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					  Hardware Catalogue
                 Effective June 2008

Auckland                               Christchurch
PO Box 3817, Auckland                  PO Box 19624, Christchurch
77B Patiki Road, Avondale              Cnr Dyers Road & Wickham Street, Bromley
Telephone: (09) 820 8600               Telephone: (03) 384 4069
Fax: (09) 820 6606                     Fax: (03) 384 2642
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                       Division of Bridon NZ Ltd

                                 Terms & Conditions of Sale
All prices are based on rates and costs at the date of our pricelist. In the event of any increase between date of our pricelist and date of
despatch of goods in the cost of materials, freight, labour, duties and levies or in the event of currency fluctuations such increase shall be to the
cost of the purchaser.

All prices shown in this pricelist are excluding G.S.T.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company all accounts are payable by the 20th day of the month following purchase. If
accounts are not so paid the Company may without prejudice to its other rights and remedies charge interest on the outstanding
balance at such a rate as may be determined by the Company. If the Company incurs legal costs and disbursements in recovering
any overdue amounts the customer shall reimburse the Company for such items. If any account is overdue for payment the Company shall have
the right to suspend delivery under any other contract which is might have with the purchaser.

The risk in goods supplied by the Company to the purchaser shall pass when goods are delivered to the purchaser. Ownership
in the goods shall be retained by the Company until the purchaser pays in full for the goods and for all other goods supplied by
the Company. Should the purchaser re-sell the goods at any time the purchaser shall do so on behalf of the Company and shall
forthwith account to the Company for the price of such goods not withstanding that at such resale the period of credit allowed to
the purchaser by the Company may not have expired. The Company shall have the right to enter upon the purchaser’s premises
and recover goods as at the date of expiration of any period of credit time being essential.

Delivery dates are approximate only and are not of the essence of the contract. Delay in delivery shall not entitle the purchaser to
cancel the contract or render the Company liable for damages for such delay. Delivery shall be deemed to have been completed
when possession of the goods is given to a carrier for transportation to the purchaser or to a place designated by the purchaser or
when the purchaser is notified that goods are ready for uplifting. Unless otherwise agreed all freight costs are to be payable by
the purchaser.

Any liability of whatsoever nature of the Company at law arising directly or indirectly from any defect in the goods or any advice
tendered by the Company in connection with the goods subject to this Agreement shall be limited to replacement or repair of such
defect and shall not in any case exceed the invoice value of the goods. No claim by the buyer shall be allowed unless made in
writing and received within fourteen (14) days after delivery of the goods. Any claim so made by the purchaser shall not entitle
the purchaser to cancel or refuse delivery of or payment for any other order by the purchaser which has been accepted by the

The initial quotation (if any) together with these terms and conditions shall form the terms of the contract. Any other condition,
representation or warranty expressed or implied is excluded and shall not be binding on the Company unless confirmed by the
Company in writing.

In this Agreement the term “the Company” refers to BRIDON NEW ZEALAND LIMITED and the term “the Purchaser” refers
to the person, firm, company or corporate entity to whom or to which the quotation is submitted or with whom or with which the
Company enters into a contract.

Any dispute arising out of this contract or the formation thereof relating to goods supplied, work done or services rendered by the
Company shall be resolved in accordance with the law of New Zealand and in the Courts of New Zealand.

No part of this publication maybe produced, stored in a retrieval system, or provided in any form of binding or cover other than
that in which it is published without prior written permission of BRIDON NEW ZEALAND LIMITED

