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*)DHCP Renewal Address Lease Duration Is 8 Day’s.
*)    GPO Update For Client Is 90 Mins.
      GPO Update For Server Is 5 Mins.
*)    In One Forest By Default Only One Global Catalog Server Only Is Available. If We Want We Can Create Manually.
*)    In Win 2003 Application Partition is There. In Win 2000 Is Not Present.
*)    Universal Group Are Stored In Global Catalog Server.
*)    Universal Group Can Access All Forest’s.
*)    Global Group Can Access All Domains In The Forest.
*)    Domain Local Group Can Access Only The Same Domain In The Forest.
*)    Replication Topology Are Two Types.
               a)      Ring Topology
               b)      Bi-Directional Topology


                   SITE A                                              SITE B
                  D1,D2,D3                                             D1,D2,D3

Within The Site Can Access                                   In Two Sites Can Access All     Domains     Is nter Site That Is
                                                      Ring     Topology.
All Domain Is Intra Site That
Is Bi-Directional.
*)        Replication Topology Automatically Creates KCC(Knowledge Consistency Checker).
*)        Topology Automatically Created By KCC.
*)        Blue Screen Memory Dump Stores In System32 Folder With The File Name Of Dump.ref.
*)        Mini Dump Error Is RAM Problem.
*) OS File Verification Tool We can Check In sigverif.exe. With the help Of This Exe We Can see Our Os Files.
 *)The first is the device simply not being enabled on system startup or installation. A more severe level will result in the
system not starting up due to a bug check (also known as a blue screen or STOP error).
If the problem is caused during a driver upgrade, you can leverage the capability to
rollback a driver.To roll back a driver from a previous version, open the device Properties
dialog box in Device Manager and select the Driver tab. In that tab is a button called
Rollback that you can select to roll back the driver to the previous version.
*)The WUAU.adm file holds Windows Update settings for Windows 2000 and Windows
Server 2003 clients.
*) APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing) address.
*)Remote Desktop client by typing mstsc /console at the
Run prompt. By connecting to the console session, you see the same desktop and
programs running as you would if you were logged in locally.
*)A terminal server allows clients to connect without license tokens for 120 days before it requires communicating with a
license server.
*)To maximize all screen Windows+shift+M.
*)appwiz.cpl - To Open add or remove programs.
*) . (Dot)     - In Which drive OS Installed.
*) Dsa.msc         - To open Active directory Users & Computers.
*) Dnsmgmt.cpl - To open DNS.
*) LDAP               LightWeight Directory Access Protocol .It is used in command prompt
*) Winver            - It shows the version of OS.
*) cmd -             C:\>netsh interface ip set address "local area connection" static addr= mask=

*) CMD - shutdown –a (To Prevent Shutdown)
*)Ctrl+shft+8    - In word to set paragraph mark.
Mails Missed In Mithi Mail ID.
*) Mail Problem - In POP3 we want to create one Mail
Same Configuration We want to create in I
MAP4 Account For Same Email ID.
Then in Outlook Express Both POP3
And IMAP4 Will Be There.Like POP3,
in IMAP4 also Inbox.Outbox,etc will
Automatically create.Then We Want To Select
all Mails in POP3 Inbox Right Click - Move
(OR) Copy To Folder In IMAP4 Inbox,We
Want to Give.Then It will Download all
mails from POP3 To IMAP4.
*)winipcfg - In Win98 we use for ipconfig renew&release.
                                         C:\>CONVERT DRIVE NAME :/FS :NTFS
Eg) convert d:/fs :ntfs
*)In Windows XP total number of services are 94.
  Default 44 services are started.
*) WIFI – In Services, Wireless Zero Configurations Wants to start. Default
  Windows Firewall Will Stop The Service. (Error WZC) .
                                                WIFI Password – 458E3C04E4
*) Private Organization IP ( To 4096 Connections.
Novell Netware
In Network Neighborhood Add The Protocol ---- Client For Netware Networks.
Restart The System.
Run ---- \\Macc\sys\login\login ----- Type username --- _macc
                                    Type password -- focus2007
Run --- \\macc\maccmrc\mrc\mrc.bat --- Send The Batch File To Desktop.
PING -----        Packet Internet Groper

              Remote Desktop Protocol                            3389

          Windows Messenger For instant Messaging                1863
          Whiteboard & Application Sharing                       1503
          File Transfer                                          6891 Through 6900
          HTTP                                                   80
          HTTPS                                                  443
          IMAP4                                                  143
          IMAP4 TLS                                              993
          RPC Endpoint Map per                                   135
          KERBEROS                                               UDP 88
          LDAP                                                   389
          NETLOGON                                               445
          DS Access (GC)                                         3268
          TCP high Ports                                         1024+

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