH trash and recycling pick up moves ahead
    one day to Saturday, when and only when the holiday
    falls on a weekday, Monday through Friday.

        New Year’s Day                 Labor Day
        Memorial Day                  Thanksgiving
           July 4th                    Christmas

October 2007 Edition

Annual Bulky Waste Collection                                 non-profit organization established in 1996
                                                              by the parents and citizens of the towns of
The Franklin County Solid Waste District is holding           Gill and Montague to support district schools,
its “Clean Sweep” bulky waste collection on Saturday,         donors recognize special events and honors.
October 13th from 9 AM to 1 PM. The three drop-               The GMEF will send a note of appreciation,
off sites are: the Buckland Recreation Facility on Rt.        including your personal tribute message, to the
112 South, the Northfield Highway Garage, and the             honoree.
Whately Transfer Station.
                                                              Has your son or daughter reached a key mile-
District residents may bring a wide range of items that       stone, celebrated a success, or completed their
are typically difficult to get rid of such as tires, appli-   education in the Gill-Montague Regional
ances, scrap metal, furniture, mattresses, carpeting,         School District? You may want to consider
construction debris, computers, televisions, propane          making a special tax-deductible donation to
gas tanks, and other large items. District residents are      the GMEF to honor a teacher, staff member or
from the towns of Bernardston, Buckland, Charlemont,          volunteer who has made a significant contri-
Colrain, Conway, Deerfield, Erving, Gill, Hawley,             bution to your child’s educational experience.
Heath, Leyden, Montague, New Salem, Northfield,               Persons may also make memorial gifts to the
Orange, Rowe, Shelburne, Sunderland, Warwick,                 GMEF.
Wendell and Whately.
                                                              Whatever the occasion, whatever the reason,
Residents do not need to pre-register for the collection.     your gift will be doubly appreciated: first by
However, there are charges for disposal. Disposal fees        the recipient of the honor and second by the
will be collected from residents during check-in at each      students of the school district who will benefit
site. A complete list of prices for the most common           from the enrichment opportunities funded by
items is available at local town halls, town transfer         the GMEF.
stations, and the District office at 50 Miles Street in
Greenfield. Information is also available on-line at          To make a gift in honor or in memory of some- Businesses               one, send donations to GMEF, PO Box 383,
may participate. For more information call the                Turners Falls, MA 01376, attention Sandra
District office at 413-772-2438, or email                     Miner. Include the name of the person you are                         acknowledging, your message, and the name
                                                              and address to which the note of appreciation
                                                              should be sent.
Gill Montague Education Fund                                  Forms for the Tribute Gifts can be found at
Gill-Montague Education Fund
Offers ‘Tribute Gifts’
Are you looking for a gift for that special someone, the
hard to buy for, or the person who has everything? A
new “Tribute Gift” to the Gill-Montague Education
Fund could be just the right gift.
By making a tax-deductible donation to the GMEF, a

                                                                                            The Gill Newsletter

Historical Commission                              will feature Gill firefighters; this photographic display
                                                   will be seen for the first time on the 13th and 14th of
The Gill Historical Commission meets on the        October in the Museum.
third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM in the
Riverside School on Route 2. The Commission        Last spring Bob Perry presented his one-man show on
maintains the Gill Museum in an effort to pre-     river logging to the elementary children in kindergar-
serve the history of Gill. If you have informa-    ten and grades 1 and 2. Bob will repeat his informa-
tion or questions about Gill and its history,      tive show on Saturday and Sunday of the Craft Fair
please contact Kit Carpenter, Bev Demars,          from 10:30 to 12 noon. Come find out about a log-
Stuart Elliott, Dick French, Bob Perry, Lynda      ger’s breakfast of stove lids, blackstrap, logger berries,
Hodsdon Mayo, or Pam Shoemaker.                    and jerk water. All are welcome but young children
                                                   should be accompanied by an adult.
The Commission is looking forward to opening
the Gill Museum on Saturday and Sunday of
the Gill Craft Fair. The Museum offers a vari-     Slate Library News
ety of exhibits including dinosaur foot prints,
                                                                    Slate Library is happy to announce
family history folders, school pictures, vintage
                                                                    that Story Hour is up and running!
clothing, farm tools, and household items. This
                                                                    Parents and children can gather on
year, an exhibit honoring volunteers in the town
                                                                    the big rug and hear stories, enjoy a
                                                                    healthy snack, and engage in a hands-
                                                                    on art project. Slate librarians, Jocelyn
                                                                    Castro-Santos and Kim Sprankle, host
                                                                    the program. We have an exciting series
                                                                   lined up for autumn. Come listen to
                                                   stories about apples, leaves, pumpkins, and shivery
                                                   Kim will also be hosting her very popular knitting
                                                   group on the first and third Thursday of each month.
                                                   This group encompasses a range of knitters from expe-
                                                   rienced to absolute beginners. We have many exciting
                                                   new knitting titles at the library to provide inspiration
                                                   and ideas. Check out “Knitting Simple Sweaters from
                                                   Luxurious Yarns” by Marilyn Cohen or “Hand knits
                                                   for Kids” by British knitwear designer, Lucinda Guy.
                                                   The group starts at 7 pm and welcomes knitters, cro-
                                                   cheters, and anyone else who would like to join.
                                                   Many new books have just arrived in time for curling
                                                   up in a chair during the autumn months. Young adults
                                                   may be interested in Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli,
                                                   the just published sequel to his popular novel Stargirl.

