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									No Tent?                     Camping Lite is the easiest way to camp in Manitoba’s           All yurts are 5 metres (16 feet) in diameter and
                             provincial parks. No tent? No gear? No problem!                 are non-smoking accommodations. Many are
No Gear?                     There’s no need to haul a trailer or drive an RV either.
                             Instead, stay in the comfort of a cabin or the coziness
                                                                                             wheelchair accessible. In consideration of other
                                                                                             yurt guests, pets are not allowed inside yurts.

No Problem.                  of a yurt. Camping Lite accommodations come fully
                             furnished and ready to enjoy. Try this unique,
                                                                                             Vehicles may be parked onsite.
                                                                                          What to Bring
                             affordable alternative to traditional camping in
                             Manitoba’s provincial parks.                                 You should bring all the things you need to camp
Try “Camping Lite”                                                                        such as sleeping bags, pillows, food, eating and
                                                                                          cooking utensils. Don’t forget your sense of
with Yurts                   New! Yurts                                                   adventure!
and                          The newest addition to our fixed roof
                                                                                          Coming Soon!
                             accommodations is the oddly-named yurt. Yurts are
Cabins                       part cabin, part tent and 100 per cent comfortable.          An additional 14 yurts will be available at other
                             These large, fabric-sided, domed shelters offer an           park locations in 2006 with further expansion being
                             authentic camping experience for visitors who don’t          planned for the future.
                             own, or want to bring their RV or tent with them.
                                                                                          Fees and Other Rules
                             • Nutimik Yurts                                              The fee is $30 per night plus taxes with a minimum
                                The first yurts will be available at New Nutimik          two-night reservation. Guests can book up to 21
                                campground in Whiteshell Provincial Park in               nights and all fees are required at the time of
                                2005. The campground is located in the north              booking. Yurts are also available on a walk-up basis
                                end of the park, off Provincial Trunk Highway             between reservations. There are no refunds for early
                                (PTH) #307.                                               departure.
                                                                                          If you cancel four or more days in advance of your
                             Yurt Features                                                arrival, your fees will be refunded less the $7.75
                               Each yurt has windows and a skylight that opens            non-refundable reservation fee. If you cancel within
                               to let in fresh air and sunshine. A lockable door          three days or less of arrival, your refund will be
                               provides security and privacy. Electricity, a heater       less the first night's fee and the reservation fee. If
                     New       and lighting are offered for your convenience.             you cancel after your arrival date, no refund will
                       in      Your home-away-from-home also features rustic              be issued. Changes may be made to a yurt
                     2005!     log furniture including a bunk bed, futon, table,          reservation four or more days in advance of
                               chairs and small storage cabinet. At Nutimik, the          arrival. A $2.00 non-refundable fee applies to
                               showers near Bay 2 and the modern washrooms                any change. VISA and MasterCard accepted.
                               in Bays 1 & 5 are wheelchair accessible.
                                                                                          *Note: The number of persons allowed on a campsite or
                                Each yurt will accommodate four adults or a               yurt site, cannot exceed four persons or one family unit.
                                family of five. A small sleeping tent is also allowed     A family unit is generally defined as a mother, father and
                                on the site as long as the allowable number of            children under the age of 18; however, the possible addition
                                persons on site, is not exceeded.*                        of a grandparent or similar relative is allowed.
                                Cooking is not permitted in your yurt.
   1-888-4U2-CAMP                                                                       Location                                         Rate
                                                                                                                                       Per Night
                                Campers are expected to either use the firepit or
                                bring a campstove or portable barbeque. A table         Nutimik Yurts                                    $34.20
                                is provided at each site. Yurt housekeeping             Rates quoted include PST & GST.
                                supplies include a broom, dust-pan, mop and             Fees subject to change without notice.
                                garbage bags.
                                                    Each cabin has its own parking space,
                                                    picnic table and barbeque pit. All cabins
                                                    have cold running water and flush toilets.
Family Vacation Cabins                              One cabin, and the nearby non-modern
Camping Lite in a cabin is another great option     washroom, is wheelchair accessible. The
in Manitoba. Vacation cabins at Camp Morton         central washroom also accommodates
and Hecla provincial parks are a natural for        wheelchairs.
families and fun.

• Camp Morton Cabins                              • Hecla Island Cabins                              What to Bring
   Located just an hour away from Winnipeg,         A popular destination, Hecla Island is a         Guests at either Camp Morton or Hecla family
   visitors love staying in these rustic log        haven for wildlife. These simple, one-           vacation cabins are responsible for their own
   cabins. There are six single, two-bedroom        room cabins are located in the north end         sleeping bags, pillows, food, eating and cooking
   units, which can accommodate up to six           of the park. They are laid out in a              utensils.
   people. The four-duplex, one-bedroom             pedestrian-oriented complex with the
   units can handle a maximum of four               parking lot near the 15 cabins. The result
                                                                                                     Fees and Other Rules
   people.                                          is a peaceful secluded vacation setting.
                                                                                                     Cabin visitors can stay up to 14 nights with a
   These cabins are in Camp Morton                  Hecla Island cabins are located in               two night minimum at the time of reservation.
   Provincial Park on the western shore of          Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park on Lake         A portion of your total cabin fees is required as
   Lake Winnipeg, approximately 7                   Winnipeg and can be reached by PTH # 8           a deposit at the time of booking, with the balance
   kilometres (4.5 miles) north of Gimli. The       approximately two hours north or                 due on arrival. Refunds are not given for early
   park can be reached by either PTH 8 or           Winnipeg.                                        departure. Deposits will be refunded for
   PTH 9.                                                                                            advance cancellations if the cabin reserved is
                                                  Cabin Features                                     re-booked for the same period. Changes may
Cabin Features                                      Hecla family vacation cabins can                 be made to a cabin reservation 4 or more days
  Cabins contain comfortable, rustic                accommodate two, four or six people. The         in advance of arrival. A $2.00 non-refundable
  furniture, electricity, a refrigerator, stove     six-person cabins have a futon, bunk bed         fee applies for any change. Cabins are available
  and sink. Cabin housekeeping supplies             and two single cots. Four-person cabins          on a walk-up basis between reservations. VISA
  include a broom, dust-pan, mop, pail and          include a fold-out couch and two single          and MasterCard are accepted.
  garbage bags.                                     cots. Two-person cabins have a futon. Two
                                                    cabins and the central washroom/shower
                                                                                                    Location                 Cabin Type        Rate
                                                    building are wheelchair accessible.                                                      Per Night

                                                    Each cabin is furnished with comfortable        Camp Morton             Single Unit       $76.04
                                                    furniture, electricity, a small refrigerator,                           Duplex Unit       $69.76
                                                    stove top (no oven) and sink. Cabin                 Hecla             Six Person Unit     $45.82
                                                                                                                         Four Person Unit     $37.96
                                                    housekeeping supplies include a broom,
                                                                                                                         Two Person Unit      $30.10
                                                    dust-pan, mop, pail and sponge, water
                                                    container and garbage bags.                     Rates quoted include PST & GST.
                                                                                                    Fees subject to change without notice.

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