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                                                      of FERNLEA
                                                                  Issue 8 ✦ June - August 2006

         Meet our guests                                            Grand Auction
Mr. Ian Underwood and Mrs. Lesley Cooper are two             NEWS REPORTS & PHOTOGRAPHS
of our guests of Fernlea. Here they talk to volunteer
                                                                    See page 2 and special insert
extraordinaire Mr. Chris Emmerson...

                                                                    Fernlea Thanks
                                                              Grant cheques have been received from the
                                                             following organisations, for which Fernlea House Inc.
                                                             offers our most sincere thanks.
                                                             • The Honda Foundation $30,000 and Ferntree
                                                                Gully Honda (03) 9758 9888 who sponsored our
                                                                successful application
                                                             • Victorian State Government $4400
                                                             • ING Foundation $2000
                                                             Our intention is to use these monies towards the
CE: You have both been attending Fernlea on a regular        cost of a Minibus with hydraulic hoist for guest
basis. Why do you come here?
                                                             transport, towards our Volunteer Training Program for
IU: I live alone and prior to Fernlea I spent six months     2006 and towards the purchase of toys, games, arts
confined to my home. I come to Fernlea for the social        & craft supplies to make the day hospice more
aspect, it’s good to get out, meet other people and have     family friendly.
an enjoyable time without any pressures being put upon
                                                             Our grateful thanks also to the following:
                                                             • ADOBE® systems for computer Software
LC: I find it a great support. It’s a big comfort to me to
know that people who truly care are available for me.        • Monbulk Patchwork Group for a wall hanging
Everyone is really terrific.                                 • Monbulk Pharmacy for the lovely “Pamper Pack”
CE: What does Fernlea House mean to you?                     Special thanks to our wonderful friends at Tullamore
                                                             Mercy Aged Care ~ Montrose for the use of their bus
LC: It’s a wonderful place. There should be more like it
                                                             each week.
IU: There’s a lovely homelike atmosphere here. It’s a
real haven, a place that imparts a strong feeling of well-
being.                                                               OUR MISSION STATEMENT
                                                               Fernlea House is dedicated to providing homelike
CE: Is there anything you especially like?
                                                                  community hospice care to people with life-
IU: Living on one’s own, I really enjoy the discussions       threatening illness and to supporting those close to
and companionship.                                                                   them.
LC: Although I don’t live on my own I also enjoy the                  OUR VISION STATEMENT
same things. It makes a nice change from the everyday          The work of Fernlea House will inspire a positive
                                                              change of attitude to palliative care in our society.
                                  Continued on page 3

Jun - Aug 2006 ✦ Friends of Fernlea Newsletter
     1st April 2006 ~ Fernlea House Inc. Inaugural
                     Grand Auction

  Feyonna Mitaxa & Leonie Williams               Maggie & Paul                       Ann Creber

  Colin & Anne Anderson                                                   Rodney Stewart

                      $$$ ... Grant Applications ... $$$
Do you have a couple of spare hours that you would put aside for Fernlea? Want to hone your writing and
communication skills? Why not join the newly established Grants sub-committee?
Previously we have seen the benefit of our efforts as we have received items such as computer software, funds to
assist renovate the bathroom, and a grant to purchase recliner chairs and a new hospital bed. And of course the grant
for the purchase of the Bus.
Fernlea receives a monthly newsletter from Our Community, which lists numerous grants. There are many grants that
Fernlea can apply for, and lots of possible items that would benefit the Day Hospice and our work towards the
provision of residential care.
You will be assisted with information on a chosen charitable trust, what item(s) to apply for, and use of a template
application, and you can work alone or with someone. The more people that get involved the more likely our success.
Contact Fernlea now for more information and you will be put in touch with the sub-committee chairperson. Phone (03)
5968 3895.