DP High Performance (HP) Battens and Ends

    Taper                       Length      Taper                        Length

    HP 1                        610mm       HP 5.2
    (Blue Streak Equiv. HEX1)   900mm       (Blue Streak Equiv. OR3)
                                1100mm      Untapered coil               20 metre
    Batten Ends                             Batten Ends
    HP 2                        650mm       HP 5.5                       1500mm
                                900mm                                    2000mm
                                1100mm      (Blue Streak Equiv. OR4)     2500mm
                                1500mm                                   3000mm
    Untapered coil              20 metre                                 3500mm
    Batten Ends                                                          4000mm
    HP 3                                                                 5000mm
    (Blue Streak Equiv. WR2)    900mm       Untapered coil
                                            Batten Ends
                                1500mm      HP 5.9
                                1800mm      (Blue Streak Equiv. OR5)
                                2500mm      Untapered coil               20 metre
    Untapered coil              20 metre    Batten Ends
    Batten Ends                             HP 7
    HP 4                        900mm       40% stiffer than Blue Streak Amazon        NEW
    (Blue Streak Equiv. WR3)    1200mm      Untapered coil                20 metre
                                1500mm      Batten Ends
                                            Untapered Polyurethane Battens           IMPROV
                                1800mm                                                      E
                                2200mm      HP1     10mm x 3mm x 4m
                                2800mm      HP2     12mm x 4mm x 4m
                                3500mm      HP3     14mm x 5mm x 4m
    Untapered coil              20 metre    HP4     16mm x 6mm x 6m
    Batten Ends                             HP5     20mm x 8mm x 6m
                                            HP5.7 25mm x 9mm x 20m
    HP 4.5
                                            HP5.9 6m
    (Blue Streak Equiv. OR1)
    Untapered coil              20 metre            20m
    Batten Ends                             HP6      30mm x 10mm x 6m
                                            HP6      30mm x 10mm x 20m
    HP 5                        1500mm
    (Blue Streak Equiv. OR2)    2000mm
    Untapered coil              20 metre
            Batten Ends

DP High Performance (HP) Battens and Ends

 Batten Ends

 HP 4.5 END                                                       HP 1 End             HP 2 End                HP 3 End
 HP 5.2 END
 HP 5.7 END
 HP 5.9 END

                                                                         HP 4 End                 HP 4.5 End

     HP 5 End                      HP 5.2 End                        HP 5.7 End                           HP 5.9 End

Rod Battens

     Note: All Rod Battens use “ Polyurethane” resin. Standard length is 6M but other lenghts available on request.
   Rod Batten            Length                                  Rod Batten             Length
     3mm                   6m                                      14mm                  6m
     4mm                   6m                                      16mm                  6m
     5mm                   6m                                      19mm                  6m
     6mm                   6m                                      22mm                  6m
     8mm                   6m                                      25mm                  6m
     10mm                  6m                                      32mm                  6m
     12mm                  6m                                      38mm                  6m

Batten Protectors and Pockets

    Batten End Protectors
    Nu-Form Batten End Protectors - Small

    Nu-Form Batten End Protectors - Large

    Batten End Protectors - Extra Large

    Batten End Box Heavy Duty
    Suit M10 end stud
    Overall size - L-145mm x W - 55mm x H 23mm   IMPROV
    Batten slot size 31mm x 14mm x 90mm deep                   NEW
                                                   NEW       QUALITY
    Batten End Box Heavy Duty
    Suit M12 end stud
    Overall size - L-145mm x W - 55mm x H 23mm   IMPROV
    Batten slot size 31mm x 14mm x 90mm deep                   NEW

    Batten Cams
    120mm long x 45mm wide
                                                  QUALITYD     NEW


 Headboards - Black Anodised
 4”     102mm x 130mm   1.5mm gauge
 4.5”   114mm x 143mm   1.5mm gauge
 4.5”   114mm x 143mm   2.5mm gauge
 6”     155mm x 195mm   2.5mm gauge

                                          4”        4.5”

 23mm Headboard Dumps
 3/16” Rivets               3/8”
                            5/8”               6”
 Dump Die Set


 Clewboards - Black Anodised
 Small       105mm x 26mm - 1.5mm gauge
 Medium      150mm x 38mm - 1.5mm gauge
 Large       200mm x 50mm - 2.5mm gauge


Sewing Thread - ANEFIL Polyester Thread EX USA                E
                                                        QUALITYD       NEW

    T35 White
    T46 White
    T69 White
    T92 White
    T138 White
    T207 White
              Colours available as a special order.

