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					    Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation’s Black and White Gala Committee
             Kicks Off Ticket Sales and Sponsorship Opportunities

June 9, 2009

Pembroke – The Black and White Gala, one of the region’s hottest social events, is kicking off its
ticket and sponsorship drive with an appeal to both individuals and organizations to get behind an
effort that benefits so many in the Ottawa Valley.

Since its debut four years ago, the Gala has blossomed into a premiere Valley social occasion –
one that combines a touch of glamour with the fundamental purpose of supporting the Pembroke
Regional Hospital Foundation. Proceeds from this annual fundraiser help to enhance patient care
and health care delivery through capital improvements, purchase of medical equipment, and
funding of programs and services at the Pembroke Regional Hospital.

The fourth annual Black and White Gala will be held on Saturday October 17, 2009 at the
Normandy Officers’ Mess at CFB Petawawa.

“The Gala is really the best of both worlds,” said Marnie Stunt, Chair of the PRH Foundation
Board and Gala Committee Chair. “The money raised will be used to help the Pembroke
Regional Hospital, and everyone in the region – individuals and families – will benefit from this.
Everyone understands how important a hospital and health care are to the communities in the

“And the wonderful thing is that we do it all through an evening of extraordinary cuisine, fine
wines, and fabulous entertainment.”

You can support the Black and White Gala in two ways – through ticket purchases and/or
sponsorship opportunities. Tickets and sponsorship packages are available from any Gala
Committee member or from the Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation office.

Although tickets tend to sell out quickly and are the most visible, the sponsorships are where the
bulk of the fundraising is done. Last year, the Committee raised approximately $100,000 and
organizers are optimistic they can do just as well this year.

“We were amazed and thrilled with the support people gave to us last year,” said Dr. Christy
Natsis, Chair of the Sponsorship Committee. “And we hope to find the same spirit this year. We
recognize the challenges that the current state of our economy brings, however we’re confident
that our community will rally behind us again this year as they have in the past.”

“We encourage not only individual or corporate sponsorships, but also group sponsorships from
individuals joining together in the spirit of community. Everyone has a different ability to give,
but what we all have in common is the ability to make a difference. We appreciate all donations
– large and small.”

Todd and Sally Fletcher, owners of East Side Mario’s in Pembroke, are great supporters of the
Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation and have attended the Black and White Gala in the past.
“Sally and I recognize the importance of a well equipped hospital for all those in our community.
As sponsors of the Gala, we can both support our Hospital while enjoying an evening of great
food and fabulous entertainment. We look forward to another wonderful meal by Ullrich’s, and
seeing the truly amazing talent of Michael Siccoly. We are proud to contribute to the community
by supporting our local hospital and we encourage others to get involved with such a great

There are six categories for sponsorship ranging from $100-$499 all the way up to $10,000 or
more. Sponsorship packages will be mailed out to businesses in communities throughout the
Ottawa Valley and members of the Sponsorship Committee will follow-up with phone calls or

For Devlin Helferty of Helferty Disaster Restoration, supporting the Black and White Gala was
an easy decision. He became involved three years ago, first by buying tickets to the gala, and
then by becoming a sponsor. Supporting the Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation is a win-
win situation for the Cobden-based businessman.

“We have just a great time at the event, and it also gives us exposure to other business people
who attend and raises our profile,” he explained. “But at the same time, there’s a real sense of
pride to be doing this because we’re donating to the hospital at the same time. It’s wonderful.”

For Gala tickets or more information about sponsorships, please contact Terry Daschuk, Donor
Relations Coordinator for the Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation, at 613-732-2811, ext.
7408 or