      The Annual General Meeting of Fernlea House Inc. will be held on
                     Sunday 18th June 2006 at 2 PM

                                                                          Jun - Aug 2006 ✦ Friends of Fernlea Newsletter
Continued from page 1
                                                                   CE: Are you comfortable with the dining arrangements and
CE: Bearing in mind that Fernlea is here for you, have you         the atmosphere around the table?
any suggestions for any activities that you’d like to partake
                                                                   LC & IU: Yes. It’s always very friendly and family like.
LC & IU: Physical activities are out of the question.
                                                                   CE: Do you have any menu preferences?
LC: I like taking part in craft type activities and games such
as Scrabble.                                                       LC: I like the surprise and I won’t mind if that bread pudding
                                                                   is served up again soon.
IU: I’m hard of hearing so just ask louder and I’ll have a go. I
enjoyed the apple day so I’d be interested in any other fruit      IU: Not really, I also look forward to the surprise and it’s
activities; it’s good to eat the subject matter.                   always good.

CE: While here at Fernlea, do you enjoy the atmosphere? Is         CE: In the afternoons, do you find the complementary
the general chatter and banter between guests, staff and           treatments helpful?
volunteers cheerful and stimulating?
                                                                   IU: The massages have really reduced the swelling in my
LC & IU: That is just what we need. There is a freedom to          feet. This is a real improvement and I look forward to the
express our own views and we all join in. It’s really good.        treatments.
                                                                   LC: I find them relaxing. These treatments have reduced a
CE: How much do you enjoy the activities that are planned          numbness I had down my left side. I had been told to put
for each visit?                                                    up with it because it was an untreatable condition. I also
                                                                   look forward to the treatments.
IU: I never thought that I’d ever be happy cutting and pasting
things. But I’ll give anything a try. Whatever’s going on count
me in!                                                             CE: Are you happy with the timing for pickup from, and
LC: So much time and thought has been put in to organizing         returning to, home?
the activities and they’re fun. There is no pressure here it’s
                                                                   LC & IU: Both were happy with this and gave the impression
all very comfortable.
                                                                   that it gave them the motivation to be up and ready at the
                                                                   given times.
CE: Have you experienced any other palliative care
situations? If so how does Fernlea compare?
                                                                   CE: At the end of a Fernlea day, do you feel better for the
LC: Not personally but has known of others that are totally        experience? Do you feel it a day well spent?
medically based ie: hospital type, and totally lacking a
                                                                   LC: Very much so. Enjoy the day totally.
normal lifestyle atmosphere. They are ghastly.
                                                                   IU: Agreed on both points. I feels I’ve had a good day out,
IU: No, Fernlea is my first experience with palliative care and
                                                                   feel satisfied and worn out by the time I get home.
it’s just terrific.

CE: Do you enjoy the lunches?                                      CE: Do you feel sufficiently fulfilled by your day to share the
                                                                   experience with partners, pets, friends and others?
LC: I cannot find fault with them. Better than what I get at
home.                                                              LC & IU: Yes, for sure. It’s good to pass the experience on to
                                                                                                          others, especially to
IU: Anything home
cooked is far better than       Ian                                 Lesley                                those who one day
                                                                                                          may become ill and
what I normally have.
                                                                                                          need just such a place
CE: What especially do                                                                                    to come to in the future.
you like?
LC & IU: Both love the
                                                                                                           CE: Is there anything
originality and variety of
                                                                                                           you dislike?
their lunches, adding; the
meals are interesting,                                                                                     IU & LC:
delicious and always                                                                                       (simultaneously and
beautifully cooked and                                                                                     emphatically) No,
presented.                                                                                                 nothing.

