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									Top Tips for Selecting the Best Cut for Your Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings represent love and promise. And usually these rings are worn
for lifetime hence each and every guy wants to purchase a best and wonderful diamond
engagement ring for their beloved ones. Buying best diamond means that the diamond
which you have chosen for your ring must have admirable clarity, ideal cut diamonds,
colour and carat, these are all the things are considered. But among all these, Diamond
cut is the very important factor as it decides the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond
hence it is very necessary to choose the best cut for your engagement ring.

Here are some tips for selecting the best cut for your engagement ring.

Select a diamond with highest sparkle

If you need the best diamond for your precious ring then you have to select the diamond
with the most excellent sparkle and in that case you must decide on for white diamond
with round cut. And make sure that it has the grading of top clarity. Forever keep in mind
that if you will go for other cuts then the amount of sparkle reduces because of the
dissimilar faceting. And you must also remember when you are looking for best sparkle
that you must keep away from emerald cut because it has the smallest amount of sparkle.
Certification of diamond

Usually the diamond cut refers to shape and excellence of diamond. And always keep in
mind that the guarantee of diamond shows the quality of the cut and grades it as deprived,
very good, good excellent, pale and perfect. And the diamonds which are graded as
admirable or ideal are most precious diamonds and are considered the best cuts contrast
to others.

Select a Diamond cut which represents your personality

Usually round cut is very popular choice but if you want a cut which can represent your
personality then round cut is not the best option for you. In this case fancier cuts are great
option such as emerald, marquise, heart and trillion.

Consider preference of your partner

Selecting an excellent cut for your engagement ring is all about personal admiration and
always remembers that you are the only one who can choose the best cut for your ring.
Before to selecting your shape of the ring you must make sure that your loved ones will
love to wear. It is very necessary to choose your ring according to your partner's choice
since at last he/she has to only wear the ring and hence he/she should be comfortable with

Always keep in mind that if you will remain these few points in your mind then only you
will have the best cut for your engagement ring.

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