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A          Higher education cost
           adjustment factor—levels

           The Higher Education Cost                calendar year are provided by the
           Adjustment Factor (CAF) does not         Department of Finance and
           reflect actual factor price movements,   Administration in June each year,
           but reflects the increases the           approximately six weeks after the
           Commonwealth provides to                 Budget. The SNA is currently 1.9 per
           institutions each year toward the        cent of Average Weekly Earnings
           increases in salary and non-salary       (AWE) for 2001 grants. The estimated
           costs.                                   CPI applicable to 2001 is 2.9 per
                                                    cent. These adjustments will apply to
           All 2000 dollar amounts cited in this
                                                    the whole of each calendar year and
           report are in 2000 outturn prices
                                                    indexation will start from the first
           (CAF 1.085211). Allocations for
                                                    payment for the year. These figures
           2001, 2002 and 2003 are in
                                                    will be confirmed in June 2001.
           estimated 2001prices (CAF
           1.108650). Allocations for 2002 and      The relative cost adjustment factors
           2003 will be indexed in line with        are as follows:
           future movements in the CAF.                                       Dec 1995(a)
           The notional salary component of         December 1995             1.000000
           operating grants (75 per cent) is        Prices
           indexed on the basis of the Safety Net   1996-98                   1.015750
           Adjustment (SNA) as determined by        Triennium Report
           the Australian Industrial Relations      1997-99                   1.033823
           Commission (AIRC) the previous year.     Triennium Report
           The non-salary component of              1998-00                   1.050122
           operating grants (25 per cent) will be   Triennium Report
           based on Consumer Price Index (CPI).     1999-01                   1.066707
           The Treasury Measure of Underlying       Triennium Report
           Inflation (TMUI) was used previously.    2000-02                   1.085211
           However, the TMUI is no longer           Triennium Report
           available and on advice from the         2001-03                   1.108650
           Department of Finance and                Triennium Report
                                                    (estimate 2001
           Administration, the CPI will be used
                                                    year allocation)
           from 2001 onwards.
                                                    a) December 1995 equals 1.000000
           The final values for the SNA and CPI
           which are applied to calculating the
           actual grants in the following

B          Research and research
           training management report

           Part A

           Research and Research Training Objectives
           Describe how research and research training activities contribute to the
           fulfilment of the institution’s mission. Provide an overview of its objectives for
           research and research training, including a listing of the attributes expected of
           research graduates. Describe the structures and resources to support research and
           research training across the institution. Outline current areas of research
           strength, and describe how these are selected and supported.

           Future Directions for Research and Research Training
           Describe the institution’s future directions for research and research training,
           including an outline of its major priorities and specific strategies, targets, and
           timeframes. Outline how the institution plans to build upon its current areas of
           strength and comparative advantage to advance its future research and research
           training activities, and describe the mechanisms to support these developments.
           Foreshadow any proposed shifts in allocating research training places between
           major fields of research.

           Managing Research Performance
           Describe the institution’s approach to managing research performance through
           mechanisms such as institutional structures, planning processes, resource
           allocation mechanisms, performance monitoring arrangements, benchmarking,
           incentives to reward research performance and support for staff development.

           Ensuring a Quality Research Training Experience
           Outline arrangements to ensure that research students enjoy a high quality
           research training environment, including policies governing students’ access to
           resources, contact with supervisors and learning support, strategies aligning the
           allocation of research places to areas of research strength or outstanding
           individual researchers, and mechanisms for monitoring student progress.

  Appendix B
                     Research and research training
                     management report guidelines

  Collaboration and Partnerships
  Outline mechanisms to support cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional research
  partnerships. Describe the supportive relationships, alliances and partnerships
  with business, Government and other entities at the regional, national and
  international levels.

  Intellectual Property, Commercialisation and Contractual Arrangements
  Outline policies for managing and exploiting intellectual property, the
  commercialisation of research, and management of research contracts. Enclose a
  copy of relevant policies and procedures as an attachment to the report.
  Describe practices for identifying intellectual property with commercialisation
  potential, assigning intellectual property rights, research commercialisation
  strategies and related governance arrangements.