Jun - Aug 2006 ✦ Friends of Fernlea Newsletter
   Through the eyes of a                                                  Garden snippings
        volunteer...                                              Thanks to John Neale of Australian Roses in Silvan for the
                                                                  donation of roses - mini-standards, bushes and ground
                                                                  covers - the sensory garden is taking shape beautifully. We
I approach the house past the newly established front
                                                                  have a lovely range of colours and perfumes which are
garden, where bulbs provide splashes of colour in spring
                                                                  already providing some cut flowers for the house. Thanks to
and perennials in summer. On opening the front door, the
                                                                  Clive Larkman for the donation of a tray of lavender tube
smell of baking cakes or biscuits greets me. The guests,
                                                                  stock from Larkman Nurseries. The lavendar has blended
staff and volunteers are gathered in the lounge room for the
                                                                  in well into these beds.
daily newspaper quiz. ‘Fernlea rules’ prevail and everyone
present can give an answer, leading to an impressive score.
Morning tea rewards their effort and everyone relaxes with
their favourite ‘cuppa’ and those muffins that we could smell
A pleasant, friendly atmosphere fills the room with its
cheerful yellow walls and vases of flowers as guests
discuss with volunteers how they would like to spend their
morning. Some may opt for art or craft activities, a browse
on the Internet or perhaps a jigsaw puzzle.
While her mum tries her hand at some watercolour painting,
a carer has a massage in the complementary therapies
room. Her tense muscles are massaged with fragrant
lotion to a background of soothing music and she departs to
join a friend for lunch and some shopping.
Lunchtime has arrived and the morning’s works are
admired as guests are assisted into the dining room.              Two new and very enthusiastic garden volunteers, Patricia
                                                                  and Martin Rooney, have joined us. Their presence on a
Fernlea House’s chef, Anna, offers freshly cooked local
produce and the guest whose privilege it was to choose            regular basis has made a huge difference, and living locally,
                                                                  they have been able to monitor the watering needs of the
today’s menu is congratulated on her choice. Light, tasty,
colourful meals tempt the most delicate appetites and are         garden through the last dry spell. Donations of such items
                                                                  as birdbaths would be welcomed, and containers like an
complemented today by a light white wine, fruit juices and
cool filtered water.                                              old wooden wheelbarrow would be useful as planters for
                                                                  annuals and succulents. Ring Wayne to have items
After a long, sociable lunch and much chatter and laughter,       inspected or collected on 0419 182 779.
some guests return to the lounge room to rest while
listening to music, some to sit outdoors in the sunshine,
others are scheduled for a session of Reiki, massage or
reflexology. Games such as cards or scrabble are
available for those feeling energetic, whilst others may enjoy
a snooze after their meal.
Sure, there are walking sticks, frames, wheel chairs and
oxygen bottles around but the atmosphere in Fernlea House
is one of friendliness, warmth and - most of all - life! Guests
are just that, guests in a homely house, but one where they
feel safe knowing that an experienced nurse is on hand to
assist with their medical problems, there are ears to listen,
hands to hold and hearts that are open and caring.
      Fernlea House is a house with a difference.                 The spring flowering bulbs are already poking through the
                                                                  fallen leaves as Mother Nature provides us with an
                                                                  abundance of mulch.
                                                                  Long-term plans include raised garden beds for kitchen
                                                                  garden herbs etc. where guests may potter if they wish and
                                                                  a grant application has been sent seeking funding to cover
                                                                  this and many other things that would add interest to our
                                                                  garden. Visitors have admired the transformation but as
                                                                  gardeners all know, a garden is never “finished”.
                                                                  Wayne & Glenys Francis
                     Community Advisory Group
The Committee is pleased with the response from members of the community who have consented to become
part of our Community Advisory Group (CAG).
A wonderfully diverse range of people have offered their services and are willing to meet quarterly to assist with
the future direction of Fernlea House Inc. We have qualified people in many areas including a doctor, police
officer, barrister, nurse (palliative care nursing) and councillor. All of the group have a vast range of life and/or
business experience, of having run their own businesses, worked for (or run) large corporations, been active in
local politics and community affairs and served on other advisory groups or boards of management. Carers and
volunteers are also represented in this highly motivated group.
The current members of the CAG are Mr Hamish Russell (Chair), Mr Alan Fincher, Mr Bryan Neale, Dr Robin
Rowe, Mr Maurie Elmer, Ms Dorothy Szendei, Mr Maurice Nightingale, Ms Paula Vincin and Mr Graeme Legge.
By the time this newsletter reaches you, the group will have met for the first time for orientation to Fernlea
House and to get to know one another. We hope that future newsletters will carry short interviews or
biographies of the members of the CAG so that members can become familiar with our new team. Their
guidance and experience is most welcome and the Committee looks forward to working together with the CAG
to achieve our long term goal of providing residential palliative care in the hills and assuring the future of the Day
We sincerely thank the members of the group for their support.
Glenys Francis

                  Hamish Russell, Paula Vincin, Morrie Nightingale, Dorothy Szendei, Robin Rowe & Bryan Neale

