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                                                                                                                      this issue
                                                                                                               Tis the Season P.1
                                                                                     Studio Picks: This Month’s Faves P.2
                                                                           Great Reading! Recommended Reads P.2 & 3
                                                                                           More Thoughts from the Blog P.3
                                                                                                        Halloween Specials P.4

                                                               The Christmas Countdown Begins
"Never ask                  The Daylilies studio is a very busy place these          gift idea list, but either way, I really can’t wait to
whether you can             days! The website continues to be refined and            get my ideas down on paper and try them out. And
do something.               changed (for the better, we hope), the blog was          just in case you have a busy life that doesn’t give
Say instead that            recently moved and our Etsy shop will be up and          you much time to make handmade gifts this year,
you are going to            running soon.                                            we promise to include good ideas that don’t take a
do it, then fasten          If all that were not enough, somewhere in the            lot of time, materials or new skills to learn.
your seat belt."            middle of October, it was decided that a new             Oh! And before I forget – the studio is really
            Julia Cameron   (creative) Christmas gift idea would be posted on        excited about our Small Purse Challenge. We
                            the Daylilies blog every day until December 25 .         hope you will join us! Just download the free
                            Our   Christmas     Countdown     officially   started   pattern, make the purse (it would make a fantastic
                            October 26 , and, as I write this, we have posted        Christmas gift too!), and email me the pictures of
                            6 ideas so far – all things that you can do to give      your finished purse. When you do, I will send you
 "The difference            homemade and handmade this year.                         a gift certificate for 50% off any purchase of $25 or
between artists             After the first post, I have to admit that there was     more. More details of the Challenge can be found
and other people            some panic at the thought that we would need 2           on the blog or on our Facebook discussions page.
is that artists             months worth of ideas (by Christmas, we will have        The Challenge is open until early January 2010
have a                      posted 45 things that you can make and give this         I do hope that if any of the ideas on the blog
sketchbook."                season – did I say 45???), but after the first week,     inspire you, that you will pick up a pen, paintbrush,
            Mary Bergs      I have come to the conclusion that although we           needle, pair of scissors, (or whatever it is you
                            might run out of time, we will not run out of ideas.     need to pick up) and give it a try. And, along the
                            Our idea folders are bursting! And every idea that       way, if you have any questions or comments about
                            is offered seems to breed yet another idea here in       any of the ideas, visit our discussion group on
                            the studio.                                              Facebook, add a comment to our blog, or email
                            Today, for example, work with paper cutting has          me directly.
                            led to a great idea for t-shirt designs. I don’t know                                 Debra O’Connor
                            if this will make our countdown to Christmas

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Great Reading!

For Adults:

