AUGUST market Sat. 1st August. U

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					AUGUST market: Sat. 1st August. Uralba to sold bed sox and Beanies plus raffle
tickets for an amazing painting. Youth Council to raised money for their
upcoming events and fundraising for Youth in the community by selling tickets
in the raffle for three prizes. They were drawn by Sandy Mellis. 1st Prize (A
Meguiar's car cleaning cooler pack) donated by Anthony and Elicia brom Bond
Motors Gundagai which was won by Fairy May, 2nd prize a watch donated by
Rotai Pty. Ltd won by Miss Horst and 3rd prize a baby doll donated by Gundagai
Florists Gaye and Denise won by Emma . They start a new raffle for August: 1st
prize a Rotate and Balance by Bridgestone donated by Jason Hutton, 2nd prize
a Pamper pack donated by Kestrel Moonsong Natural Therapies and the 3rd
prize is morning tea at Cafe on Sheridan donated by Julia Magnone - thank you
The Church table sold pumpkins and jams and potted Lark Spur, along with
fresh picked navel oranges and mandarins.
The Church Mouse Cafe sold hot beef and vegetable soup, gourmet sandwiches
and wraps, cakes, slices and biscuits, tea, coffee, herbal tea, and apple juice,
hot chocolate and soft drinks.

August stall Holders offered a huge selection of Homebaked cakes, pies,
slices, and goods, along with Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Sauces and Relish from
Pat and Janet and Vera. Vera also has Crocheted and knitted baby clothes,
bed socks, shawls and slippers. Pat & Vera make emboidered topped tea
towels and Janet has embroidered towels. Pat also has scarves and beanies -
you'll need them this week! Cakes were nut and date loaf, lamingtons,
raspberry coconut slice, mars bar slice, orange cake, carrot and walnut cake,
cream sponge kisses, honey date nut loaf, fruit cake, apple nut cake, banana
nut loaf just to name a few! Susan came back with Pandora Panashe and
other fashion jewellery. Brenda had home spun yarn and Merino Wool and
Alpaca - selling Jumpers and gave a spinning demonstration. Sandra had
Honey in pots and hand molded Beeswax Candles and knitting looms and
gave demos on how to use the looms. She teaches knitting to children in
schools using the looms as they are easier than the needles. Denny had some
clothing, beads and crafts and lovely wind chimes and hanging decorations.
John came with Natural Cleaning Products from Canberra. Mike was back
with outdoor potted plants and extra Felicias this time and also potted
colour, bromeliads, Daffodils, potted and fresh cut bunches of herbs, violets
in trays, Lavender plants and pansy's and little posies. John had homegrown
fruits, oranges and mandarines on the church table, and Bill & Tammy had
vegetables from his local organic permaculture garden: silverbeat is lush and
green, mint in pots, parsley, strawberry plants, kohlrabi, onions, chokos,
brocolli, lettuce and more - all picked fresh and all chemical free. Brandon
sold Olive oil from Spring Dam Olives again.
Anne had jams, cakes and Leo's Rose Oil. Leo also had some lovely hand
cream with rose oil fragrance – absolutely lovely!. Kelvin came over from
Adelong with his Iris's & Daylilies and also Lego, Joint Supports, and Eco
Friendly all purpose wipes (at gazebo). Lions did a sausage sizzle.
Maragaret had a truck with Art and Craft supplies with some haberdashery,
wool and knitting needles. Ken & Daisy were back with two types of apples
and some pumpkins. Ken sold bulk bags of Chook Feed – small samplers and
20kg bags – and yes, he does offer to carry them to the car for you. John had
tools for the lads and Liz makes bedroom door signs which are quite unusual
– people came and ordered her designs or create one of their own for her to
Youth Council - Joseph Horst kindly offered his help – thanks heaps.

Hazel couldn't make this market but is booked for September with her Pottery,
Lapidary and Black wool.

We also offered a car boot sale section – this had a Doughty family. This is an
opportunity for people who don’t have enough for a garage sale but enough to sell
from the back of a car. This also saves of advertising fees and you get good
passing traffic. please ring to book your spot for next month.

We also recommend that people tie in their garage sales with the market so that
people can travel around town. While out for one, be out for many I say.

If you like, we can advertise your garage sale of our whiteboard the day of the
market so people know where to go in town for a bargain.

Please ring us with your details. 0418 761 034 (Kerryn)

In spite of the inclement weather, sales were higher than last month and we took
three bookings for stall places for outside.

This has been a well structured market and no two tables will have the same
baked items. Great care has been taken to see that items are not doubled up. Each
person has a set order of cakes and slices to bring in for sale and no other table is
able to duplicate it in order to be fair to other stall holders.


Just some extras from August.
Leo, Denny and Anne

Susan and her husband John   John Leiber, Naturally Clean!

                             Phil buying lollies for his trip OS
Annes cooking and Leos Rose Oil were new to the market

                                        Denny and Anne

                                             Brenda did Spinner demo
Brandon and Joseph – youth Council

  Janet enjoying cuppa time

         lots of interest!
 sold out of cakes!

Susan and John
Fresh home grown

      Chemical free!

         Lions club snags

                                                          Margaret was

Also new to the market and will come back in October.

                                                        Kelvin had daylilies,Iris,
Joint support and eco friendly wipes-not coming Sept.
Car boot sale

    Ken Hogans chook food

          busy day!

Were selling raffle tickets to this lovely painting. They also sold beanies and
bed sox.

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