October 2007 Edition

Other titles include the Septimus Heap series by Angie       TFHS Awards Night
Sage, The Land of Silver Apples by Nancy Farmer and          Scholarships presented to Gill students at
Eulalia by Brian Jacques. Some new titles for adults         the Senior Awards Night were Montague
include, On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan, Peony in Love        Elks Scholarship: Haley Trenholm; Eleanor
by Lisa See, and The River Wife by Jonas Agee.               Dorrance Memorial: Benjamin Garber & Haley
There are lots of lovely new illustrated picture books to    Trenholm; Royer Collins Student Athlete:
read to your little ones as well. Please stop by and visit   Benjamin Garber; Friends of Gill, Chelsea
for a complete list and to find out more about programs      Isles & Haley Trenholm; Gill’s Firemen’s
at Slate library.                                            Association: Chelsea Isles; Sam Walton
                                                             Scholarship: Benjamin Garber.
Slate library is open Monday 2-6 PM,
Thursday 2-8 PM, and Saturday from 10 AM – 2 PM.             Awards presented were the Joseph J. Sheff
                                                             Memorial Award: Ashleigh St. Peter (basket-
                                                             ball); Band Boosters Appreciation Awards:
Hometown Students                                            Benjamin Garber, Elizabeth Giknis, & Chelsea
                                                             Isles; Most Valuable Players: Ashleigh St. Peter
College Graduates                                            for basketball and softball; Gill-Montague
Jennifer Stone graduated from Northeastern                   Education Association: Elizabeth Giknis;
University’s School of Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor     Excellence in Business Education: Haley
of Arts degree in psychology.                                Trenholm; Miss Alice Teed Award: Benjamin
Jennifer Bruno and Michele Newton graduated from             Garber; Academic Excellence in Science:
Westfield State College this year. Jennifer earned a         Haley Trenholm; Academic Excellence in
Bachelor of Science degree in business management            Social Studies: Benjamin Garber; Superior
and Michelle earned a Batchelor of Arts degree in mass       Achievement in AP Calculus: Benjamin Garber;
communication.                                               Service Awards: Haley Trenholm; President’s
                                                             Awards for Academic Excellence: Benjamin
Wesley Becklo earned a bachelor’s degree in theater,         Garber, Elizabeth Giknis, & Haley Trenholm;
cum laude, from Saint Michael’s College.                     President’s Award for Academic Achievement:
Kelly Augustine, Grace Harris & Dana Parsons gradu-          Ashleigh St. Peter; Scholastic Merit Awards:
ated from Greenfield Community College in June.              Benjamin Garber & Haley Trenholm;
                                                             Valedictorian Scholarship: Benjamin Garber;
Dean’s List
                                                             GCC Articulation Certificate: Haley Trenholm;
Jennifer Stone was named to the dean’s list for the
                                                             Outstanding Achievement in Theater: Chelsea
spring semester at Northeastern University in Boston.
                                                             Isles; U.S. Army Reserve “National Scholar/
Kellie Brown was also named to the dean’s list at
                                                             Athlete Award”: Benjamin Garber; U.S.
American International College.
                                                             Marine Corps “Distinguished Athlete Award”:
Turners Falls High School Graduation                         Ashleigh St. Peter, and the U.S. Marine Corps
We are proud to announce that Benjamin Garber was            “Scholastic Excellence Award”: Benjamin
Valedictorian of the TFHS Class of 2007. Graduating          Garber.
from Gill with Ben were Elizabeth Giknis, Chelsea Isles,
                                                             Benjamin Garber also received a 2007
Jacob Prevett, Ashleigh St. Peter, & Haley Trenholm.
                                                             McDonald’s McScholar Athlete Award for