Waxed Braid and Needles

    Barbour Flat Waxed Braid
    1/16”         Natural           1000m
    W.M. Smith Hand Sewing Needles
    Size 13            pkt of 25
    Size 14            pkt of 25
    Size 15            pkt of 25
    Size 16            pkt of 25

Spur Tooth Grommets

    Stimpson Nickel Plated                                          Hole Punches
    Size      Per/ctn                                               Size
    000       200                                                   13mm
    00        200                                                   5mm
    0         144                                                   7mm
    1         144                                                   10mm
    2         144                                                   12mm
    3         144                                                   14mm
    4         144                                                   16mm
    5         144                                                   18mm
    6         144                                                   25mm
    7         144                                                   38mm
                                                      German Made   50mm

Slides and Shackles
 Stainless Steel Slides                                        Snap Shackle
 5/8” (16mm) Internal
 7/8” (22mm) Internal
 D-Screw Shackle White + Black
 Slugs +Slides Nylon Black or White
                                      Stainless Steel Slides
 Snap Shackles

Stainless Steel Rings and D-Rings

 Stainless Steel O-Rings
 19mm x 5mm       3/4” x 3/16”
 25mm x 5mm       1” x 3/16”
 25mm x 6mm       1” x 1/4”
 30mm x 5mm       1 1/4” x 3/16”
 30mm x 6mm       1 1/4” x 1/4”
 38mm x 6mm       1 1/2” x 1/4”
 38mm x 8mm       1 1/2” x 5/16”
 50mm x 8mm       2” x 5/16”
 65mm x 10mm      2 1/2” x 3/8”
 65mm x 12mm      2 1/2” x 1/2”

 Stainless Steel O-Ring with Bar
 38mm x 6mm       1 1/2” x 1/4”
 50mm x 8mm       2” x 5/16”
 65mm x 10mm      2 1/2” x 3/8”
 65mm x 12mm      2 1/2” x 1/2”

 Stainless Steel D-Rings
 25mm x 5mm 1” x 3/16”
 50mm x 6mm 2” x 1/4”
 50mm x 8mm 2” x 5/16”

Press Rings and Diesets

         ALLOY A RINGS (Alloy ring with nylon washer and stainless liner).
Parts                             Size
Liner Only                      23mm x1
Alloy Ring Only                23mm x 2
Washer                         23mm x 2
Liner Only                     32mm x 1
Alloy Ring Only                32mm x 2
Washer                         32mm x 2
Liner Only                     38mm x 1
Alloy Ring Only                38mm x 2
Washer                         38mm x 2

         GNZ PRESS RINGS (Nickel plated brass rings with stainless steel liner)
Parts                             Size
                    ONE SET CONSISTS OF 1 X LINER + 2 X RINGS
Liner Only                     23mm x1
Ring Only                      23mm x 2
Liner Only                     32mm x 1
Ring Only                      32mm x 2
Liner Only                     38mm x 1
Ring Only                      38mm x 2
Liner Only                     44mm x 1
Ring Only                      44mm x 2

                  DIESETS ( Hardened diesets for above press rings)
Parts                             Size

Dieset                            All

Insignia Cloth

   Captain Insignia Cloth - 54” (137cm) wide - 45.72m rolls

White           Red          Black          Blue           Gold

Grey            Green        Fluro Yellow   Fluro Orange   Fluro Pink

Slit Insignia Cloth - 45.72m rolls

   1”   White   Black, Grey and Blue,Red
   2”   White   Black, Grey and Blue,Red                                White, Black and Blue is
   3”   White   Black, Grey and Blue,Red                                Premium Hi-Tack quality
   4”   White   Black, Grey and Blue,Red

Speedstripe - 45.72m rolls

   1/2” (12mm) Black, Blue, Red                                          Black, Red and Blue is
   3/4” (19mm) Black, Blue, Red                                         Premium Hi-Tack quality
   1” (25mm) Black, Blue, Red
   2” (50mm) Black, Blue, Red
   3” (75mm) Black, Blue, Red
   4” (100mm) Black, Blue, Red

UV Material

   150UV - White, Blue, Red, Tanbark & Grey 60”
   2500 PSA 3.0oz                           54”
   170 PSA 4.0oz                            39”