This month, my                                             Studio Picks:
recommendation for
                                                           This Month’s Faves!
great reading is not
just one book, but
                          There are a lot of           are easy to cut with
rather a whole series
                          favourite products in the    scissors or cookie cutters.
of magazines. This                                                                     Important Changes
                          studio this past month,      They come in great
month I picked up my
                          but the most favoured of     colours, and they are just             and
very first issue of
                          all is the Stockmar          a great way to add a
Threads Magazine. I                                                                       New Things
                          beeswax wax decorating       personal touch to an
was hooked from the
                          strips.                      otherwise plain candle.
very first article. The
                          Why?                         These wax decorating
writers at Threads not                                                                 Please make sure that
                          Well…we were in a really     strips also easily stick to a
only know A LOT                                                                        you have adjusted your
                          tight spot – out of time     lot of other surfaces too –
about sewing, but                                                                      RSS feeds and
                          and needing to do            this is a great way to add
offer up the                                                                           bookmarks – our new blog
                          something creative fast      colour, shape and interest
information in an                                                                      address is:
                          so that we could get the     to boring storage tins.
easy-to-read format                                                                    www.dayliliescreative.wor
                          day’s blog posted. Not       And even though these
with clear and concise                                                       
                          only that, but none of us    strips aren’t specifically
                          were in the creative         modelling wax, they still
It didn’t seem to                                                                      Also! Make sure to watch
                          mood and nothing was         warm up in your hands so
matter which issue I                                                                   for big changes with our
                          going well.                  they are easy to form and
picked up – the                                                                        website coming soon.
                          It was a very bad day.       shape as you need for
information was
                          But then Christopher         your individual project.
timeless and the                                                                       And… we are looking
                          mentioned that we hadn’t     As with any Stockmar
articles were relevant                                                                 forward to the opening of
                          worked       with      the   product, the beeswax
– even when the                                                                        our Etsy Shop mid
                          Stockmar         beeswax     decorating     strips     are
magazine issue itself                                                                  November. Shop for our
                          decorating wax strips yet,   harmless to health and to
was two years old!                                                                     finished blog projects
                          so we grabbed the            the environment.
If you have any                                                                        there!
                          opportunity to give them     Choose wax decorator
interest in sewing, I                                                                  www.dayliliescreative.etsy
                          a try.                       strips for a quick creative
highly recommend this
                          And things couldn’t have     project with your kids this
magazine. It certainly
                          turned out better. These     holiday season. A candle
is worth the read (and
                          wax strips are quick and     makes for a fantastic
sometimes it even has
                          easy to use. The wax         teacher’s gift, especially
patterns too!)
                          strips                       when made especially for
                                                                                                          Page 2
More Thoughts from the Blog:
Digging Deeper into October’s Ideas…                                                         Candles              Great Reading!
It may seem that we have                    late in October.                    ‘Paper Cutting’ Wax
spent a lot of time focused                 Although we have largely            Early this month, we posted
                                                                                                                  For Kids:
on candles in this issue of                 ignored the humble candle,          a paper cutting project on
                                                                                                                  This month, a good
the Daylilies newsletter –                  in the spirit of the season of      the blog. When we thought
                                                                                                                  friend let me borrow her
and maybe we have – but                     candle light, we thought that       more about making plain
                                                                                                                  copy of The Little
we feel that candles and                    we would offer some more            candles great, we couldn’t
                                                                                                                  Hands Art Book by Judy
candlelight               play        an    ideas for fabulous updates          help but think that the same
                                                                                                                  Press. Written for
important part of the festive               to a basic candle here.             techniques could work well
                                                                                                                  children aged 2-6, this
season. Not only do they                    The Painted Candle                  with   candles.     While   the
                                                                                                                  book offers great ideas
look     beautiful               as     a   Did you know that it doesn’t        obvious      (and     easiest)
                                                                                                                  to get young children
centerpiece,         but         candles    take special candle paint to        answer is to cut wax strips
embody         the         light      and   paint on a candle? All you          as you would paper and
                                                                                                                  This is 156 pages of
warmth and celebration of                   need is a good paintbrush           wrap the candle with these
                                                                                                                  creative fun and
all things Fall and Winter.                 (the right size for          your   ‘paper cut’ wax strips, there
                                                                                                                  includes everything
The funny part of spending                  project) and acrylic paint.         are also other ways to get
                                                                                                                  from glue projects,
so much time in talking                     Any brand will do – as long         the same look. Once you
                                                                                                                  ‘Button Down
about candles here, in the                  as it is acrylic.                   choose your pattern and
                                                                                                                  Cardboard Shirt’ and
newsletter, is that we really               There       is   no   need    for   transfer it onto your candle,
                                                                                                                  Paint projects, ‘Paper
didn’t spend all that much                  anything else – use your            this design can be painted
                                                                                                                  Bag Pumpkin’ and clay
time talking about them on                  own      design,      grab     a    on, or carved into the face
                                                                                                                  projects, ‘Meatballs and
the     blog         in      October.       copyright free design off the       of the candle. Or – transfer
                                                                                                                  Spaghetti’ – and more!
Although       we         did      spend    internet, or buy a copy-able        your design onto foil instead
                                                                                                                  There are certainly
some time making a candle                   image from one of your              – cut out the design as you
                                                                                                                  more than enough
wrap     at     the          end       of   favourite artists, transfer it      would cut the paper, and
                                                                                                                  ideas here to keep you
September, we didn’t even                   to your candle and get              wrap your candle! Simply
                                                                                                                  and your children busy
look at a candle again until                painting.                           beautiful!
                                                                                                                  for many rainy days.
we     tried    the         Stockmar
                                                                                                                  And – just in case the
beeswax decorating strips
                                                                                                                  projects aren’t enough,
                                                                                                                  this book also includes
                                                                                                                  an appendix filled to the
                                                                                                                  brim with clay, dough,
                                                                                                                  and paint recipes… and

                                                                                                                                      Page 3
                                  10 Ways to Make Mid-Week Supper
                                  Fun & Creative
                                      1. Eat dessert first (or at least make it seem that way)!
                                         Serve up a beef & potato pie (or chicken and rice or
                                         veggies) with a side dish of baked apples.
                                      2. Make it an all fingers meal – no forks here! Or, for a
                                         real change, make it an all spoon meal.
                                      3. Make your own pizzas.
                                      4. Switch it up - Use red or green pasta instead.
                                      5. Don’t settle for Alphabet noodles – grab some
                                         Christmas shapes or other shapes and make up
                                         stories as each spoonful brings different shapes and
                                         groups of shapes.
                                      6. Make the table a living sculpture – put fruits and
                                         veggies on pedestals for an interesting centerpiece.
                                      7. Pack the picnic basket and throw out the blanket. Who
                                         says you can’t have an indoor picnic on a Tuesday?
                                         Grilled cheese never tasted better!
                                      8. Serve soup from vintage tea cups.
                                      9. Cover the table with paper and hand out crayons.
                                         An impromptu after dinner cartoon drawing
                                         competition can take the doldrums out of mid week.
                                      10. Add some flowers for a beautiful table. Especially if
                                          supper is just quick and routine.

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