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Baked Goods Avalanche Pizza John by fjzhangweiqun


									Baked Goods

Avalanche Pizza                             Heaven's Oven, LLC
John Gutekanst                              Bee Vacca
Artisan breads, specialty foccacias         94 Columbus rd.
104 Maplewood Dr.                 
Athens, Ohio 45701                          Athens, Ohio 45701
740-592-4160                                baked goods                     740-645-1020            

Bonnie’s Home Cooking
Homemade pies and restaurant                Village Bakery
66 High Street                              740-594-7311
Glouster, Ohio 45732                        268 East State St.
740-767-4777                                Athens, Ohio 45701
                                            All natural baked goods and meals,
Conscious Teas & Treats                     Sunday Brunch, and local foods outlet.
Amanda Sharrai                    
52 Hamilton Lane, #3                        Della Zona Pizza
Athens, Ohio 45701                          Working closely with over 16 different
organic and fair trade teas; almond milk,   local farmers and producers, our chefs
fresh juice and produce. Specialize in      use the freshest, purest, tastiest foods
vegan, wheat-free and gluten free baked     grown nearby to prepare meals from
goods                                       scratch with your health and enjoyment
740-251-7533                                in mind.                270 East State St.                        Athens, Ohio 45701
Crumbs Bakery
All natural cookies, breads, granola,       Zook’s Baked Goods
pasta, cakes and other baked goods.         Dennis and Amanda Zook
P.O. Box 315                                33353 Cotterill Rd
Athens, Ohio 45701                          Pomeroy, Ohio 45769
Organic and fair trade teas; almond milk,   assorted pies, white bread, friendship
fresh juice and produce. Specialize in      bread, donuts, granola, noodles, plants
vegan, wheat-free and gluten free baked     and vegetables in season

Bungtown Salsa Co.                        Integration Acres, Ltd.
Derek Brickles                            160 Cherry Ridge Rd.
41715 Bearwallow Ridge Rd       
Shade, Ohio 45776                         Albany, Ohio 45710
salsa; jams, jellies, bbq sauce and       Pawpaws and pawpaw products, black
produce in season                         walnuts, farmstead goat cheese - chevre,
740-590-4891                              feta; on-farm visits and sales - please
                                          call first
Casa Nueva                                740-698-6060
4 West State St.                
Athens, Ohio 45701              
fresh salsas, salad dressings, bread,
granola, biscuits, brownies, hot & cold
beverages, tortillas                      Jose Madrid Salsa Co.
740-592-9724 (office)                     Ted Zakany                        842 Brighton Rd.                         Zanesville, Ohio 43701
                                          salsa and chips, AFM Saturdays except
Cantrell Honey and Candles                Dec-Feb
Jack and Dixie Cantrell                   740-453-7950
13250 Possum Hollow Rd.         
Athens, Ohio 45701              
pure honey and beeswax candles
740-696-2337                              Noble Apiaries                        Honey
                                          Stratford Ecological Center
Frog Ranch Foods, Inc.                    3083 Liberty Rd.
5 South High St.                          Delaware, Ohio 43015
Glouster, Ohio 45732                      740-363-2548
800-RIBBETT                               Salaam                        33 North Court St.
                                          Athens, Ohio 45701
                                          Hummus, baba ganouj, and Pan-Arabian

Adams Rib                                 G-C Meats LLC
Patricia Thomas                           Ellen Cooperider
21 East First Ave.                        7937 Stagecoach Rd.
the Plains, Ohio 45780                    Rushville, Ohio 43150
bar-b-que ribs                            740-536-7556
740-707-0589                              Inspected beef, pastured poultry, eggs

Athens Own
Constantine Faller                        King Family Farm
PO Box 237                                Naturally raised pork and chicken
Amesville, Ohio 45711                     3940 Factory Rd.
ORFTSH coffee; aged angus beef; aged      Albany, Ohio 45710
cheese, prepared peppers; specialty       740-985-3940
cured meats, market kitchen integrating
local food production, distribution
740-448-2696                              Starline Acres                 Matt Starline                         19197 River Rd.
Bridlewood Acre                           Athens, Ohio 45701
Tracie Laulusa                            certified organic mixed vegetables,
68401 Mitchell Hollow Rd.                 fruits, herbs; potted plants, starts; eggs,
New Plymouth, Ohio 45654                  pork, beef, lamb
pasture-raised poultry products;          740-707-4122
handmade goat's milk soap; goat meat

Dixon's Elk Run Buffalo Farm
Melva Dixon
23585 St. Route 339
Beverly, Ohio 45715
bison meat; on-farm sales too