                                                                  Fernlea House is supported by:

     “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no one can
              sincerely try to help another without helping themselves”.
                        Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882
        The Mad Hatters Tea Party at Fernlea House
    The bus arrives piloted by volunteer Chris wearing his flying cap. The word goes round Fernlea House. “They’re here!”
    calls the white rabbit (alias our chef Anna in bunny costume) “Alice”, resplendent in blue apron, black shoes and white
    knee length socks (Helen, Nurse/Manager), “The Queen of Hearts”, bejeweled crown askew (Frances, Manager of
    Volunteers), and the “door mouse” (volunteer Dorothy) greet our guests for the day with hugs and smiles.

    We gather for morning tea in the lounge room, our guests relaxing in their recliner chairs and sharing their news.
    Home made scones, raspberry jam and cream are consumed, washed down with delicious brewed coffee and tea.
    “Quiz time, team,” says Alice. “Can we beat last weeks’ score?” You may well be asking what’s Alice doing here? The
    Queen of Hearts? The White Rabbit? Why! It’s Mad Hatter Tea Party Day at Fernlea House
    Delphine (our volunteer artist) supports the guests with drawing a myriad of beautifully arranged teapots. At twelve
    thirty the Tea Party begins in earnest. Cucumber sandwiches, zucchini slice, currant buns, crumpets and honey,
    strawberries and cream. We try out the three-spouted teapot crafted by local potter and volunteer, Rodney. It works!
    The White Rabbit comes in with a plate of dainty fairy cakes with lit candles on top. It’s John’s birthday today! The
    celebration continues …jokes and hilarity enjoyed by all. Volunteer (Vice-president) Leonie drops in. “What great fun,”
    she says munching on a currant bun. Yummy!
    Ho Hum! Yawn! Time for a nap? Here come the comp-therapy volunteers. Would you like a massage, Reiki or a
    relaxing hand massage and chat? Board games are available or surf the Internet. Guest Pamela sits at the kitchen
    table to discuss recipes and world news with Anna who is clearing the remnants of the feast ably supported by
    volunteer Angela.

    What? 3 o’clock already? Time for hugs and goodbyes. The guests rejoin Chris wending their way home through the
    beautiful Dandenongs Ranges after a day of fun, creativity, great food and heart-felt support.
    Helen Pike

                                                                                 Jun - Aug 2006 ✦ Friends of Fernlea Newsletter
   Fernlea House Inc. ~ Community Support Page
       Our Community Network Advertisements ~ Help Sponsor Friends of Fernlea Newsletter

           IMPORTANT NOTICES                                                Arting about with
                   FoF deadline
   A deadline of Monday 14th August 2006 is set for
 contributions to the next edition of the FoF newsletter.           Get your artistic juices flowing and your crafty fingers
                                                                    working for the 3rd Annual Fernlea ART EXHIBITION
                             ***                                                         in Spring 2006
                   Fernlea AGM                                            Get ready to enter ~ Details to be advised
   Will be held on Sunday 18th June 2006 at 2 pm.
      All Members are asked to attend if possible.

                                                                                 Sponsors Needed
               Gemco Players present...                             Would you or a business/organisation that you know
                                                                    be willing to assist Fernlea Day Hospice financially?
           HOT MIKADO                                               Regular costs requiring funding includes:

              June 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th                           $30 pays monthly guest supplies
                                                                       $40 pays monthly water charges
             Tickets: $22 ($18 concession)                             $180 pays annual memberships and dues
             2 pm Matinee 17th concession                              $300 pays monthly telephone charges
                                                                       $300 pays monthly guest transport costs
           Monbulk College Booking NOW
                                                                       $550 pays quarterly newsletter costs
              GEMCO HOTLINE 5968 2844                                  $780 pays monthly guests care incl catering
                                                                    If you wish to become a Fernlea Sponsor please
                                                                    telephone (03) 5968 3895 for full details.