                                                                                        The Gill Newsletter

                                                  Religious Studies Award. Ashley Storrow received the
                                                  Piscuskas Day Student Prize.
                                                  Honor Roll June 2007
                                                  Turners Falls High School
                                                  Grade 12
                                                  First honors: Benjamin Garber, Ashleigh St. Peter, &
                                                  Haley Trenholm
                                                  Third honors: Elizabeth Giknis
                                                  Grade 11
                                                  First honors: Abbey Daniel-Green, Amanda
                                                  Golembeski, Molly Perry, & Alexander Tufano
                                                  Third honors: Zachary Little & Chelseigh St. Peter
                                                  Grade 10
                                                  Second honors: Allison Giknis, Amber Henry, &
                                                  Joseph Rinaldi III
                                                  Third honors: Eric Dumas, Jodi Hallett, & Angela
                                                  Grade 9
exemplary athletic and academic achievements,     First honors: Kathleen Rinaldi & Sarah Underwood
strong leadership, good citizenship and high      Second honors: Danielle Dolhenty & Matthew Garber
levels of integrity and a Big Y scholarship for   Third honors: Scott Brown & Mackae Freeland
academic excellence.
                                                  Great Falls Middle School
Pioneer Valley Regional
School Graduation                                 Grade 8
Maxwell Fish & Johanna Johnson gradu-             First honors: Makalya Dolhenty, Brooke Hastings,
ated from Pioneer Regional High School and        Julie Howard-Thompson, Jack Hubert, Joseph
received awards as follows: Max received the      LaFleur, & Andrew Turban.
John and Abigail Adams Scholarship and the        Third honors: Rachel Arial and Natasha Vaughn.
Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship.        Grade 7
Johanna received the Pioneer Valley Regional      First honors: Jane Booth, Christopher Gordon, Lily
School Scholarship.                               Kane, Malik Odeh, & Todd Richardson
Northfield Mt. Hermon                             Second honors: Colton Hallett & Samantha Shaw
School Graduation                                 Pioneer Valley Regional High School
Elijah Pack, Grace Booth and Ashley Storrow
graduated from Northfield Mt. Hermon School       Grade 9
this June. Grace Booth received the Dr. Marvin    Honor: Nicholas Duska
Thomas Blanket Award, & the Mehrkens

