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            Your Guide to
           Campus Housing
New Students
Check in:                                                                           Reminders:
Saturday, Aug. 21                                                                   •	 Students	may	not	put	nails	or	screws	in	the	walls.	Poster	putty	is	
First-Year Women: Ordway                                                               recommended.
First-Year Men and Transfers: Nina B. Hollis Wellness Center                        •	 Candles	and	incense	are	prohibited.
•	 Members	of	the	FSC	community	will	be	available	to	assist	you	with	               •	 Pets	 are	 prohibited	 except	 for	 fish	 in	 a	 tank	 no	 larger	 than	 10	
   moving	in.	Please	label	all	of	your	boxes	and	belongings	with	your	                 gallons.
   name.                                                                            •	 There	is	no	storage	space	on	campus.	If	you	anticipate	a	need	to	
•	 Requests	 to	 arrive	 on	 campus	 prior	 to	 the	 official	 check	 in	 time	        store	your	belongings,	contact	an	independent	storage	company.	
   unfortunately	cannot	be	accommodated.                                            •	 Students	 are	 not	 permitted	 to	 paint	 their	 own	 rooms.	 Please	
                                                                                       contact	the	hall	staff	at	check	in	if	you	have	a	concern	related	to	the	
Student ID cards:                                                                      condition	of	the	walls.
Photos	 will	 be	 taken	 August	 21,	 during	 check	 in.	 Florida	 Southern	        •	 All	cooking	appliances	(hot	plates,	skillets,	toasters,	toaster	ovens	
students	 are	 required	 to	 carry	 their	 student	 ID	 cards	 at	 all	 times.	        or	 any	 coiled	 appliance)	 are	 not	 allowed.	 Microwaves	 and	 coffee	
Residential	 students	 will	 need	 their	 ID	 cards	 to	 gain	 access	 to	 their	      makers	 are	 allowed.	 Students	 may	 use	 a	 small	 George	 Foreman	
residence	hall,	campus	dining	areas,	and	computer	labs.                                grill.	Refrigerators	may	be	no	larger	than	4.0	cubic	feet.
                                                                                    •	 The	 College	 is	 not	 responsible	 for	 loss	 or	 damage	 to	 residents’	
Room Conditions:                                                                       personal	property	through	fire,	theft,	or	any	other	cause.	Residents	
Each	room	is	furnished	with	a	bed,	desk,	chair,	dresser	and	closet	space	              should	 determine	 if	 their	 personal	 property	 is	 covered	 through	
for	each	student	assigned	to	the	room.	All	college	supplied	items	must	                family	insurance.
remain	in	the	room	and	may	not	be	removed.	Residents	are	expected	                  •	 Use	 extension	 cords	 and	 surge	 protectors	 with	 the	 UL	 label	 (14	
to	bring	bed	linens,	blankets,	pillows,	towels,	and	throw	rugs.	Extra-                 gauge	or	higher	and	no	longer	than	10	ft.).	Do	not	run	under	rugs,	
long	sheets	are	necessary.	Please	refer	to	Suggested Items to Bring.                   mattresses,	through	doorways	or	windows.	Do	not	overload	cords.	
Furniture	may	not	be	stacked;	however	beds	may	be	bunked.	Bunking	                     Use	polarized	cords	for	safety.	Do	not	attach	to	building	surfaces	in	
pins	 are	 available	 during	 check	 in	 or	 from	 the	 Office	 of	 Community	         a	permanent	manner.
Living.	Cinderblocks	are	not	allowed	in	the	residence	halls	and	may	
not	be	used	to	loft	furniture.

Returning Students
Check in:
Monday,	August	23		-	11	a.m.	to	4	p.m.	at	the	Student	Life	House
Tuesday,	August	24	-	11	a.m.	to	4	p.m.	at	the	Student	Life	House
•	 No	one	may	check	in	on	Sunday,	Aug.	22.		
•	 Residents	who	do	not	check	in	by	noon	on	Thursday,	Aug.	26,	will	
   forfeit	the	room	reservation.	
                                                                                                 it’s not just a residence hall...
                                                                                                                                      it’s home
Community Living at FSC
The	Cornerstone:
Florida	Southern	seeks	to	create	a	community	of	scholars	who	hold	one	another	accountable	to	the	high	ideals,	vision,	and	mission	of	the	college.	
Choosing	to	join	the	community	obligates	each	member	to	a	code	of	behavior	that	reflects	the	highest	personal	and	communal	values	to	which	the	
college	is	committed.	Inspired	by	the	Judeo-Christian	principles	on	which	the	college	was	founded,	as	a	Florida	Southern	Scholar...
	 I	will	practice	personal	and	academic	integrity	and	excellence	of	character	and	expect	the	same	from	others.
	 I	will	respect	the	dignity,	value,	and	worth	of	all	persons	while	learning	from	the	differences	in	people,	ideas,	and	opinions.
	 I	will	respect	the	rights	and	property	of	others.
	 I	will	demonstrate	concern	for	others,	their	feelings,	and	our	communal	need	for	conditions	that	promote	personal	growth	and	academic	success.
	 Through	my	actions,	I	will	honor	and	contribute	to	the	rich	heritage	left	by	those	who	have	preceded	us	and	work	to	leave	the	college	a	better	
	 	        place	for	those	who	follow.
The	Cornerstone	outlines	the	standard	of	behavior	that	is	the	foundation	for	campus	life.	Commitment	to	these	ideals	requires	each	member	of	the	
community	to	practice	behaviors	that	promote	the	well-being	of	the	community	and	to	discourage	those	behaviors	which	do	not.	Please	be	familiar	
with	the	student	handbook	and	the	residence	hall	policies	posted	on	the	Florida	Southern	College	website:	www.flsouthern.edu.