Dacron, Hydranet and Spinnaker Tapes

     Dacron - White                    Spinnaker Tapes - Dacron
                                       Colours - Red, Green, Blue, Black
     4oz x 1”
     4oz x 1.5”                        4oz x 1”
     4oz x 2”                          4oz x 2”
     4oz x 2.5”                        4oz x 3”
     4oz x 3”
     5.6oz x 2”
     5.6oz x 2.5”
     5.6oz x 3”
     5.6oz x 4”
     5.6oz x 5”
     7oz x 2.5”
     7oz x 3”
     7oz x 4”
     7oz x 5”
     7oz x 6”
     8oz x 3”
     8oz x 4”
     8oz x 5”
     8oz x 6”
     8oz x 8”
     8oz x 10”

Seamstick, Double Sided Tape and Masking Tape

              Length     Rolls/ctn    Roll Price
  Kikusui Seamstick
  6mm        50m           192          $4.86
  12mm                      96          $7.35
  18mm                      64         $11.20
  24mm                      48         $12.60
  Captain Seamstick
  10mm                     128          $2.28
  12mm                      96          $2.67
  15mm                      64          $3.35
  20mm                      48          $4.44
  Dacron Seamstick - Black, White
  12mm       50m            64              $8.10

Radial Reinforcement PSA Tapes

  Sold in Rolls Only - 200m rolls average
  DP Kevlar   - AT05 25mm PSA     1 Strand
  DP Kevlar   - AT10 25mm PSA     1 Strand
  DP Kevlar   - AT15 25mm PSA     1 Strand          Carbon GT13 PSA 50mm   Pentax PE20 PSA 25mm   Carbon GT14 25mm
                                                           4 Strand               1 Strand             1 Strand
  DP Carbon   - GT14 25mm PSA     1 Strand
  DP Carbon   - GT21 25mm PSA     1 Strand

                                                    Kevlar ET05 PSA 25mm   Kevlar ET10 PSA 25mm
                                                           1 Strand               1 Strand

Velcro - Hoop and Loop

     Hook and Loop             25 metre rolls
     Hook - White and Black        25mm
     Loop - White and Black        25mm
     Hook - White and Black        50mm
     Loop - White and Black        50mm

Headfoil and Bolt Rope

     Product                               Full Roll Cut Length
                                           per metre per metre
     RF316/3/16        Single
     60532 5/32       #5 Lufftape - Twin
     70316 3/16       #6 Lufftape - Twin
     70732 7/32       #7 Lufftape - Twin

     Main sail Bolt Rope

Leech Line, and Shockcord
  CJ Series
 Leech Line - Polyester       Length                    Shock Cord - Black           Length
 2mm                          100metres                 4mm                          100metres
 3mm                          100metres                 5mm                          100metres
 4mm                          100metres                 6mm                          100metres
 4.5mm                        100metres                 7mm                          100metres
 5mm                          100metres                 8mm                          100metres
  Vectran Premer                                        10mm                         100metres
  4mm                          100metres
  6mm                          100metres
  8mm                          100metres
  10mm                         100metres

           Leechline                       Shock Cord             Vectran                        VB Cord

Cleats and Jib Hanks

  Leech Cleats                                          Jib Piston Hanks - Herm Sprenger
                                                                       Box Size
  No 1 Small  Leech Line Cleat (2 hole)
  No 2 Medium Leech Line Cleat (3 hole)                 0    40mm            50
  No 3 Large  Leech Line Cleat (4 hole)                 1    50mm            50
                                                        2    60mm            25
  Leech Cleats                                          3    70mm            25
                                                        4    80mm            20
  CL212 Plastic complete w/backing plate
  CL233 Plastic complete w/backing plate
  CL241 Alloy complete w/backing plate


                                                                        No.3 large                     Hank


     Polyester Medium - GRK012 White/Black/Silver
     19mm            White/Black          50 metre
     25mm            White/ Black         50 metre
     38mm            White/Black          50 metre
     50mm            White/Black          50 metre
     Polyester Heavy - GRK042 White/Black
     19mm                                 50 metre
     25mm                                 50 metre
     38mm                                 50 metre
     50mm                                 50 metre
     Polyester Tubular - WN015 White,Red,Blue,Yellow
     25mm                                 50 metre


     25mm x 1.2mm         Medium
     50mm x 1.2mm         Medium
     25mm x 1.7mm         Heavy Duty
     35mm x 1.7mm         Heavy Duty
     50mm x 1.7mm         Heavy Duty

Spinnaker Snuffers and Materials

     Complete Spinnakers Snuffer
     Length in metres
     Larger size snuffers available on request.

