North Shore Cricket Club 2006 Registration Form

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					                                      North Shore Cricket Club
                                                                  Print out, complete, & submit to: The Treasurer
                                                      Stephen Girod, #115 – 2190 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6K4K7
                                                                         Club Email:

2009 Executive Committee                  MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM
Rajiv Jhangiani                        To register for the NSCC, you must                     (1) complete the this form and submit it to an ex-com member AND ALSO
                                       (2) Pay your dues in full by April 15, 2009
1st Vice President:                    (3) Complete a 2009 BCMCL registration form before your first match
Vikramjit Bawa
Tel: (778)-229-2885                     Player Name
                                        BCMCL ID #:
2nd Vice President:                    (New members print ‘New’)
Sanjiv Gupta
Tel: (604) 929-5536
Gupta, Sanjiv" <      Address:

Secretary:                              Home Telephone:
Rahat Sharma
Tel: (778) 883-8584                     Cellular Phone:

Treasurer:                              Email address
Stephen Girod
Tel: (604) 714-1232

                                     Membership Type:
League Delegate:
Manchan Sonachansingh
                                       Adult Player - $250
Tel: (604) 438-1464                     J unior P la ye r (Unde r 19 as of April 25, 2009) - $150
                                                                  -                 Social (non-playing) member - $ 25
Junior Co-ordinator:
Goghi Dhillon
                                     Payment Record:
Tel: (604) 525-2734                       FULL PAYMENT                            Amount $___________                    Ch e q u e  Cash                       Receipt #___________
                                          Please make cheques payable to: “North Shore Cricket Club”
Junior Delegate:
Michael Perera
Tel: (778) 227-8680
                                     In consideration of the admission of the above named registrant as a member, I hereby release the North Shore
                                     Cricket Club and all its officers, coaches, and volunteers whatsoever of any and all responsibility and liability for
                                     injuries, causes of injury, losses or damages sustained by the above named athlete or arising out of his/her or
                                     my association with or by North Shore Cricket Club or while traveling to and from the North Shore Cricket Club
                                     facilities or while traveling to and from any matches or events with or of the North Shore Cricket Club.

                                     Spirit of North Shore
                                     I also agree to uphold and maintain the spirit of our club, which includes supporting the club in any way in
                                     which I am able, playing for any team or in any position asked of me, not engaging in any unfair play or
                                     behaviour that might bring the game or the club into disrepute, and respecting umpiring decisions without
                                     showing dissent.

                                                                                   Signature: ___________________________________________
                                     * Special arrangements for payment of dues can be arranged with the treasurer.