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					                      High Point University
                      Monthly Payment Plan

                      Administered by College Foundation
                      of North Carolina

                           Enrolling in the Monthly Payment Plan
                                          Part One

High Point University realizes that managing the cost of education may be a challenge for many
families. To assist you in meeting education costs, High Point University offers the option to
make tuition payments on a monthly basis.

The CFI Installment Payment Plan is an interest-free alternative to lump-sum payments each
semester. The plan allows you the opportunity to spread your annual tuition payments over 10
monthly installments beginning June 1. You also have the option to spread your semester cost
over a 5 month period. Semester plans begin June 1 for the fall semester and November 1 for the
spring semester.

Enrollment is easy. You can enroll in the CFI Plan online at You may also call
CFI at 866-866-CFNC and enroll via telephone.

Preparation for enrollment in the CFI Payment Plan

Calculate the amount of your plan.
   • Determine your total charges:
           o If you have not yet received our official semester billing statement, estimate your
              charges using the Comprehensive Fee figures found on the Student Accounts web
              page (choose Tuition &Fees 2009-10 from
              the side bar.) Adjustments can be made to the plan after it has been set up, so
              don’t worry if your figures are not exact.
           o If you are using your semester billing statement to calculate the charges, don’t
              forget to double the figures if you are enrolling in the annual plan for 10 months.
   • Determine your financial aid or other resources.
           o Scholarships and Grants
           o Loans – deduct any lender fees from the gross amount of your loan. Not all
              lenders charge fees.
           o Payments that you will be sending directly to HPU. This includes your deposits.
           o Work-Study Grants – DO NOT INCLUDE – Students receive a check for the
              hours they work. We do not deduct the work study from the semester balance.
   • Subtract the financial aid/payments from the total charges to determine the amount you
      will have to pay out of pocket. This is the amount you will use to set up the plan.

If you need help determining your plan amount, please call the Office of Student Accounts at
336-841-9259. We will be glad to help you.

Now you are ready to contact CFI and enroll in the plan. For assistance with the enrollment
process, refer to “Enrolling the Monthly Payment Plan, Part Two”. This document can be
found at (choose Payment Options from the right side bar)