October 2007 Edition

Grade 8                            Woodworking: Jake Field & Joey       Reading Awards: Lily Kane, Todd
Highest honor: Patrick Arena &     Rinaldi; Excellence in Video Arts:   Richardson, & Jane Booth
Savannah Yates                     Danielle Dolhenty                    Academic Achievement: Jane
Grade 7                            World Language: Academic             Booth
High honors: Mary Duska &          Excellence in French II: Katie       Community Council Service: Jack
Chad Galipault                     Rinaldi.                             Hubert
Turners Falls High                 Great Falls Middle                   Franklin County Fair
School Awards                      School Awards                        Youth Awards
English: Indomitable Scholarship   Grade 8 Awards                       If you’re looking for some deli-
in Honors English 10: Allison      Social Studies: Academic             cious cookies and don’t have the
Giknis; For Diligence &            Leadership: Joseph Lafleur.          time maybe Malcolm Crosby
Excellence in Humanities: Katie                                         with bake them for you. He
                                   Science: Academic Leadership:
Rinaldi.                                                                took third place in the Fair’s 6
                                   Jack Hubert; Achievement:
                                                                        drop cookies contest. Malcolm
History: Outstanding Academic      Julie Howard-Thompson; &
                                                                        also took a third in Youth Eggs,
Performance in Advanced            Excellence: Andrew Turban.
                                                                        brown chicken, and first place
Placement Psychology: Molly
                                   Health: Brooke Hastings              in 2 pumpkins. Celia Bales won
Perry; Academic Excellence in
                                                                        third place for Youth Vegetables,
U.S. History II: Zach Little;      Math Application: Joseph Lafleur
                                                                        5 potatoes, and Whitney Urgiel
Academic Enthusiasm in
                                   Physical Education: Andrew           took third place in Youth Cattle,
U.S. History I: Joey Rinaldi;
                                   Turban                               Jersey intermediate heifer calf.
Academic Excellence in Advanced
Placement U.S. History: Molly      Writing Awards: Natasha Vaughn       Summer Sports
Perry.                             Most Improved Academics: Emily Erika Loomer’s West volleyball
                                   Robertson                        team took the gold for the sec-
Music: Excellence in Band: Sarah
                                                                    ond year in a row at the Bay State
Underwood; Excellence in Choir:    Perfect Attendance: Jack Hubert  Games. Zach French played
Abbey Daniel-Green, & Zach
                                   Citizenship: Brooke Hastings     in the Bay State Games on the
                                                                    West’s soccer team.
Science: Academic Excellence       Grade 7 Awards
                                   Science: Excellence: Christopher Ashleigh St. Peter was chosen to
in Botanicals: Zach Little;
                                   Gordon                           the Sunday Republican Spring
Excellence in Biology: Scott
                                                                    2007 All-Scholastic Division III
Brown; Academic Excellence in      Math: Achievement: Todd          softball team.
Physics: Molly Perry; Academic     Richardson
Excellence in Introduction to                                       The Turners Falls High School
Physical Sciences: Eric Dumas.     Family Consumer: Jane Booth      girl’s softball team was one
                                   Physical Education: Matthew      game shy of taking the Division
Technology Education:
                                   Gibson                           III State Championship this
Excellence in Technology
                                                                    year. Ashleigh St. Peter, Haley
Education 1: Sarah Underwood;      Writing Awards: Malik Odeh,      Trenholm, Angela Marguet,
Excellence in Manufacturing/       Jane Booth, & Lily Kane

                                                                                               The Gill Newsletter

Chelseigh St. Peter, and Jodie         Gill Recreation                        for the use of these fields. We are
Hallet played their hearts out all                                            very pleased to have some won-
season. We are proud of how they       Commission                             derful volunteers again this year
played the game and their good         Here we are again preparing for        that have stepped up to coach.
sportsmanship.                         the cold and saying goodbye to         Included are Jim Burnstein, with
                                       another summer that has gone by        assistance from the NMH varsity
T.J. Meyer was a major contribu-
                                       too fast. I would like to start with   soccer team, coaching pre-k – 1st
tor to the 12 & under Turners
                                       a thank you to Pat Shilo, Lori         graders, Mark Almeida & Nathan
Falls Cal Ripken team this season.
                                       Rinaldi and Heather Lawton for         Duda coaching 2nd – 4th grade
On one weekend playing three
                                       all their hard work running the        coed, Pat Garland and David
games T.J. had 5 homeruns, 3 in
                                       summer program this year. There        Dowdy coaching 2nd – 4th grade
one game, and a total of 10 runs
                                       were many improvements to the          coed and Brian Bodell coaching
batted in. We’ll be watching him
                                       program and there are many ideas       5th – 6th grade coed. If you are
at Great Falls Middle School in
                                       on how to make this program            interested in volunteering some
the spring.
                                       better for next summer. We are         time or if you have a child who
Scott Brown has been running           very happy to be able to offer a       would like to play, stop by the
this summer and took second            low cost program for local fami-       lower fields at NMH any Saturday
place in the 2 mile Montague           lies and we are hoping for more        morning 9 AM to 10:30 AM or
Mini-Mug Race in August.               families to take advantage of this     contact Nathan Duda at 522-
Tom Field, Eric Dumas, Tony            next year. We are always looking       3209.
DeNofrio, and Jake Field played        for new ideas that will help better
for the Western Mass Knights bas-      this program.
ketball team this summer. They,                           With the colder     News from
along with most of their opposing                         weather comes       The Brick House
players, will join their high school                      the soccer
teams for the 2007-2008 basket-                           season. We          The Brick House Community
ball season.                                              are very happy      Resource Center will have qual-
Fall sports have started and Gill                         to have Steve       ity art and craft items from their
students are active again this year.   Striebel back again this year vol-     Silent Art Auction available for
They can use your support, so          unteering his time, sharing his        viewing and bidding during the
take some time, relax, and head to     knowledge and love of soccer and       Gill Arts and Crafts Festival.
their sporting events at Pioneer,      making sure that the program is        Items will be auctioned off at the
NMH, Tech School, GFMS &               enjoyed by all. Thank you Steve        end of the festival and the funds
TFHS.                                  for all your time and energy, it       raised will be used in support of
                                       is appreciated by all. Once again      the community based program-
                                       this year we will practice on the      ming offered by the Brick House.
                                       lower soccer fields at Northfield
                                       Mount Hermon on Saturday
                                       mornings and some evenings
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                                       Tom Pratt & Rafaela Calicchio