                                 Appendix B
                                                      Research and research training
                                                      management report guidelines

Part B

Performance and Directions Statements

(i)           Areas of designated research strength
 Research strengths in which the                      HDR students          HDR students         HDR commencers
 university is nationally competitive                    (EFTSU)          (EFTSU) in areas of         (EFTSU)
                                                                          research strength
                                                         2000 (b)                2000                 2000 (c)

 Science and technology

 Health and medical research

 Arts, humanities and social sciences

 Cross disciplinary research


Please identify your top research strengths in Attachment A.
(a)   Areas of research strength to correlate with research fields listed in the attached document (This document is
      based on the ‘Division’ categories in the Australian Standard Research Classification produced by the ABS.)
(b)   All HDR students, not only those in areas of research strength.
(c)   If the institution intends to vary its internal allocation of commencing HDR places in 2001, this should be
      addressed elsewhere in the report.

  Appendix B
                           Research and research training
                           management report guidelines

      (ii)          Research income (d) in 2000
                                                    Category 1         Category 2            Category 3         Category 4
                                                      ($000)             ($000)                ($000)           1999-2000

        Science and technology
        Health and medical research
        Arts, humanities and social
        Cross-disciplinary research
        Total (e)
  (d)         Research income (categories 1, 2, 3 and 4) is defined in accordance with the DETYA Higher Education
              Research Data Collection (HERDC).
  (e)         These should accord with totals reported in the HERDC.

      (iii)           Academic staff in 2000 who were active in the following categories
                                                   Number of staff     Number of staff      Number of staff   Number of staff
                                                   who generated       who generated          eligible to     who supervised
                                                      research         publications         supervise HDR      HDR students
                                                      income                                  students (h)

        Science and technology
        Health and medical research
        Arts, humanities and social
        Cross-disciplinary research
  (f)         Research income is defined in accordance with the DETYA HERDC.
  (g)         Publications are defined in accordance with the DETYA HERDC.
  (h)         Drawn from staff in academic organisations who are classified as ‘research only’ or ‘teaching and
              research’ as per the definition for ‘Member of Staff’ in the DETYA Staff Help File.

                                  Appendix B
                                                      Research and research training
                                                      management report guidelines

(iv)           Quality of research training experience
               (a)       Outcomes of the Postgraduate Research Evaluation Questionnaire and
                         Graduate Destination Survey, and
               (b)       Qualities of staff who supervise students in 2000
                                                                                     Share of supervising staff

  Hold higher degree by research qualifications

  Have undertaken supervisor training in the year

  Have supervised HDR students to completion (i) in the year

(i)    Students who have ‘completed’ in the sense of being eligible for the award of their higher degree by research

Attachment A: Top Research Strengths

To be completed by the institution

C          Programmes—projects and

           Managed by DETYA’s Higher Education Division

           Anglo-Australian Telescope Board

           Australian Awards for University Teaching

           Australian Postgraduate Awards Scheme

           Australian Universities Teaching Committee

           Capital Development Pool

           Capital roll-in

           Cooperative Multimedia Centres

           Disability Initiatives Programme

           Evaluations and Investigations Programme

           Grants-in-aid to Learned Academies

           Grants-in-aid to ANZAAS

  Appendix C
                      Programmes—projects and schemes

  Higher Education Contribution Scheme

  Higher Education Equity Programme

  Higher Education Innovation Programme

  Indigenous Higher Education Centres

  Indigenous Open Learning Project

  Indigenous Support Funding Programme

  Institutional Grants Scheme

  International Postgraduate Research Scholarships Scheme

  Learned Academies Special Projects

  Medical Rural Bonded Scholarships Scheme

  National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition

  Open Learning Deferred Payments

  Open Learning Initiative

Appendix C
                      Programmes—projects and schemes

Regional Disability Liaison Officers Network

Restructuring and Rationalisation Programme

Research Evaluation

Research Infrastructure Block Grants Scheme

Research Quantum

Research Training Scheme

Science Lectureships Initiative

Small Research Grants Scheme

Superannuation Grants

Teaching Hospital Grants

University Operating Grants

Workplace Reform Programme

  Appendix C
                        Programmes—projects and schemes

  Other DETYA Higher Education Division
  managed activities
  Composite Index

  Equity Plans

  Higher Education Research Data Collection

  Higher Education Statistics Collection

  Indigenous Education Strategies

  Quality Assurance and Improvement Plans

  Research and Research Training Management Plans

  University Profiles

  Australian Research Council programmes
  Indigenous Researchers’ Development Scheme

  International Researcher Exchange Scheme

  Key Centres of Teaching and Research

  Large Research Grants Scheme

  Research Fellowships Scheme

  Research Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities Scheme

  Special Research Centres

  Special Research Initiative Scheme

  Strategic Partnerships with Industry – Research and Training Scheme

Appendix C
                    Programmes—projects and schemes

Other higher education related programmes
and activities
Australia-European Union Seminar on Educational Cooperation