Sail Bags
                                                              Metres of                    Spinnaker Box Bag Guide
 Spinnaker Box Sail Bags                  Dimensions          cloth used

 Blue and Grey                                                  190                                                         0.5
 #61 Small Spinnaker Box Bag            14”Hx 22”Lx15”W         180                                                         #66
 #62 Medium Spinnaker Box Bag           16”Hx26”Lx18”W                                                               0.5
                                                                160                                               #65
 #63 Large Spinnaker Box Bag            18”Hx34”Lx 20”W         150                                              1.5oz

 #64 X Large Spinnaker Box Bag          21”Hx39”Lx21”W          140                                     0.5
                                                                130                                     #64
 #65 XX Large Spinnaker Box Bag         24”Hx43”Lx22’W                                                 1.5oz
 #66 XXX Large Spinnaker Box Bag        26”Hx48’Lx24”W          110                            0.5
  Round Sail Bags                  Dimensions                                      #62
                                                                  70               1.5oz
  Blue and Grey                                                   60       0.5
  #30 Extra Small Round            14” x 28”                      50       #61
                                                                  40       1.5oz
  #31 Small Round                  16” x 32”
  #32 Medium Round                 20” x 40”
  #33 Large Round                  24” x 44”
  #34 Extra Large Round            28” x 52”

  Dinghy Sausage Bag               Dimensions
  Blue and Grey
  #1 Sausage Bag                           IMP
                                   1.80 mtrs U ROVED
                                            Q ALITY         NEW
  #2 Sausage Bag                   2.30 mtrs              QUALITY
  #3 Sausage Bag                   2.65 mtrs
  #4 Sausage Bag                   3.10 mtrs
  #5 Sausage Bag                   3.40 mtrs
  #6 Sausage Bag                   3.80 mtrs

  Big Boat Turtle Bags                         NEW
  Blue and Grey                           IMPROVED
  4 Metre Turtle Bags              4 mtrs QUALITY           NEW
  5 Metre Turtle Bags              5 mtrs
  6 Metre Turtle Bags              6 mtrs
  7 Metre Turtle Bags              7 mtrs

Bartel Stainless Steel Endless Line Furlers

           Furler size                                                    Recommended Sail Size Sqm
                                                          Screecher                                           Code Sail
           FE 1                                             20 - 30                                            20 - 50
           FE 2                                             30 - 50                                            50 - 70
           FE 3                                             50 - 70                                            70 - 100
           FE 4                                            70 - 100                                           100 - 200
           FE 5                                            100 - 150                                          200 - 400

                         Complete furlers consist of Drum, Haylard Swivel, Endless Spilced Rope , 2 Triangle Plates
                                        Size 1, 2 and 3 furlers require a Snap Shackle with Lappet.

     Furler Size   Furler Part
     FE1           Furler Drum
     FE1           Haylard Swivel
     FE1           Triangle Plate
     FE2           Furler Drum
     FE2           Haylard Swivel
     FE2           Triangle Plate
     FE3           Furler Drum
     FE3           Haylard Swivel
     FE3           Triangle Plate
     FE4           Furler Drum
     FE4           Haylard Swivel
     FE4           Triangle Plate
     FE5           Furler Drum
     FE5           Haylard Swivel
     FE5           Triangle Plate
     FE6           Haylard Swivel


  Engel Hot Knife and Blades                                             Hot Knife

  Hot Knife
  Type R Blade
         Other Engel Blades available on request.