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                     Exposing an Invisible Killer               A Factsheet on the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

        ach year in America, unintentional carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning claims more than
        500 lives and sends another 15,200 people to hospital emergency rooms for treatment.1
       The U. S. Fire Administration (USFA) and the National Association of Home Builders
(NAHB) would like you to know that there are simple steps you can take to protect yourself from
deadly carbon monoxide fumes.

UNDERSTANDING THE RISK                        IF NO ONE IS FEELING ILL:                         adult would experience symptoms. It
                                                                                                is very possible that you may not be
                                              1. Silence the alarm.                             experiencing symptoms when you
WHAT IS CARBON MONOXIDE?                                                                        hear the alarm. This does not mean that
                                              2. Turn off all appliances and sources
Carbon monoxide is an odorless,                                                                 CO is not present.
                                                 of combustion (i.e. furnace and
colorless and toxic gas. Because it is
                                                 fireplace).                               • Have a qualified professional check
impossible to see, taste or smell the toxic
                                                                                             all fuel burning appliances, furnaces,
fumes, CO can kill you before you are         3. Ventilate the house with fresh air by
                                                                                             venting and chimney systems at least
aware it is in your home. At lower levels        opening doors and windows.
                                                                                             once a year.
of exposure, CO causes mild effects that
                                              4. Call a qualified professional to
are often mistaken for the flu. These                                                      • Never use your range or oven to
                                                 investigate the source of the possible
symptoms include headaches, dizziness,                                                       help heat your home and never use a
                                                 CO buildup.
disorientation, nausea and fatigue. The                                                      charcoal grill or hibachi in your home
effects of CO exposure can vary greatly                                                      or garage.
from person to person depending on            IF ILLNESS IS A FACTOR:
                                                                                           • Never keep a car running in a garage.
age, overall health and the concentration     1. Evacuate all occupants immediately.         Even if the garage doors are open,
and length of exposure.
                                              2. Determine how many occupants are            normal circulation will not provide
                                                 ill and determine their symptoms.           enough fresh air to reliably prevent a
WHERE DOES CARBON                             3. Call your local emergency number
                                                                                             dangerous buildup of CO.
MONOXIDE COME FROM?                                                                        • When purchasing an existing home,
                                                 and when relaying information to
CO gas can come from several sources:            the dispatcher, include the number of       have a qualified technician evaluate the
gas-fired appliances, charcoal grills,           people feeling ill.                         integrity of the heating and cooking
wood-burning furnaces or fireplaces and                                                      systems, as well as the sealed spaces
motor vehicles.                               4. Do not re-enter the home without            between the garage and house. The
                                                 the approval of a fire department           presence of a carbon monoxide alarm
                                                 representative.                             in your home can save your life in the
WHO IS AT RISK?                               5. Call a qualified professional to repair     event of CO buildup.
Everyone is at risk for CO poisoning.            the source of the CO.                     1
                                                                                               Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Medical experts believe that unborn
babies, infants, children, senior citizens    PROTECT YOURSELF AND
and people with heart or lung problems                                                            For more information contact:
are at even greater risk for CO poisoning.    YOUR FAMILY FROM CO                                  The U. S. Fire Administration
                                              POISONING                                              16825 South Seton Avenue
                                              • Install at least one UL (Underwriters                 Emmitsburg, MD 21727
WHAT ACTIONS DO I TAKE                          Laboratories) listed carbon monoxide                              or
                                                alarm with an audible warning                         Visit the USFA Web site:
IF MY CARBON MONOXIDE                           signal near the sleeping areas and            
ALARM GOES OFF?                                 outside individual bedrooms. Carbon
What you need to do if your carbon              monoxide alarms measure levels of CO
monoxide alarm goes off depends on              over time and are designed to sound                               Homeland
whether anyone is feeling ill or not.           an alarm before an average, healthy                               Security
March 2006
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