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'Not tap-dancing yet' - Susan Myers
By Staff
Saturday, January 30, 2010

                              has received
                                       the following note tonight from
                                       Ward 2 City Councillor Susan

                                       Myers has been hospitalized
                                       with a crushed pelvis after an
                                       automobile collision two weeks

                                       Great to be home!

                                       Just a quick note to say I
                                       happily returned home from
                                       the hospital late yesterday
                                       afternoon, Friday January 29 –
                                       just 13 days after my accident.

                                       As for this community, there
                                       are no words to express my

                                       The outpouring of prayer, well
                                       wishes, expressions of
                                       concern through cards, gifts,
                                       phone calls, visits and e-mails
                                       is overwhelming.

                                       I always knew Sault Ste. Marie
                                       is a caring community
                                       however what I experienced
                                       was beyond belief.

From the media, the citizens, friends and family – thank you to each

I am truly humbled and I know your acts of kindness and concern also
contributed to my successful discharge yesterday.

My friends and loved ones from a distance were as close as the
phone, a delivery or an e-mail.

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I want to express my deepest and most sincere thank you to the
Emergency Services paramedics and Sault Area Hospital team of
responders and care providers: doctors, nurses, food services,
housekeeping, lab techs, radiology, O.T. and P.T. staff at SAH.

All contributed to making my stay unbelievably successful.

I know their efforts directly resulted in my very good progress and the
care delivery was seamless.

I am convinced that our community is well served and we should be
thankful to have the people we do delivering care for us.

They are professional, dedicated individuals to whom I will always be

I can only imagine what could be done if SAH was able to concentrate
only on serving as the acute care facility they are mandated to be and
could be free of the alternative level of care demands they must also
meet at this time due to many factors, not the least of which is a
shortage of nursing home facilities in our area.

During my stay I witnessed firsthand the agony of seeing patients who
must be bedded in the hallway because there is not a bed in a room to
accommodate them.

I offered to go into the hall when I was being moved from the surgical
floor to the third floor halfway through my stay and saw a woman in
the hall outside of the room I was being moved to.

As it turned out, due to the fact that this woman was possibly being
discharged later that day and this being at the midway point of my
stay, it did not happen, nor would it be my decision.

However that is a painful and humbling thing to experience I can tell

There is a long road ahead before I will be doing tap dances and I will
begin physiotherapy this week.

However I am home and that is a blessing!

Thank you one and all,


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