                      Leonie Williams                                            Volunteer Wanted
                             Civil Celebrant                            Administration experience and competency in
                         Member of Australian Federation of Civil
                                      Celebrants                          MYOB & Payroll. Phone: (03) 5968 3895
                     CEREMONIES OF DISTINCTION

                                                                                “Love Letters”
 Phone: (03) 97566059                      Namegivings
                                             Funerals                     at Valentino’s Restaurant 110 Canterbury
 PO Box 205, MONBULK,                                                       Road Heathmont on Monday July 24th
                                          Renewal of Vows
 VICTORIA 3793                               Weddings                A play with laughter, tears, relationships made
                                                                                and broken. Tickets $30.00
                                                                    Gemco Players will be presenting “Love Letters” and
                                                                      this evening of entertainment begins at 7.30 pm
                    Thank you...
                                                                      An inclusive gourmet finger food buffet and drink
              ... to SAM GOULD FORD Lilydale                          choice will be provided at interval (approximately
    (Tel: (03) 9735 1031 for                                     8.00 pm).
   the donation received with Member’s car purchase                 Come along and enjoy the wonderful entertainment,
                            and                                      company and the knowledge that you are helping Howard Ham for the discount received on the                          Fernlea House to keep operating.
      framed photo of the house taken in the 1950’s                   Tickets MUST be paid for in advance to Fernlea
                                                                                          House Inc.
 Images of Yesteryear Historical Photographs Olinda ~                All Theatre enquiries ~ Telephone Leonie 03 9756
                  Tel: (03) 9751 1100                                6059 or Email

Jun - Aug 2006 ✦ Friends of Fernlea Newsletter
         Special General                                      Across the President’s Desk
            Meeting                                        By Jan Lancaster

A small but enthusiastic group attended the                This is my last letter to you
Special General meeting at Fernlea on April                as President, but I look
23rd. The resolutions to amend the constitution            forward to continuing my
                                                           involvement as a Fernlea
were mostly approved and have since been
                                                           member and volunteer. The
approved by the Department of Justice,
                                                           last 5 years have been a
Consumer Affairs Victoria, effective from April
                                                           steep learning curve for me
                                                           with a lot of assistance from
The new rules allow us to forge ahead with the             many people.
strategies planned at the Future Directions                I want to thank all the
workshop back in January. A larger committee               members and supporters,
will help to spread the workload and each                  from our very first group of interested people in July 2001,
ordinary committee member will hold a specific             all those who have served on the Committee from the
portfolio. Terms of office will be for two years.          beginning to the present, and all those who have inspired
The first year will be an exception, of course, as         me and motivated me to continue.
some members will stand for only one year to
                                                           A special thank you to Murray, my family, work
allow for alternating periods of office. Half of the       colleagues and friends for all the years of support.
committee will retire at each election (office
bearers and ordinary members) but all will be              I remain in awe of those who are cared for at home in their
                                                           last days, and those who for many reasons spend those
eligible to stand for a further two-year period.
                                                           days elsewhere. I want to thank all of you who have
All members will be affected by the increase in            shared your journey with me.
membership donation from $2 to $5. There will
                                                           As the campaign continues to achieve our long-term goal
be no joining fee. All fees fall due at the
                                                           of 24-hour care, I look forward to that vision finally being
beginning of the financial year i.e. July 1st.             realised, so that ill people will have the option to spend
Our new financial year is now in line with the             time locally in a home-like environment.
ATO & Government financial year. Members                   I hope to see many of you at the AGM on June 18th and in
who have allowed their contribution to lapse               the future. My thanks and best wishes to the staff,
may like to rejoin at this time - a book of stamps         volunteers and the new committee as they continue the
is an acceptable means of payment.                         work for the Fernlea vision.

                 THANK YOU                                   Proudly supported by the
    Sincere thanks to Helen McLean of Limelight              Upwey & District Community Bank® Group
     Design Studios for donating her services to
       create a website for Fernlea House Inc.

Fernlea House Inc. is a non-profit community based group                  Membership: $5 per year
We remain focused on establishing a full-time palliative               All donations are tax deductible
care house/hospice in the Dandenong Ranges and to raise                Donations can now be made on-line
community awareness and support for this vision            
              FERNLEA HOUSE INC. 149 Emerald-Monbulk Road ~ Emerald ~ Victoria ~ 3782
                                     Reg. No: A0042108L & ABN: 73846428558
            For more information, and guest enquiries contact Helen Pike ~ Fernlea House Nurse Manager
                                 Telephone 03 5968 3895 ~ Facsimile 03 5968 6233
                                        Visit our website:

                                                                          Jun - Aug 2006 ✦ Friends of Fernlea Newsletter
 1st April 2006 ~ Fernlea House Inc. Inaugural Grand Auction

   “Good Evening & a very warm welcome to all of you” … with those works our auction
   evening started… An evening that has raised over $5,500 for Fernlea House Hospice.