Laundry Facilities:                                                               Internet & Email Service:
•	 Joseph-Reynolds;	 Allan	 Spivey;	 The	 Publix	 Commons;	 Jenkins;	             •	 Rooms	have	one	network	jack	per	student.
   Miller;	Wesley	Hall	–	Barnett	Residential	Life	Center,	Colony	Arms             •	 Every	student	receives	an	email	address.	
•	 Students	 can	 monitor	 their	 laundry	 with	 “Laundry	 View”	 online	         •	 Computer	must	have	an	Ethernet	card	installed.	
   system.	Laundry	View	allows	for	site	specific	monitoring	of	washing	           •	 Problems	 with	 the	 Ethernet	 port	 can	 be	 reported	 via	 a	
   machines	and	dryers	to	see	availability	and	progress.		Laundry	View	              maintenance	request	found	online
   is	accessible	from	the	main	FSC	web	page.                                      •	 Wireless	access	is	available	in	all	residence	hall	lobbies.
•	 To	 report	 an	 issue	 with	 a	 machine,	 go	 to	 the	 Laundry	 View	
   website.                                                                       Maintenance and Housekeeping:
                                                                                  •	 Custodial	 services	 are	 provided	 to	 students	 in	 the	 following	
Emergency Information:                                                               locations:
•	 Campus	 Safety	 can	 be	 contacted	 at	 (863)	 680-4305	 in	 case	 of	 an	     	     >		Public	bathrooms.	Residents	with	suite	or	private
   emergency.                                                                     	     	 bathrooms	are	responsible	for	their	own	cleaning	
•	 To	 reach	 the	 emergency	 hotline	 for	 campus	 updates	 in	 case	 of	        	     	 and	toilet	paper.
   weather	or	other	emergency	call	(863)	680-4101.	                               	     >		Lobbies
•	 Information	 regarding	 weather	 status	 and	 other	 emergency	                      > Hallways
   events	 can	 be	 found	 on	 line	 at:	 www.flsouthern.edu/                           > Laundry rooms
   emanagement/#emergencyprep	                                                          > Study rooms
•	 First	 Year	 students	 are	 required	 to	 rent	 Security	 Escort	 Remotes.	    	     >		TV	lounges
   The	cost	is	$50	and	will	be	included	on	your	student	charges.	Please	          •	 Maintenance	Services:
   contact	the	Office	of	Campus	Safety	for	further	information.                   	     >		Issues	 or	 concerns	 will	 be	 addressed	 via	 an	 electronic	
                                                                                           maintenance	request	available	through	the	links	on	the	
Mail Service:                                                                              College’s	home	page.
•	 Put	your	name	and	box	number	on	each	piece	of	mail.                            	     >		If	 a	 problem	 needs	 immediate	 assistance	 (weekend	 or	
	 	 	 	 >	 Incoming	 mail	 to	 new	 students	 should	 read	 New	 Student                   after	hours),	contact	the	Resident	Advisor	or	Community	
   										until	a	campus	box	number	is	received.                                        Living	Coordinator
•	 Do	not	put	“P.O.	Box”		before	your	box	number	as	it	causes	confusion	          	     >		Repairs	are	made	Mon-Fri,	8	a.m.	-	4:30	p.m.
   for	the	U.S.	Postal	Service	and	FedEx,	etc
•	 Pick	up	your	key	and	box	number	at	the	mailroom	when	you	arrive	               Food on Campus:
   on	campus.                                                                     •	 Wynee’s Bistro	(main	dining	hall,	located	on	the	upper	level	
•	 Check	your	campus	mail	regularly.	It	is	your	responsibility	to	check	             of	the	Herbert	E.	Wolfe	Building)
   and	know	the	information	that	has	been	distributed.	                                 > Mon-Fri       7	a.m.-2	p.m.	&	4	p.m.-7	p.m.
•	 If	 you	 plan	 on	 shipping	 any	 of	 your	 belongings	 to	 campus	 before	          > Saturday 8	a.m.-9	a.m.	&	10	a.m.-1	p.m.	&	4:30	p.m.	to	7	p.m.
   your	arrival,	do	not	send	more	than	a	week	prior	to	move-in	day.	                    > Sunday        8	a.m.-9	a.m.	&	11:30	a.m-1:30	p.m.	&	4:30	p.m.-7	p.m.
   For	more	information,	call	the	Mail	Room	at	(863)	680-3928.                    •	 Terrace Café/Freshens	(quick	to-go	foods,	first	floor	of	Wolfe	
Telephone Service & Cable TV:                                                           > Mon-Fri       9	a.m.	-11	p.m.
•	 Each	 room	 has	 one	 operational	 telephone	 jack.	 Each	 student	 has	       	     >		Sat	&	Sun	 12-11	p.m.
   access	to	an	individual	voice	mailbox.	Voicemail	may	be	accessed	              •	 TûTû’s Cyber Café	(features	Starbucks	Coffee	and	bakery	items	
   by	dialing	6299,	enter	passcode.                                                  in	Roux	Library,	Internet	&	wireless	access	available)
•	 For	on	campus,	dial	only	the	last	four	digits	of	the	number.	To	dial	          	     >		Mon-Thurs	 8	a.m.	-11	p.m.
   off-campus,	first	dial	9.	                                                           > Saturday 1-5	p.m.
•	 Rooms	are	not	equipped	with	a	phone.                                                 > Sunday        2-11	p.m.
•	 Cable	is	provided	to	each	room.	Basic	local	and	national	channels	             •	 Moc Mart	–	campus	convenience	store	located	on	first	floor	
   available.                                                                        next	to	Terrace	Café/Freshens
•	 Channel	96	is	the	College’s	cable	channel	featuring	announcements	             •	 Grillmaster –	hot	dogs	&	hamburgers,	chips,	Pepsi	products
   and	movies.                                                                          > Mon-Fri       11	a.m.	-2	p.m.
                                                                                  Hours are subject to change
                                  Suggested Items to Bring
	   Pillow	                                   	   Microwave	oven	(space	saver	or           	   Ethernet	Cord
	   Linens:	towels,	extra	long	twin	sheets,   	    apartment	size	is	preferred)             	   Business	Attire	
	    blankets,	mattress	pad                    	   Dictionary,	thesaurus                    	    (for	classroom	presentations)
	   Toiletries:	soap,	shampoo,	toothpaste,    	   Desk	supplies:	pens,	scissors,           	   Crates	or	other	shelving	storage
	    something	to	carry	toiletries             	    paperclips,	pencil	sharpener             	    for	books,	etc.
	   Shower	shoes                              	   Computer,	printer                        	   Throw	pillows,	bean	bag	chair
	   First	aid	items:	pain	relievers,	         	   Calendar/date	book/planner               	   Throw	rugs	(most	rooms	within
	    band-aids,	tissues,	vitamins,	etc.        	   Writing	paper,	envelopes,	stamps         	    the	residence	halls	have	tile	floors)
    Hair dryer                                	   Paper/notebooks                          	   Carpet	sweeper/dust	buster/broom
	   Laundry	basket                            	   Posters/pictures	for	walls	              	   Small	tool	kit
	   Laundry	detergent	(high	efficiency)       	    (poster	putty)                           	   Flashlight
	   Clothes	hangers                           	   Pictures	of	family,	friends              	   Umbrella
	   Iron	&	ironing	board                      	   Alarm	clock                              	   Plants
	   Small	sewing	kit                          	   TV,	iPod	(Cable	for	TV)                      Fan
	   Study	lamp                                	   UL	listed	surge	protectors               	   Snack	Foods
    Small refrigerator                        	    and/or	extension	cords                   	   Cleaning	supplies
	    (not	larger	than	4.0	cubic	feet)          	   Can	opener                               	   Silverware,	plates,	bowls,	cups,	glasses