  Sailmaker’s Palms
  Left and right hand adjustable
  Left and right hand fixed                                                                      Type R Blade

                     Sailmaker’s Palm


                                                                   ITW Fastex Fittings                           Quantity
  Unpickers                                                        Side release buckles 19mm                     pack of 100
  Seamripper large                                                                      25mm                     pack of 50
                                                                                        50mm                     pack of 25
                                                                   Barrel Cord Locks     small                   pack of 100
                                                                   Ladderlocks           large10mm               pack of 100
                                                                   Shock cord hooks      5mm                     pack of 50
                                                                                         8mm                     pack of 50
                  Barrel Cord Lock


         Shock Cord Hooks                  Slide Release Buckles                                   Ladder Lock

PNP Fittings

     Part No   Description

     PNP 11    Nylon ring 6mm
                                           PNP 11   PNP 13A   PNP 13B
     PNP13A    Snap hook large

     PNP13B    Snap hook small
     PNP 14    Jib hank 3mm
                                           PNP 14   PNP 14A   PNP 14B
     PNP 14A   Jib hank 4.5mm

     PNP 14B   Jib hank 5.5mm

     PNP 14C   Jib hank 8mm
                                          PNP 14C    PNP 16   PNP 16A
     PNP 16    Flag clip

     PNP 16A   Flag clip with swivel

     PNP 17T   Sail slug 12.5mm

     PNP 18T   Sail slug 10mm             PNP 17T   PNP 18T   PNP 24B

     PNP 24B   Fairlead 9.5mm

     PNP 25A   Leech line cleat

     PNP 27T   Sail slide 15.8mm          PNP 25A   PNP27T    PNP 28T

     PNP 28T   Sail slug 22mm

     PNP 29T   Sail slug 9mm

     PNP 33    Deck eye                   PNP 29T    PNP 33   PNP 34T

     PNP 34T   Sail slug 10mm

     PNP 36    D-Screw shackle

     PNP 47    External slide
                                           PNP 36    PNP 47   PNP 52B
     PNP 52B   Nylon ring 34mm

     PNP 56    Shock cord hook

     PNP 59    Headboard 126mm
                                           PNP 56    PNP 59    PNP 63
     PNP 63    Shackle for slugs

     PNP 65    Shackle for slides

     PNP 81A   Snap on shackle small
                                           PNP 65   PNP 81A   PNP 81B
     PNP 81B   Snap on shackle large

     PNP 82    Snap on batten end
     PNP 83    Batten Pocket End 50x5mm
                                           PNP 82    PNP 83

PNP Fittings

  Part No    Description

  PNP 84     Jiffy reefing hook
                                                         PNP 84    PNP 85      PNP 87
  PNP 85     Batten pocket protector

  PNP 87     Batten pocket end

  PNP 88A    Hank piston small
                                                       PNP 88A    PNP 88B    PNP 88C
  PNP 88B    Hank piston medium

  PNP 88C    Pacific piston hank large

  PNP 102    Sail slide S/S bail 45 x 8.4mm
                                                        PNP 102   PNP 103     PNP 104
  PNP 103    Sail slide S/S bail 48 x 11mm

  PNP 104    Sail slide S/S bail 50 x 12mm

  PNP 105    Batten pocket end 40 x 5mm
                                                        PNP 105   PNP 106     PNP 111
  PNP 106    Shackle screw on 48mm

  PNP 111    Headboard 150mm

  PNP 125A Liner S/S 16mm

  PNP 1315R Barrel Bead                                PNP 125A   PNP 140     PNP 141

  PNP 140    Seldon Slug 12mm

  PNP 141    Seldon Slug 13.5mm

  PNP 147    Batten pocket protector 50mm               PNP 147   PNP 147A   PNP 147B

  PNP 147A Link piece, for PNP147 & sails with
           bolt rope

  PNP 147B Link piece, for PNP147 & sails
                                                        PNP 148    PNP 149    PNP 150
           without bolt rope
  PNP 148    Large batten pocket end
             black 8 x 50mm int.                                                IMPROV
                                                                                 QUALITY      NEW

  PNP 149    Sail slide large with delrin balls 22mm    PNP 155    PNP 156    PNP 162

  PNP 150    Sail slide large with delrin balls 11mm

  PNP 155    Vernier batten adjuster 10 x 22mm int.

  PNP 156    Vernier batten adjuster - small            PNP 170

  PNP 161    Batten Adjustor Large

  PNP 170    Batten pocket end 8 x 22mm int.

