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Company Name by fjzhangweiqun


									    Company/ Name                   E-mail Address                   County                               Products Sold
                                      Web Page                       Town
Timothy Stewart                    Stewart's Apiaries                Atlantic       Extracted honey, NJ-bred queens and nuc’s, pollination
Stewart’s Apiaries                                              Weymouth Township   services, swarm removals.
                                                                  609 476-2891
“Mind Your Own” Beeswax                  Burlington      Honey, spread, beeswax hand cream, lip balm, leather
Products                       Wrightstown      conditioner, and a full line of candles
                                                                  609 758-3215
PJ’s Apiaries                           Burlington      Local honey, flavored honey, raw honey, honey sticks.
                                                                   Jacobstown       Wholesale and retail. Swarms removed.
                                                                  609 758-8729
                                                                  609 758-3215
Hilltop Honey                       Essex         Fresh honey, creamed honey, pollen, beeswax and
Joseph Lelinho                                                    North Caldwell    swarm retrievals. Also available for craft fairs and groups.
                                                                  973 403-8662
Jeans Honey Farm                          N/A                       Hunterdon       Honey
                                                                  908 782-7912
S&F Honey Farm                   Hunterdon       Honey, bee pollen, nuc’s, beekeeping equipment
                                                                  908 782-7525
Tassot Apiaries                 Hunterdon       Honey and delicacies, pollination
Jean-Claude & Béatrice          Milford
                                                                  908 996-0984
Bee Flower and Sun Honey           Hunterdon       Local honey in 60 lb. pails or bottled. Our specialty is raw
Company                    Milford        honey in several varieties. Comb honey & beeswax.
Larry Saums                                                       908 735-6946      Three-pound package bees April 10th. Must order early.
Stiles Apiaries                           N/A                       Middlesex       Honey products, wax products, candles. Retail, wholesale
Grant Stiles                                                          Fords         and bulk. Bees (nucleus hives in spring, order early!). Call
                                                                  732 661-0700      for hours and retail store location.
Gene Armstrong                    Monmouth        Honey. Call ahead for pickup.
                                                                 Ocean Township
                                                                  732 7754714
Peter & Tanya Ptak                    Ptak's Apiary                 Monmouth        Pure, local honey from my backyard.
Ptak’s Apiary                                                       Red Bank
                                                                  732 693-6537
E&M Gold Beekeepers, LLC           Monmouth        We provide honey to retail establishments, restaurants
Mary & Ed Kosenski               Tinton Falls     and caterers and participate in Craft Fairs, showing our
                                                                  732 542-6528      honey and beeswax products.
Herbertsville Honey                   Monmouth &        Pure, unprocessed local honey, pollination services,
Company               Ocean County      beeswax, bee pollen, handcrafted skin cream, lip balm &
                                                                   Pt. Pleasant     beeswax soap.
                                                                  732 458-8423
   Company/ Name                 E-mail Address               County                               Products Sold
                                   Web Page                    Town
Trapper’s Honey                   Trapper's Honey         Monmouth/Mercer     Local honey, beeswax, creamed honey.
Anna & Angelo Trapani                                      Ocean Counties
                                                            609 259-0051
Gooserock Farm                  Morris         Honey, beeswax products including creams, handmade
                               Boonton         soaps, lip balm, candles, ornaments and novelties
                                                            973 263-0674
Two Cats Apiaries                   Morris         Honey, extracted and comb, beeswax candles,
Janet A. Katz                                                  Chester        beekeeping services.
                                                            908 879-4377

Blueberry Wood Apiary              Ocean          Raw honey, gourmet honey products, bee removal.
Peter Leighton                                                Jackson
                                                            732 928-4259
Tom Fuscaldo                      Passaic        Bee sting therapy
                                                            973 942-5066

Harvey’s Honey                      Salem          Honey, bee equipment
                                                            856 358-1010
John Pagano                  Somerset        Honey in one-pound jars. Call ahead for pickup.
                                                            908 781-7823
Pier V. Guidi             Somerset & Mercer   Local, raw honey.
Bamboo Hollow Apiaries &      Hillsborough
Honey Farm                                                  908 432-9405
Charlie Toth                         No email                 Somerset        Carniolan Queens and nucs. New Jersey bred. Reserve
Beekeeper since 1953                                          Somerset        ahead for fall requeening. Selected for hygienic behavior
CJBA member                                                 732 873-2989      and mite resistance. Naturally winter-hardy, gentle. Bare-
                                                                              root black locust trees (surplus nectar source).
Douglas Farm                        Brian Rowe                Somerset        Honey, beeswax (creams, soaps, lip balm, candles)
                                   Douglas Farm               Gladstone       products, pollen. Pollination & beekeeping services. Bees,
                                                            908 781-1779      queens, nuc's and packages. Swarm removal service.
                                                                              Presentations for libraries, schools, clubs, youth groups.
Fox Hill Honey                Sussex         Local honey products, beeswax candles & hand cream.
Linda Osborne                                                 Lafayette
                                                            973 875-5770
Donaldson Farms               Warren         Retail and wholesale raw honey in jars or pails, and
Greg Donaldson                                              Mansfield Twp     beeswax from our own hives. The hives are used to
                                                            908 852-9122      pollinate our fruit and vegetable crops that we sell at our
Company/ Name                          E-mail Address                          County                       Products Sold
                                         Web Page                               Town
                                                                                             farm market.

=   2009 State Honey Show, First Place Winner

    =   2009 State Honey Show, Best in Show (Awarded for single best entry in entire show)

        =   2009 State Honey Show, Best Exhibitor (Awarded for highest ribbon point total)

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