                                   Items to Leave at Home
Students	are	encouraged	to	make	their	residence	hall	room	their	home	away	from	home.	Please	note	that	the	following	items	are	not	
permitted	in	the	residence	halls.	They	may	jeopardize	the	safety	and	security	of	the	entire	community	or	cause	a	significant	amount	of	
damage	in	the	residence	halls.	Following	College	policies	and	procedures	will	prevent	any	student	accountability	action.	
	 •	Candles	                                                                      •	Sleeper	Sofas	
                                       These items are fire hazards                                           These items cause a significant
	 •	Halogen	Lamps	                     and jeopardize the safety                                                        	
                                                                                  •	Glow	in	the	Dark	Stars	 	 amount of damage in the
	 •	Non	UL	listed	extension	cords		 and security of the entire                    •	Duct	Tape                 residence halls and can be
                                       community.                                                             costly to remove.
	 									and	surge	protectors	                                                  •	Toaster/Toaster	Oven
	 •	Christmas	Light	                                                              	

                                    Additional Information
•	Window	blinds	are	supplied	in	all	residence	halls	and	may	not	be	removed	for	any	reason.	
•	There	is	one	operational	phone	jack	in	each	room.	Additionally,	each	student	has	personalized	voice	mail.

                  Break/Closing Housing Information
Go	to	www.flsouthern.edu/student_life/reslife/breakpolicies.htm	for	Break/Closing	Housing	Information	for	scheduling	arrivals	and	
departures	from	campus.

                                                                                           Mindy Baine
                                                                                    Director, Community Living
                                                                                  111 Lake Hollingsworth Drive
                                                                                  Lakeland, Florida 33801-5698