Cherry Orchards                             Green Edge Organic Gardens
Neil Cherry                                 Becky Rondy
10290 St. Route 669 NW                      Year round asian greens, nutritional
Crooksville, Ohio 43731                     sprouts, salad mixes, and seasonal
apples, peaches, pears, plumbs, cherries,   produce and herbs
grapes, blackberries, cider, peppers,       16232 Henry Rd.
tomatoes, herbs, flowers, bedding plants,   Amesville, Ohio 45711
vegetable plants,                           740-448-4021

Chesterhill Produce Auction                 Highland Gardens
Wholesale produce auction featuring         Scott Grady
local, seasonal produce and eggs            34 Curtis St.
8380 Wagoner Road                           Athens, Ohio 45701
Chesterhill, Ohio 43728                     chemical-free salad greens, vegetables
740-286-3458                                and herbs
Cowdery Farm                      
Larry and Kim Cowdery
62076 St. Route 124                         Mitch's Produce & Greenhouse
Long Bottom, Ohio 45743                     Mitch Meadows
tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, sweet      24 Railroad St.
corn, oriental vegetables, onions,          Middleport, Ohio 45760
eggplant, seasonal vegetables               bedding plants of all types, potted plants,
740-985-9857                                hanging baskets, tomatoes, corn,                 cabbage, peppers; fall-pansies, mums,
Dutch Creek Community Farm                  740-992-2394
Art Gish
13206 Dutch Creek Rd.                       Rich Gardens Organic Farm
Athens, Ohio 45701                          Rich Tomsu & Ann Fugate
asparagus, rhubarb, garlic, mixed           385 King Rd.
vegetables, oriental vegetables             Shade, Ohio 45776
740-592-4605                                certified organic asparagus, garlic,
                                            lettuce and salad mixes, potaotes,
Gillogly Orchard                            tomatoes, peppers, beans and more; also
John Gillogly                               eggs. At AFM year-round
Apples, peaches, cherries, berries          740-696-1301
40618 SR 689                      
Albany, Ohio 45710
Produce (cont.)

Sassafras Farm                              Starline Acres
Ed Perkins                                  19197 River Rd.
10940 Lightfritz Ridge Rd         
New Marshfield, Ohio 45766                  Athens, Ohio 45701
vegetables, small fruits, herbs             certified organic mixed vegetables,
740-664-3370                                fruits, herbs; potted plants, starts; eggs,                           pork, beef, lamb
Shade River Organic Farm
Star Hamilton                               Vest Berries
14830 Fossil Rock Rd.                       Rick and Terry Vest
Athens, Ohio 45701                          10115 New England Rd.
organically grown vegetables - early and    Stewart, Ohio 45778
late season crops                           strawberries, red raspberries,
740-696-1074                                blackberries, sweet corn, sweet potatoes,
                                            white/red potatoes, peas green beans
Shew's Orchard                              740-541-1169
Marjorie and Pete Shew            
3915 S. Elliott Rd.                        Yankee Street Farm
Stockport, Ohio 43787                       Roger Graves
Available year round are all cuts of lean   45722 St. Route 160
Grass-fed Black Angus Beef & Lamb,          Vinton, Ohio 45686
homespun yarn, tanned sheepskins,           free range eggs; chemical-free
homemade jams & jellies (13 kinds),         vegetables; heirloom tomatoes and
apple butter, honey, vinegar, and 3 kinds   seeds; homemade pies with local
of honey mustard.                           ingredients (in season)
Available at our farm store, but  
produced on our Amish neighbor's farms
are maple syrup, sorghum molasses,
popcorn, and woven rag rugs

Athens Own                                  Donkey Coffee and Espresso
PO Box 237                                  17 1/2 W. Washington Street                           Athens, OH 45701
Amesville, Ohio 45711                       (740) 594-7353
ORFTSH coffee; aged angus beef; aged
cheese, prepared peppers; specialty
cured meats, market kitchen integrating     Herbal Sage Tea Co.
local food production, distribution         Maureen Burns
740-448-2696                                46 Avon Place         
                                            Athens, Ohio 45701
Brew du Soleil Espresso Cafe                custom blended teas featuring black,
Gourmet                                     green and herbal teas. Fresh brewed
Coffee Drive Thru                           organic tea available at AFM on
Ken and Maria Jackson                       Saturday
We feature organic and fairly-traded        740-594-5522
ingredients in all of our menu items as
the standard rather than the option.
1002 East State Street, Athens

Conscious Teas & Treats
Amanda Sharrai
52 Hamilton Lane, #3
Athens, Ohio 45701
organic and fair trade teas; almond milk,
fresh juice and produce. Specialize in
vegan, wheat-free and gluten free baked

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