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					                                                                                             ECO ART
                                                                                handmade & natural
                                                                                NZ beeswax candles &
                                                                                globe lanterns “glowworms”
                                                                                unique designs handcarved

                                                                                phone Dani: (021) 130 5971

                                                                                      & gourd percussion
                                                                                          rattles, gourd
                                                                                          water bottles ...

                               LIVING NATURALLY NATURAL LIGHT
All candles begin with wax, but now there are many waxes used which can be detrimental to our health . Most candles on the market are
petroleum-based products and scented or coloured candles are no more than disguised petrol fumes, setting the scene for highly polluted
indoor air, which can aggravate existing respiratory conditions such as asthma. Cheaply manufactured paraffin wax is made from
petroleum and is the most common wax for commerci al candle-making. Gel wax is petroleum turned into a jelly with a gelliant. The fumes
of these can contain formaldehyde, acrolein, acetaldehyde and unhealthy particles of soot.

Many wicks also contain a metal to keep the wick vertical; lead is now banned and instead zinc or tin is added.

Natural waxes are created from pl ants such as soya beans and beeswaxes are made by bees from nectar. This wax was always in
candle-making until the manuf acture of paraffin became much cheaper. Beeswaxes are produced locally in New Zealand which
supports our local market and our beekeepers. Though soy waxes are imported from America and this creates food miles, meaning
increased transport costs and environmental pollution. Also increased soybean production in Brazil threatens Amazon
(see ).

For optimum heal th, burn natural and beeswax candles, which are clean- burning. Burn candles with braided wicks which contain no
metal. Burn hard wax candles. You can store candles in the fridge prior to burning to lengthen burning time, natural fridge preferred for a
clean environment.

ECOART, Dani has a wonde rful range of bee swax candles & beeswax glowworm lifetime lante rns e tc. (100%
 Z beeswax, 100% cottonwick) for e ve rybody’s desire .
Interesting re ading: ‘How Indoor Air Quality Affec ts Your Health ’
                       by Manfred Kaise r

                                            SUPPORT PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT OUR HEALTH AND OUR PLA NET
                                                       HEALTHY MINDS HEALTHY PLANET
                                     5 Maori Symbols in natural, dark green & light green
  Koru (spiral)

  The koru depicts new                                          koru small
   beginnings, growth and                                                                     uncurled fern
   harmony, taken from the
  symbolism of a unfurled
  silver fern leaf.

                                                    koru long         koru long small

 Hei Matau
 (Fish Hook)
It symbolizes prosperity
 also represents strength
determination & good
 health as well as providing
safe journey over water.

                                                                   …is known as a spiritual guardian &
                                                                    carrier of supernatural powers.
                                                                     Traditionally depicted as a bird
                                                                     like figure with the head of a bird,
                                                                     body of a man & a tail of a fish,
                                                                     acting as a provider and protector
                                                                     over Sky, Earth & Sea.
                  Double Twist
             … represents the joining together
                of two people, or two cultures
                for eternity and even though
               they may experience life’s ups
               and downs they remain bonded
              by friendship and loyalty for life.
                                                                                       Hei Tiki
                                                                              …a talisman to the Maori
                                                                                people … also a symbol of
                                                                                fertility. Assumed to be
                                                                               clear thinking, perceptive,
                                                                               loyal & knowledgeable,
                                                                               the wearers strength is their

                                                                  mango pare
                                                             … the hammerhead (shark).
                                                               Its symbol is used to
                                                               express strength,
                                                               determination and
                                                               warrior spirit.

pyramid tall        pyramid medium     pyramid small
 mango pare            mango pare       mango pare

                    Papatuanuku - Moana

koru long small koru long small paua            koru small                koru small paua
  darkgreen           darkgreen                 darkgreen                   darkgreen

  beehive           beehive small

comb solid         table comb solid with bee

       table bee                bee
                                                             Paua Beeswax Candles
                                                                New Zealand

     round                round               round               round               round                round
 paua seahorse        paua dolphin          paua hook          paua whale           paua koru            paua fern

round pyramid        round pyramid round pyramid round pyramid round pyramid round pyramid
paua seahorse        paua dolphin         paua hook           paua whale          paua koru            paua fern

    pyramids            pyramids             pyramids            pyramids            pyramids            pyramids
small, medium, tall small, medium, tall small, medium, tall small, medium, tall small, medium, tall small, medium, tall
 paua seahorse       paua dolphin          paua hook          paua whale           paua koru            paua fern
                                       Paua Beeswax Candles
                                          New Zealand

    pyramid                pyramids              pyramid             pyramid
      tall           tall, medium, small         medium               small
paua new zealand           paua kiwi               kiwi            ochre lizard

    pyramids           pyramid                  pyramid
  medium, small         small                    small
    paua fern       paua fern green            paua tiki

     pyramid            pyramid                            pyramids
       tall            medium                                small
 paua koru closed   paua koru closed       paua koru tall, koru medium, koru small
                              Beeswax Candles

   pyramid           pyramid         pyramid      pyramid
      tall           medium           small         small
pearl australia   ochre kangaroo   ochre gecko   pearl koala
                          Shell Beeswax Candles

                                       pyramid small with shell
                                       pyramid medium with shell
                                       pyramid tall with shell
  round with shells

             Moana –Ocean

                  seahorse small   seahorse tall

                          Effective Burners

  tealight            table candle                     table candle dipped tapered
                                      table candle norm

  table candle tapered long           table candle twisted            table candle
                                                                  fine twisted tapered

   round                  small fat              half egg            round pyramid

             pyramid small                                  block small
             pyramid medium                                 block medium
             pyramid tall                                   block tall
                           block (topcone)                                 hexagon

hexagon tall             plain fat             twisted fat             fine twisted fat
                                Gift Candles

                                                         floating rose floating flower
      romantic fat           rose romantic flower

                              candle with candleholder
                              (one piece)

    beaver           mouse             elephant      monkey          teddy bear

mouse with lantern dwarf                owl                unicorn

   pinecone          walnut           tree
                 Other Specialities

    yin & yang

buddha        buddha head

               waxblock small         citronella hexagon
               waxblock medium        contains 100% citronella oil

    jewellery box
           Postcards (other designs available)

          lizard                      OM                        koru

Glowing Lifetime Lanterns (hundreds of other designs available)

       natural, flowers                     natural, carvings

       natural, carvings + crystal                natural, carvings + paua

      natural, sculpture

       paprika red, carvings

   full red, carvings     full red, carvings + crystal    full red, carvings + paua