Australian Universities Quality Agency

Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students

Educational Textbook Subsidy Scheme

Graduate Skills Assessment

National Protocols for Higher Education Approval Processes

D to G

         Appendix D:   University access                  233

         Appendix E:   University access—capital cities   235

         Appendix F:   University access—insets           237

         Appendix G:   Institutions and campuses          239

D          Map: University access

E          Map: University access—
           capital cities

F          Map: University access—

G          Institutions and campuses

                          Institution                          Campus Name

           New South Wales
           Charles Sturt University             Canberra, Manly, Murray, Mitchell, Dubbo,
                                                Goulburn, Riverina, Rozelle, Thurgoona
           Southern Cross University            Coffs Harbour, Lismore, Port Macquarie
           Macquarie University                 Macquarie
           The University of New England        UNE
           The University of New South Wales    ADFA, Kensington, St George, College of
                                                Fine Arts
           The University of Newcastle          Newcastle, Central Coast
           The University of Sydney             Camden, Mallett Street, Cumberland,
                                                Kirkbride, Orange, Camperdown/Darlington,
                                                Surry Hills, Conservatorium, St James,
                                                Westmead, Burren Street,
           University of Technology, Sydney     Kuring-gai, St Leonards, City
           University of Western Sydney         Macarthur (Bankstown), Hawkesbury
                                                (Blacktown), Macarthur (Campbelltown),
                                                Nepean (Penrith - South), Nepean
                                                (Parramatta - North), Nepean (Parramatta -
                                                South), Hawkesbury (Richmond), Nepean
                                                (Penrith - North), Penrith (Kingswood)
           University of Wollongong             Wollongong, Graham Park
           Avondale College                     Cooranbong

           Deakin University                    Rusden, Toorak, Burwood, Warrnambool,
                                                Geelong, Woolstores
           La Trobe University                  Abbotsford, Bundoora, Carlton, Bendigo,
                                                Shepparton, Wodonga, Wangaratta, Mildura
           Marcus Oldham College                Geelong
           Monash University                    Clayton, Berwick, Caulfield, Peninsula,
                                                Gippsland, Parkville
           Royal Melbourne Institute of         Bundoora, Coburg, Bairnsdale, City
           Swinburne University of Technology   Swinburne at Lilydale, Prahran, Hawthorn

  Appendix G
                        Institutions and campuses

                  Institution                          Campus Name
  The University of Melbourne           Hawthorn, Kew, Burnley, Dookie,
                                        Glenormiston, Longerenong, Gilbert
                                        Chandler, Parkville, Victorian College of the
  University of Ballarat                Ballarat
  Victoria University of Technology     City, Footscray, St Albans, Werribee, Melton,
                                        Sunbury, Melba Conservatorium

  Bond University                       Robina
  Central Queensland University         Sydney International, Bundaberg, Gladstone,
                                        Conservatorium, Rockhampton, Mackay,
  Griffith University                   Morningside, Mt Gravatt, Southbank, Gold
                                        Coast, Nathan
  James Cook University                 Smithfield, Douglas
  Queensland University of              Gardens Point, Carseldine, Kelvin Grove
  The University of Queensland          St Lucia, Gatton College
  University of Southern Queensland     Wide Bay, Toowoomba
  University of the Sunshine Coast      Sippy Downs

  Western Australia
  Curtin University of Technology       Bentley, Kalgoorlie, Muresk Institute of
                                        Agriculture, Joondalup, Shenton Park, QV1
  Edith Cowan University                Churchlands, Mt Lawley, Joondalup, Bunbury
  Murdoch University                    Murdoch, Rockingham
  University of Notre Dame, Australia   Fremantle, Broome
  The University of Western Australia   UWA

  South Australia
  The Flinders University of South      Flinders
  The University of Adelaide            Roseworthy, North Terrace, Waite, Thebarton
  University of South Australia         City East, Magill, Salisbury, Underdale,
                                        Whyalla, The Levels

 Appendix G
                      Institutions and campuses

              Institution                         Campus Name

Australian Maritime College          Newnham
The University of Tasmania           Launceston, Hobart, North West

Northern Territory
Batchelor College                    Batchelor
Northern Territory University        Casuarina

Australian Capital Territory
The Australian National University   ANU
University of Canberra               Canberra

Multi State
Australian Catholic University       Signadou, Castle Hill, Mackillop, Mount
                                     Saint Mary, McAuley, Mercy, Aquinas, Christ


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