   Firstly I would like to welcome our VIP’s for the evening, State Member for Monbulk Mr. James
   Merlino and his beautiful new wife Megan and I am sure everyone here will congratulate them
   on their recent marriage.
   Councillor Monica Keane Mayor of the Shire of Yarra Ranges and her husband Kevin.
   Councillor Graeme Legge of Cardinia Shire. Mr Clive Larkman, State Liberal Candidate for
   Monbulk and his wife, Di Larkman.

   Also our very Own Madam President – Jan Lancaster and her husband Murray.
   And last but not least – the remaining members of the Committee of Management and the staff
   of Fernlea House, headed by Helen Pike.
   Ladies and gentlemen – you are extremely welcome as supporters of our valiant efforts in
   raising much needed funds for Fernlea House.

   As you are no doubt aware we are here for the simple reason to raise funds for Fernlea. At the
   moment Fernlea House is operating on a 3 day per week respite care program, but as you all
   know our goal is a 7 day 24 hour palliative care hospice.
   We are hopeful that tonight will raise the profile of Fernlea House, for your support Councillor
   Keane for that we are extremely grateful. And we trust that James, and Clive will do their
   utmost to urge State Government to also support us. Graham you will know as a
   representative from the Cardinia Shire Council. We hope Graeme will be raising our profile in
   that area, Fernlea being just on the dividing line of the two Shires.

   The initial financial backing of Fernlea was from our good friends at the Upwey & District
   Community Bank® Group for which we are most grateful indeed.

   I’d like to make a very special mention to thank Ann Creber & her husband David Morrow for
   her unrelenting foraging and cajoling. She alone is responsible for All of the signed cookbooks
   and the George Forman Grill (who signed the book as well after spending 2 days with her in the
   kitchen, I bet he’d wished he was back with Mohammed Ali), mushroom growers packs, the
   baskets from the Yarra Valley foodies, and also her own baskets of beautiful goodies.
   Plus – booking (and paying for) a table of 10. What a woman. I’m handing over my previous title
   to her now Ann Creber Wonder Woman.
   Next to thank is another “forager” of goodies. The formidable sub committee member & artist
   extraordinaire “Feyonna Mitaxa” who has pillaged the mountain for a good number of the fine
   things you’ve seen here today, including her very own beautifully coloured felt artwork, greeting
   cards and an offer of a baby portrait.
   Roxanne Hull for the Curly Girly in the Monster Door, with the door by Philip Swart. Councillor
   Samantha Dunn for opening up her discretionary fund to help cover the setup costs for the
   evening with a grant of $350.00. Thank you Samantha. See what a difference it makes when
   we are supported.

   Singer Paul Parolo – who has donated extra time for the evening to extend your enjoyment.
   And lastly – ho hum you may say – I am going to thank “me” for not falling to pieces! Now I’m
   going to hand the proceedings back to our wonderful MC Mr Rodney Swart, Thank you all.
   Vice President - Leonie Williams

The Annual General Meeting of Fernlea House Inc. will be held on Sunday 18th June 2006 at 2 PM

                            Special Insert ~ June 2006 ~ August 2006 Friends of Fernlea Newsletter
        Fernlea’s “Inaugural” Bi-annual Grand Auction held on April 1st 2006
       All Names are listed in the Fernlea Book of Donors, Sponsors & Benefactors

“I had no idea how big it would be - or should be - it just developed a life of its own and it took
over the lives of the fantastic members of the Auction Sub-Committee. We can only do so much
and we need your support to make these events great fun for all involved, as well as making
much needed money for future projects.” - Vice President – Leonie Williams. Thank You To:

Monbulk Bowling Club - Function Centre, Moores Road, Monbulk, VIC 3793 ~ 9756 6183
                With special thanks to Gail and her wonderful staff.