PNP Fittings
                                                                               NEW                     NEW
     Part No    Description
                                                                             IMPROV                  IMPROV
                                                                              QUALITY                       ED
                                                                                           NEW                     NEW
                                                                                         QUALITY                 QUALITY
     PNP 170A Large batten protector for
                                                  PNP 170A                 PNP 177                 PNP 178
              Rutgerson slide
     PNP 177    Headboard Cleat Small
     PNP 178    Leechcleat Medium - 3 hole                  ED
                                                      QUALITY      NEW

     PNP 179    Leechcleat Large - 4 hole          PNP 179                 PNP 201                 PNP 202

     PNP 201    Sail comp slug/slide 8.5mm

     PNP 202    Sail slide 10mm to suit webbing

     PNP 203    Sail slide 22mm with               PNP 203                 PNP 204                 PNP 205
                stainless steel insert                 NEW                     NEW

     PNP 204    Sail slide heavy duty                IMPROV                  IMPROV
                                                      QUALITY                       ED
                                                                   NEW                     NEW
                                                                 QUALITY                 QUALITY
     PNP 205    Sail slide 22mm
                                                   PNP 280                 PNP 281                 PNP 302
     PNP 280    Track Slide 22mm

     PNP 281    Track Slide 10mm

     PNP 302    Stainless Steel Slug 8mm
                                                   PNP 303                 PNP375                  PNP 376
     PNP 303    Stainless Steel Slug 10mm

     PNP 375    Headboard 75mm (old PNP 23)

     PNP 376    Headboard 105mm (old PNP 58)


Swela Marine Acrylic
The Swela marine acrylic canvas range is UV light, stain, mildew and rot resistant. Comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

SWELA Acrylic Canvas - 202cm wide. Water Repellent. Available in 17 colours

   Acrylic Canvas                                             Europe
                                                             No.1 can ’s
   202cm - cut length
                                                                                34901         34902        34905            34913

                                                                                34925         34926        34927            34928

             34941        34945         34949        34951         34956        34957         34965        34991            34995

SWELA Marine Coated Acrylic - 202cm wide. 100% Water Proof. Available in 6 colours

   Marine Coated Acrylic Canvas

   202cm - cut length
                                                                                35905         35913        35925        35949

                                                                                35957         35995

GRK Ripstop PVC
GRK Ripstop PVC is a reinforced polyester twisted fabric (1000 denier) offering a stable PVC for heavy wearing applications.

      Width      Yarn          Thickness        Weight         Warranty        Tear Strength       Tensile Strength
                 Dtex          mm               gsm                            Kgf                 Kgf/5cm

      205cm      1100          0.57             680            3 years         55/40               310/285

GRK Aqualon PVC F/R
GRK Aqualon F/R is ideal for lightweight covers, banners and applications where heavy traditional PVC’s are not suitable.

     Width    Yarn   Thickness        Weight    Warranty      Tear Strength     Tensile Strength     Flame Retardant
              Dtex   mm               gsm                     Kgf               Kgf/5cm              NFPA701

     205cm    1100   0.43             470       3 years       25/18             185/155              Pass

Clear PVC – High Quality Japanese

   Product                     Width                        Thickness

   Clear                       137cm                        .50mm
   Clear                       137cm                        .75mm
   Clear F/R                   137cm                        .75mm
   Clear                       183cm                        1.0mm

AP1000 PVC Fire Retardant
GRK AP1000 is an all-purpose PVC using reinforced polyester twisted fabric (1000 denier). Offers excellent physical properties such
as surface durability and pollution resistance. Other qualities include prevention of discolouration from UV, resistance to cold crack-
ing, Flame retardent treatment (NFPA 701) useful 2.5 mtr width.

  Width        Yarn   Thickness      Weight      Warranty       Tear Strength     Tensile Strength      Flame Retardant
               Dtex   mm             gsm                        Kgf               Kgf/5cm               NFPA701

  250cm        1100   0.50           610         3 years        29.0/26.0         230/205               Pass

Abshade Shade Mesh – Fire Retardant
3 Mtr Width. 90–95% UV Blockout. 10 Year UV Warranty.

     Weight    Flammability Index    Spread Factor      Heat Factor   Bursting Force   Elongation   Tear Strength

     325gsm    1                     0                  1             3700Kpa          Warp 54%     Warp 203N
                                                                                       Weft 56%     Weft 268N


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