       Brookdale Catering - 333 Yarra Road, Wonga Park, VIC 3115 ~ 0408 325 861
                 With thanks to G & M Lucas and their excellent staff.

       Mr Paul Parolo ~ Singer/Entertainer. Mr Rodney Swart ~ MC & Auctioneer.
          Mr Mark Eble & Mr Paul Dowling ~ Dandenong Ranges Real Estate.
        Gemco Players ~ Ben Davis, Kate McManus, Tim O’Leary, Paul Douglas.
               Ms Ann Davis, Financial Comptroller and auction records.
   Michele McWilliams & Judy Wolff, [Money Matters] Glenys Francis [Silent Auction].
                Anne Anderson & Colin Anderson ~ Reception & Door.
             Uncle Beans Bears, Mr Ian Dunkerley, Credit Card Facilities.
                       Mr & Mrs James Merlino & Megan Porch.
                     Councillor Monika Keane & Mr Kevin Keane.
               Councillor Graeme Legge. Mr & Mrs Clive & Di Larkman.
                      Councillor Samantha Dunne ~ Lyster Ward.
               Ms Helen Pike ~ Nurse Manager, Fernlea House Hospice.

The following wonderful people and businesses kindly donated the items auctioned:
Carolyn Whyte, Melbourne. Alex Ruschanow, Tecoma. Maurie Elmer, Upwey. M. Berry,
Ferntree Gully. Belinda & Robert Rooth, Folly Farm Olinda. Susan, (C/-) London Art,
Belgrave. Brenda & Gerald Overton, Monbulk. Jo Deith, Parker Legal, Peter Brock
Foundation, [Lon. Art Belgrave]. Kay Rawlinson, Rosebud. London Art, Belgrave. Tatra
Estate Receptions, Mt Dandenong. Paul Douglas [theboychef], Kalorama. Kumbada
Studios, Susan Cassidy, Kalorama. Beautiful Treasures, Magic Masseuse, Olinda.
Stephanie Alexander. Guy Grossi. Gabriel Gate. Elizabeth Chong. Sally Hammond. Rita
Erlich. Vikki Leng. Diane Holuigue. Lucy & Greg Malouf. Ann Creber & David Morrow,
Kalorama. Mushroom Growers. Salton (Australia) P/L. The Jewel Gallery, Surrey Hills.
Ann Bolch & Tim Wells. Uncle Beans Bears. David Wendt. Tokar Estate Wines. Crows
Nest Antiques. Ms Tammy Lobato MP. M & M’s Gifts - Maxine Fabian. Summerhill Wines
P/L. Anonymous. Herbs of Joy. Divine Health, Selby. Sandi. Living in Harmony, Eltham.
Jan Hunneybell, Upwey. Savon De Marseille. Provence/Innishfree. Emerald Creek Farms.
Green Bean Café. Ripe, Caroline, Sassafras. Lillypilly Café. House of Coffee. Tea Leaves.
The Berry Patch. Valentino’s Café Restaurant. Christina’s Crafts. Best Bits, Lizzy.
Ladylike Clothing Company. Mountain Ash Gifts, Nina. Wrapt Ya. Feyonna Mitaxa. Lisa
Von Muller. Roxanne Hull. Philip Swart. Gary Grant. Carol McCarthy. Leonie Williams.
Yarra Valley Food Group Members > Monsoon Spice Blends, Australian Harvest Fine
Foods, Hargreaves Hill Pale Ale Brewing Co. P/L, Fudge By Rich, Absolutely Antonietta,
Cunliffe & Waters, Enchanted Cottage Preserves, Kookaberry, Rikki’s Bikkies, Perrin’s
Creek Produce, Wild About Fruit, Heathmont Honey, Yarra Coffee, Warratina Lavender
Farm. < and Natalie Vandenberg, Monbulk. Dina’s Flower Passion.

                          The Events & Fundraising Committee:
                    Leonie Williams, Vice president Fernlea House Inc.
                 Anne Anderson, Judy Wolff, Feyonna Mitaxa, Tony Carroll.

                     Special Insert ~ June 2006 ~ August 2006 Friends of Fernlea Newsletter

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